: Rage Quitters, Trolls and Toxic players in my recent return to league...
I mainly quit and took a break after my main account got banned last year. Mainly for arguing back with trolls and trying to a vigilante :D I had a lot of disagreements with Riot staff/bots as to why I was punished so harshly etc... As you're not allowed to argue back. The process was eye for an eye. Or in my case, premades vs me. Even though the summoners code states things can get heated in ranked, that doesn't seem to appeal. I came back with a better, calmer mindset. I muted those after a number of insults without even back chatting them and simply reporting them after. Wait, what? Reporting doesn't work? Not all the time from what I've seen. One match a player had pissed off the whole team so they and I reported them after an I received the thank you for reporting player x they got punished notice. Which was nice. Since that moment though, I've reported 20 people. Not one message to say they've been punished has came back. And some of them were really toxic, like death to your family, swearing, verbal abuse types.... But they're still free to do so.
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duckarp (EUNE)
: What did you get banned for? Sounds like toxic behavior. If you want some sympathy, maybe share the logs?
I'm not after any sympathy here. It's not about the ban itself. It's about the way they respond to tickets or deal with requests. They avoid almost every detail and just reply to a keyword. When I complained about a member of staff and had mentioned it was over discussing my account being banned. The reply I got was aimed at my account ban then said thanks for the feedback.
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Sveh (EUW)
: This is not worth a punishment.
Those judging this post! Take note of **The Summoner's Code** as none of you have even mentioned it once!!!!!! I've read these chatlogs and to be completely honest he's done nothing wrong in my opinion. Go Ahead! Read The Summoner's Code. The code doesn't condone flaming at all. But it does say that people can have outbursts in heated games. An saying ''you're kinda bad'' is nothing, and the majority of you, stuck top lane having a bad game losing with no help from the team would probably say you deserve to lose as well. One of the main things that causes shit in matches is **HELPLESSNESS** Where you're having bad luck, an your team flames at you, you ask for help nicely they accuse you of flaming, you die again, they flame more. Muting them won't get rid of this feeling. You feel trapped, frustrated and let down. You're all voicing your opinion on what's toxic, negative or flaming........ which is fair enough, but through personal experience with a vast majority of players who condone almost everything as flaming/negative at most things said without no consideration. This guy even admitted in chat that he's tilting. But by the looks of the logs they don't even help him, they just abandoned him.
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Silisa (EUNE)
: > It is unfairly punishing some of those who stand up to trolls, flamers or feeders. How is flaming a troll, flamer or feeder _**standing up to them**_? I am genuinely curious. > Main issue being matchmaking when you get matched with people who either troll or don't want to be part of the team, when it's a TEAMWORK orientated game. But flame you when they die. Or they steal your role and force you elsewhere (This happens in the new Q) or intentionally feed because a support missed a couple engages etc... The list can be endless. It really tilts players who want to progress, it really does impact them negatively This cannot be helped. All you can do is ignore the negative behavior. It requires a slight change in the mind set. Just focus on yourself. > everyone is viable to be reported for any and every negative bit of behaviour. Even the little irrelevant things, that people will find petty and dumb founding. Not really. You either break the rules or you don't. There is no gray area, except for the one the flamers are trying to create by saying they only flamed a little bit, and it's not like they wished cancer to someone. > I don't want it to give people the right to go around saying fuck you troll, or feeder etc..... But they shouldn't get punished the same way as a troll, or toxic player does. And they don't. If they don't flame. > There are all forms of mute buttons in every game, it doesn't mean everyone will use them. But league expects you to use it religiously. It doesn't. The mute button is just an option for those of us who don't want to put up with someone's flame, or just plain spam in chat. _____________________________________________________________________________________ So basically, you want to enable flaming. The problem with your reasoning is, as I see it, that what you are suggesting can be seriously abused. Players could flame whoever they want, as long as they had "a good reason for it". _My jungler didn't gank even though I spammed "gank top" and assistance pings since the 3rd minute! I'll flame him and report him for assisting the enemy, since I fed the enemy Nasus because of him. I am a Riven main, I could have thrashed that Nasus if I got ganks._ _I face checked a brush and died as Jinx because my support didn't ward it. Good thing Soraka built that Needlessly Large Rod, now I can call her a fking noob **and** report her for trolling._
Ahh written like someone from the press. Using parts of my post to emphasise that I support flamers. Even stated in the post it wasn't 100% thought through as the ideas were oozing out of my skull in a craze to what could make things better. You've took no interest in other parts of the post. Well maybe the part about the mute button. How is flaming a troll, flamer or feeder standing up to them? I am genuinely curious. I'm also curious, enlighten me. I'm sure there is a difference between standing up for yourself and flaming, meaning you instantly assume that because you stand up for yourself or little billy who's being flamed means you're a flamer? Otherwise you could just categorise everything negative under the term flamer, which would be unfair. But I guess with the way league is, you could say something like 'ffs stop engaging please, play safe and we can win'' Oh look guys we got a flamer!!!!! And if you think about it, everyone could be reported, even for petty things. There is some people out there who would try to go to desperate measures, even if you don't see it as negative. It doesn't stop someone else from doing so. As stated for the category of **Toxic Players** Their punishment must be more severe, as flaming is a big part of being toxic. Meaning I don't condone flaming, it should be punished. The matchmaking can be helped, Riot have always said how they're going to ''improve'' it. You failed to even notice the point that a Toxic player can abuse the system by going and pissing off players around a server an by making them bite back he can then report them an get them punished. As Riot don't go oh he caused it, you're fine. They go oh wow look at you saying this and that, you can get punished the same way as him, I don't care if he wished death and cancer on you, and he started talking shit about and your family. They don't even consider that there are some really defensive players out there. They just tell you that you should of muted and not retaliated. The last loads of comments used as examples, are quite common. But from my eyes they're drafted from players who don't understand league. An yeah you can't help it. There is a load of them out there. Your first comment about the Riven reporting Nasus, players already try and do that. It's a common thing when you ask someone nicely to play safe because the enemy is so ahead you're going to need more than just a 1 one man jungle gank to level things out, instead of doing so, they flame you. That's nothing to do with what I'm trying to say. Second one is also common come to think of it, i've seen it many times when someone facechecks but refuses to ward then flames everyone.
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Superanima (EUNE)
: So apparently I got a perma ban for saying a few f*@#$ on a single game.
This is the chat log from the last game I played on this account. The game that put the last nail in the coffin for my account. Riot won't care about how much money you pay for the services they provide. My account had up to 650 pounds of purchased RP within the almost 3 years I owned it And you spend the money at your own risk of losing your account. The new automated system is Harsh. Negative attitude is still negative attitude. Compared to my previous attitude in game this chat log was the cleanest one I've been reported for haha The game started off great, Generally getting along until botlane kept flaming me for there deaths while i was farming the jungle on the other side of the map and after mids attitude towards me things got better and better. The old tribunal used to let you get away with loads. ghost is good for engaging just make sure leo has sweeper for teamfights when you see rengar ulti use sweeper peekaboo rengar 4 in a row missed ahahahahaha - banter with enemy rengar when he tried ebola striking me 4 times :D it's ranked ward ffs enjoy the mute <3 garbage elo moan more rengar level 6 you don't use pinks or ward the lane brushes yes an you have all lacked vision when you push or you don't ward so he sneaks in the lane brushes pro ss from mid to as lux appeared that's the problem with this elo you don't watch the map you don't ward you blame the jungler troll more mid useless garbage bag report this team tbh toxic bunch of assbags they die an it's my fault apparently Now i apparently threw the match <3 troll dude just a troll you get hit by loads of lux shots you need the oracle sweeper to counter rengar jumps we need everyone to use wards........... told you i'm done with you your flaming an negative atittude has pissed me off how hard is it to just play safe an focus farm dodge engages etc nope my bad it's my fault x9 the flamer ahri..... tbh i said ban rengar an you chose graves leo ulti maybe you've not used it once it's not because i can see the green circle lit up over your portrait lying doesn't help you it was up way before you died dude you should maybe you wouldn't of lost bot ofc look at the wards on the map protect ez an we are good ult not used by her again she's a troll ''cd'' my ass man that's what the circle is for over your portrait

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