: Tired of these sad sappy stories making games look bad, as if people are losing their precious time by playing something. You didn't have those problems because you played, you were WEAK. Congratulations on changing, but you, and only YOU chose your path. You were also weak for not being able to resist the temptation of prioritizing a game over your life. I've seen these kinds of discussions in countless YT videos with some sad ass music, with the same generic concluding end phrase: "I've quit gaming and from now on I'll be focusing on my life instead." Congratulations, you may now act as another NPC in the outside world.
The difference with addiction is that you don't think this is bad I shouldn't do it when you are trying to stop. You genuinely think that it is better to the alternative of studying and doing well for the future, I genuinely felt like failing my GCSEs wouldn't matter at the time since I could still play League, and that I wanted a whatever part-time job just to play League as much as possible. I considered whether the time for studying would be better spent trying to reach platinum. I'd say that it took a lot of discipline and willpower to stop playing without any help when my mind was so conflicted, I forced myself to study only because I thought that later in life I might find these results to be important and I'm so glad that I did. You would be ignorant to say you are both not wasting your time when playing games when you haven't tried the alternative for long enough, and for saying that I was weak in a scenario where I didn't choose the weak thing to do and that is to continue to play games. Perhaps the reason you have seen countless YT videos is that it is true, and countless people have experienced it and want to help others.
: Yes please add some more space and maybe some ponctuation if needed, because honestly reading a wall of text is not very enjoyable.
Okay, done, hope this is good enough spacing. :)
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: Not playing for 2 months, how it has affected my life.
Just realised you might be confused with me being level 19, I'm posting from my smurf, my main is XrayNinjaa, hope that clears that up, I don't think anyone was wondering but you never know...
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This is from the heart, sorry If I didn't spend too much time drafting it. If you really want me to I will edit it to make it easier for you to read, however, I don't think that it is too much of an issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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