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SomeKevin (EUW)
: duoq partner
Heya, feel free to add me CV Oreo
Arkeeuus (EUW)
: Group to play with
Heya Arkeeuus! The Chaos Vanguard is a large online gaming community always looking for more! We host daily inhouse events and there is always people to find a game with at every elo! <3 check us out at
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Moonleaf (EUNE)
: Though the client still needs a lot of work put into it, last time I checked the client team had chatroom upgrades as a pretty high priority. We know that players form clans like yours, communities like LFG, groups like PWR or ARAM or Factions. And these communities could use tools to moderate their chatrooms, more options for personalization, tools for cooler interactions. It's not here yet, but we know you want it ;)
Thank you so much for the reply! We didnt expect that so quickly!
: Moderation for in-game chat rooms
+1 Would love to see this feature implemented.
CV Somber (EUW)
: The Chaos Vanguard - Gaming Community
Looking forward to seeing more new faces, with over 60 CV members attending our inhouse tournament yesterday, I can't wait for it to increase in size! with even bigger prizes!!


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