: Wunder on Bwipo: "I'm going to smash him so hard he'll wish he had the broken arm instead of sOAZ."
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylw_yKjbvC0 Doing the MVP interviews today, I was shaking. You don't really see it :p Maybe it's because the french girl is so hot :p
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: I play Jax as a jungler most of the time. Why isn't he played more often in that position? Not mentioned as a viable pick ...
Mainly because he isn't really a viable pick. Sure if you main him you can do very well, but there are champs better in what he does best. Hes an excellent duelist, which is why hes strong top. However im afraid him in jungle will keep being a pure SoloQ pick.. could be wrong tho

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