: I am saying that your “proof” is flawed and wrong
What are you even talking about? I am saying that I wish people would stop crying. I never said I wish my teammates weren't bad and inting. That's not the issue. The issue is people have terrible mentality and give up after 15 mins. I have no "prove" anything, I think you really misunderstand what I'm talking about.
: That how I reacted last season when someone said that the game is lost in min 5-6 and I hated so much this thing. But he just proved so many times to me that if we still try to win we don't have a defeat in min 30, but in min 40-50. So now, with my "experience", when I see someone saying this I say back to him "Boi, guess we share the same knowledge".
Ironic that you say this because the reason that these games are lost is because people give up. This "experience" that you share with the people who say its lost is just a self fulfilling prophecy.
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eRoxTX (EUW)
: FlexQ tryhard afternoon
TDL Demon (EUW)
: Silver Team Looking For Players
Age: 19 IGN: Kíngsman Speak English: Yes Current Rank: Silver 2 (Gold 5 last season) Primary Lane: Mid {{champion:38}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:157}} Secondary Lane: Top and Jungle. Too many champs to mention. I play pretty much everyday, I go to University so unless i have lectures or work to do, i will be on most days.
SlyKire (EUW)
: Where do you main?
Jungle and Mid im quite good at, can Top and Support as well. ADC is a bit too specialised for my taste.
Husker (EUW)
: Looking for a team?
Im Bronze 1, was Gold V last year, cheers for that Riot. I can play everyday, whenever unless I have lectures. I have teamspeak, Skype, Curse voice.
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Valentío (EUW)
: Looking to recruit high level players (need Jungler)
IGN: P4ndemonius Position Preferred: Jungle, Mid, Top Age: 18 Rank: Gold V Nationality: Hungarian and English (lived in both countries for 9 years) Got skype, good mic, stable internet
Hat (EUW)
: Whenever you want son, diz your party. Also when you need a tanky/fighter jungler with strong teamfight-initiater and proper gank potential
How does he compare to Renekton, cuz I could pick him and do this too (in top lane anyway) and I could pick Amumu in the jungle for pretty much the same effect. I guess I wanna know why LCS player like to play him in their team comps.
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