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: It's always the most humble people that are better than the rest... U look the most solid out of everyone who has tried to add me by far. I'll add u when the next time i'm online
Haha thanks for the compliment but I'm really just the average League player
: Plat player looking for duo
Hey, I'm currently playing most of my ranked games solo and I would'nt mind some companionship along the way of climbing. Here is my If I'm to bad I can accept that.
HazeVeld (EUW)
: Looking for a coach/someone willing to play ranked with me
Hey, I have nothing to do and I like teaching People things I'm currently Plat4 and an Adc main ( Draven only ), I can play nearly all meta Adc except for Xayah and Kaisa. I could teach you 1 thing or 2 about adc, like what Items you have to build when, how to trade, lane controll and so on. I'm playing on EUW, you can add me if you want. Here is my If you want someone better than me I can totaly understand this. Good luck with improving :) {{sticker:draven-pose}}

König von Bünde

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