: so imagine a competitive 'ranked' game of premiership football in the UK imagine if someone gets injured do they players on the team without the injury carry on playing because they 'have the advantage'? no, they put the ball out of play and wait for the injury to be dealt with, and only afterwards would the came continue by your logic, when someone gets injured, the other team must do everything in their power to make sure the ball doesnt go out of play, to make sure they 'have the advantage' (11vs10) for as long as possible, otherwise they are 'indirectly griefing' right?
Your comparison doesnt apply as league of legends is a massively different game from football. For one, these official matches take a lot of preparation and are usually a one time a month thing, where league games happen many, many times a day and rarely last even half an hour. Secondly, as league uses a leveling system, allowing your opponent to level up removes whatever advantage your already struggling team hasover their opponents. I understand you want to be sportsmanlike to the enemy player, we've all experienced games where we disconnect and have to play uphill from the first moment we get ingame. However; that decision is not yours to make. If you decide to let an enemy build their strength when you have every opportunity to stop them, you are deciding for your whole team - all the other four players - that they're going to have a much more difficult match than what it would originally be. League of legends is not a fair sport at all - Its a war game. Where in organized sports its in the rules to take a break if a participant is injured, in war games an injury is simply an opportunity for the opposing team -. If it was a real battle to the death between ten people, could you really afford to let your opponent get back on their feet if they trip and fall? What the poster here did was honorable, but honor does not help you rank up. Initiative does. If you see a weak point, stab at it - dont wait for it to be covered up. This isnt about what is morally right or wrong. You have to think of your four teammates - they want to win this game. The opposing player has connection problems that they couldnt help, sure, but its still a problem caused by circumstances originating on their end. That's their problem, not yours. In the end, ranked play is about winning. As long as you stay within the rule set, how you win does not matter - all that matters is that you do.
locoutus2 (EUNE)
: why brand dies to ignite ?
I like both the "different types of fire" and "Brand's pants" theories. Consider also the fact ignite deal true damage, while Brand's own fire deals magic damage. Perhaps there's an inherent difference here.
Juujishou (EUNE)
: Reported for being fair ?
Sadly sportsmanship does not belong in a ranked game. YES, this is sportsmanlike - but its also griefing, as you are refusing to combat the opposing team and in effect letting them win for free, without resistance. You could have won that game. Ranked games are supposed to be played to win - play normal games if it doesnt matter to you wether you win or lose. This is indirect griefing. I wouldnt say its reportable if its a rare occurence, but you really shouldnt let it become a habit.
: Stoneborn Pact Healing
Im thinking this might have a massive impact on tanks such as {{champion:36}}, {{champion:223}} and champions like {{champion:106}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:154}}. These guys frequent the 4000 HP mark and also provide a lot of slows and other cc to their teammates. Might be especially good for basic attack-oriented team comps.
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: He is much more in shape now that he has quit smoking.
Exactly! Give him his cigar back so he'll stop doing everything!
Real Ahri (EUW)
: Be the change you want to see
I want Graves to be changed back to a niche pick rather than a "lock in and win before game begins". How can i be that? :(
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Smerk (EUW)
: Your punishments history is tied to your account, so yes, you will get 14 days ban next time even if you transfer to other server
Kraungard (EUNE)
: As far as I know(I may be wrong), it is the account that has punishments on it, not the server so even if you transfer it won't reset, it goes with you. If I was you I would be careful with what I say in chat, you better not "slip" your behaviour up.
Okay. Thank you for an actual reply and not insults based on behaviour. Its not like i'm planning to be toxic.
: Sounds like you want to get rid of restrictions and flame more freely, not move to another server to play with some friends :)
Did you only post your comment to attack me, or were you planning to follow up with a reply actually supporting the thread?
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Elepole (EUW)
: OP, you have some valid point, but don't forget they will do a full gameplay update to Aatrox down the line. This is just a quick fix to make it more viable without having to do new animation/particle/3D model/etc ... Imo, while it didn't make Aatrox an awesome champion, it did make it much more playable.
The problem is... This quick fix took three years to come about. Three. Years. Now they've released the "temporary hotfix". That means they will most likely move on to other projects, as Aatrox has been "put in a healthy spot" for now.
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Adama (EUW)
: It's just too much fun to see how offended you are.
Was it also that much fun to get your reform card from riot, last time you got a ban? ######shots fired######
Adama (EUW)
: yeah it's a meme. #TRIGGERED!
Adama (EUW)
: #TRIGGEREDDDDDDD Feminist Fail Compilation
Being a female with standards = feminist/feminazee. How original.
: So, when females makes jokes about males, it's okay. But when we do it, it's not? Just you wait for Warwick to smell you... {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Where exactly did i make a joke about males? There are different degrees in jokes - when it comes to monthly stuff, that's something beyond our control, that we never got the choice to suffer or not. Considering that, it can be a little mean. :) I cant really think of anything similar regarding you boys. But if i make a joke about people, i dont specify gender, race or nationality. ######Personally i have no problems with jokes like that. I was expecting it, after all, so i'm glad Dark Kimzark thought the same as me. ######But considering you can get banned for saying a curse word these days you should be careful not to offend anyone. Its a sad time we live in.
: shouldnt warwick permanatly have w passive working when .....
Expected joke about a certain weakness of us females... Thank you for not sinking that low, like a certain Kimzark in the comments here.
TTekkers (EUW)
: Maybe have the size of the aura scale a little bit with champ size. I don't like any of this size scaling conceptually, since it gives power in a way that isn't "good", but also if you can't get within aura range because a champ is too big, that takes power away for the same crappy reasons.
Of course it would be "adding power". The problem is, with Chogath's new size its actually much harder than usual to get within sunfire AOE range - even when the enemy is completely locked down or jumping on you. They practically need to dash INTO YOUR MODEL to be hit by sunfire now, because Chogath grows larger than sunfire's AOE range at 10 stacks.
meroboth (EUNE)
: but poppy doesnt take up 1/4 of the screen
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: Be honest. Do you leave one honeyfruit for Rift Scuttler to eat?
As a luxury. If i can afford to give away the health and mana, of course i do.
Infernape (EUW)
: To be fair even if Riot released normal URF, you'd still find the same 9 "OP" champion in each game.
The "lesser OP"'s have counterplay through items and positioning. These dont.
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Musiicy (EUW)
: Warlord's Bloodlust incoming rework ... help anyone ?
Guess they want to make Rengar even stronger. This is a good change, though. The mastery is practically obligatory for every adc in the game, and that is unhealthy. Its just like thunderlords decree during its golden age.
: that clip is 3 min long and i watch it 4 times and auto condemn ?? didnt look like it , he miss much cs lol, and i dodge most skil shot in lane especially you throw them as when he can see you easy, you do know aatrox e have a really clear casting animation right. and in a normal game , is reallynot special for vanye to be any elo , i am shit at adc and i can do what he did all day lol and fact that u didnt even know ww new q i dont see you as a very skilled player
You are Silver III... You do not know what a skilled player looks like.
: idont see the scipe at all or did i miss it
If you're not trolling, i guess you're either a very new or very low level player. That's okay. You cant help it.
: Hye - that's the issue right - you see one scripter, you'll see them everywhere. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that Kog'Maw. The joke about that Vayne was that the dodges were a massive waste really - and they were instant... and made no sense. I wouldn't even complain because that way you can trigger her cooldowns. Use your slow shot on her - then jump in her face... can't evade that.
The thing is, this was a sub level 30 NORMAL GAME. I dont CARE that the script let me predict vayne as if she was an intermediate bot - she was still trying to cheat! If her cheats had been working properly, i would have had a really hard time. This game is supposed to be played for fun. If someone isnt playing the game themselves, that eliminates the point of playing at all. Its an offense to every single player (s)he faces in game, and should be treated as such. Saying that the fact she was scripting helped me win is literally saying the end result nullifies her offense. It doesnt. She was still using cheats.
GLurch (EUW)
: The Vayne: If she scripted, how comes she didn't always dodge? How comes she got hit quite a few times? The Kog'Maw: How comes he got hit quite a few times? Side-stepping a Thresh Q seriously is nothing you need a script for. For an ADC main, those attack moves and side-steps should be normal. You said he was lvl.28. Ever considered he's a smurf? There are many high elo smurfs below lvl. 30 playing to level up their smurfs. --- And how exactly does my attitude help cheaters get away? Riot scans their RAM for programs which interact with League of Legends and punishes them for it, no matter if those players are reported or not. No matter what some random stranger on the internet says about it. Whatever we here discuss will not do anything against or for scripters. Whatever our opinion about it is will NOT change if they get banned or not.
Vayne's scripts were malfunctioning. Not only that, but she was an extremely bad player. I won both the lane against Vayne AND the game. Her auto-condemn was malfunctioning, condemning ANY champion within its range - even at the maximum distance, meaning she would randomly push me away in the middle of the lane, opening her to an engage from me. I killed her approximately 5 times IN A ROW because the script would repeatedly burn her only defensive tool against me. She occasionally rolled INTO my skillshots, because Aatrox's ranged beam can be dodged if you stand BETWEEN the two arcs. Another cause for burnt flash spells and deaths on Vayne's part. But so what? It doesnt matter if she lost. She was still cheating. She was using a program to take over her gameplay, attempting to artificially enhance her performance. What if the scripts had worked as intended? And what any less capable players she'll be facing after me? A lesser player wouldnt be able to abuse the openings in her scripts. I am a smurf. We're all smurfs. After just a couple low level games, matchmaking can usually set you apart from regular players - even if you play coop vs ai. The game scans how many button presses you do, such as right clicks, and adjusts matchmaking accordingly. Riot does not "scan their RAM". They have many different methods of detecting cheats, but they are slow and there is allways margin for error. At the same time, they cannot work like most game companies and insta-ban a cheater - they work in ban waves to better conceal their cheat detection methods, hence why even we who abide by the rules of the game do not know how their cheat detection works. No, cheaters are not allways detected. By reporting a cheater, you bring the anti-cheat system to their attention, sort of like a giant eye. It cannot keep an eye on ALL the players of a region at the same time, so it needs your help to identify subjects for more thorough study. {{champion:161}} "Whatever we here discuss will not do anything against or for scripters". You're wrong. Simply put. If we bring attention to the subject, people will start talking. And if people start talking, more people will join the discussion. It will spread like a wave, to help people learn how to distinguish scripts. Just like draft pick on EUNE, if Riot sees that their community has a problem, they will divert resources to fixing that problem. At the moment, it's not a priority. There are almost no one even talking about the problem. This might seem out of topic, but that attitude is a recurring theme in many different topics. Even politics. For every election in any given country, there are MORE people TOTALLY that DO NOT VOTE AT ALL than people that DO vote because "Meh, why does it matter, my vote wont make a difference anyway." You think your voice doesnt matter, but what you dont realize is that if you think so, then its more than likely several hundred thousands of other people think the exact same thing. If one hundred thousand people made posts complaining about scripters on the boards, what do you think would happen? We would get an official statement from Riot within a day. They would divert a lot of resources to anti-cheat detection, and perhaps even have actual Rioters begin to go through cheater reports to make the process go slightly faster. The thing is, if everyone thinks like you and says "Meh, what's the point in complaining about it? Nobody listens anyways." then it'll seem like everything is fine. I have a hard time defining examples in English, please excuse me for making this complicated. Lets say for example, there's a new disease running rampant in your country. The disease is extremely dangerous, perhaps even lethal. Now, you think, that would make headlines, right? You'd get a public statement about it in the news, so you'd be warned. Perhaps there'd be a quarantine. But what if those that are sick think "Eh, what does it matter if i say i'm sick? Nobody's going to care anyways."? If nobody says anything, the authorities wont notice that something is wrong. Nobody has been saying anything about any sickness, so everything's fine, right? Now how would you know about the disease? There is nothing in the headlines, not a single word in the news. No quarantine. You'll leave your home one day, go to school or work, completely oblivious that half the people you know are coughing constantly, spreading the disease. When you come home you'll start coughing too. All because you didnt know about the danger. How does this example make sense in terms of cheaters? If nobody says "help, there are more and more of the cheaters every month!" Then suddenly one day, EVERY game is going to have cheaters in it. The playerbase hasnt said anything about cheaters, so Riot sees no reason to step up their anti cheat game. Suddenly everyone is using cheats, because if you dont cheat your opponent is cheating and you can no longer win the game. It might be an extreme example, but thats how it works. I bring up this topic and warn people of cheaters because i want change. I want Riot to intensify their efforts in stopping cheaters, and the only way i can do that is telling them that it is ruining the experience for me. Sorry for the long comment. I tried my best, but it still ended up very convoluted...
Adama (EUW)
: 6000 hours? And never got bored?
I'm most likely past 8 000, perhaps even around 10 000 matches played myself. Some of us simply do not burn out. I'm making this post because the scripting problem is becoming so large that it's threatening the game for me. I might actually quit if it becomes more common - one of the reasons i loved League was that it felt "safe" - there was an integrity in knowing some random person would go Call of Duty / Counter-Strike on my match and destroy it by cheating.
: I think the problem is that people like you think scripts aren't a problem. You sure have seen a scripter within your played games, but you just don't realize. Scripts dont solo carry you a game, there are scripters in silver and gold. Last year Riot banned 200k accounts in Korea for scripting with just a ban wave. Like scripts are so easy to get and hard to detect, cuz a good scripter will be turning them on and off to avoid getting spotted.
THANK YOU! I've allways had a hard time telling people what you did, because how do you say "you do not have enough knowledge / high enough level of skill in this game to tell a scripter from a really good player" without sounding offensive?
Wukongz (EUNE)
: Holy $#!7 I did have a few weird games lately where people did impossible predictions of hits and dodges or would hit me dead on when I'm in fog of war. But nothing as obvious as this vayne. This is just disgusting.
I wish more people would believe me like you do. This DOES happen regularly. Sadly, most players dismiss it as simply a player being extremely skilled. For the record, i talked to this Vayne after the game. He was lagging, and apparently coding the scripts himself - that is why they were so very slow and blatant.
GLurch (EUW)
: I very, very rarely see a scripter and the amount of which I see hasn't increased whatsoever. It still is about 0. I only remember once facing a scripter, but I also only thought that person scripted and looking back, that person probably just was good. I believe you just think of people doing goood plays or being really good with the champion they play to instantly be scripters.
This. This attitude is one of the biggest reasons cheaters get away with it. Low level players (skill, game knowledge and mechanics-wise) tell themselves that "they're just good" when someone makes extremely high level plays. Now i'm not saying really good players do not make plays like these. I'm just saying some of the plays a scripter makes would never be so much as dreamt of below master tier play. And do you really believe master tier players go all-out in normal blind pick games, below level 30? A Vayne repeatedly making really good plays with a champion they obviously know well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLXZGKfAx5-8ePCVfLrNtOo839jgr7km6s&v=0D0lgptJIyI A Kog'maw i met this morning, whom inspired me to create this post in the first place. Notice his extremely high skill dodges in a level 28 blind pick game, the kind a diamond player in their promotion series would be jealous of. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mES5fQjFF-g I see your attitude a lot. MANY, MANY players simply refuse to believe its possible or common to cheat in league. I mostly see that attitude in lower levels of play, such as silver and gold. I'm not sure wether you're simply unable to distinguish the inhuman movements from the human ones, or if you simply dont want to accept that there are cheaters in this game. Wishful thinking wont change reality. Yes, there are a lot of extremely good players out there, and i regularly face players stronger than me. But those that are better than me are still human. For the record, this Kog'maw actually lost his lane. It was very obvious the player was faaaar below the level of everybody else in the game, knowledge wise - he made extremely poor decisions and positioned himself terribly throughout the game, almost allowing our team a comeback off of him alone - on one hand, thanks to the scripts he had some of the best mechanical skill in the game - but he kept putting himself in danger, constantly pushing bot lane and repeatedly (5 times in a row) dying to either me or my allied jungler. Where the average player in this game plays like a gold/platinum player, this guy played like a silver player. His MMR (match making rating) has most likely been given a lift thanks to him scripting, which leaves him in situations like these his mistakes give away his real skill. But this is not a threat complaining about this one person. I've been facing scripters like this guy more and more since 2017 began, and League is already struggling enough with keeping players from leaving as it is without a sudden cheat wave drowning the servers.
Adama (EUW)
: I find the kog one less obvious. some of these clips I saw nothing out of the ordinary. Also I do not see what you are pointing out in the first one. He missed all cs while fighting you, and only took 1 cs after disengage.
It's less obvious, but its still obvious. Vayne didnt care about hiding it whatsoever (and their scripts were malfunctioning or programmed wrongly) while Kog'maw is probably using a more advanced version. Kogmaw cannot make as many blatant plays as other champions such a Vayne can, but some of his movements are ones that no human player would make. Keep in mind this is a normal game at level 28.
Panth (EUW)
: Why don't people appreciate creep wave mechanics?
On the other hand, as a top laner i absolutely despise when my jungler goes top to depushes the lane against the opposing duelist that is pushing... While our team is grouped as 4 around drake...
Adama (EUW)
: Alright I agree with you on this vayne. But now, proof that you get this every 4th game? Again as I have said I have never encountered an (obvious) scripter. If it is so obvious to you, please make more of these videos. Oh and, send this one to riot support for proof of him scripting.
Sending proof to Riot support does nothing. I've already done so with the Vayne in question, and got the response that i should use the ingame report system. Now i know Riot works in ban waves to hide their detection mechanisms, but this means people like this guy gets to roam free for perhaps even months ruining games in this fashion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mES5fQjFF-g&feature=youtu.be Here's the Kog'maw video. Notice in the first clip that he does not miss a single lasthit within his reach, to the point of farming flawlessly in the middle of / right after a fight with an enemy player.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=K7Insanity,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Q9ORVFQn,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-02-19T01:40:04.210+0000) > > I do have replays and video proof if anyone is interested, but im not sure if i'm allowed to post them here since it could be considered naming and shaming. You can't. The problem with cheating is that as soon as someone starts doing it, more and more players start copying it. It's a vicious cycle. The more players are presented with scripting, more is the curitosity to try them out. I'm not saying that everyone will script at some time, but it'll become more common, unless Riot can make the client script-proof. I've known about scripts since Season 3. Back then, I never saw anyone script. In season 6 I caught maybe 2 or 3. This season I've seen maybe 1. It's a shame people need to script to enjoy the game.
I saw my first scripter midways in season 5, and two more throughout that. In season 6 i might've seen 20. We're 2 and a half months into Season 7... And i've already seen around 30 of them, wether on my team or the enemy didnt matter. I simply want to bring attention to the growing trend before it goes too much out of control
Adama (EUW)
: Alright I agree with you on this vayne. But now, proof that you get this every 4th game? Again as I have said I have never encountered an (obvious) scripter. If it is so obvious to you, please make more of these videos. Oh and, send this one to riot support for proof of him scripting.
Of course its not every 4th game. Its a proportional comparison to what it used to be like. I clearly remember the first scripter i ever encountered, which was an ezreal in season 5. Before that League was mostly clean (except for a mastery exploit that i experienced twice in S2 and a trinket exploit i luckily only saw once on my team in S4)
Adama (EUW)
: Most likely, anyone who outplays you in your mind ''scripts'' I've never seen a scripter, and I have played a lot.
Here's another example of what im talking about, beware the random sounds in the background as i was watching youtube while playing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0D0lgptJIyI&index=13&list=PLXZGKfAx5-8ePCVfLrNtOo839jgr7km6s
Adama (EUW)
: Most likely, anyone who outplays you in your mind ''scripts'' I've never seen a scripter, and I have played a lot.
Give me an hour, i'll download the replay and compile the most blatant parts into a youtube video
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Omnus (EUW)
: You, sir. You need some kind of medal.
> [{quoted}](name=Omnus,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=Z4wYN3Hb,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-02-17T14:43:46.656+0000) > > You, sir. > > You need some kind of _metal_. ######i'll show myself out######
: Current state of low elo games is horrible...
tl;dr: Matchmaking these days feels like reverse russian roulette. One out of six matches bring a decent matchup, the rest are horrifyingly one-sided. As a player with a flaming problem, i've been experiencing this problem more and more after season 5 begun. Total team MMR takes presedence over individual players, meaning that if you are an extremely strong solo player you are punished for performing too well. Example: I've stopped playing normal games entirely because i tend to face diamond level players there. In terms of personal skill, i'm somewhere around Plat 2 in the top lane. That doesnt sound so special, right? The problem is when i'm matched in bronze or silver. I quickly rack up a BRUTAL win streak along with an extremely high K/D ratio, which means the closer i get to gold rank the more unbalanced team matchups are. Which brings me back to my startoff: i have a flaming problem. I can usually go a month where i let frustration build up, and then i lose my cool and start flaming some poor player on the enemy team because they're too weak to face me without their jungler. Repeat this three times over a week and i've earned myself a chat restriction. Repeat another two times and i've been two week banned. You get the idea. What i've experienced is that ESPECIALLY bot laners tend to fall behind in the MMR rush. The last 10 matches before any of my bans has allways seen matchups such as (example) Silver V ADC and Bronze 1 support vs Platinum V Adc and Gold 2 support. Why? Because i'm Silver 1 in promotion, and my MMR is on the level of a Plat V player. That means matchmaking gives my ENTIRE team an exceedingly unfair experience because of my personal performance in the game. Do i sound arrogant? I dont want to, but it is the ONLY parallel i've found between all of my most unfair matches. I will often have NEAR TWICE the MMR of my team's number 2. Lets say teams are matched 1712 vs 1715 LP. I make up roughly 900 of the LP on my team BY MYSELF. Meanwhile each enemy player is on average worth 330 LP. If you dislike maths, here's the equation: 1700 / 5 = 340. If ONE player takes 900 of these points, there are very few left for the 4 remaining ones. This means my teammates are put laughably far out of their league. **Wait, now i'm making it sound like i blame my team** I'm not. Most of my teammates do their absolute best to win. I can see that they are trying their hardest, but they are simply so brutally outmatched that most of the time they cant even see WHAT their opponent is doing better than them. On one hand, this has resulted in me getting a lot of honor and new friends from the games i do well in - i frequently get asked if i'm a smurf, and a lot of people think i'm a god on whatever champion i choose to main that week. Then they play one or two matches as a duo, and never play with me again. The matchups are simply too nightmarish. This is a matchmaking problem, and it will most likely not be fixed in a very long time. This is the future of league of legends. Depressing, eh? Ironically, i have longer que times than ever before (11 minutes on average, never shorter than 7 minutes) and match quality has never been worse.


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