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Or just make the Top 3 Champions Editable. So people could see the champions you are good at.
: Bud we all go through such feelings. Please don`t care to much about Ranks in this Game. Here is a Tweet from Dyrus: https://twitter.com/Dyrus/status/959018811113472002 He seams not fulfilled as well. Even by reaching the highest Ladder. So what does a Rank in this Game mean? Nothing really. Playing this Game with some nice People and laughing about the own mistakes that`s all i play this Game for. Feel free to add me so we can laugh together =) Best wishes.
Exactly, I see no point in playing ranked but only if you want to Show off your skills or whatever. Playing normals has no negatives, you lose nothing, you have fun and doing simple mistakes doesn't tilt anybody (except toxic players)


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