: Trapped in a game, cant exit
Sit and wait, my friend. We all stuck. The game is down... About that promo, i bet the game is a goner... Gotta win another one for sure.
: Stuck in champion select (TT)
Me and the team i was queued got stuck too. I closed and re opened the cliente but now it gives me an error message when i hit that search for a match button.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Hmm... I personally would think, from those people who see it, at least most interest groups will be represented. Therefore it those will pick up a discussion in it, and it will stay alive untill more see it. If this doesn't happen, you can roughly assume that the interest group for it is very little, making it so it wouldn't be one of the top discussions anyway. An another note... if we somehow could revive those threads (like with the suggested bump button), wouldn't it just end up in the same problem of too many threads fighting each other? As mentioned, there is only so much space on the top of a section, if you bump up one thread, another will drop. At least that's what I'd imagen about it.
i guess we can specullate positive and negative things about it but its up to them to actually try it and see what happens. like with everythin else :p
Rayz01 (EUW)
: Plenty of skin trial vids on youtube, that's no excuse. Voice com? not many people use it, there's also curse voice for that. Replay system? there are plenty of free legal 3rd party replay software out there, no need for mk.
Watching a vid < trying the skin = no one loses anything = whats the problem? i only see sales being helped with this. about the voice comm and replay system, i mean an original in game league of legends, safety certified system. i once used the overwolfs replay system and as soon as i turned it on, it made my computer soooooooo slowwwwwwww
Enzo9T9 (EUW)
: Before I buy a skin I check out the ingame look on a youtube video but trial skins... I don't see why not, doesn't hurt anyone I guess. As for voice comms, I know riot use chat logs as evidence in banning and suspending players so changing to voice comms seems highly unlikely but again should there be a way to use that feature, I don't see why not. I've never used MK jogo so can't really comment on whats fair and unfair about it sorry.
Yes i too see youtube videos but playing it its a diferent thing. it lets you know if it feels right to buy it, or if its just a compulsive behaviour. then again i guess that riot has nothing against compulsive skin buying lol. the voice comms being abused... well toxic players are toxic with the chat function anyway. everyday, 9 out of 10 games. so.. lol :D besides, theres always a mute function as with the chat. and i myself have been toxic in some games and never got any punishment so thats why i think the logs arent being used for much. Ive played some online games and they have in game comms like smite for example. and dude lets face it 9 out 10 toxic players are little kids, who cares about them? they flame you? click mute, report, let riot worry about their punishment... if it ever comes anyway! i mean if a player is constantly toxic but riot has no logs as evidence, but diferent players in diferent games in diferent days keep reporting, then it must mean something and by then, screw evidence! it must be a toxic player!
Eveninn (EUW)
: The thing is... beneath what does it get drowned? If you are in the hot section threads with more upvotes or comments are higher up, but that's what the purpose of this section is, to see "approved" threads. The section most people that are interested in all kind of opinions stick to is "recent", and in recent, the only thing thats "drowing" unpopular threads, are other threads. So somehow trying to not have those threads drown, would eliminate other threads, because you can't have more and more threads at the top.
If you had read the original discussion, you wouldnt mention this. See, in the original discussion (and right here we are experiecing one of the negative things about these boards) is that you create a discussion, and not all of the players are online checking boards homepage. So what happens is that only a small portion of people actually see your discussion and theres a chance those people dont even say anything helpful about it. they just ignore it or leave deconstructive comments and downvote it so you are being discouraged of expressing your opinions simply because you think no one that matters will actually see it.
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Capn Evan (EUW)
: Boards defuse constructive debate and encourage bad behavior
"Topic protection. Any topic should be freely available, and easily accessible to a majority of readers, at the original posters' discretion. Forums that hide threads that are less popular among the community, is a bullying-community that drowns unpopular opinion and chokes good discussion." im creating a discussion about this and im linking ppl to this discussion right here. this needs to be BUMPED
: Wait I dont see any change?
It used to say summoner debuffs now it says crowd control
Shaydrox (EUW)
: If anything I'm happy with this, though I can understand some people not being happy. Hear me out on this one. Zed currently absolutely wrecks people without an item to counter him. Like, I've done it myself, with the Duskblade you can R + E + AA + R, you'll be safe after half a second and your target will die to the Duskblade and Death Mark damage. It's almost freelo. Then a target buys QSS. Now in a teamfighting situation, killing that target becomes very hard. Don't forget that QSS counters ignite too, so you even lose that extra damage. I'm not saying Zed is unable to kill them now, but it's definetely harder than with other assassins. QSS counters Zed to the point that buying it makes him worse than most other assassins, while not having it means that he will completely overkill you in such a short amount of time that there's not much you can do back to him. Removing QSS will allow Riot to nerf him somewhat, so it's no longer 100% necessary to get a counter item to him, and champions can try to outplay him instead of just straight up dying to him because they didn't buy the right item. This means less of a ridiculous optimal scenario, and makes Zed less binary. I think this could be a good change, IF, and only IF Riot actually nerfs some of his damage to compensate. Because it's super easy to kill squishies without even landing a single shuriken, which is rather silly.
I was really mad. Then i read your coment. Altough im afraid theyll nerf qss and then wait like a couple of months before nerfing zed and during that time its gon be pretty unfair. I hope they only nerf qss When they nerf zed at the same time
Feezlim (EUNE)
: I know, right ? Is so funny ! =))) Not only that, but if Riot and some laws are aganist ciggars, imagine that they are okay with the type and size of Grave's gun ! ^^ Hahahha ! Also, Janna has a sexual taunt , saying something like : "For only 2.95 I will leave you breathless" ! Is insane ! =)) Hahahaha ! Also, Mundo has skin called Rageborn Mundo, and the splash-art is him throwing axes. Look at Darius. A big, bloody axe while he's walking on corpses ! ))) Now that's something, and they remove a ciggar because.....RITO !!!
well if we keep complaining they'll remove everything lmao. i just think graves deserves his cigar back
IEatLouis (EUW)
: I think that the difference is, that smoking, contrary to throwing axes at people, can not clearly be defined as "fantasy" and is instead very much a risk and a dangerous addiction in the real world.
i see your point. but i still cling to mine. people are killing each other everyday as well. and its not because i see this splash art that i feel influenced to kill someone. and i surely didnt start smoking because of a splash art on a game. cant say the same about the tobacco companies propaganda tho. but this in game image? ehn. Ok whatever. i just wanted to get it out my chest. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
CryGods (EUW)
: I see myself going afk in many games so I don't have to flame...
i used to do that. i used to have afk bans all the time. now i just mute everyone, disable all chat and play my games zen as fuck. if someone is making mistakes, **the trick is to think "hes not a useless idiot, hes just still learning things i already know because i made those mistakes in the past"**
ThePompf (EUW)
: I dont really have to think much. I got 3 games: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/fi/thumb/b/b9/Ratchet_%26_Clank_3_kansikuva.jpg/250px-Ratchet_%26_Clank_3_kansikuva.jpg http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/3/3b/MD_Sky_EN_boxart.jpg/250px-MD_Sky_EN_boxart.jpg http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/6/6e/HeartGold_EN_boxart.jpg/250px-HeartGold_EN_boxart.jpg I drained so many hours into those games... Its ridiculous. Heartgold still has the most time spent on my 3ds, even though i havent played it for ages.
YES I FORGOT ABOUT THAT RACHET AND CLANK GAME. i used to spend hours playing its demo exploring hidden hard to get to places with the clank copter so much fun jumping to cars flying by
xtimigui (EUW)
: What is your favourite old game in your childhood?
Evanitis (EUNE)
: Today I decided to enable [All] chat
i always have it off. its only purpose is to give enemies the possibility to shit talk you. 1/10 games i actually have fun chatting with the enemy team.
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: You wasted someone else's time making them play a 4v5, so now Riot is wasting your time to make up for it, more or less. Think that's how it works. Yeah :3
sure i did waste ppls time but does riot have to force into wasting my friends time as well? i didnt say it was unfair. i said we need a "unavailable" status for when we are in afk queue.
: ***
thats bullshit, i have the same struggle. its much easier to click attack a ward than to click attack on those ghouls...
: Nasus doesn't need a rework, he can't snowball that well early since he's weak and you can harrass him to the point that he can't farm his Q, the infinite scaling stops around the 500 stacks mark and if you take advantage of his weak early game he won't get there. His slow is pretty bs but it is his only source of cc. He can only straight up murder squishy targets since he lacks consistent %health damage (only in his ult's aura thing). The infinite scaling is his thing, like Lee Sin is stupid at early game, Nasus is stupid at late game, with lee you wait till late game and destroy him, Nasus just camp him early, remove him from the game, win top. If he wants to come back he needs to afk farm and if he does that just force a teamfight in mid or bot, you will prevent him from stacking and making money, win teamfights (it's pretty much a 4v5). Source: Playing Nasus since I started playing league, I know how to fuck me up. Ps: You can think that for playing Nasus I don't want him to change, but I play WW and I desperatly want his rework. You rework a champion that feels outdated, doesn't matter if he is strong or not.
stops?? ive stacked 1000 how does it stop at 500?
Aelfnir (EUW)
: Rework Nasus
hes also completely useless early game. i think its fair.
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: [BUG] Champion going towards enemy base no matter what
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