: Trying to watch vods just logs me out
Hòang Vu (EUW)
: get banned/acc locked for no reason?
Ur account problems or questions u might have about it cannot be solved on the boards....better go send a ticket to support and they will assist u. Also i highly doubt on ur email u didnt receive the answer to this.....
: Looking for pyjama guardian soraka. Will give you dark star thresh or pulsefire caitlyn
I am smart....thats why i wont help in this *free* trade....also u been lvl 4 honor in league means nothing to me....u can be murderer irl xD
: Looking for pyjama guardian soraka. Will give you dark star thresh or pulsefire caitlyn
I hope u realize trying to scam ppl is actually punishable. You owning skins doesnt mean u can gift them if u want to....thats not how gifting center works, meaning.....if u dont have money to buy that soraka skin...u wont have money to gift anyone anything either xD
Lagenias (EUW)
: tell me what i did wrong in this game that i get 25 games chat restriction
and support will tell u something like this "Your not toxic just negative" and sure af u were already below honor2 or honor locked since u straight up got 25 games and not 10.....wich means its something u did before....been toxic/negative that is. If its not the case tho....and the system screw up they will fix it....its also possible u got punished for another game and got wrong chat logs. If its actually correct punishment....i suggest u to never use chat till u get back on honor 2.....lots of gg wp typed in chat and u should be fine
Adama (EUW)
: How does chat restriction work again?
take it from someone been chat restricted a lot....she was not punished for been toxic....she was for been negative wich if u read the logs is a lot of negativity in there and sure was in other games the same. You dont have to actually say bad words to be punish, negative/aggressive behaviour gets u chat restricted as well.Do the games and dont reply to anything in game from now on no matter how much ur flamed or get frustrated and in all honesty...if she was in my game....typing essays instead of minding her game i wouldve rep myself,,,,,,hope it helps.....she can also contact support if she actually thinks she didnt acted like this in any other game but this one
: Honor 2...now what?!?!
well....i dont expect receiving them b4 or same time as the ppl that were above honor 2 anyways....just curious since didnt see any date for ppl that reach honor 2 after season ended
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: Worlds Token Loot
i think them are gone lmfao.....on 3rd probly k/da gets released
Tadela31 (EUNE)
did u "try" with the client open too??? shouldnt take more than 10 min per vod to get it done
Rioter Comments
: League of Legends timeline (Player created)
Tahm Kench....1st ptoject skins....Kindred...then season 5 ended. After that league went yolo...just like today
: GAMEBREAKING lag for everyone
GLurch (EUW)
: EU Boards Discord
my discord handler lmao.... #9282 ....
: Sona in ranked
Been flamed for picking Sona says a lot about those ppl not about u. I main sona...and i consider im ok with her.....tho i would never 1st pick sona...or pick her into champs that can insta kill me. Also i look if my team comp is better with sona...or another champ and as said up....meta works really good with sona now....not to mention she was buffed
Coxis (EUNE)
: Hey guys [again]. Sorry to bore you with my questions, but here's another one.
Was a cold winter day, walking back from uni, saw an old lady carry a lot of bags from a nearby store. I went to her asking if shes going to the bus station and she said yes.....was about 40m away and was walking same direction as her.Grabbed 2 of the lil bags and with my left helped carry together with her a way bigger one. At the station i wished her good day and she grabbed my arm, started crying and she said sorry to me. I was so confused....then she explained that she belived i was helping her just to run with her bags lols. People started to gather asking whats happening....gave her my gloves too so her hands wont get cut from the bags and left.
: The Poros escaped! - ❄️Volunteer Event❄️
Maukopf (EUW)
: Lol is lagging when i move my mouse
u should check if the mouse speed is over 50 in game settings or check the actuall mouse speed fps drop might not even be related to ur mouse.....u should shut down useless programs during game....or set low spec on and in game medium envirorment and shadows off
: What champion is the best split pusher in your opinion?
A good Nasus would never push lane and slow the waves to stack.....hence why u will never see the jgl ganking him i would go for trundle pick or yorick/illaoi....a more safe pick is kennen right now but not for the afk toplane
SimkeKing (EUNE)
how u know he didnt get punished himself? that info is not public man i would've reported u just for typing as much as u did.....u didnt play the game been busy typing all of that Asking for reports is also not ok since makes u have negative attitude and u can tilt ur team.....its fair punish....learn to use the chat for gameplay only
: Only a few more days... - Volunteer Event [Merry Christmas!]
Konichiwaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Tell Santa i want that fluffy lil thing!!!! {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
Mrbobbs (EUW)
: Honor LvL 0 update
around august 15 got to lvl 0 and honor locked.....took like 2-3 weeks just to unlock it....on 26 sept got lvl 1.....and this week got lvl 2 back....its possible to get ur honor lvl back....just dont type anything at all in chat and dont spam ping....also honor someone allways even if u lose
: ✨Star Guardian Event✨ - Winner Announcement!
Senpai, make them all chests...... Also, ty for the contest...hope more mission type of thing will come {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: Seju no scope ! do you like it ?
another post u make with the same video....do stop...no one cares {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
Faaabro (EUW)
: I want to main support, pls help :)
well nautilius if u into hooks and tanks, lulu also a good pick and morgana if u good at predicting and hit Q or karma lots of dmg and utility rush sightstone and get at least a pink ward on 1st back...deep wards can also be better than the standard close bush warding i wouldnt recommend roam in low elo since adcs tend to push and die 2vs 1.....or get dived and die without u in lane
Rouhsif (EUW)
: ''We want a toxic free community'' ''riot employee wishes death on tyler 1''
By been fired,riot actually sustain the idea that toxicity is not something they want in they're game.Also, saying we all toxic is a lil exagerated...if u are, that doesnt mean the rest of us are same, if u go into every single game flaming for no reason or for "fun" then the perma is well deserved. Should i also mention many kids play this game, allowing toxic behaviour wont do anyone good
: The new Melee Mission. (I already got it)
its more to encourage playing as teams instead of been solo and depressed xD
: LoL is as pathetic of a game as PUBG is.
why dont u guys understand that the S is giving for stats u have.....like asst,kills,farm,vision score.....u cant have an automatic system that can say if u did an insane engage and won a whole team fight out of it.And again not getting S is the point of the game,,,,also for the whole "i can afk farm all game and get S" u wont trust me....u still need to be team involved for it
: LoL is as pathetic of a game as PUBG is.
the point of league of legends aint getting S every game....u can get S and lose the game,its just a mark to tell how good or bad u did in a game. Also league will never reward more the people that get S cuz that will encourage them to be kda players that care more about they're score than playing as a team and win. If u play for personal satisfaction league aint the game for u....its team based.
: So why 70% of women main support?
i main sup but i only do it cuz im bad at cs and cuz no one does it (also i dont cry like a lil B*tch if i dont have kills) Legit like the role and the sup champs, also i can mid and adc. 70% is stupid tho....since all the girls i know in league main anything but sup
MeneHacks (EUW)
: Help me reform T_T
fastest solution....break enter key srsly now....mute and mind ur lane.....just dont bother with anything else...if u roam ss ward and legit did ur best all game consider is nothing u could do more......u cant think for other pll.....also if u tryhard that doesnt mean other ppl have too....its a game most do it for fun and relax....even if that means ruining ur games
: im so mad
im silver...im sup main......i share ur pain even if u win lane and get ur adc fed...the rest might feed....The sec im all supportive and tell them to ward play safe dont give up.....farm or ss.....i get flamed....its just the hell called silver Oh....and a shoutout to those adc mains that i ping i go ward and they solo dive or push and die in lane while spam ping me and say i suck.....do use ur brain ppl...its free
v47 (EUW)
: Sad demotion
if its fair....well no is not.....will it happen again....probly yes the amount of games i lost this season alone for feeders trolls inters....or flamers that tilted the team and they afk its just insane happens....move on....pretty much nothing u can do....just do ur best with what u got also...even if u win and in enemy team someone acts like that do report.....many dont just cuz its not in they're team
Coxis (EUNE)
: Volunteers Star Guardian Event: Artwork, Missions and more!
i suck a drawing....so don't roast me much....Star guardian Leona ...no star is quite like The Sun :P [img]https://i.imgur.com/bQXNCUV.jpg[/img]
: I havent seen one single Flamer since the introduction of the Honor system.
wut do u mean man.....i just got chat restricted twice and lvl 0 honor......ofc i got it cuz i was cute and nice and i never flamed
: Presenting the EU Boards Discord!
: I think I understand. If I was playing w my friend we'd laugh our asses off seeing a name like that carry. Alone I'd probably giggle a bit(Idk I don't really start laughing when alone)
> [{quoted}](name=Darkest Death,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=aI0eu5F4,comment-id=000a0000,timestamp=2017-06-03T15:51:51.021+0000) > > I think I understand. If I was playing w my friend we'd laugh our asses off seeing a name like that carry. Alone I'd probably giggle a bit(Idk I don't really start laughing when alone) im a girl.....any guy that say 20 cm.....and IQ of 12....makes me laugh:))))
: Weirdest/funniest names you have seen ingame(doesn't have to be LoL)
theres this dude that carry my team hard....named....'12 IQ but 20cm".......i laught all game when i saw him "legendary"
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Change the requirements for being able to play Ranked!
all u said....can be avoided by removing autofill.....thats the actual problem....forcing pll to play roles they dont enjoy or suck at. I can play all roles....but i only enjoy support or mid/adc.......i will jgl/top but is gonna be a fail and i wont enjoy the game either.
: Was in a game, the game disconnect me and cease to exist?
happend the same to me....500ms...dc...left game.....when opening client again no in game status...nothing on my match history anything
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: What more could've I done?
15cs=1kill....so...u need farm....also if the game lasts a lil....or u guys just killed the enemy without actually taking down towers and such...no S+
roy038 (EUW)
: Client crash ingame
in middle of ranked ...130 ms...the second i get into lane from 60...tryed everything at my end this new client is pure bullshit
iroOnhide (EUNE)
: Permaban for open mid
so a 1st time syndra decided to pick that champ vs zed midlane....went 0/3 before 7 min....then decided to open mid...SHE decided that for the whole team Then jungle eve went mid to def...fed 2 more kills......while syndra in base was flaming all of us for her losing lane. Meanwhile top and botlane were doing fine...actually we were getting quite fed...but cant do anything vs a lvl 16 midlane with 6/0 and 160 farm at 15...plus all mid towers down. If u ask me permaban is right to be given as punishment to these pll If all team does bad...and all team decides to open mid b4 the 20 min....thats ok....but dont force ur team into it...especially is u suck...or try champs in ranked....plus flame afk
: Getting out of bronze 5 as support
ok...so...im a sona main 300k .....im support main and im stuck in bronze.I was gold 5, won 7 games in placements got b3....went to b2...and back in b3 like 3 times by now. The only role that fuucks all team is jungle....they are the REAL support and in bronze they dont get it....when to gank what and how...usually no pings...dont care about vision. Sona is utility support...can carry hard but can fuuck up easy with her too....u do rely on ur adc to "save" u sometimes and most important u need to stay alive...sometimes u need to live even if u sacrifice ur adc just to heal all ur team next. Also......not all adc work well with sona....like vayne ...shes better off with morg or leona As sup....learn in champ select when is ok to get sona...or tank sup....pll in bronze usually flame me for picking sona just to carry them after.....but if team no tank....get it...nautilius leona are the easiest....janna lulu nami are for high elo....are good if ur adc is god and u know what to do in tf with them watch my match history for builds.......also focus on getting the wards 1st and have the bushes in lane warded...the one near river...and a control one on theyre side....poke only when u have Q with passive on and thunderlords.....allways save mana for heal in case of ganks(dont be stupid and take ignite ever too)....gl
Rhazag (EUW)
: Beast Hunter Sejuani vs Dawnchaser Sejunai?
i played seju a while...the best is poro sejuani...and i like beast seju more than dawnchaser.Is weird to ride a lion...that makes boar sounds....plus i allways got compliments for the beast one. But to decide wich u like more just youtube for the skins and look at them
Lembontsync (EUNE)
: Can i get banned for saying.....
imagine i went midlane...lux vs ekko....i killed ekko...like a lot....didnt brag didnt say easy....didnt use the chat actually...... After a bad 5 vs 5....my team loses and they close the game....at the end....ekko says...gg ez noobs LIKE SRSLY????? so yes i would totally report and ask for ban on that....its annoying riot should just make a filter for that.......and usually not the ones that win lane or games say that....i found more retards that are total noobs at the game spam the gg ez noobs around
Miss Fawn (EUW)
: Christmas Skin Giveaway
Winter Wonder Karma :)) i started playing her and i totally like her:) and Happy holydays
: WTF is this client
same here...and if i go spectate something and quit it....i dont have any top option...no play no store anything.... relogging doesnt help either(btw.....im talking about the new client)
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