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Fathands (EUW)
: Yes.
VoIdymort (EUW)
: >KING6619: im s2 noob it is my friend acc seems deserved to me...
but i banned for flame not acc sharing, so it cant be reason of ban
: He confessed to account sharing in his chat logs. Which is a perm ban offence.
but i banned for flame not acc sharing, so it cant be reason of ban
Mada (EUW)
: im s2 noob it is my friend acc Ye, account sharing is always a bannable offense
but i banned for flame not acc sharing, so it cant be reason of ban
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: Same feeling about they completely changing the champion. It is not Evelynn anymore. Power Farm to lvl 6? WTF??? Anyways, this nerf on her passive was the most no sense thing they did, in my opinion. Eve needs to take advantage early game to make any difference in the game. This simply will not happen anymore. The CC and Dash will not be enough, specially because Eve is too squishy. Anyways. Feels bad! Looks like I will never play my main again (lvl 7 mastery, all skins, etc...). About those tails, they've added just because they needed for the new skills. Nothing to do to with Eve, but with new abilities.
Riot say we want add more execitement in games but they just %%%% every champ with reworks, i really dont like play itt anymore and thinkking why paid 2hours daily to learn evelynn for 2week. %%%%
: No. What I am saying is that Riot took off her most unique ability until lvl 6! She is an freaking assassin that needs to get advantage early in the game. This characterist will remain, despite of chamr and short teleport. Her Charm only works if the enemy stays with this for a period, but she needs to get close to cast it. Once she show up, obviosuly the enemy will retreat, unless she can cast unseen - after lvl 6 (again). It doesn't make any fcking sense! Her charm will be freaking useless before lvl6, unless she jumps into a team fight, what is her weakest point. All that Riot did looks great, but it completely changes Eve. She is not unique anymore. "After staying out of combat she regens hp(which is pretty fast btw from video) so she has a passive from lvl 1" About this: Ok, she gets this from lvl 1, but Evelynn is extremely squishy early game (and this is not fast, by the way) and knowing that she needs to get lvl 6 for the stealth, WHO IN THE FCKING WORLD WOULD BE CHASING TEAM FIGHTS INSTEAD OF FARMING TO GET LVL 6? Again, it doesn't make any fcking sense.
They %%%%ed this champ dude, evelynn without camouflage in lvl1 is worst idea possible. just make it a noob champ that have a good sustain lol
Grips (EUW)
: Evelynn Confirmed Hardest Champ.
I was on ranked and saw new evelynn, i really closed game and make afk, she was my only champ for ranking up and she is really broken, you should play new eve like master yi afk farm until lvl6 lol and no more stress and dopamine of counter jungling in lvl2 ,fuc riot. reworks are really bad game change everyday dont worth spend time on ,bb
jacktjong (EUW)
: Just no... They don't do it with Jayce, they don't do it with Nidalee, they don't do it with Kled, so why should they with Elise? The beauty if champions with 7 abilities is the fact that you need to keep track of all your abilities at the same time and combo them right. If yo take that away it's just a champ without an ulti.
because they dont need it really, in elise when you run a full combat and everyone focus on you, you press E as spider and disappear, many times i need know that does my human furm cooldowns is ready ? then i can back press REWQ fast and run back from first enemy i see, or im going to gank a 5% hp lane so you are spider and go toward enemy press E and when reached to him fast REWQ and kill but you dont know does that abilities are ready from when you used them in jungle? if you check them by press R need another 3sc wait for R cooldown and the enemy laner maybe back. totally it is really needed when im playing elise in many cases
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: Middle East Server
So good and a free transfer
abelha (EUW)
: "If her percentile health is equal to or less than her target's, she icon stuns them instead." you both cases both were at 100%
%%%%ing %%%%% why change riot description about champ open ur fucing eyes if you are blind use quicksilver sash %%%%% also here : idiot
KING6619 (EUW)
: Irelia stun bug she dont have lower hp perncent than me to stun me, even have more hp value and percents are equal and game suc.k
: Can someone tell me why the "VICTORY" or "DEFEAT" screen is automatically "pressing" Continue?
this game is buggy many times my mouse lock in middle of screen after game end and it help me to exit that fucing bug
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Rismosch (EUW)
: I actually like Big Bad Warwick :(
he have no speciall sound everything is like classic just it goes pink lol but hyena have sounds W is so good ,at least give name of 6 champions let players choose one of skins for that champ and give sale on that skin ,im just thinking to riot benefit if not resume this way xD
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