: >but how do you think your comment is helpful to a discussion? read my first line again "invalid reports don't do anything" so there's no reason to improve the "impact of reports" since just as invalid reports don't do anything, valid ones, on the other hand, get people punished. sometimes they even come on these boards to cry about it, as you may have noticed. what you're suggesting is to make invalid reports count. why should they?what possible benefit would there be for all of them mattering? because all i can see are bad things. >but what I would like to read would be Improvments to the Idea itself of Implementing such a system that would Work. well when you come up with something, come back and present your ideea, ok, sweetheart? it's not our job to come up with improvements for your ideea. it's yours.
Jeez louise No need to call me sweetheart. :D Yes I read your first Line. It doesn't provide anything that would be of any use in finding a solution. Which is why you should participate in a discussion in the first place. If you agree that the League community is Toxic. That's Great. If you agree that Leagues ways on how to deal with toxic people should be improved. That would be even Greater. But just stating the obvious Isn't really gonna help anyone in that case. But since you want a good Idea let me show you a stricter Matchmaking that seems to work > ''...and have been experimenting with matching players using observed behaviors and attributes of their Steam account, including the overall amount of time they had spent playing CS:GO, how frequently they were reported for cheating, time spent playing other games on their Steam account, etc. We call this system Trust, and these factors considered together form a player’s Trust Factor. > > The results of the experiment have been positive. In matches created using Trust Factor, most players ended up generating fewer reports regardless of their Prime status.'' Cs;Go provided Something with a Positive result and sure you can't copy their system 1:1 but the adjustment of adding more factors Into matchmaking could be Implemented in almost no time at all Sure it would take some time because I don't think there can be an Immeadiate solution to any Problem and there might even be some casualties but overall adding more value to certain things could make the game much more enjoyable.
Torkl (EUW)
: People report players they dont like, its not like there is any thought put into reports :P
Then how do you get people to actually pu thought into this?
: >Riot why don't you implement a system that sorts People by how much they get reported for their behavior? Like take the reports and make them Impactful. invalid reports don't do anything if riot tried out your ideea, every single person playing this game would suffer from it due to random reports with no substance
No offense now I appreciae the comment but how do you think your comment is helpful to a discussion? You provide an opinion that I agree on. Implementing my suggested System 1:1 would mostly hurt everyone. Like I really don't wanna offend you!! So please don't get me wrong but what I would like to read would be Improvments to the Idea itself of Implementing such a system that would Work. I mean there are already pretty good examples of systems that work kinda similar. I mean there are also different solutions on how to get this to work 1:1 it would ofc need vod review. There are so many ways to actually get things to work. Yet everyone just tells me the obvious nobody want's to engage in Solution and everyone that's trying to at least get to one is told that it doesnt work.
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Cypherous (EUW)
: > long story short I wrote this mostly in Anger to blow off some Steam. I guessed by the title :P > But what Can I do against flaming tilting if a get it a few times in a row? Take a break, if you're tilted then don't queue up for ranked again until you've cooled off, go play ARAM or a different fun game to just relax again, you're the only person you have any control over, the best thing to do is realise what you have no control over and just accept it, accept that your ADC can't dodge to save his own life (literally), accept that your jungler has the brains of a scuttle crab and hasn't pressured an objective in 20 minutes, accept that your mid is just having a bad game and that you can't really do much to prevent it You'll find league a lot more stressful when you only focus on the things that you can fix directly > I mean I definetly Agree with you on Visible rank doesn equal MMR but how dafuq am I supposed to fix that? It will fix over time, if you consistently win more than 50% of your matches over a prolonged period then your MMR will rise, it probably won't matter much this season but after the reset next season you'll end up placed more accurately compared to your MMR > So if you can provide any Solutions to that as well it would be appreciated I'm the wrong person to ask about improving, try the Summoners School discord server, they can help with more specific things about improving
Okay, as you have been one of the nicest guys in this thread I ask you directly to not force you to read every comment I made. TL;DR : I think Matchmaking is fair, however I think the system behind the MMR calculation could be Improved. MMR is currently determined by Win or Loss, e.g.: X = win = +10 Y = loss = -10 In order to Improve that I thought about _adding_ personal performance to a LOSS. The system would handle a win as it is now as the ultimate achievment. However a loss would take personal preference into account and the system would look like that : X = Win = +10 Y = loss = - 10 + (A + B + C) = 0 [at best] My Thought; This would result in a more accurate determination. People had some Influence on their games and would feel like a good performance mattered. People would maybe get less frustrated about a loss. Maybe the community will get a little more forgiving if they have a bad player on their team. I didn't think about this because I'm just ''crying''. After all I would only benefit from that if i would play at my best and really get those results. I just thought about this because I tried to find Variables that I could oriantate on in order to maybe improve my MMR again and I've come across a Dev Article that explained why they do the things they do and it didn't really explain why they don't have more Variables. They only talked about replacements why they don't Replace the current MMR calculation with personal performance and so on. Any thoughts for me? Criritc? I'm open for everything since you seemed nice ^^
Uraraka (EUNE)
: Yes, as long as there is luck-good team mates can win the games and mmr increases; one can play really well for his role and has best performance, but can lose because of bad team mates and their mmr decreases. This can't be called rigged, because it is hard to measure the skill of a player in a team game with a single metric, and even if we go for multiple metrics, some of them can be manipulated. _The team’s average MMR is the same, but one team has five roughly-equal teammates and the other team has a few very highly-ranked players and a few lower ones. This one is pretty rare outside of full-premade teams, but we make our best efforts to try and ensure that we still balance queue times into fair matches._ But, instead of this- there can be system, that can give fairer matchings-which can somewhat make the queue times longer. Fair matches means players know what they are doing and what they have to do and one of the ways to do is to give players an option to choose this or have the players have some prerequisites for their team (min/max rank, level, number of games played, win ratio, average kda, avg., kp,...).
Sure while that could be considered I personally think this doesn't nessecarily need to be added. I had a lot of time yesterday to gather my thoughts and wrap my head around this (With a cool head not a tilted one) And I don't nessecarily think that the Matchmaking is completely unhealthy for the game. I mean after all I had the Impact to carry teams even with a negative 30% winrate at the start of the season. But the way the MMR number is handeled and determined at the moment doesn't really reflect a players skill. Win and loss are the only variables. This can be easily proven as well; Let's say you get a player with an avarage winrate of roughly 53% in your Team and he picks Yasuo telling you it's his main. - That is in theory is not bad right? But you discover that He has a 20% winrate with yasuo in over 100 games and an average K/D/A of 1.5 if you're doing the math correctly here you'll get the result that his winrate is not 50% anymore. There is no system that could calculate That he would pick yasuo. There is no way to ''punish'' this player and spare the others immediatly. But if you add something like Personal performance into the MMR determination than you will end up with a lot more players making progress in various ways. This Thought connect's a little bit to Riot's previous Idea of positional Rank. But instead of giving you an Individual Rank for each Role you just add the Variables to your MMR. Which would result in a more accurate system overall. I understand why Riot wouldn't want to add Individual performance in case of a win because that would really be exploitable but adding Variables to MMR loss on the other hand is something completely different. And as I think it would have a lot of Benefits. BUT i have to admit i've been just theorizing about it. I don't know if this would be Technically possible. Mathematically exlplained it would look like this... (very simplified) The current system is X = Win = +10 Y = Loss = -10 My system would look like X = Win = +10 Y = loss = - 10 + (A + B + C) Of course you would Have to design the system in a way That would prevent you from being ''Rewarded'' In other words words you're not allowed to Gain MMR from a loss. At BEST, you should prevent an MMR loss so you end up with; Y = loss = - 10 + ( A + B + C) = 0
Uraraka (EUNE)
: I highly doubt that the matchmaking actually considers **Fair matches**part and puts all importance to **Fast queue times**. Why? Many games I play are having queue times of less than 5 seconds (70% or more games) and from the player ranks, I have mostly seen unfair matching. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752954-Matchmaking-Guide Co-incidentally these players who are unranked or ranked like 3/4 ranks below my rank with super high mmr, feeds almost always and goes behind in cs. Though they're trying to help the team, they're placed in a bad matching which not only makes them lose their lane, but also makes the team lose the game. If mmr based matchmaking is super good and so fair, there is no need to hide the mmr from players. Let there be transparency and let the players see how matchmaking is done. If not, there needs to be a second option; for players who want to have fair matches-have matchmaking done based on combination of various metrics like mmr+rank+win ratio+number of games played+average kill participation+average kda+...... This may have longer queue times, but because of different conditions, the unfair matchings won't be there.
I have to say that's an Interesting thought as well! Like I already agreed on the part that I shouldn't blame the system That i could just improve But while I know that I also think Your thought is not nessecarily wrong. You know maybe the system is rigged but maybe we can also just play kinda around it. IDK man. Like I would lie if I would say I know every factor that comes into play. But there is one thing That I know... The MMR punishment Is not fair in my Opinion. Like as I stated In a Reply above, a lot of the matches are actually lost thanks to your team flaming each other or giving up Mentally. And a big question for me is, Why am I getting punished for this? The chances of having a flamer in your Team are about 50/50 for both Teams. So the odds of Losing more games in a row are about equally high. I get punished by getting a lower MMR every time. And then I get Tilted by having a player in my Match that doesn't understand The things that I've learned at my rank. And whoops then we have me Flaming in the Forums. It's actually pretty rigged because the only reason this player got to a higher MMR is because he WON matches. That's not Skill. That's a like counting 1's and 0's. He won 10 of his last matches. Doesn't matter if he had a good KDA, KP, Turret damage, Stats doesn't matter at the end of the day the only thing that matters is if you win or lose and I think THAT is wrong.
: If you knew how MMR worked you wouldn’t be talking about visible rank. If you’re G4 with a S3 MMR, then that means that you’ll play with player of S3 MMR. They could have the visible rank of a bronze 2 (80% smurfing) or a G1 (boosted kind). Nevertheless you’d still be matched together. To take back my example, would you rather have a smurf on bronze account or a boosted hardstuck gold ? I’m D2 and whenever I’ve a D4 in my game I’m actually quite happy because that means he’s real elo is higher than mine. Otherwise the MMR system would’t Push him up like that. Just look at the bronze player average mmr games, if it’s the same as yours then you’re equally skilled for the system. Tldr : visible rank =/ MMR rank.
As I answered in the comment above this. I mostly blew off Steam with that. And yes I agree with you. I already got convinced. But Since you are a D2 player... What can I do to Improve? especially if People flame or give up.
Cypherous (EUW)
: > I've been reading through how Riot balances Matchmaking and I have to say either the system is completely garbage or bugged as %%%%! and I'm just sick of it.... If you read it then you didn't understand it, read it again, slowly > I'm getting matched with Bronze again? Oh you're one of those who think rank = skill, protip, you can be in gold but actually be a silver skilled player, you can be in bronze and be a silver skilled player, are you seeing where this extremely simple logic is going? you'r eboth silver skileld which means you're both going to get matched together because the matchmaker is tracking your actual skill not your "i'm better than the system thinks i am" skill in your head > It's not okay to call the average Tier silver 3 when you're giving me 2 Bronze players that have been performing well! It is when the MMR of the team is silver, the bronze rank doens't come in to it because as i said you can be bronze as a silver skilled player, the system looks at skill not the visual rank which doesn't indicate anything > I would rather accept longer Queue times to REALLY balance out the matchup. Except they already are, the teams MMR's are the same, that is how you get a balanced match, doesn't mean everyone on the team is playing at their best or playing their best champions and not tilted, all things that affect the outcome of a match but aren't directly linked to skill > Why do you call it balanced to put me as the only Gold player in a Team while having two bronze players in my Team? Because shocker, you don't have gold MMR, accept this simple fact and you'll actually be able to see how the system actually works, the gold on your profile doesn't mean you're actually gold skilled it just means you managed to win enough matches to climb the ladder > Take my MMR AND my rank into consideration and don't coinflip my matches between having a bronze player that barely has any understanding at all. No, because your visible rank is fairly meaningless, its not linked to your actual skill and is affected by far too many variables > Is this maybe a bug? Nope it isn't a bug, its a lack of understanding on how the system works with a side order of human ego
First Thanks for your opinion I appreciate everything even if it's a different opinion! And I took some time to really consider my thoughts on that. long story short I wrote this mostly in Anger to blow off some Steam. In other words I agree with you! But you said something very Interesting there. > Except they already are, the teams MMR's are the same, that is how you get a balanced match, doesn't mean everyone on the team is playing at their best or playing their best champions and not tilted, all things that affect the outcome of a match but aren't directly linked to skill There are a lot of things that influence the outcome that are not directly linked to skill The team Giving up for no Reason Flaming rather than playing I'm not talking about Ping issues They happen But I can't really Blame that allthough I think riot should establish a system where they restrict players with a bad Connection, I think they even have that since Ranked got disabled for me once when my client wasn't fully loading. But anyway. Maybe I really just need to work on my Mentality at some point, Maybe I just need to get mechanically Better, Maybe ADC and Sup are not the roles where I shine. But being completely honest here I shouldn't focus on The visable Rank. But what Can I do against flaming tilting if a get it a few times in a row? I mean after the MMR logic If I lose my MMR drops - more - more - and more I mean, I think a majority of games are lost due to players giving up or flaming each other rather than playing and really trying And Even if I say this, I know that as a 'Good' Player I should be able to play around that but honestly man. I can't influence in which mood the players are. I can't Influence if they play in their best or worst. I don't know if I should call myself Bad because I can't play around it or unlucky because I got them a few times in a row. I mean I definetly Agree with you on Visible rank doesn equal MMR but how dafuq am I supposed to fix that? Any Ideas other than looking on my mistakes and Improving? I mean after all I just want to improve at the game. Mechanically, strategically and Mentally. So if you can provide any Solutions to that as well it would be appreciated
Kashukah (EUW)
: New Champions including Reworks need to be disabled from ranked for 7 - 14 days
Well I personally think you can always end up with someone first timing a champion in ranked games. Happens to me a lot now that i think about it. The reason why i'm still for it being restricted is to discover the champion. Like If a new champion comes out ranked turns into a coinflip because not everyone has an Idea on how to play against this champion. A week would give you time to invest some time in learning which would make a way safer enviorment. People who think normals are way to boring i'm sorry for you guys then but would you rather lose to a champion because someone from your team doesn't really have a game plan against this champion? one week restriction second week to see the competetive numbers third week Buff's or nerfs that's overall more balanced because you have the chance to learn. OFC you could say PBE but not everyone has the Time or the PBE account to really do that reliable. I guess if you really just think about a 7 days restriction than it would be fine but i don't see the point in doing it any longer.
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: >“Hi reddit, >As you guys know we have lots of different teams inside Riot. The team that made these icons is part of a program to bring new players into League - Part of their strategy is to bring in new content creators who can introduce League of Legends to broadly different audiences. You’ll see some of these engagements rolling out over the next month, which is why the icons are in the PBE build now. >It’s understandable that for current content creators and viewers that have loved and played League for years, seeing non-League communities being recognized with in-game content feels bad. Part of the reason it feels worse is that we’re clearly behind in terms of rewarding and recognizing our current content creators, and it’s a super high priority for us to change that ASAP. >The reason I’m responding to the post is that I’m a team lead working on our new League Partners program for current creators. I can’t leak the specific rewards we are working on yet, but they’re much more than just a summoner icon in the game (though we will do icons too). Think exclusive content like chromas you can only get from creators or creator programs, paid travel to international creator events, content reveal partnering/previews, etc. Regional teams will be able to talk to content creators about the specific rewards in the next few weeks, and we should have something public a bit after that. >Some of the regions might pull the icons from launching, which I think would be a shame since it wont actually solve the root problem - that we arent doing enough for current content creators - which we are committed to solving separately” [_Source: Riot_Riscx_](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/8zpshv/why_is_there_a_bunch_of_new_icons_of_content/e2kyq49/) Needn’t lose your minds right away.
That's very interesting! I mean I actually read it after I posted this Because a friend of mine informed me about this post. I meant I could still Rant about it, current LoL content creators should've got something like this for ages in my opinion but well it is how it is.^^ {{sticker:sg-lulu}} But I'+m looking forward to those rewards!
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