Vionicesca (EUNE)
: When a support hears this...
dude... it was me that was vayne. i was playing on my east account, i rly thank u it was the best vayne game i ever had
warwiller (EUNE)
: Can I have some pink chocolate
Pikajew (EUNE)
: Sure.That's why you didn't get that joke. Whatever.Good luck in the future.
dude... im 13 and got that joke...
Sian (EUW)
: Looking for friends to do Normals with! :3
i sent a freind request =)
Gorratil (EUW)
: Need some tips to stop being called feeder ;)
stop feed... jk. play safe and wait on jungle ganks and dont go all in if you are not sure if u can kill opponent
: what does session highest grade: NA mean?
: Who need Ahri when you can have Rengar all the day? ONE STAB CAT FOREVAH
iTzDuck (EUW)
: {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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i got headhunter master yi today... I ALREADY HAVE HEADHUNTER MASTER YI
Leptyx (EUW)
: I improved from my permanent ban !!
srs? you got me dude.
IThrorI (EUNE)
: and you real Korv4
i got 30 k dmg on 24 min like 10 min ago =)
: The passive broken? how so? I actually made it to weaken her..
oh, sry mb. i thought increased
: Very true, I guess I got so caught up in trying to make a champion that's strengths are the strength of her opponents that I forgot to make a her a good champion in her own right... With the ult I was contemplating allowing it to replicate allied abilities... Maybe I could make her more playable if I make her kit react with allied abilities too? So allies can fire things into a mirror in their lane, giving you a timing window to use that ability yourself... Maybe a secondary active on the Q? Thoughts?
im not being mean but that ult is kinda like Leblanc. u got a good consept. and that passive would be broken as heck.
: zed deals rly good dmg in lvl 2. he have very good poke.
just killed a karthus as zed in lvl 3
: you must be really stupid to die at lv 2,if you don't have any huge powerspike as enemy and from what I know a mere Q+W or E from zed don't deal so much dmg as a riven Q+W + animation cancelling or as a yasuo lv2 E+Q..that's just stupid dying at lv 2,not even 2 minutes after the minions spawn
zed deals rly good dmg in lvl 2. he have very good poke.
IThrorI (EUNE)
: open my acc
u dont get banned for doing that in one game that has happend before
IThrorI (EUNE)
: need good matchmaking system how you can stupid die at 2 lvl after spam for mid and show his 5 lvl icon
it is not wierd if a zed kills kata at lvl 2
Infernape (EUW)
: No they just sent you people that are as skilled as you. You flamed that Katarina for having a bad game and wanted to report her for it. And I'm sure Zed shits all over Katarina.
zed wins over kata in laning phase
IThrorI (EUNE)
: yes lol after feeding she stay at 20 min base what you wil say if this guy on your team 5k dmg in 35 min game i can make more dmg with ad soraka
ad soraka is good lol.
Grammos (EUNE)
: The Normal drafts dont have the new champ select anymore in EUNE ?
they have not even realesead them i thínk
Pandour (EUNE)
: Too bad people are immature and dont understand your post. By trolling he doesnt necessarily mean go die at tower at level 1. What I think he means (hopefully) is picking alistar blitz bot or full supports team or everyone with simte or tp , etc... I would be glad to play games like that but sadly we are on different servers
> [{quoted}](name=RiseAginst,realm=EUW,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=w69M33ak,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-09-05T15:18:57.462+0000) > > LD 4 PPL FOR 5V5 TEAM JUST FOR FUN i want ppl to have fun with that not care about losing or winning. so it is fun to play
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