: What did you get as your legendary skin?
u want irony? you WILL GET irony: i bought "project yasuo" waaaay back when he just got released and later (with introduction of HEX TECH boxes) i got "blood moon yasuo" AND "high noon yasuo" each year around HALLOWEEN and now? ... you guessed it! a **** "Nightbringer yasuo" !!!! {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} GODS OF RITO wants me to become yasuo main player (you all know what that means) SHOULD I ANSWER THE CALL?!
Hahrimazd (EUW)
: I just don't care anymore, any tips?
It's simple: Come out from your "comfort zone" Do not play your mains and find new champs to play (it worked for me, it will work for you too) . hell, change you'r lanes if you like to. I changed my main role jungle to support because I got tired of being worried for Drak / Baron or ganking and all of that stuff. I just wanted to kill stuff for once! so yeah I went supp BUT with mages: full ap malphite (Im calling it NUKEphite :D ), vaigar, lux, xerath … you name it. and yeah! I took kills for my self cause adc will ignore and/or flame u anyways (in low elo at least) BOY IT WAS FUN PLAY OFFMETA you play nasus? try critsus (buy crit stuff) or try ap nasus. you play soraka? go ad . thresh? make it your second adc. try garen in the jungle and go trinity force build. see some Korean builds in youtube they will help a lot in that regard PLAY WITH YOUR FIRENDS and if none of the above works for you: TAKE A BREAK find new games to play for some time (path of exile, destiny2 or outher free to play stuff idk) or even better find new hobbies OR attend to you'r other hobbies that you have... for atleast a month or two YOU'RE WELLCOME {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Explain to me platinium 4
: One last Big goodbye to league
: What champion brings out the worst in you?
FOR me MOSTLY DRAVEN and TahmKench here is why: {{champion:119}} is a hard carry champion when he get some kills in early (and in low elo, HE WILL) there is almost nothing that can stop that guy. good luck with explaining to your adc/sup play safe under tower and do not engage a fight with fed draven. {{champion:223}} he buys hp and past lvl6 nothing can kill that guy after getting 2 items. he eats you and humiliate you with his e (specially if he is top). that lane is LOST in my book {{champion:74}} and {{champion:11}} you know why...
Lari (EUNE)
: Low elo smurf problem, Higher elo boosted acc prob
it was always like this as far as i remember and no one do jack**** about it. best thing that i can think of is just wait for next season and hope for the best
: Aatrox
Agree 100% on every aspects! It's like riot don't like aatrox at all or don't know what to do with him. The only best thing about him imo is his new lore
Cràp Bag (EUW)
: Who is the best jungle champion 2k18 ? The 1vs1 eliminating competition
{{champion:64}} awsome and fun champion overall. He is great in early but WILL become useless at late game. Unless u want to master him, i would't recommend him to you. {{champion:59}} not the BEST jungler out there. He is meh (dont buy him) {{champion:254}} aka queen of the ganks. But for some reason i can't see her in my games. {{champion:266}} don't... plz...JUST don't. {{champion:106}} u need a jungler who is tanky af and can deal a good amount of dmg? This champ is yours. Simple kit and good for climb (in this season at least) {{champion:56}} is ok jungler. He has slow clear and sux at ganking untill he get lvl6. he will go all in and aa enemys to death. Same as {{champion:107}} and {{champion:23}} he will be a god OR trash in late game. {{champion:131}} she is pretty risky in general. She is weak as hell in early so u can't do **** with her if things goes bad. Not worth buying her for jungle Overall my opinion between these champs, is voli. He is graet right now.
: Life of an ADC in ranked
When u see things like these, just stop playing rank. Go play normals to relax or do somthing else. Come back After an hour or so and play rank :)
Exhibit B (EUNE)
: Normal games match making
Balance is weakness! {{champion:238}}
Suchduck (EUW)
: Athene's Unholy Grail
So don't complet the item! :D
: No to yasuo ''mains''
: Ban system is a joke!
So, Riot placed chat section so people use it as a way of comunication. But when they do, they will ban players! :D I love riot's logic xDDD
Shukr4n (EUW)
: To be honest ppl didnt complain kaiss because sexy They complained kaisa living in a terror/desperate/toxic enviroinment (void) didnt give her anything bad. Nor need to protect herself
Kai'sa is "daughter of the void" for goddamn sake! Even if she got something bad from they void , they would STILL cry and said it's "abused against womens" or some sh*t
: Not gaining blue essence.
It's becaus of the new sh*ty progression system that riot added to the game. So they can make more money
Shlashpro (EUW)
: Have all the good players left league and do only the toxic remain?
Just don't mind about toxic people. in worst case just press the "MUTE" botten, keep calm and report them at end of the game. 😊 Is league FUN? I think if you LOVE you'r main champion, you WILL have fun in any circumstances. Personaly i LOVE {{champion:107}} and in games where i play with him, i have fun.
: Racism
Is't all of these things, nicer with rhe Voice chat? don't you agree? XD
: {{champion:113}} {{champion:79}} are quite good junglers who will most likely build tanky .{{champion:20}} too but has quite low cc.(yes the buffs made him really good trust me ). Nautilus...i haven't seen him for a long time as a jungler.He is really slow which makes him quite terrible .Even {{champion:32}} has faster camp clear than him.Nautilus is decent as a support with the new runes because he can deal quite a lot of damage early game and can be a pain for paper supports if playing against him . Best tanky cc jungler at the moment > sej .
thx man! It was realy helpful! :)
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Zephyr77 (EUW)
: My opinion on reworks so far
I personally, fell in love with rengar rework! Changes to his passive and necklace is great. just there is one problem and that is: tank rengar, similar to tank ekko
: Arabic server
We need a server for middle east, I suggest change Turkish server to middle east server. So people who lives in middle east like me (Arabs,Iranians, Turks, ..., ext) can enjoy playing this awesome game with much better ping.
: Remake is a very nice feature.
And here is summoner of the year! Give this guy a cookie :)
: 1. The blood in that title has to do with him draining your blood not his own. 2.that makes no sense for a single target AS heavy on hit champ 3.Lets just give him dragon... Oh wait Mainly against your ideas.
1_I said same thing, probably because of my bad English. Sorry about that. Better said steal blood? 2_I didn't get that one :( 3_ I was thinking about baron or velmaw xD
: Agree, number 1 looks good, the rest not so much. Warwick is an abomination, an unnatural creature, a mixture between man and wolf, it would be awkard for him to be accepted by regular wolves, so he cannot command them. Also it would hurt his identity as lone wolf and lone hunter (he used to be a bounty hunter as human btw). A bouncing Warwick? Now that sounds strange.
Yea, you mentioned good points. Thx for your feedback.:)
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