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: The toxicity in this game is caused by exactly what people don't wanna hear. It is the high sensitivity that players have and the entitlement they get from being able to report people for calling them out. Let's say you're the usual cocky asshat that gets autofilled and just trolls cause no one wants to swap with their support role. The fact that you're gonna play riven as a support and fail miserably and cause your team to lose won't get you banned, but you're entitled to report people that say anything to you while you do that and most of the time those people will get punished. Don't you see anything wrong in this ? The toxicity of this game is you being able to be an assh0le to others and still get to have them punished if they say anything to you. People say that oh but flaming isn't polite but flaming affects blah blah. No ! Flaming being punishable is one of the main reasons this game is toxic. Just theoretically think of this option : Remove flaming from being a bannable offense but introduce a kick vote system that puts a bot in the place of the kicked person. Now players are given two options, either deal with the flamer/mute him or choose to kick him making the game harder. I believe it is quite hypocritical to want a player banned but still want him in your game to help you win it.
Something like that don't happen on Korean Servers. People are toxic af, open mid every second game but non of them get punished, cause they don't act like a 10 years old Girl if they get called out and instantly report the person for being "toxic" just because people cant handle facts or being called our for something. (sry for my Bad English)
: "Wasting time" in games and giving up
Play my first SoloQ yesterday: Nidalee and Cho died once (2-0 Enemy) and after that Nidalee kept spamming "ff" "go afk" "its over" "gg". After that, she started to argue with everyone and run it down bot. Went 0-6 and afked in the Base. Should have known it better, she was 4 years a low gold player 1 Month from Gold 4 to Silver 1 1 Month later from Silver 1 14 LP to Plat 3 and after 3 Months hit Diamond and now again inting in other games aswell. She is currently Plat with 10W-20L but definitely not boosted !!! {{item:3348}} {{item:3751}}
: That's why I am trying to get a smurf account to bronze 5 So I don't have to try. I can act moronic and brain dead as 95% of the community.
That wont work.. People in bronze dont think, while you have to force yourself to not think about anything
: Increasing rise in AFK's in Season 8
Can agree with that... Played 12 Flex Matches (Placesment 8-2) but in almost every Game either the enemy or we had a Person in team who fed early went afk for some min and came back. I played 1 SoloQ game yesteray and aswell 2 toxic people who int and flame others, Nidalee run it down mid and went afk.
Clarice (EUNE)
: Impossible to get out of honor 0?
Honor lvl isnt about getting honored. You have to win a lot of games while not being toxic. I was hardstuck in honor 2 but after I went 30-2 in ranked I got my Honor 3, got banned for 2 weeks cause I was toxic af.
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Eçlipse (EUW)
: Struggling to Jungle :(
Check that video from Virkayu Video Name: 4 Steps To Healthier Jungle Clears - (Have A Better First Clear!)
: Are people still having FPS drops?
I got a 1060 6GB and I5, everything on high (fps capped at 144) but it goes from 144 to 100 and lower and lower until I hit 50-80fps
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: Well at least I don't feel the need to insult your judgement so I got that going for me, my friend.
All your IP spend on Runes & Runes Pages got turned into BE so stop this BS. These changes are good, Runes were only useful in the early game and nothing else. Masteries were the only thing that was Important into the late game. The only Down site with this New Rune System is that We won't have that 1% crit anymore. Stop thinking only about yourself. You`re just some random LoL Player out of 20m + who get pissed that the Game changed and gave noobs the same stuff as you have. Its good that they turned them Free for Everyone it will let the Player focus on Champions and actual new gameplay 2 play around. Changes are good and if you don't get.. {{champion:32}} {{champion:27}}
: There'rs another topic in here somewhere claiming the same thing, it is quite upvoted. It would be good if you found it and upvoted it even more.
Can u link it or name of it ? I cant find it :x
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skinTDM (EUNE)
: Earning blue essence is a pain in the ass
I have around 50 champs now & now I need 4 Lvl Ups to unlock 1 6300 Champ. Its a pain in the ass..


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