Cypherous (EUW)
: Doesn't really matter what they look like aslong as i can laugh at idiots on these boards :P
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M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: False reports don't do much. That being said, after 2 years of playing I kinda stopped supporting it the way i used to as well. it's just lacks the customer care and has become another one of EA sized money grabs
: help me climb?
add and msg me i can help Kaimetsú KaiLyfe blodyman5
Delusion (EUW)
: Hey dude, Don't mean to be rude, but you have a negative win-rate and are gold 3... not saying this should stop you coaching or doing your own thing, I'm not here to flame you or have a go because you want to help others, however, the gap between high silver and low gold is negligible, and so I'm conscious that some of the advice you give may be incorrect? As a diamond coach, I'd love to get the chance to 'oversee' or see how you coach players, almost as an experience share I guess, so we can both improve our coaching. Hmu on league on this account if you're interested :) TJ
Sure man, ive just sent a request, We could talk over discord too if you dont mind if youre up for that, you can send me a request whenever
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Yraco (EUW)
: [I thought it was later today (wednesday)](
It is.
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WysePax (EUW)
: S3 Jungler trying to improve
Ferion291 (EUNE)
: Lag
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: Advise/help me pls :D (ranked gold/plat)
The simple answer is get a consistent 5 man. Any team game that has climbing and elo on it requires a consistent 5 man to climb after a certain lvl/rank Id say 3 ppl are the least because you can cover bot jg and top/mid so its already easier to win games (my case) But then you tell me that playing flex is pointless. Well playing solo is pointless really. Does it show your solo skill? yeah, but if you wanna go to tournaments lets say, do you go 1v1 all game? Not really. So Team play is what everyone out there should be practicing instead of solo play Also if you wanna join in, me and my friends are 3 sometimes 4, looking all year for 2 other gold/plat non annoying chill players so we can rank our flex in the meantime we play 3v3 every now and then{{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} So hey add and msg me and lets rock em ^^ Kaimetsú
CarryAll (EUNE)
: Having a thematic idea behind items is good since it enriches the game. However, a thematic idea cannot come on its own. It must also enrich the gameplay and the strategic decisions. Riot are working hard to remove clutter from the shop and aim so that any item has a gameplay reasoning behind it.
Yup, its really hard to balance items, throwback to banner of command, but lore relatedly i think it would be essential to have on cinematics item we recognize or in game items we see in cinematics, more things to put up the lore
: You have runes in game already.
i guess you didnt go past the 3rd line..{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: I Need Some Help/Advice
I play jg a lot and i have some good knowledge of what to do in certain situations.. Add me up if you d like my opinion on what you have to do and such ill try to help as much as i can^^ Kaimetsú
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Kannerbis (EUW)
: Main Adc Looking for Support
hey im at g3 rn and i play supp/jg, aiming for plat/dia so add me up if you wanna play ^^
: Looking for a Duo Mate
We can play together if you want ^^ i play supp and jg so just add me up
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MissJJess (EUW)
: What is Inting?
Well thats a bumer.. But hey you can add me to play if you want, me and my friends always have fun playing so you could join us too ^^ We can help u improve if you want and we promise to be patient~
: KDA players are grabage.
and thats why i absolutely dont care about my KDA, as long as i win or am helpful it works for me
: >If you think that smoking makes you relaxed, less stressed, think straight etc then youve been bamboozled by society. Not a societal thing. Its the chemical reaction in your brain to nicotine. I was surrounded by smokers for years and didn't pick it up - when I eventually did it was a self made decision :P. >So yeah, dont smoke. Please? But I definitely agree - don't pick up the habit. It's no bueno.
Regarding the first part, i would agree if i ever felt any effects regarding feeling relaxed when smoking so i still stand on my point. You get relaxed with what you want to make you relaxed. Listening to music is what i decided that would do that for me. But thats regarding what i studied, what ive seen, experienced and also my opinion ^^
Forsaken1 (EUNE)
: How many of you have started smoking because of League of Legends?
This is not meant as an offense or anything of the sort for anyone but... If you think that smoking makes you relaxed, less stressed, think straight etc then youve been bamboozled by society. They say and make you think it relaxes you and do whatever is good for you but, you relax because you think that smoking makes you relaxed. If everyone said that clapping as soon as you woke up would make you more energetic all day, thats what would happen to you if you did. I have studied and live with a psychologist, and the one thing i learnt is: You have total and absolute control over yourself, you might not be conscious of it just yet. And i used to smoke quite a lot too. Didnt change anything for me, because i didnt have the (its gonna make me relaxed) mindset. So yeah, dont smoke. Please?
Tarolock (EUNE)
: yea and from where do you get so much manpower? lets say the community is right and it happens in half the games, do you have any idea how much games are started in a minute?
well the reports dont have to and arent all reviewed as they come out, but yeah its just an idea i think it would be nice
: Greetings. Obviously this behavior was not cool. Dodging that game is definitely understandable. It's really debateable to what extend you were "punished"... Cause waiting 5 Minutes probably won't kill you. I can understand that you feel like you came out short here, of course it sucks. ---- But I'd like you to actually think about this problem! **How would you avoid such a situation if you were in charge of the game?** Would you allow dodging under any circumstances? Would you allow dodging only if people troll? Then how exactly do you define trolling? And how do you build a system to differenciate?
Add a champion select reporting system where you click a button which records all pre lobby, login screen(when the chat comes) in game chat and after game chat, to then be sent to a player behaviour and support specialist to then be decided by a human wether to penalize the toxic players/ trolls or make up for the one who suffered the unfair loss(ex: loss prevention, extra lp per win, etc) It would be fair, fast and effective to detect players who should be punished, and reward players with good behaviour (extra keys, honor rewards, faster honor leveling, etc)
: Challenger Lux support stuck in gold XD
I will not state my thoughts or else they would be deemed as toxic xd
: Hey first of all thanks for the time you took to write that text haha and yeah your ideas sounds nice i will look into it and try to make a guide for beginners :)
a guide for begginers is honestly a really good idea and something ive considered doing some videos about, but my pc is absolute trash and i can do literally nothing but play league in there.. But its something that i will also work on, because i feel like people really need it. If youre really doing it, and need help let me knoww
: GTAV has an amazing solution where whenever you are griefing or ruining the game by cheating, then you will be placed in a "bad sport lobby" whenever you join lobbies, Instead of bans they should do this system and match you up with toxic / inter players. I think segregating the community into even MORE servers makes things even more complicated.
: Then why did you add the word "reformed" in the title if you are not gonna let them in? Also, it would be easy to bypass that system by creating a new account with a good standing.
its an option, if they create another and dont change behaviours the same thing happens then repetition, just like the actual ban system. Ip restraint is also an option
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: How would you separate them? On what basis? Stats? Chat restrictions? Bans? This is a dumb idea from the start and I'll tell you why. It would alienate a large portion of the player base simply because they're "not good enough" and that would be a disaster. That's not something you want to do to your player base. Segregation never solves things, it just makes them worse.
Well i said it was a joke, but to answer your question, if it really were to happen, then penalty wise like: ever got banned are not allowed and/or more than 1/2 chat restricts, something like that
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Yraco (EUW)
: Ranked wins seem random
Its not just you, mate. My whole team server gave up on ranked games for at least a month, and thats a lot of time to loose considering that now we have splits and such... Its a clowfiesta and theres nothing we can do about it.
: i get so hyped when i get to play with a leona or alistair, add me :)
Leona main it is me (and Jakog7 is right, tank supps are not really good rn *cries*), but hey if you want to play someday just add me and msg me there
sWxAndrea (EUW)
: Probably because he's a good jungler at the moment, maybe even more in the next patch. The players are focus on their stacks and they forget to gank, not the champion's fault if they are stupids.
his problem as a jungler is: his ganks are only gonna be successfull if: your ally(ies) have cc Nasus is stacked (mid-late game) or has some crazy rune Or your ally has some early burst(renek for example) The deal really is that people pick him into any machup thinking it will work just like nasus top, and they end up not doing anything for the team
Rgdor (EUW)
: ***
-Said the banned
: Drawing event Discord server
Xenik (EUNE)
yeah everyone thinking hes a jungler rn, very smart people
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Possible (EUW)
: Thumb on ctrl Index finger on Q Middle finger on W Ring finger on E Pinky on F
wait, then you play on the keyboard with your right hand?
Oberon98 (EUW)
: Default Finger Placement
i will give you my confusing hand placement: fingers (from left to right) 1.Shift/Ctrl 2.Q/1/tab 3.W/2, 3/S 4.E, R/D, F, G 5.Alt / Spacebar
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Because it would feel pointless, you wouldn't get the euphoric feeling that you normally get when you get a new champion or a skin you like. If all champions and skins were available from the start, I probably wouldn't be playing this game, because it wouldn't feel rewarding at all. Like imagine having a disgustingly huge amount of money IRL. That much money that you could buy everything. There would be no goal for you that you need to work for, and hence your life would feel meaningless, even though you can technically have everything you want.
The game is not about collecting skin and champions tho xd
HH Robin (EUW)
: Giveaway! EUW Only
Whoah that amount of rp is insane, i wish i had that much to gift friends xD So, I would love two legendaries: God King Darius Aether Wing Kayle And my ign is Kaimetsú Good luck for uss, i really hope i win xd
: why are bad players so quick to blame junglers for everything?
people that flame the jungler are people who never played jungle for more than 1 month straight. Just ignore them
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SiffLort (EUNE)
: Woah, bravo. You managed to get silver 5. That must've been mission impossible for you to get such high elo?
Whos silver? rofl see you next year when im plat
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