: Why do you smurf?
you already know why
: Personally I don't think that the Kayle changes fixed any of her issues
for me i prefer the pre patch one , because really , now it's like here is a bit of everything but not enough to make an impact , the waves used to be really good in skirmishes even if you're melee , because you heal alot out of gunblade and your ulti helps , but now it's like meh , i'm ranged but still can get gap closed by literally every one
: Am i the only one thinking that there're so many serial killers on this thread \ O / {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
every one is a murderer in this game , did you check the take downs on your account career mate?
: playing against a GP with gauntlet top is so fun, slow parley, slow parley , slow parley...
: Ok, you have been stomped by {{champion:43}} Top with {{item:3025}} and you blame the item. The usual.
notreally, i won the game but it's not fun at all
: Then riot need to increase his stun duration and or give him an extra passive that gives him a lot of attackspeed after a stun. He's a very squichy champions with almost no escape. That range he got atm he a must to survive.
have you even got matched up against a good kennen man , it's worse than iceborn gauntlet karma
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: Pantheon is much better than you think
people don't know how to play around him , he is a high elo champion imo
: The Most Hated Role?
Top is the most miserable lane brother , and a living proof is the higher you climb the more auto fills to top lane you find
: %%%%%%ed teammates = new trend
this is a game where you play against 9 people , 5 you can kill , 4 you can't, mute all and adapt to the situation
Sefi (EUNE)
: He can oneshot a sivir with E up, Morgana E up AND being ult healed by soraka.
you forgot janna sheild
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: She’s always gonna be a niche pick, that’s not a bad thing... lots of champions are niche so long as they fill the niche well and people can access that niche it’s fine
true, some "useless champs " in the current meta can be broken against some old school picks if the enemy team goes that way but that happens way less than you think , the only thing i questioned in this rework tho was her Q and the afterwards guttering on her W
: That was good in theory but there was always a set that worked better than the rest, so a couple of people experimented while everyone else just went for a cookie cutter build that was recommended by pros cause that’s what worked best. Experimentation is only good if you are actually encouraged to do it, rather than just going for the meta build
true, but it used to be good enough , untill nerfs started to force champions to go a certain build , like the way they did it with the old irelia
: I added another 1% crit rune to double it.
: It is possible to counter him which means, that she is perfectly balanced. Nothing needs to be done. Just git gud.
if that were the case , nerfs and buffs would never exist, use that little brain of yours before trying to drop disses
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: Kennen is squishy as %%%%. However, he is strong. Klepto has a huge drawback, and that is that if he gets too close, he is dead. So that playstyle mainly relies on poking you down or just farming and poking you to get gold. Anyone who can trade heavily with kennen will shut him down because with klepto he doesn't have much else. Also, melee against ranged=anything is punishing and annoying to deal with.
: Well if sure, he is strong atm. But if you nerf him. Will he be strong and what do you even nerf on him? If you nerf his damage, his matchup against tanks or juggernauts becomes no existence, nerfing his defences will destroy him when teamfights happen (which he meant to be good at) And even if you nerf him with like 3 ad, or 10 less damage on his ult. Will it effect him at all? Will it remove your hatred for him? Unless Riot destroys his strongpoints you won't be happy, right? Leave him be. He is only strong in Competitive anyways.
ye but, his laning phase is too strong , i would say nerf his range?
: 1-4? It's 1-6, my dude. We got a new champion select 2015 november, just after season 5 ended.
5 included ? , shit i forgot, you're right , they put out new client but left the champion select the same way for a while
: Sometimes it really be like that...
you guys struggle with chests , i struggle with keys
: Please help me understand why ranked is full of monkeys
pick a role , jungle mid or top , now pick the champions that can carry alone , like from bronze to plat you can play these , starting top to jungle to mid TRYNDAMERE ;Darius , Renekton , udyr (actually viable) , riven (if you're autistic enough to tolerate her) ; yorick ,kennen , as for mid you can do Talon , zed , yasuo , annie, diana , fizz , gankplank(only if you're okay with spending tons of hours learning him) jungle : Rengo , Yii , Yii again , also Yii , evelyn, udyr, jarvan , what you wanna do is from every kill , get an objective , don't follow your %%%%%%ed teammates , in ranked games , up do diamond 3 you play against 9 people , 5 you can kill but 4 you can't , so you gotta think how will i benefit from each death that happens on the map.
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IzzŸ (EUW)
: Taking a cursory look at the stats, tristana has a 47% win rate in top lane and a 46% wr in mid; which is very, very low. The highest win rate of any ADC in solo lanes is Quinn, (53% top 51% mid) and the ONLY other ADC with a positive winrate in solo lanes is Corki... neither of which have been solidly popular in the bot lane for ages... Can't help but feel like you just aren't very good at countering them.
doesn't change the fact that quinn is the first champion in ranking when it comes to winrate top lane of all champions , and adc,, how ironic, also , vayne literally has more winrate than renekton who people are saying is broken , nerf tooo op and trist winrate as of now iss 48.33 it rose up buddy
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: I miss being able to experiment with various Rune stats in the old system
I miss that 1% crit you throw in your runes and get firstblood level 1 top lane while people not understanding where did that dmg come from
: Now I've seen everything
i miss the days when soloQ was in pick order , ahh the bittersweet season 1-4
problem is the haircut and earring doesn't suit his image AT ALL he sounds so {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
: {{champion:114}} disapproves
you're actually right , i rememver getting oneshot with a fiora while i was "tanky" and that fiora was actually 6/12 or smth in those numbers
: the change increases her early game safety in exchange for a lower late game, which will make her more consistent instead of being useless early and godlike late (even though I found her late wasn’t even that scary, she never really did much... there’s plenty of champions who I found where scarier late in general). So still gets her dynamic but less extreme... it’s not the most elegant of changes but it will go a long way in making her a worth while champion to pick
dunno i think she will still be a niche pick, which is too sad, i was so hyped on the rework because kayle was my first mid lane champion back in the day when her Q used to one shot using {{item:3128}}
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Lari (EUNE)
: You climb faster with kata? Why is she 2 times in the list {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
> [{quoted}](name=Lari,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=BQw4NKKA,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2019-03-11T20:09:04.316+0000) > > You climb faster with kata? Why is she 2 times in the list {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} didn't intend to xd
Chawsiku (EUNE)
the whole champion needs some love :'(
Lari (EUNE)
: How can i climb?
{{champion:122}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:222}} , what i mean is get to know indepth the champions that do not rely that much on teammates , and get to know their weakness and strength and how to play them , you can just put challenger or rank one next to the championname on youtube and you'll find the best one in it and do what he does
: for the love of god riot..
you know, camile is meant to be the best duelist early mid game ..
: New Morgana
they did the same to aatrox dude, idk who is the looser behind these voicelines but he should be fired
Elybia (EUW)
: Ghostbride Morgana
every single morgana face she does on recall is confusing me , like her voice and her face expressions leave me in deep thouhgts every time
: Disgusting.
i laughed so hard at this even though idk what the thread is about
: You can wish death to your teamate if you are girl (RuRito strikes agian)
idk why people take it to heart when a moron over some keyboard wishs them death , i don't understand the impact of an it , can you tell more about it ?
: I believe that's called addiction. If i were you i would stay away from that game while i still can, lmao
yeah , you have no idea what this game did to me but for some reason i don't care
: How do you get triggered by that? I take 1 or 2 towers from top, get a lead, group up with my team and help to push other lanes. Isn't that pretty good strategy?
don't feel offended by my comments , what i meant , you can always setup for 4 mans bot since you got a tower or two specially if you run tp and have a mobile champio, you don't have to group up and stay mid, they will do the same and the game just stalls out , you can go on a sneaky 4 man bot or 5 , and push bottowers , and reset for baron at that point , most teams overstay their welcome and dey after a good play and push ; you need to be one telling your team to back off
: Impossible to carry games as a toplaner
you don't just take one or two towers of top lane and call it a day and group up.... i'm actaully triggred by what you said , true toplane is the most irrelevant lane in the game but you can do so much , you can check challenger toplaners on youtube , it's not like they got to challenger by cheer luck
: Being reported for trying your best...
what you're dealing with frind is what every single league player that has a nice personally is dealing with ; /mute all is the first thing you do when game starts , focus on your own death and how did your action leads to it ( i belive 90% of deaths are because of the player decision) also you can report people for toxic behaviour , and know that false reports won't do you any harm as it needs to be 9 reports followed by human check
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: that's the ideea why you would allow us to ban twice same hero , there are about 130 or 140 heroes in league of legends , so we should ban just 1 time some heroes ,at least so we no ban 2 picks same ,or sometimes even 3... It's just my thought but i don't think it's that hard to be implented in an efficent way so no one waste there ban vote.
it would take a stupid amount of time to just get in the game, and there is the fact that people can tell what you're playing just form your banns , now imagine the last pick dodging ..
Shamose (EUW)
: https://www.probuilds.net/champions/details/Neeko It's the thing for neeko right now. Maybe we'll see it in the LEC in an hour.
and it's stupid strong , i know something is strong when it kills a tryndamere or kayle so fast they can't react xD
smolboii (EUW)
: I think so aswell! If you want to uninstall I would rather suggest taking a long break bcs this game is still good in my opinion! Maybe start something that chills you out like yoga or something xd
dunno about it being fun tho , i don't have fun even if i win , honestly idk why i'm playing
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: Isn't it kinda Ironic for Kayle to...
True that you can't get all kayle content every game but that's normal friend , as darius main i don't get to enjoy free ultis every single game, i gotta manage my cooldowns and play around them , i don't get to ulti people for 0 mana and get my ulti back always , also it's ture that not all games get more than 17 minutes , but it shouldn't be a problem for kayl e mains , because the 11 spike is the most important one , unless you have aether wing kayle and you wanna flex on people ( tho the skin isn't that good thnx rito for disappointing me ) you defently want to end games asap {{champion:10}} is strong but late game is a nightmare for most people in the game because it will be a matter of who gets caught first , unlike early and mid game . all you need is {{item:3115}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3124}} to be a seriosu threat and that's really good for kayle , it's true she is weak af early but that startes to change after level 7-8 ( or so i feel every damn game) kayle is so strong late that i feel nothing killing honestly , but that balances out the fact that she feels like a cannon minion in all honesty i don't like the new kayle that much because i was overhyped and disappointed , she is strong af but not that enjoyable cuz you'll be stressed about getting to level 16 all the game and then the game ends instantly like you said but at least she feels better than the old kayle
Kian987 (EUW)
: Shen (8th attempt in 3 years)
riot ruined the game listening to autistic people like this guy lol
: New Kayle is awesome
idk man , in ranked, plat and above i can say with confidence you're rolling a dice, whether you're playing her , with her or against her , if you're playing her , you gotta hope your jungler is a human being , if you're playing with her , you gotta hope that the player won't tilt because he is 1/6 , and just pray to the gods that he gets to level 16 asap, if you're against her , and you're smashing hard , you gotta hope that your team won't take it for granted and start messing around , fun fact that's exactly what heppened last two ranked games i did , and i lost both of them , even though i left my enemy kayle 0/5 , 2 levels down , and went on to take literlally every single turret , yet still lost, i was overhyped for kayle rework but it just feels dead , and don't get me started about the low effort they put into the legendary skin, riot kayle outclassed it they could have done much better than just rushing the whole thing ,
Ahries (EUW)
: Hey Riot - Rant section
You do know you don't have to read the forums if it's not making you happy right.
: Just the typical guy who wants to say a few words about the game before quitting it for good.
honestly kayle feels like a goddamn cannon minion for the first 10 levels, than it's a champion at level 11 , this game is no longer fun i agree with you man , probably it's in your best interest to just take a breake
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