: > [{quoted}](name=GrîmoireWeiss,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=fqxK91Iw,comment-id=0000000100000000,timestamp=2018-07-21T23:24:05.096+0000) > > This is not toxic this is a reply to your comment. Why write at all if you gonna just write "deal with it"... Deal with it :^) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Don't have to deal with anything... My guess you like to increase your comment number maybe gets you off or something.
Blakex13x (EUW)
: ***
I recommend you to leave league. I think I will do same soon. It's the games fault you start flaming. I played many games in my life time and didn't have to be angry or frustrated. Here you just try to give your best and game after game someone feeds, someone flames and someone just trolls. And I play ranked only at plat level. This game is not worth the effort people put into it.
Zoe RuIe34 (EUNE)
: Jezz no need to be toxic. Icons are meant for new players. When u create a new account u get to choose which champ to unlock Ahri/Darius/Lux/yi/mf When u choose one of them u get champ permanent and icon with it. Also you can buy them. If u want. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
This is not toxic this is a reply to your comment. Why write at all if you gonna just write "deal with it"...
TheCrazyBoy (EUNE)
: they not even announce the launch of them , sort by BE the icons dosn't even sort them about BE price ,it keeps sort by rp ,maybe they should fix this bug
You have better places to spend your BE or RP. Don't waste them on some icon it's not worth as much as you think.
Zoe RuIe34 (EUNE)
: Deal with it :^) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Says the person with lvl143 :] If you have nothing useful to say that would help or explain things to him then stop stealing oxygen and actually do something helpful.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Well, because you flamed too. Flaming is quite simply against the rules. You agreed on following them, but you didn't. So what if other people flame you? Nothing's gonna happen if you ignore that. Be the bigger man, and don't feel the need to defend your ego everytime someone throws something at you. You should take some responsibility, you are solely responsible for your actions. --- If you want us to have a look at your chatlogs and point out where you crossed the line, feel free to post your chatlogs here.
His topic is what you can call broken but if we talk honestly some feedback would be nice. A day ago in aram i was told to %%%, bastard and so on... No feedback if he was banned.
sparpo (EUW)
: Why does it feel like other players just want to ruin your fun?
> [{quoted}](name=sparpo,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=F6cOKPUa,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-07-18T22:41:16.689+0000) > > Recently it feels like other people i play play with would rather actively ruin some else's enjoyment instead of actually having fun themselves. Idk, maybe its just me. It has been like this for years. Some games are over at 10min but no they need to clear every lane and chase every kill on the map because they just want to stomp you and make you angry. Others like to comment some nonsense all the time. Some others always spam emotes...
: Pirates weren't "good people" but being an opportunistic murderous criminal doesn't make someone edgy. The jolly pirate character makes complete sense with a twisted moral compass that such people often have.
What we need is Captain Jack Sparrow and some Rum.
Boulhya36 (EUW)
: The champion is not even on live servers and people are already crying{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Why wouldn't they? You don't have to be genius to see that champion is a bit too powerful. I took a long break when Zoe came out. All I saw was imaqtpie video when he played her on pbe. He wasn't fed or anything just regular gameplay and I already see how strong she is and not fun to play against. And she was released pretty much in same state. New Aatrox wasn't op but he didn't need such quick buffs as people are still looking for solid ground with builds and runes. The result is he becomes too strong and now will receive early game nerfs... They are quick to buffs things but not to nerf them. Majority of reworks or new champions are just too strong. And some decent tweaks can easily be made by people who actually do balancing but they don't even play this game or have decent rank.
Smerk (EUW)
: Riot already returned 3 such skins in the past: CS Riven, then Pax Sivir and then URF Warwick, so I don't think this is even a question or guess. They will do more. And did people complain? Few did, they always do, but majority weren't against such move, cause they had no chance to get those skins in the first place. So should Riot care about few or about many? I think answer is obvious. Also this part is interesting as well > Originally yes but you realize how many of them were sold for much more. That's true, but such selling was never allowed in the first place, so why would Riot care about some rule breakers? Legitimate owners aren't losing anything, because they didn't pay much or anything at all and they will also get updated skin for free. Win-win situation
By saying many bought those skins I mean that there will be upset people and when you kick the nest many more can come out than you think there are. Then if they really wanted to bring those skins back they would have brought them back together with other skins. I am not saying this is unlikely to happen but not likely to happen as well. And in the end who knows maybe they will listen to owners of those skins with riot you never know.
Smerk (EUW)
: Most those "rare" skins costed literally nothing or very little to their rightful owners. They were either given for free or costed as much as any other skin. E.g. I have original CS Riven, it costed me a whopping 975 RP. And who would really riot? There are few thousands such players at most, probably much less if you count only active accounts, that is less than 0,01% of total playerbase and I'm sure those remaining 99,9% wouldn't object a decision to remake and sell again older skins. Also rarity just for the sake of it doesn't make any sense either way, so there are no real stopping factors for Riot.
Originally yes but you realize how many of them were sold for much more. As riot clearly said they would be never coming back so people bought them. We already have this topic because the guy wants to "feel special"... Imagine how many would crawl out when you would kick the nest. I honestly don't care if it will be available or not but they would have done this long ago if they cared.
Smerk (EUW)
: All currently limited skins will be rereleased at some point as they did with CS Riven and PAX Sivir, I'm sure.
When they will actually do that than start spamming similar threads to that. Until then there is nothing to talk about or speculate. I don't think they will even do that with skins like that as they cost huge amount of $. If they do that people will come here and start rioting about "But mah rere skinz!".
Blakex13x (EUW)
: Some advice please
To get to gold there is the usual steps. Ward your lane. Ward objectives when you can. Watch the map because you can see on which side people are. Pick a champ that is efficient for you. Think when you do something. That's it. Nothing to really recommend when there is plenty of guides or videos to tell you the same thing. To get to gold isn't hard. Just think when you do something. Play smart and you will win unless there are horrible team mates.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: I'm so done with people not realising that you can only use the border with the skin. But if my main lulu got a skin with a border, i would try to get the border because i play her so much. The borders add a nice touch to the loading screen cards but they aren't like ''MUST HAVE''
If for example you say that you play lulu like maybe 50% of time. Then yes buy that border at least you will get some value out of it but for the rest it's nothing. Garen is my most played champ and even I don't feel like there is any point in that border... Since they added hextech crafting there isn't really any "collectors value" to stuff. You buy stuff if you really really want it but otherwise it's worthless.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: The God king darius and garen borders only work with the specific skins {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
hahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Thank "god" I didn't buy it. I was like should I buy it or the orbs. In the end I chose those orbs as the border is well nothing. It won't even offer "wow look at that guys border" factor. People even said it would be special and rare. No one will see it honestly or care about it even if they do. No point in waiting 2-5 years for it to get "collectors value". And now when you tell me it's only visible on specific champs I don't see why anyone would buy it.
: why cant i honor the enemy?
Honor trading just what we needed.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: >We can mute chat if someone is flaming or making fun of you, which is toxic and tilting. We can mute emotes if it's being spammed, which obviously means they are trying to tilt you. But if we can't "mute" champion taunt spams (enemy or allied), then muting the chat and emotes is pretty pointless, if you're trying to block something that's toxic and trying to tilt you... you did say its tilting and spamming emotes and stuff is toxic because ppl like you make it that way, they are spamming it because you get tilted by it, if everyone (i mean EVERY SINGLE PLAYER) would ignore it then it wouldnt be toxic since it does not cause any reaction from ppl, this is why ppl always says dont feed the trolls on the internet, spamming emotes works because ppl like you get so tilted that they have to make topics like this, thus giving attention to them => feeding the troll dont feed the trolls and they wont spam emotes/taunts because those then wont give them attention
People will continue doing same thing trash talking or emoting even if you don't say anything. Maybe people don't get tilted by it easily or at all and emotes were created for fun but most use it to annoy others. To let players block those things would be great and not rocket science to do.
Eveninn (EUW)
: You may call me stupid for that: but I don't recognize whether you are sarcastic or not, as I feel like it works both ways. Then again, having recently started to GM for a DnD group I'm trying to come up with non-combat encounters, and it's really hard to get ideas for those due to how everywhere I look to ~~steal from~~ be inspired by seems action or combat oriented. <.<
Yeah, let's take Dayz for example. Played it a little many years ago but watched a lot of videos as it's fun to watch. Killing anyone you see is easy but the real gems lie in non combat encounters. Videos become much more interesting when players find peaceful solutions or make unexpected friends or allies. Which leads to some more fun adventures. Things like these are harder to do but lead to greater rewards.
Garen Main (EUNE)
: Well, Darius indeed offers freedom but at a price. Only if you fight for him. The moment you decide you don't want to fight anymore you are done. Chopped in half like a piece of meat clobbered by a cleaver.
Neither picks are really good but garen is above darius for sure on this one. People pick Darius because he has a wolf. He has that meme dance. And people like to be dark, evil, boring and edgy. When I like to deliver some old good https://ci.memecdn.com/5134422.jpg For the same reason every champ that had some sort of comedic side to him gets reworked into emo. Like our capn {{champion:41}}
Rioter Comments
: > Now everyone deals insane damage, heals and shields for days Lethality meta : July 2017 Ardent meta : September 2017 We definitely never had damage dealers, or shields before 8.11, riot fix pls ! This game is just drying :(
I can't remember or mention everything. But yeah ardent at that time was one of those problems that took months of fixing. What I mean that with the rune system there is even more of that... When I pick something tanky and build it tanky I just don't feel like I can soak anything. Like yeah the game will lose players after so many years but it doesn't go down so much just because some time passed. I played since like s3-4 and when I get back I still enjoy playing something as much as then. It's just now there is a machine gun loaded with remove, change or rework bullets. For years everyone used masteries but nope remove it.
Rioter Comments
radetari (EUNE)
: while that is a very good suggestion my friends dont play everything i play i actually play everything they play there is a difference because they still see fortnite as good game while i have long forgotten it dota is too hard for me i wanted to learn how to jungle as bloodseeker there too damn hard i also have no idea on what items i should build or what to buy in general i remember when i was younger i would have insanely high scores by playing ad razor for gods sake and now i have some experience and still have no idea if anything im worse i played smite not my type too boring
I understand it's a trendy game. I myself still haven't even tried yet as just seeing battle royal every where makes me sick. Still there is a lot out there. Resident evil 5-6 are coop. Few days ago Vampyr came out which is vampire rpg looked good. Lots to choose there if you want single or coop like games. From multiplayer I would say Rust, CSGO, Rainbowsix siege. Look up For Honor. There is promotion right now you can pick up the game for free. Just be fast it's limited time.
radetari (EUNE)
: and pay for online services?
Unless "playing on the go" is so important to you it's not worth anyway and like you said online services. There is nothing keeping them away to think of more ways to make you cash out a bit. If you already played most of recent games then maybe look back on older ones. Maybe you still haven't played fallout or elder scrolls games. You can add some mods for immersion or certain functions. You can try Pillars of Eternity which I ignored for years as it looked like I wouldn't like it but when I played it I changed my mind. Get a friend and play borderlands series, you can pirate coop that easily. If you want similar stuff then there are games like smite or dota 2. There is a lot to play out there just need to look around a little. If you have some controllers as they work better and are easier to set up than keyboards you can play over internet or invite some friends to play fighting games. Add some snacks and you may have a great time.
kriegnes (EUW)
: i am saying people hate change because its true. it doesnt has to mean that the changes riot made are good of course. but people complain way too much. also i dont get the hate on the new rune system. why would someone want the old rune system back?? runes were garbage. you had to buy them and everything you had to buy extra rune pages n stuff that costed so much IP. and then you had to make them before you get into the lobby. you cant personalise them to make a strategy or counter the enemy or make them perfectly match your character. now you can adjust everything. you can pick the champ thats perfect with your team and against the enemys and make your runes the way you actually need them for this game. and you cant seriously tell me that its that hard to remember which rune does what. you had to do the same thing with masteries back then. maybe they were a bit easier to remember because it was more basic boring stuff.
If too many decisions they make are bad how people will not complain? If people didn't like change they would have left long time ago. The problem is all those changes are made in big packages, delivered too often and without asking people if they want it or not. With so many years of running this game how are they making such fun ruining mistakes. New elemental dragons were more important than baron. AP galio when his Q dealt insane amount, support items, new rift herald, stacking black cleavers and etc. Mistakes are normal but for example I am not some pro master lcs players. Even after not playing LoL for months watching someone play zoe on youtube I saw that she is too strong yet she got released the way she was. Some more months pass and I get back into the game and only then see the nerfs... Don't remove her but at least hot fix a small amount of numbers to make her a little bearable for people while riot decides. I don't want runes back btw I want masteries back. Add few extra trees and tweak old ones and it would have been good. Now it's paragraphs of text with many numbers, seconds, percents with this and that. For example some old player comes back he would naturally get back faster into the game with reworked masteries as he already was somewhat familiar with it before rework and changes would be simple to understand. Masteries were already similar to runes just without insane amount of text and numbers.
kriegnes (EUW)
: yeah like with every game. people are always like "back in the old days the games were much better". its not the game thats the problem. its the players that hate change.
You want to say people hate change and not because riot actually does changes just to change something? Change is ok, it's normal and often good thing. Sadly that isn't the case with the game. For example aram change so that you can pick rerolled champions was great. Reworking masteries and runes into a system that has so much text you can write an essay was not good. I could set up a page on champion screen in 10 seconds and now there is so much text I need to memorize what is what. A lot of icons aren't really unique for me to tell the difference unless I read it. I don't care about dominion but there were people that played and there were that played it exclusively. They could just leave and tweak it here and there but no remove it... In the patch notes you always see huge amount of text on changes. Like does it really need to be so much of changes every patch? Would love to have old mastery trees back just with added few extra trees.
: free skin?
So scam mixed with real promotion skins.
: Got Banned for Litteraly The MOST DUMBEST THING
You don't get banned for one game. You wrote something you shouldn't = you got banned.
: I am not here to argue with you or try to change your perspective on things. I'm glad to hear that you've been through development with games as well, good for you! I still stand that Riot has to dare to release a character like Zoe. She's not just "goofy" with her personality and style but also very childish and her kit is way out there! For such a "caring" community such as League's I'd say she's sparked up some heat already. I'll take you as an example.
I don't care if she is among the playable champions. I just think it's nonsense champion that doesn't fit this game. She sparked 0 heat as she is goofy and that's whole her theme. Like once again "dared"? There is plenty of whacky characters and this one is made to be "whacky try hard". Taric lore was great. Bilgewater was good and even If I don't play Bard his introduction was great. He is even balanced. And Zoe? Carbon copy of whacky character that tries too hard. And you come here praising like it's best thing ever and that topic that raises heat :D Go back to making sandwiches...
: > The game has plenty of everything so stop acting like this is first thing to brake the ice :] "Thank you Riot for daring to create such marvelous characters with interesting flair both in design and gameplay." - Me That does count in several other interesting champions. Just happy that their art/champion-team is doing some great work :)
Since they started making reworks they art and design team always did great work... You can find a champion any style or personality. Every new champ people behave like this one is something else than rest. Yeah that champ is unique but there are plenty of similar stuff to choose from. Give something goofy and flashy suddenly it's something no one has ever seen or heard. Like it's such child like behavior.
: My explanation is crap? That went bad real fast haha. I don't know about you buddy but I only took a guess from what I understand from working with games for a couple of years. You can take it or leave it, but keep it civil :) Artistic choices are visual one's by the way and they roam in the technical aspects as well when you're animating. You wouldn't like to have a move that you can do while you're in momentum that doesn't project to you, your team or the enemies what's happening right?
And you do what? Create few textures? Unless you point out games and exactly what kind of work you done it won't matter. I could say I made games too! While is was studying IT I made plenty of games... Bard is goofy but he is interesting as well while new champ is just goofy and that is supposed to be the only thing about her. If after all new champs and reworks this one made you to come back then seriously you don't understand much about games. They didn't have to dare or anything. They just made a goofy character and that is it's whole theme.
: Zoe: The Aspect of Twilight is...
Disney character with most likely broken kit = well done riot... The thing is character doesn't fit. Goofy characters are fine but this one is too much. It doesn't matter how many non serious characters you release because competitive games will be always serious. We get some serious characters and then we get {{champion:427}} , {{champion:432}} , {{champion:3}}. You make it sound like they don't make any fun or goofy champs with game modes. The game has plenty of everything so stop acting like this is first thing to brake the ice :]
Sefi (EUNE)
: How many days has the patch been live? And you're still expecting a hotfix? I personaly dont think this was a mistake, just some good oldfascion trolling by the devs.
I didn't expect anything. I just didn't play when patch hit and few days later they fixed it. So now I just came to finish climbing to gold before season end. The thing is after such bad mistakes I already expect rune system be problematic at Galio level :]
: Mistakes happen, they do really well on almost all of their balance changes, sometimes little things slip through un noticed
I can't really call an atrocious over buff a small mistake. Like seriously no one noticed 150ap Galio two shoting with Q? The only thing I can say they do well is on reworks. Taric for example is strong but has clear weakness. Q needs charges to heal you can't just spam. E and R have clear delays with visual and audio warnings. Champs like he don't feel unfair. This seasons {{item:3504}} completely destroyed pro stage and made supports into ardent censor. You can forget what support you pick he will be called ardent anyway. I am sure first few years where fun with release {{champion:24}} or {{champion:5}} but with such smart people working and so many years of experience now getting such mistakes doesn't give much hope for future.
Rioter Comments
Werdx (EUNE)
: After Swain re-work
Ofcourse not :D By their logic it would be down to these excuses: A) You got value from it by using for some time B) You knew he would get reworked So many years passed and no feature to test skins or just have 3d model viewer. Instead you have to go to some website that did their job for them. Imagine if we could get one refund per year. Which wouldn't impact their sales and players could at least refund something as clearly 3 refunds aren't enough.
: Thank god they gave sh-tty chromas to flex and 3v3. I don't like those shitty queues and don't want play those any time sooner.
Yeah had to play flex to get the ward. And thank god best chroma is for soloq. Even if I am silver 1 on flex and it would be easy to get gold still don't want to play anymore than I have to :D
Rismosch (EUW)
: What I have learned is, that people take critizism on their idols super seriously and personal, even though it is not directed to them. I made a stupid comment, that I was upset about Misfits because they were actually able to beat SKT, but it got downvoted into oblivion because fans took it personal and they though I was attacking them. People care about famous people more than about themselfes smh
These days people that are "fans" would sniff their idols arm pit hair... For example I like a band. What will I do if I am a fan? Buy a cd or a shirt if cool. Maybe recommend it to other people. That were it should start and end. Instead people get obsessed with it. For years I have seen lcs and never cheered for particular team. If these people are famous and are where they are then clearly they don't need white knights defending them as they don't care and don't need that.
: In game view of skins in client
One day maybe. After so many years they just now realized that people need a tab to see all their skins. And even that will come who knows when... Until then you can see 3d models up close in web browser here http://www.lolking.net/models?champion=4&skin=7
Hopy (EUW)
: Aatrox as a Frontliner
Don't play Aatrox. Snowballing or not he is terrible. The only thing you notice him doing something is with Q R combo after that it's just piece of meat with long stick that slaps everyone. Go dmg = squishy as paper and still doesn't deal much. Buy thornmail or something similar and bye bye Aatrox.
Eltson (EUW)
: I'm out boiiiiiiiis (forever dudeeeeee)
So many "easy" that you would think he is trying to compensate for something...
Doomley (EUW)
: it's because literally everyone is going to play him there if he is not banned and it's annoying.
Yeah zed players often ult 1v4 or 1v2 adc with support. It's like Lee Sin syndrome. If you hit that Q might as well press it. Maybe they are trying to do something flashy but it ends with a whole stage crashing.
: Do you enjoy the current meta?
Not really, not saying tanks need buffs but... When you are a fed poppy with {{item:3047}} {{item:3075}} {{item:3068}} and tank masteries but {{champion:96}} with {{item:3153}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3085}} that has help from {{champion:117}} with {{item:3504}} just hits you for 10% of your hp with one hit. Take few more and you are at half hp while he is super hard to kill with all shields and heals. That pretty much can be applied to most adc's. Like give me some counter play jeez. They do pretty much every possible type of dmg. And if you are support without {{item:3504}} against those that have this than it's lost. You have no room to decide things. All you do is rush ardent like a good support...
: I personally am saving all the BE and IP I get. Currently at 2.1k BE and 12k IP. But this guy asked for champ mastery, so answered that. Im very curious what will be in the store after the first round, so im definetily saving all my resources.
I think they said from the start what it will contain so I don't think anything will change. So the only thing we won't know it's what kind of mini icons available.
: Current BE will get multiplied aswell as everything you buy with BE. You pay 600 BE for mastery level 6 now. And after the update that 600 BE will be 3900 BE, and that will also be the cost of mastery level 6 after the update. So wont matter if you upgrade champion mastery now or after the update, that is what he wanted to know.
https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2017/09/upcoming-changes-to-leveling-ip-rewards/ But they said everything in store will cost the same... So why not wait until full BE conversion and see if someone wants something from the store or buy champs for example. If they really will offer that TF icon posted under me then I am buying it for sure. And like I said mastery doesn't give anything... Who knows maybe you will get a champion shard and you can unlock mastery like that. So do it if there is nothing to spend on.
: If im correct it goes up by the same amount as IP to blue essence is calculated, which is 6.5x. The amount it costs wont increase or decrease in price. It will cost exactly the same, so it doesn't matter wether you upgrade now or after the currensy change.
Current BE will get multiplied by 6.5x. So why use it now? The more you have it the larger sum it will be at the end. You gain nothing from masteries so unless you don't have to spend on anything it's best to collect it as much as you can.
: Which skin should i buy?
Which ever you like more? Plague doctor theme with a coffin on the back or Bane from Batman. You can look them up here in detail: http://www.lolking.net/models?champion=27&skin=8
Jarwan (EUW)
: You don't see the Galaxy annie recall with the giant mecha head as a gurren lagann reference? Or the colour scheme?
While there are similarities between those two things it doesn't mean it's exactly that. The only one having clear reference is Rumble. With his character and pose in splash art. Everything else could have been inspired by eureka 7, zoids, code geas and so on. If you attach a drill to it doesn't mean it's that one anime... Some colors schemes or mecha designs are very common in a lot of animes.
Jarwan (EUW)
: Super Galaxy Tengen Toppa Gurren LagAnnie :D
It's a skin line that is inspired by mecha genre in general... Only one that could have inspiration from that specific anime is Rumble.
: oh im waiting for that i thought it might come before earlier than halloween that why i ask
If things won't change it should be the same as before. All skins of this theme become available again. At the same time they make bundles. Bundles naturaly get discounts while separate skins full price but who knows maybe this year they will change it up. This is few years old post but same bundles every year: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/store/sales/haunted-hoard-harrowing-sale They sometimes change dates so no one can say exactly when but as a pointer it should be around this time ( October 24 to November 4).
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