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: Well by only picking out three champs that each ADC is good with as other people already pointed out you missed out champions entirely like Sona despite sona being one of the best supports right now and definitely deserving a place alongside a lot of ADCs. You also missed out some fairly iconic duos like Varus, Leona or Vayne, Nami.
It is true I forgot some iconic duo's. I tried to do as much research as I could on the iconic duo's guess I still missed them. However I do not like Sona as a support that much, I think Nami is sort of the same as sona but better (my opinion).
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: Think you kinda backed yourself into a corner by only listing three champs for each ADC.
Care to explain what you mean by that?
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: Horrible Framedrops
I have frame drops as well in general but there is 1 thing which is bothering me even more. When i try to record with OBS I do not get frame drops per se when I look at the fps icon however it does feel like I am dropping way below 60. Does anyone have the same issue. my pc is pretty high end so it can't be the hardware. Also before the big update I did not have any issues.
ImSweeney (EUW)
: too many smurfs lately
because what riot does is place these guys in very high mmr which makes smurfing a drag for the most time, since smurfing is not bannable they should implement a fair system. if the players proves to be diamond and play in gold just give them large lp gains instead of queuing them up with high plats or diamonds, that way theyll get to their own elo fast so it will minimize impact on lower elo games ( i think) . or negate that idea since i might cause other problems and look for another alternative like, queuing only high winrate ppl with each other who are obv smurfing. i think that way it gets a bit more fair. secondly: riot should not perma ban as easy for some reasons like toxicity in chat. instead give out chat restricts. that way ppl dont have to smurf every coming month. talking through experience somewhat.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kaluchii,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=kyeZQMG5,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2019-09-19T10:45:04.029+0000) > > riots 10 year anniversary is coming up, I think they're going to reveal something great. let's bet patient. I hope its more skins. We need more skins. All games get better with more skins.
Forte (EUNE)
: This is gold, pure gold.
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: Riot Promised Us More Game Modes But They Have Not Delivered!
riots 10 year anniversary is coming up, I think they're going to reveal something great. let's bet patient.
: ***
that's bs lol and in most cases it's 1 or 2 teammates that are toxic just mute those. I even implemented a way to remove my chat completely while still being able to talk ( invinsible) . can't say it works. tilt is still there just no chat.
: oh yes the "tilt guide" where the test doesent work even work ... to tilt you -.- what a great tool to combat the problems we are facing right ? lets just throw some pictures and few random words together ... guess we are supposed to deal with this problem on our own ? :) or perhaps they cant offer any real solutions since all their members are "skin artists" and they forgot to hire any coders, programmers to take care of the game and stuff ...
haha exactly my thoughts
: What is wrong with ranked?
I would like to add something as well. Smurfs are a real thing in this game and especially in the lower elo's will you find tons of them which statistically is logical. However they even make it harder for smurfs to grind. For example a gold 4 smurf is being queued with Low Diamond players, which seems odd to me. If you are gold and you're smurfing you should either be placed with a gold team vs gold enemies or plat vs plat etc etc. Why would they give the smurf a harder time. It ruins the game for everyone. The smurfs team are now up against higher elo player which they are most likely to lose. The diamond ones will get less LP for a win which is less fun as well against worse opponents. Why don't they just implement a fair system. I am not saying that I know the answer or anything but some things are just odd to me. And don't even get me started about the promotion games ...
: * Sivir yuumi > ezreal yuumi. * Taric sona is still quite good. * Kalista thresh is a famous one. When they get ganked, thresh throws a lantern and kalista ults thresh to safety. Kalista then takes the lantern. * Caitlyn/jhin and morgana Theres a few im missing
I Agree kalista thresh is a good one, however what is your opinion on this. Would you rather have kalista thresh or kalista ali, in general ( blind picking ) .
Quınn (EUW)
: i can't anymore
( I basically just wrote this on another board as well) That's what happens when riot perma banns people for toxic chat. Also people have the feeling of being stuck in league, when that happens, and i talk thru experience, you start a smurf to enjoy the game again by feeling some sort of accomplishement on the cost of other players. No hate this is just the reason why there are 100000 smurfs
Cienight (EUW)
: Don't you people enjoy having smurfs in the enemy team nearly every single game? *irony*
That's what happens when riot perma banns people for toxic chat. Also people have the feeling of being stuck in league, when that happens, and i talk thru experience, you start a smurf to enjoy the game again by feeling some sort of accomplishement on the cost of other players. No hate this is just the reason why there are 100000 smurfs
Furret92 (EUW)
: Caitlyn and Morgana
People be getting afk warnings with that comp ha
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Shamose (EUW)
: What we've seen this year it isn't weird to say that EU is on top. I'll just say this: EU KR CH. Below that it's anyone's game.
Good this helps my ego :D
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Xerofir (EUW)
: Ah yes, once again Riot's logic: worker: "Top inted hard" Riot Ban Dep: "did he flame?" Worker: "no... but-" Riot Ban Dep: "did he get flamed?" Worker: "well maybe a li-" Riot BD: "ban the flamers, so they taste the horrors and traumas they have inflicted on that poor top who totally was trying to win the game"
Seeko94 (EUNE)
: it is normal . D3 and above once you start climbing above D3 then you will start gaining 13 LP . This is a type of grind for LP . Riot don't want any person to reach Master and above . They just want to limit it as possible and keep it as a dream for everyone . The system is garbage in my opinion . This is why i never bothered Climbing above D4 for like 7 seasons . But now this season i'm trying to hit the master . Trust me the system is a coin flip . Sometimes you get some good team mates with good win rate and it's an easy melt game and sometimes you get boosted ebay accounts and this is a no joke . A real boosted players in diamond ! Then you stuck 4 wins and 4 defeaths etc . The only way to break that is with a good duo .
I must say I completely agree. The moment I reached d3/2 I was getting +12 -17 and I had a 55% + winrate. In D4 i had 60% and got a fair +17 -16. The worst thing is placements games. You try so hard to reach 100lp just to lose twice in a row because of RNG ( at times ). which really tilts and leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I started playing less when I noticed the system being (broken?). and just smurf on all servers to get to diamond...
Shamose (EUW)
: Riots Punishment system is godlike. (Feat. TF Blade.)
Let me explain how this works. Riot keeps chat logs and has a certain dictionary with certain words. If you say any of those words you are most likely to get banned. However, you can troll and int as much as you want ( which is 10x worse then flaming since you can just mute toxic kids) but since riot can't find a decent system to truly see of that person trolled or not they just dont punish those people. Broken system
XVastayaX (EUNE)
: "im not even flaming you" 0.30 sec later "you are Fu##ing trash" I think he felt annoyed bcs you were friendly and stuff and he was searching for drama and stuff and that"If you were a girl you would propably wanna date me" was just hilarious.{{sticker:sg-kiko}}
Haha glad to hear you found it funny! I was skeptical about uploading this but reading some comments here and there makes me feel at ease :)
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Vialpando (EUNE)
: Don't like it one bit.
which part is it that you dont like?
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Mitsuk3 (EUW)
: I mean, spam Q ?
Mitsuk3 (EUW)
: You don't even need to make this guide. Make montages or something else because the meta rn is just better champion wins. Being Vayne = win. Just do something better.
better champs don't win. mindset wins because this meta ppl just ff way too early. it has nothing to do with champions. especially not in the bottom lane. however this is solely my opinion
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Zaκ (EUW)
: TFT feedback
I am making a video on this matter. and will upload it on yt and post it here as well, since it's still the beta i am sure riot can appreciate it and might even use it. Be sure to notify me if you have any more ideas/suggestions!
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: simple: You dont pick EZ. People buy tear and start afk farming with Q instead of poke. This champs should be locked behind dia+
haha well You don't always get last pick sometimes you have to pick before the enemy shows their hand. But it is true, preferably don'tpick ez into draven. ;)
jfbd1419 (EUW)
: A better video would be how to play adc against pike. Ive hated him since his release cause of the pressure he can generate just buy being on the rift. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
Good idea I will do that one even thoughi still struggle against that %%%%tard of a champ ! =D
Kaluchii (EUW)
: How To Lane against Draven As Ezreal !
Keep in mind that this Draven plays his role far from perfect. But then again, none of us are challenger so nobody plays perfect for that sake.
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