GrisEric (EUW)
: Ranked solo/duo
Aye and make sure you ignore the people who say "nah it's all your fault" as while you being good will increase the odds of winning as at least 1 person is good, they ignore that averages don't work in such a simple way as 50:50 being you alternately win and lose 1, you could win 10 in a row then lose 5 then win 2 then lose another 5 and bam you're near the average, but sadly you still have a bit streak of losing which especially with how the MMR system works screws up your MMR gains. I mean you can try and play more champions that can solo carry as well, but sadly there are just times you can't win due to your team having to many trolls. Oh ye and then theres the other luck element match ups.... unless you are D1+ people don't know match ups so it's luck if you get one that works, and even D1+ you won't always be able to stop being counter picked so it ends up being luck if your opponent knows a champion that counters the one you chose. So ye luck all round!
: Can Riot please just come forward and confirm this
Aye it does seem like they've done something to promos... I mean of course a moderator will come in and say "No I'm sure it's just pressure or confirmation bias of the illuminati" but everytime I get into promos I've noticed the same thing, you lose the first lot badly then the next ones things improve and you can actually win.
: Why do I always get unlucky as jungle?
Honestly most important information is no every champion can jungle... there are some off meta picks that really good junglers can kind of make-work but generally you need to have good clear speed or self healing to jungle, that said some champions are better at it so you just kind of need to accept that you'll be running sometimes. I play Hecarim for example and while I don't get super unhealthy in the jungle I also know people like Udyr and Xin I 100% cannot fight so just need to give up the farm when they appear and just counter it by heading to their jungle on the opposite side to try and even it out. that's the only real thing you can do sometimes, if your getting invaded a lot ward your jungle so you know when and where then invade theirs on the opposite side so they won't have time to stop you unless they stop taking yours.
PoLiteUs (EUW)
: Season 9 Might Be Worse then Season 8? Might This Be The End?
I mean yes theres issues they need to sort, but at least there are regular patches and notes on whats coming and it seems they at least listen to the conerns of people, yes you could say they don't always make the right choice based on that feedback and sometimes seem to favour interesting to watch champs around split time of year but considering how many games don't do that LoL isn't in that bad a place.
: Matchmaking during my placements is... questionable
I'm not sure if matchmaking is just broken or if Riot thinks to get into gold you should beat gold people throughout your time in silver but I noticed this as well, now I'm in G4 on my main account I get mainly high gold people with the odd platinum... so ye it keeps going, I imagine when I hit plat I'll end up against diamond players.
Kamille W (EUW)
: Dear Riot, match me with my MMR not my win-rate
The problem is that is seems to prioritise MMR over elo or it just has a limit of MMR for each team so if you take up most of it the rest of your team is awful. Climbing my way through gold on my main account and at G4 finding myself up against P4 people, so either that person should be demoted to the bottom of gold OR I should be in the bottom of platinum, but that won't happen, so either I'll be left grinding against people in platinum to reach platinum or that guy will end up staying in an elo he doesn't belong for ages.
PoLiteUs (EUW)
: What are you trying to achieve by nerfing Jungle? Please can someone from Riot answer this?
They just don't know what they want to do with the role, they tried to nerf jungle exp to make them have less impact and it ended up making early constant ganking junglers the new meta as you can't stay in the jungle and farm now. In general if they want junglers to have less impact the only solution would be to lock everybody into a lane and junglers into the jungle until like 20mins in as otherwise the jungler will always be able to impact a lane, that said they never look at it from the other side that lanes affect junglers to much as if my lanes have no priority then I just lose all my jungle and can't gank so get completely destroyed. Why don't we hear about how laners affect junglers to much in all honesty? make it so laners can't enter the jungle without a 50% reduction in stats.
: Jungle is already the most op role in the game. It really doesn't need buffs.
er... care to explain? currently it's the role that despite being solo will generally always end up even or behind the duo laners unless the laners REALLY never ward up so you can gank them over and over at which point you'll manage to keep up with a solo laners. The new meta is ganking bot lane over and over as mid and top will always be ahead of you at all times so it's to easy to just get easily killed by them leaving every gank on mid or top a 1 for 1 unless you gank when they are stupidly over extended on low health.
: Keep it very basic in low elo and don't strategize
Until you hit D1 honestly the best tactic seems to be to pick somebdy like Yas so you can 1v9, other than that below D1 has no tactics as nobody ever uses them or knows how anything works. The amount of times as a jungler I think "aha I have lane priority I can invade / fight them for this scuttle" only to find their laner somehow circling around into the fight while mine uses it as a distraction to farm even if I pinged them... Basically assume people don't realise they have a mini-map until at LEAST low diamond, and that they won't have a clue what a tactic is until mid, then finally over D1 you can assume they know what the tactics are and how to use them
PoLiteUs (EUW)
: It's Depressing How Much Effect Lane Priority has on the Jungler. Nerf Lane Prio.
Sadly until you hit D1+ you can't expect laners to have a clue what they are doing or ever help you out which is super annoying especially on champions like Kayn who need to gank a lot in order to get their form soon as possible. The best bet is assume they will NEVER help you not even in a gank so don't gank unless you can solo kill the enemy as even in silver-gold I've seen to many times where my laner seems to think "aha my jungler has come! what a great distraction so I can farm". And ye never expect help from a laner whos opponent has left lane and has full hp on the other side of the bush to the river... as far as they are concerned the river is in another game so they won't notice anything happening in it even if you ping to holy hell and back.
LonelyOwl (EUW)
: Did climbing out of low elo get harder or something
Aye it is utter crap right now sadly, most games tend to be a stomp 1 way or the other it's rare to find a hard-fought game these days. Might be because it's still near start of season so we still have people who haven't climbed to their proper rank yet as climbing this account to gold I've seen some ridiculous plays being made like a Zed who just jumps all over the show near instantly to the point that you can't even keep track of him, which would suggest either they've just ruined the balance with the first few patches so it's a game of "who has the most Op champions wins" or theres way higher rank people climbing their smurfs to the proper rank still.
: Where is gutted Irelia?
Well she was insanely powerful to begin with so they nerfed her a bit, then a patch later they buffed her making her super powerful again.
: SoloQ god where, in silver ? Yas is a meme champ, with very easy to execute counterplay to him. You have to put in 3 times the effort to perform well on yasuo in high elo, compared to other champs that are currently meta.
If anything the opposite is true as lower elos can't use him properly while in high elo they can dash in for trade then out easily and made the best use of the windwall to force ranged people in close or just force a disengage
Buchak (EUW)
: Why the nerve on XP Jungle?
I think the idea was to make early ganking junglers the meta as they felt junglers weren't having enough impact (sarcasm). But yeah they basically made it so you either farm all the time and never gank as you can't afford the wasted time or you gank all the time so people chose gank all the time as otherwise you aren't helping and if the other jungle does gank you'll lose before you get strong enough to help.
Kravixman (EUNE)
: Question to people about Yasuo (YOLOsuo)
They are nerfing him this patch as they forgot to take away the buffs he got when they nerfed crit builds that said he'll still be the solo queue god until they stop him having such insane mobility the ability to force the enemy carry to come in close / everybody to run away and teleporting with his ultimate
: I still don't understand why divisions exist if players are matched with their completely hidden mmr... Put bronze 2 players against bronze 2 players, silver 3 vs silver 3, plat 1 vs plat 1. Simple as that.
Now that I agree with as I am tired of getting a winning streak then ending up against people a few divisions above me so the MMR thinks I should be a higher elo but I need to beat people from a few ranks higher for my rank to get there. If it thinks you should play against people 2 or more divisions above you it should skip you a division or 2 but that rarely happens unless you get on a mega winning streak meaning most likely you're a smurf
: Why do Yasuo players often have extreme scores?
Aye basiclally to sum it up he's an OP god of death you can't stop at 3 items regardless of skill level (and good early on in right hands as well so no weak stage of the game) but people who don't know how to play him think they can just go all in at every stage so feed that much thst the game doesn't for long enough for them to get the 3 items needed for easy 1v5ing
: If Nasus was made yesterday
Come now where's his mobility? His q should be a dash to who he's hitting as well to be more in line with current new champions and wither needs to end on a stun.
8Belthazor8 (EUNE)
: Yasuo is so weak now. Here is what you need to do Rito.
In all fairness I think they designed yasuo as a champion for smurfs to show how quickly they can climb ranks to show that there's no luck in climbing. Think about it without champions like yasuo they'd need to rely on their team to win instead of easy 1v9ing at which point it'd take them a good while to get up in ranks, and nobody wants to rely on their team to win I mean what is this a team based game? Hah
Lester the (EUNE)
: You can buy more pages, 6300 BE each.
To a maximum sadly so you still need to remake a lot.
: I don't agree with you, he have many weaknesses : * His mobility relies on minions and is very restricted without them or in the jungle * His wind wall have a huge cooldown and can be easily baited. * He can't use his ultimate without knock ups so he need to stack his Q on minions or rely on his allies. Must of the time, he doesn't have the time nor the leisure to stack 2 Qs in teamfights * In lane, you can see when his storm is ready. And it have a cooldown before being able to be used. So you can just get away from minions. You have plenty of time for that. Saying that his E+Q (dash+Storm) is undodgable would be wrong. If you got the indicator, and had the time to take some distance but you still decided to stick to minions or stay near him, then it's his right to land it easily. * He is also melee so needs to get close to people * He is easily gankable since he can't dash on his own minions, so he either flash or die. So he can be abused by the enemy jungler As a general conclusion to all the posts about yasuo (not just this one) : Yes, he is frustrating to play against, but saying that he is cancer or broken would be very wrong.
1. There are minions around a lot of the time is the problem and honestly, if it was only minions it'd be ok but it's all enemies so he can do it in the jungle and during TF giving him plenty of mobility at all times. 2. The CD is pretty big but it still lets him negate skill shots and general AA attacks letting him close the distance even better and setting him up fantastically for a trade. 3. Theres quite a few knock ups that work with it and it seems to only be newer Yasuo players who struggle to a Q charged when they need it. 4. Yes you can see it but it's not that hard to charge up again if he can't use it and it's still a great zoning tool as you can't risk getting close to him when it's up, and thats assuming he doesn't dash at you then use it up close to guarantee it hits. 5. Would be a problem if he couldn't dash around like crazy very easily, the only way to not be easily reached is to stay well back from your minions, and at that range you're basically sitting under tower giving him a free lane so he can easily reach you which takes away a weakness a melee champion should have. 6...... really? as a jungler I find him very hard to gank as his knockup can stop you in your tracks and he can just dash right through you to escape then put up a windwall behind him incase of chasing stun skillshots. He's not the best at escaping by any length but he's certainly not bad at it.
Takumaron (EUNE)
: That's pretty much my experience. If you want to win games you can just go premade bot and play MF and Zyra and it's free elo. Sadly i like to play more interesting stuff which makes me win less games.
Same I play Hecarim so I really need my lanes to not die horribly over and over as if theres nobody to gank and I lose all priority in the jungle I fall massively behind and can't do anything as Hecarim is an iffy viable champion at the best of times, when behind he's a free meal which then just ends up tilting you more as you end up looking worse. That's why I'm getting my main to gold with Hecarim as while he relies heavily on his team to do well I know him well enough to gank enough to help them win the lane which can tilt you towards win more often than not, that said if they don't use the lead I give them or die so often I can't even for them well theres no amount of farming I can do to carry it by myself. Thus my other account I'm practising Kha'Zix, maybe throw a Yi in there for better solo carry potential at lower elos.
Takumaron (EUNE)
: Why LoL isn't as much fun as it used to be
Well I didn't play much in the past but ye that is all true honestly, every single game I've had this season it's been decided in around 5-10mins as lanes will either hard win or hard lose there is no middle ground, then it just depends how many of yours hard lost/won and which had the bigger snowball getting fed, if you have a mid Yas whos fed 5 kills in under 10 minutes the game is basically already lost and you may as well surrender at 10 if it was possible.
DutchPro (EUW)
: Ranked system right now
yep it's just a cluster F right now, every game I've had has been either a complete stomp win or loss there isn't any middle ground and it's making the game REALLY unfun to play. 2 wins into gold promos and BAM suddenly people who must be from iron and just happen to have been placed higher because the system is broken as they do nothing but die and wander about the map like headless chickens. I'm honestly tempted to give league a couple months break until the fix it or people end up where they should be as it's just the worst that I end up playing against people who are mid to high gold while trying to get into G4 and end up losing constantly because every lane just hard loses right from the off then starts screaming at each other. Silver 1 right now honestly feels more like Iron 4 with the quality of people
: that was never the point. I was replying to the op, and I replied to you as far as it was relevant to that. Luck will always be a factor, no one wins 100 percent of their games, that's common sense. Also your promos are not relevant to the discussion or of interest to me.
It's relevent to the discussion on luck as an example of it, get a 7 win streak and oddly enough you tend to get a big loss streak right after it, same if you get a big win streak.. but I guess that's more the match making trying to force you into that 50% win rate it wants
: statistically, that means the enemy has 5 coinflips while your team has 4. therefore, if you are not a loss at those flips, you should win more often then lose. Also, remember that different play stiles influence this. A support idiot becomes more effective based on the adcs playstyle, so tactics are involved. The ability to plan around idiots is a skill as well. In any of these ways, ranked is not a coinflip, since it's not a 50-50. You have influence on your chance of winning. QED
it's still a coin flip, for example was in promos to gold.. 2 wins then a loss (top just lost hard and their top carried the game) then 2 games of no possible way to win, every single lane hard lost all match when they should have been winning based on the match up in the last, and 2nd it was like herding cats people running all over dying solo so there was nothing I could do. Yes eventually I'll get gold and probably higher but the luck element means I'm now stuck doing promos AGAIN and hoping next time I don't happen to get the idiots 3 times out of 5, and you know what theres nothing more frustrating than having games where you can't do anything to stop it, the first 2 games I carried the early game for us, bot and mid were winning the first and the 2nd every lane was winning as I was ganking them, then they just threw it away, final game every lane was dead so often all I could do was pick-up kills after they'd died if I was lucky enough for them to put the enemy low enough which often they didn't. So yes luck is a factor, it won't stop you ever climbing but it will make it take longer than it should
: yeah, but both teams have those idiots, so it's pretty much equal again unless you have really bad luck and get 4 of them. Still, using teamwork instead of trying to do everything yourself raises your winrate
thats the "luck" element though, lets say it 50% chance somebody is an idiot, even if you are definitely not (and everybody has bad games anyway so you could be them 1 game) that doesn't mean out of 10 games in a row you'll definitely get 5 with idiots on your team and 5 with idiots on their team, you could get them all 1 way or another, then you throw in multiple idiots in 1 game and which person it is (a carry idiot for example is worse than a support unless it's so bad it drags the carry down) and you end up with luck making up a big portion.
: I do not play much ranked, but transferring some info from other things, i would like to argue that your point does not recognice some important effects. Namely, it does not regard the possibility that there is something between "solo carry" and having the better team. I would argue that a good player can rally the team around them, turning neutral players (those who neither actively win you the game, nor feed) into assets. The solo carry mindset suffers from self fulfilling prophecies. If you treat your team like idiots and capitalise all resources on yourself, your teammates will be useless. therefore, solo carries prevent others from helping them
Problem is they rarely listen and often flame you for trying that, my last game I kept telling my team to not be greedy and to group. Result? Every inhib tower we took was followed by a full wipe as they then tried to push further into the base and people started constant 2v5 fights, our Sej by the end decided her best option was to walk around the jungle... not split push just walk around an empty jungle.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Solo carrying and climbing is totally possible... BUT,
Yep sadly true, and it's made worse by the matchmaking deciding that if you are playing at a higher level it'll put you in games with higher level people so I'm trying to get into gold and most of my games now have all levels of gold in them, so the MMR thinks I should be in gold, but I have to beat all the colours of the gold rainbow to break into it making it harder than just playing against other silver people. And aye you do rely on your team way to much except on certain champions, just had a lovely game that should have been an easy win but at the end our Sejuani decided she wanted to run to the other side of the map for no reason (literally nothing at all down there she just ran down for ages before coming back) leaving us 4v5 in a fight we could have won.. and she did that all of the late-game so we had to play well enough to 4v5 the enemy team as she was never with us
Thrego (EUW)
: Why am I worth shutdown gold while I'm the only one keeping my team up that already fell FAR behind.
hmmm that is a good point though they have said I think they are going to look at it as aye currently it does kind of punish people either who are trying to pull of a come-back or the only person on your team doing well. Hopefully, they'll change it so if you are behind you build up less of a bounty thus making it easier to come back and not punishing the 1 good player a team has.
: Darius Q heal remove
Could be better if they increased the inner area range as it seems really easy to get clipped by the outer bit for full damage and a heal.
R4ndom F1nn (EUNE)
: Why are some champions much weaker than other similar champions?
Pretty much thats the problem with 150 champions and why theres a "meta", besides some fitting better into the play-style that works best at the time some just end up being worse versions of others are their core so while they aren't "bad" or "unplayable" you'd get better results of almost the same thing with another champion.
: Why did you nurf Brand?
I know right! and why can't Hecarim do insane burst without needing to build any damage items, he'd be so much better if I could go full tank with Kha'zixs damage like how brand can go full support and still have insane damage
Smerk (EUW)
: Well, this dude isn't that wrong actually. By removing farm as a requirement for high score you won't remove the problem, you will just shift it to other place. People will still try to get that S by any means, so by removing farm you'll make some other stat the most valuable one and then you'll have to remove it to prevent abuse and then another one and another, until there's no more stats left. You can't really fix this problem, because it lies not within the system, but outside of it. And you can't fix people's minds
How about jungle monsters count against the ranking of a laner?
: Why are People dodging to play Support? It's a fun lane!
Mainly because it's the ultimate role that requires your carry and team in general to be doing well. Think of it like this... you can be a master support but if you're helping a chicken fight a lion then that chicken still ain't going to win...
: whatt the fricklin doodly doo rito
As doom said pretty much, the basis stats show less kill participation in general and less deaths to the tune of about 1500 gold for the enemy team, they also made about 3k more gold so likely more objective play like dragons, turrets and rift herald, not to mention warding which if you don't do any of will drastically lower your score. And ye it compares you to other people playing that champion and that's kinda what jax normally does, he scales to become almost immortal very quickly so if you get even a slight advantage he snowballs into a monster, Viegar meanwhile has to hit skill-shots (especially his stun prison) to get that many kills so it's less likely people will get that high.
: Farm should be removed from the S rank requirements
Sadly as far as most laners are concerned the jungler is there purely as a scape goat for when they lose their lane nothing else, if we didn't exist they'd have to admit they just did horribly and lost on their own, when we exist either we didn't gank enough or they got ganked to often. If only Riot would add some kind of vision item to the game, a ward of sorts if you will, that could be used in a specific spot like a bush to see if laners are about to be ganked. Perhaps a mini-map as well so you could see where the enemy jungler is. But nah non of those exist... jungle life.. it sucks at times
: Nasus Buff is too Overpowered
Jup they either need to reduce it to say 8 stacks or just reduce it back to 6 and give him some other buffs as right now he's the same as he was before but the time limit on beating him is shorter than it was.
Tenjiin (EUW)
: AFK getting out of control
Jup sadly a new season not only has the ranks all messed up (heard of challengers ending up in bronze and silvers ending up in diamond for some reason), then on top of that people who haven't play recently will be coming back for the start of the season to see if they want to play again which means they should be a lower rank as they haven't played in a while but it'll take a while for them to sink down. So aye it'll settle down in a few weeks when everybody is back to the general rank they should be in, at that point normal climbing and falling and begin again.
Patience (EUW)
: My first experience of ranked in 5 years
Sadly Iron 4 is just a grind to get out of as that'll happen a lot combined with people doing THE stupidest things ever, people seem to not know builds are online at that rank and do things like trying to play Alistair carry as they have no idea what any champion does. The only hope you have is playing a champion like Yi or Yasuo who can solo carry by feeding off idiots early, playing carry is probably not the best idea honestly as you rely on your support not being insane, and as you're in iron 4 you can almost guarantee your support is insane.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kalviras,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=sAvha2kh,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-02-01T21:03:51.174+0000) > > The problem is that still makes it either a very powerful attack move or a VERY powerful zoning tool as if you do it in a team fight you basically force the entire enemy team to move away while you can just keep on attacking them, and if they get caught by part of it they'll lose a ton of health. It's a strong zoning tool, yes, but it also means expending her most reliable damage source. That's a pretty big tradeoff to get someone to disengage from you.
Forcing people to run away from a large area while being attacks the whole time is a fantastic way of using it, especially if it's as easy to run away from as people say anyway as you'll never hit anybody with it anyway. You know and this is all ignoring CC locking you in place while it goes off, amumu ult with this would probably be an instant win in most team fights unless you keep your team very split up, and even slows would probably let you do enough damage to make it terrifying with the damage done by the R and the damage done by your allies while they run away
Shamose (EUW)
: It'd be unbalanced if tentacles could move. But nothing is stopping you from walking away.
The problem is that still makes it either a very powerful attack move or a VERY powerful zoning tool as if you do it in a team fight you basically force the entire enemy team to move away while you can just keep on attacking them, and if they get caught by part of it they'll lose a ton of health.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: But what if I don't want to prioritize Critical Strike Chance? Since Stormrazor is the only item that replaced Infinity Edge, why don't I just go with Bloodthirster that gives me sustain and has the highest amount of AD in one item?
Possibly when the crit changes come through it'll happen as stormrazor will be turned into more of a 3rd or 4th item as it buffs energised attacks. It's also not AS handy I imagine when you have less AD and AS early on as you won't get the most out of it unless on a specific champion
: Everyone who says EZ in every game should get 3 days Chat Restriction
You just need to think of it like this, the people who say that are normally on a huge loss streak and venting that they finally ended it. That or they have so little going on in their life that winning a game of LoL is the pinnacle of their day. So if you think about it you should tell them "don't worry bud life gets better" so they know that they aren't alone.
: I came to the conclusion matchmaking tries to balance teams according to the same average elo so imagine the following. You play a game of Total War. Game has 2000 points for each army. With 80% winrate you're like an elite unit worth 1200 points so you can only buy cannon fodder 200 point units to fill in your army while the enemy has a more balanced unit composition, each worth 400. So the game expects you to do everything and be the team's faker.
Pretty much this, and as they've cut the ability for people to solo carry now you actually just end up being the 1 person who does well but you still lose because the rest of your team isn't up to snuff. Without being told how it works by Riot we can only assume this to be true as to many people have stories of a 10 loss streak instantly followed by a 10 win streak as if the game decides it needs to balance things out.
Hansiman (EUW)
: Matchmaking attempts to match you with people that correspond to your current skill. If you're sitting at a 70% win-rate, it means it's matching you up with people that are ranked lower than you. Having a roughly 50% win-rate means you're where you belong. If you want to climb again, improve.
In short it wants a 50% win rate, I can't understand better opponents in a new rank bracket but it's kind of annoying when you just get the cream of the crop of a lower tier which then keeps you from advancing. It should just be people within your rank so the best can climb out instead to play people of their skill level. Also I can never help but feel that it ends up punishing you for having a higher MMR by matching the teams MMR as a whole so if you have a high MMR it balanced it out against a team of people with an average MMR by giving you some much lower MMR people.
PsychoWhite (EUNE)
: The true forgotten champion.
Ivern has 2 skins dammit and hasn't had another in like years. Nobody can complain about being abandoned expect him at this point even though a lot of champions are for the flashy picks that look good in pro play.
Seyter47 (EUW)
: What is this matchmaking?
it feels like the ranking it gives is a bit random at times, heard of pros starting in bronze and silver people starting in diamond. Sure it'll work itself out eventually but for now it's a bit off, as such most of my placements were a complete stomp 1 way or the other, with more people dying constantly in laning phase while screaming "ITS EVERYBODY ELSES FAULT WHY AREN'T YOU ALL COMING TO MY LANE TO HELP!" than ever before.
Rioter Comments
: And what we have now is not Lee Sin or Kayn or Camille etc walking all over the place trying to farm kills? I havent seen a farm oriented / tank jungler since forever.
And you aren't going to see one after 9.2 as the farming will be to low to make a farming jungle viable anymore, a full tank one might just about work as you don't need to be that fed to be useful but an early game ganker like Lee Sinn or Camille will have much more impact on the game with these changes. I honestly don't get it they say lvl 2 gankers are an issue when nerfing farming to encourage people to play early game gankers.
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