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: And what we have now is not Lee Sin or Kayn or Camille etc walking all over the place trying to farm kills? I havent seen a farm oriented / tank jungler since forever.
And you aren't going to see one after 9.2 as the farming will be to low to make a farming jungle viable anymore, a full tank one might just about work as you don't need to be that fed to be useful but an early game ganker like Lee Sinn or Camille will have much more impact on the game with these changes. I honestly don't get it they say lvl 2 gankers are an issue when nerfing farming to encourage people to play early game gankers.
: The whole jungle is getting a nerf. Hopefully karth won't be as much of a threat, if he's the same lvl as the support - or maybe even down one.
Currently junglers tend to be the same level as the bot lane anyway unless they get a load of ganks in early, so every jungle except the lvl 2 gankers will be behind bot lane which is probably going to help kill him along with all junglers that can't gank level 2. Honestly though looking at his win rate it's pretty high across most lanes as while Jungle is another role he can work well in freeing up lanes to have other things even in lane his ult dictates how the other team can play in the ways described. It's basically just WAY to powerful for how low the CD can easily become with presence of mind, and how much extra damage it gets from dark harvest. Just think of all the games you got poked down to around half to 1/4 hp, then consider if there was a Karthus at that point you'd need to instantly recall or risk not only instantly dying thus feeding him to do even more damage next time, but leaving your lane open to be pushed, and on top of that the other positions all get chunked down quite a bit meaning their opponents can use it as a chance to poke them out of lane. It's just to much control for to little effort for 1 champion to have, no single champion should entirely dictate how every single person can play
: Junglers always put themselves in favourable 1v2 or 3v2 scenarios. If they have the same exp and items as a normal laner that gives them so much agency. Jungle shouldnt be able to keep up with xp while ganking and camping lanes non-stop. Farming jungle or ganking should be a tradeoff. Leaving your jungle to gank and being unsuccesful should put you behind in exp versus a jungler who didnt gank but kept farming but in case you get the kill you should be rewarded. Atm junglers are non-stop ganking without noticeable xp loss
If you gank a lane and fail you do end up behind unless you take CS from the lane which then puts the laner a bit bheind, even then I'm currently finding I tend to be the same level as the bot laners so I'm not ganking mid and top as much as it's just not a sure thing anymore and especially early on being a level or 2 behind means the gank can easily just turn into me getting killed and feeding them kills. All this is going to do is make farming not viable so we'll see more and more ganking as it'll be the only way to stay relevant and have an impact on the game and definitely an increase in the play rate of level 2 gankers. So I hope you're looking forward to having a Lee Sinn or Camille crashing your lane at level 2 every game cos that's what the next patch is going to bring us.
BarbsFury (EUW)
: WHAT THE HELL is going on with jungle exp? (am i the only one who's games have a similar structure e
They are doing it in entirely the wrong way is the problem, the issue is not with junglers or the junglers level it's 2 things. 1. Level 2 gank champions who can rush right into a lane at the start to give an advantage 2. Laners who have no awareness and place no wards. Neither of these things will be fixed by nerfing jungle exp again, all it's going to do is force people to play the high ganking champions, especially the level 2 gankers as you need that early lead in exp and gold which if anything will make the problem worse. Off meta picks will likely become less playable and any farming champion that needs to reach a certain level to become useful like Shyvana will become near useless and probably stop being played in the jungle. They've even said that junglers aren't an issue in pro play, and do you know why? they have map awareness and ward up properly so junglers are almost guaranteed a kill everytime they show in a lane, sadly in solo Q people tend to think "oh I have no clue where the enemy jungler is and I have no wards... let's push right up to the enemy tower!". Well they think the last part of it anyway... they don't tend to even consider the enemy jungler until they die to a gank at which point they either scream "omg jungle OP" or "better jungler wins" while proceeding to push under tower with no wards and whining everytime that they died doing it. The only way they can fix this is 1. Nerf the early gankers abiilty to gank at level 2 2. When people die to a jungler put a giant flashing message on the screen "YOU NEED MAP AWARENESS AND WARDS! STOP PUSHING WHEN YOU DON'T SEE THE ENEMY JUNGLER ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MAP OR YOURS IS NEARBY TO HELP". Those 2 things would help it, but instead we'll need to put up with nothing but Xin'Zhao Lee Sinn and Camille every game as ganking constantly with early gankers becomes the only option left for junglers, that or playing a tank that needs no farm so the junglers job is reduced to "never gank, just farm up till it's team fight time then be the team punching bag while everybody else has fun". Fun times ahead for junglers... and I feel so sorry for people who play farming junglers as they are definitely not going to be viable either in the next patch or later ones if they keep up this ridiculous way of fixing the issue.
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: Junglers, why is it not a good idea to gank scaling champions?
If they are under your tower you are probably horribly losing the lane and the first rule of jungling is NEVER gank a losing lane as you'll just end up feeding them more kills, that goes doubly so for scaling champions as they scale based on levels and items which they have more of if they are winning the lane easily so ganking it means you'll just help them scale more.
: That is precisely how it works already.
Aye the issue is smurfs lose games on purpose to keep their MMR low so they can stomp people for fun on their smurf account, combined with solo Q being more about luck as people play what they want not what the team comp needs and you can get people going afk or trolling and you have a recipe for lower elo being not that much about skill. Don't get me wrong it doesn't help to focus on that and you can still slowly climb if you play well, but you sadly need to accept you'll lose a lot of games you could never have won
: What I fail to understand here is why that is such a problem? What's the problem even? I mean - I don't play the game like: Oh boy, with the next feature I'll love this game but up until now I hate it, yet still play it Position Ranks are really nothing I absolutely want and need in my life. It'll be a failure anyway. If we are lucky, they drop it before it even reaches EUW.
If it goes as it should it'll help solve a lot of problems with auto-fill as no longer will you have somebody who's say P2 on their main role and more of bronze on support as they play it 1 in every 100 games. and why would it be an issue to have it on the EU as well? At this point its more that the devs always post more on the NA forums and NA seems to get everything first which after YEARS of that makes the other regions feel like they are a minor afterthought for Riot and they wouldn't care too much if we stopped playing as long as they kept their precious precious NA.
: While kicking someone in the bun is usually an unrefusable offer, I'll have to direct you towards the [SUPPORT]( . You will have to send them a drawing, or some kind of an own creation, while asking for the small amount of RP. They will help you out :) Good luck ! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
hmmm in the post or via twitter... if only the chat on the forum has the option to draw things I could draw a beautiful sunflower Kha'Zix... which now I want as a skin...
Shamose (EUW)
: You have a source on that change? It'd be kinda weird to change the whole gimmick on the item.
It's in the dev corner theres a thread on changes to Crit items, can also look for Phy on youtube he does a video on all the changes they are thinking of doing (a ton of them really). They are planning on making it instead add damage to your first attack equal to 30% of AD. It might not happen in the end as some suggested changes don't but it's definitely on their "possible" list and would make a lot of fun crit builds not viable and even some other just general builds, Hecarim for example is pretty good with a Stormrazor as 3rd or 4th item as it makes your E super powerful. That said the 30% AD could potentially end up being more for some people... it just won't be a crit.
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Elígoss (EUW)
: testing, just ignore
I thought you were testing how many up-votes you can get... sorry :(
evanisaiah (EUNE)
: Is stormrazor shen good?
the real question is will it be good when stormrazor no longer gives an auto crit on your first attack as they are planning on doing with it in the next patch or 2
: Lissandra passive.
Aye it is kinda of awful... it's rare to even see it do any damage in a team fight later on, in lane it's 100% useless except if you pull off a god play during a gank. They could honestly do with either changing it again or altering how it works such as perhaps having it perhaps behave the same against champions but if theres no enemy champion around it becomes a statue for 20s or something that gives a mana regen boost or AP boost, you know something so that it'd actually be useful.
: I've played plenty of him, I quite enjoy it from time to time, but he doesn't fir my playstyle so I generally don't play it, if you OTP him you wouldn't want him reworked at all because that would mean a completely new kit and playstyle However since you are I can only assume you are a Pepega that needs carried by the champion itself and a rework would mean inflated numbers for more sales
You must have not played him in a while in you think Hecarim carries people... he's been described by Riot in patch notes as in a bad place and is rarely played at higher elo as he just doesn't bring as much to the table as other junglers in any respect, he's not awful he's just definitely not a carry champion. I just feel that his current playstyle of "charrrrrge!!... and now what?" is a bit dull and could do with updating a bit, they wouldn't even need to entirely change how he works just give him something other than a charge to his name in the tool box.
SenseiSai (EUW)
: Did any one else get Yasuo as both their most killed and most killed by?
Aye I got most killed and killing Yasuo, he's just insanely powerful in the right hands but also utter crap in the worst making for this weird split.
: if you dont like him play something else rather than asking for a rework, there are plenty of people who enjoyed a lot of champs before they were 'reworked' aka removed from the game
that would mean more if you played Hecarim, I on the other hand have been OTPing him for about a year. I like Hecarims general play-style and the champions design and lore, however as he stands he's a OTP within an OTP as all he offers is his E and his kit is generally very out-dated.
Kalviras (EUW)
: Can we get a rework for Hecarim?
See this is how boring his current form is, theres not even enough people who care about him to comment yes or no.
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JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: How are 10-15 win/lose streaks even possible?
I'm not even 100% sure at times, the intention from Riot is everybody is at about 50% win rate as they think that's balanced, however you'd think that would work out with if you win a lot you end up against higher level opponents, however when playing ranked that wouldn't make sense as it would mean you have hidden ranks within ranks instead of just ranking you up based on playing above your elo. As such it ends up seeming more like if you are doing particularly well it'll match you with people on a big losing streak to make sure you lose and if you aren't doing well it matches you AGAINST people on a big losing streak so they are sure to tilt and give up. Honestly I don't know how it works but theres something odd, I could understand if sometimes you got a big loss streak as solo queue is a lot about luck, especially at lower elos, but it always seems to be that you'll get them 1 after another. Remember a while back I had about an 11 loss streak, followed instantly by an 11 win streak.. that just seems to fishy to be a coincidence
: Blitzcrank---theme says big tanky robot with crazy high-tech weapons in his body. In practice, a walking Q.
No blitzcrank is a support robot designed to help people in zaun who got sentience so his grab is to help perform tasks and get people from harm.
Stunˆˆ (EUW)
: [Suggestion] Give wards revealed by oracle lens a standard silhouette
I wouldn't say pay to win but aye good idea still
: I don't really see the utility issue (silas has one stun and one slow, that's not exactly overkill), but the mobility creep is getting to a point where it's serious. But at this point I suppose they think it's easier to just provide all the new champs and the old ones they rework with mobility rather than taking it out of all the new kits.
A stun and slow is more than some champions have, especially on normal skills, Hecarim for example only has hard CC on his ult so it's a long CD, Sylas ult of letting him steal ults gives him even more as he can steal whichever ult is needed at the time. But aye the mobility is the main issue, every champion has a mobility skill making it irritating to play older champions who feel very immobile, so many people can jump over walls these days with a normal skill it's becoming a real pain.
: New champions and the amount of text, overloaded kits and interactions.
They do tend to have a habit of over-loading every new champions kit, thus making the older ones seem way worse in comparison as they don't have as many tools in their kit making them less useful. Best example of this is probably old faithful Hecarim who was meant to be a mobile champion, but as every champion is given a dash of some sort now he's actually become 1 of the least mobile as his dash is on his ult (long CD) and the only other mobility he has is a MS increase with a very very long CD before end-game, that and his heal is pathetic compared to new champs heals and shields. This is why older champions keep getting reworks, it's because they can't keep up with the huge amount of utility in new champions kits.
BlueEziboy (EUNE)
: Is 90-95 Ping good on NA from EU?
I get about 30 on EUW and 130 on NA :( it's not unplayable but it definitely feels sluggish and I doubt I'll be climbing quickly on my NA account
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: Let's be hoinest, the moment you as much as fear the yi he runs away screaming. not to mention, he aint that tanky, quite easly bursted down when 5 people focus him.
Problem is if you don't have that hard CC in big enough quantities you have to run screaming, not that you can as you won't escape his super speed or Q to catch up. That's the issue really, at higher elos people know you need to have at least 2-3 stuns in your team (whether it's a fear, stun, knock up) so you can completely shut down people like Yi before they slaughter you, but in low elos team comp isn't a thing anybody considers, and when you combine that with there always being 1 lane that feeds like hell it makes Yi just godly.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kalviras,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=HjlbyEk4,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-01-07T14:31:57.634+0000) > > Try that as a jungler... you end up losing all your jungle as you have no lane priority and then you get blamed for everything as of course even if their lane wasn't ganked at all it's your fault for not ganking it enough to let them win despite doing horribly. > > Sadly until you hit D1 LoL is a gambling simulator, you pull the 1 armed bandits arm and see if you get the team with everybody doing well or the person who feeds a Yi or Yas meaning you've already lost. What makes you think D1 is better? You have trolls and idiots there too, or sometimes a D1 player just has a bad day and makes silver player mistakes. Trust me, with that mentality you will have problems in every division even if you hit challenger.
Yes but to get that high you need to have a better knowledge in general of the characters and mechanics and the higher you get the more people realise you need team-work, yes D1 and challenger are miles apart despite being "close" in elo, but it's well known below D1 is about as far away from D1 as D1 is from challenger, and everything under that is just a complete mess of doing whatever people want.
: Okay so rework him just cause you dont know how to play against him? Horrible idea.
Also noticed you aren't suggesting any ways to actually play against him besides what I've already mentioned in my first post... and as you seem to have played him quite a bit you should have some good advice on that.
: Okay so rework him just cause you dont know how to play against him? Horrible idea.
You clearly didn't read much did you, I know how to deal with him (counter jungle early, stuns, not letting him get massively fed, however in solo queue at anything below D1 those things don't tend to work as unless you pick somebody with a stun then you'll struggle to get the 2 or 3 needed and if you don't play a jungler who can easily 1v1 him early you can't really counter jungle as you'll just be the one that feeds him, as for not getting fed... well theres only so much you can do when your lanes just keep pushing under tower with no wards and dying non-stop.
: How bout you learn to play against him, or ban him, if he's that much of a freelo pick.
Sadly I need to ban Jax as he's in a similar becomes a god vein but his parry makes it very hard as a Hec main to deal with
: Soloq Problem
Try that as a jungler... you end up losing all your jungle as you have no lane priority and then you get blamed for everything as of course even if their lane wasn't ganked at all it's your fault for not ganking it enough to let them win despite doing horribly. Sadly until you hit D1 LoL is a gambling simulator, you pull the 1 armed bandits arm and see if you get the team with everybody doing well or the person who feeds a Yi or Yas meaning you've already lost.
: The problem with ADCs is a problem about team play
The major is just that it's a team game with hard counters and you get no real teamplay until D1, as such everybody wants to be the carry so you get no support for the "carry carry". Look at my last few games for example... granted I've been getting more tilted as the day goes by so getting worse but starts off with massively better than anybody else on my team, but jup a lane or 2 feeds to hell so you've lost, then that keeps happening and it ends up being whoever has the lane that feeds the champion you don't feed wins. Yi and Yasuo are the prime examples today, the carry did nothing because in all the games those 2 could just easily 1v9 anything they want whenever they want as the only way to stop them is a good team comp and proper team-work, which as I said you won't get until at least D1 so why not play a champion like that and just dominate until you hit D1? the only reason not to is that you don't enjoy that kind of champion (which sadly I don't) as such the carry doesn't get support. Better example look at my last game... our carry was god awful and fed the Yi into being an unkillable god, if we were in a meta where the carry was everything we'd have lost the second he started to do badly, the whole "carry" thing is flawed as if the entire game rests on how well 2 people are doing whats the point in everybody else? you may as well just end it after lane phase based on which carry is doing the best as they've already won the game.
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: 12 stacks nasus buff?
From what I've seen so far it's going to make him a master league jungler as you need to be a complete idiot to not get countless stacks and his slow makes him actually not bad at ganking. And honestly in iron-bronze people might be as bad as they think at CSing, but with his Q it's not that hard to last hit, especially when you've got some stacks going especially as theres more cannons as well for Top Nasus so he'll be insane. I'm interested to see if it makes him so insane even challengers pick him up to abuse for a while.
Brokenhz (EUW)
: Luck in ranked is evrything!!!
Sadly solo is always going to be like that as well as it's not only luck of the champions (if you have more counters than them) but player skill as well. MMR tries to work it out but it's far from perfect and if you end up against a champion that hard counters you then it can not even matter that you are better as you're at such a disadvantage. This is why 5v5 and higher elo is where skill matters, below around D1 people don't know enough about who counters who to change up their picks based on who they are against, and even then sadly if you don't pick your role 2nd you don't know who you are against so you have to pick the most general champion. Thats why certain champions are "better" they have less hard counters, champions that will always lose against a certain match-up are just to risky to use a lot of the time unless you know who you're against.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Overall damage in the game is out of control and making the game less and less enjoyable to play
Aye I do tend to agree, I main Hecarim and honestly the main tactic on him is to just do almost all their health in 1 charge and if you can't then it's kinda over. Sure that's only 1 example but it's kinda silly how some champions are built to just have 1 shot combo and if that fails they die as you end up feeling their is no strategy as you just pull off the optimum combo everytime and hope it kills them or puts them low enough for some AAs to finish.
: I’ve compared it in game, damage done is lower at all stages. Don’t forget that it’s been nerfed heavily, it only needed 2-3 stacks when it was released, the base damage got basically halved since then. At level 18 electricute has A base damage of 180, dark harvest has a base damage of 60... with 5 extra per soul you would need 24 souls to break even... that’s a lot and you can’t expect that outside of nexus blitz... and that’s just breaking even, you’d need a lot more to deal noticeable damage. This isn’t even taking into account that the scaling of dark harvest is also smaller by a decent amount (15% less bonus AD, 10% less AP... that’s almost half the scaling). Dark harvest is gutted and barely worth using, the only thing it has over electricute now is the resets, so unless you are looking to clean up fights then frankly the rune is useless at this point.
It's meant to be a late game option so it makes sense to do less generally, you also need to consider though that DH resets on a kill which is where the real kicker comes in, you can use it to burst 1 person down and have it up again for the next while electrocute will always have the CD making it more of a 1v1 tool and not as good in team fights.
Qunoxic (EUNE)
: My jungler never wants to gank on top
As a jungler I can say theres many things you need to consider before ganking such as.. 1. Is the lane pushed in? if so you'll need to dive and especially early on that's not going to go well so it's better to gank a lane that isn't pushed under tower unless it's under YOUR tower. 2. Are they winning the lane? if somebody has already managed to die 2 or 3 times before you get a chance to gank for them chances are the other laner is more fed so could 2v1 you, especially as your laner has proven to not be that good / is having a bad game thus it's safest to leave them and focus on a lane that can win. 3. Are you pinging good chances for a gank when your jungler is close? This one I'll admit should be more the junglers job but if you're being pushed under tower and the other laner is low on health and you notice your jungler is in the jungle on your side then ping it out, they are more likely to notice and come for a gank. 4. Connecting to the last point, the jungler needs to farm so they aren't going to wander half-way across the map for a possible gank as they'll end up behind so often end up ganking when it lines up with their clear, as such if you notice your jungler has just cleared their bot side let the lane push in so when they come to clear the top again you'll be in a good spot for them to gank for you. 5. Sadly last 1 is just that bot is the be all and end all of the game in almost every meta, if your carry gets massively ahead you tend to easily win, top and mid just aren't as important, they can be if your carry is awful in which case it's best to focus them but the default lane to gank is always bot as it's not only got 2 people in it you're helping but it's got the most carry potential and until the carry role isn't a thing that's how it's going to stay. After all why help out a top who can maybe 1v1 or 2v1 people when you can help the carry who's going to wipe out the entire team for you if you feed them enough?
íGengar (EUW)
: It’s probably the division with the greatest disparity between players. Previous seasons you got put there even if you went like 2/8 in placements, I had a friend new to game who was BAD get placed silver 4 and fed most games through lack of mechanical ability and game knowledge.
That would explain why I had a Zed yesterday who died a ton in laning then thought he should engage first for us and go in hard with his ult.
: Promo's
you have 57% win rate is obvious answer, they want you to have a 50% win rate so they need to knock it down a bit
: Thank you, it was helpful. I am not asking about constant ganks, of course, but if I get camped by the enemy jungler and I don't have any form of counter ganking the lane gets pretty hard. Sometimes I might even get tower-dived and die. At least I want my jungler to exploit the fact I'm camped to do other stuff. I would totally be fine with that.
Aye as Toad said people sometimes don't realise how much of a cluster F it is as the jungler sometimes as everybody wants a gank but you also need to make sure you go for dragon and shelly when you can all the while trying to make sure you farm enough to not get behind as if you gank all the time even if you get a kill every time you'll still end up behind in gold and levels. Then there's the path, as it might be you are a good spot to gank while your jungler is at top clearing his jungle, taking shelly or working on a good gank opportunity up there.
: Theres no need to give her CC on QWE, at most something on her ult like an impact area similar to Singed W, that slows / grounds / roots enemies, so you actually get a chance to hit them before they jump out again...
I'd actually kind of like a second jump on her ultimate at this point as AP Shyvana is the only thing that seems to work well but when you dive in you have no escape so instantly die. Though a stun would help with no instantly dying.
: Neeko
I'd say it's more like they made an AOE le blanc with survivability as well. How she got off the PBE in this state I'll never know. Ganking her is pure chance (and tough to boot as she gets a speed boost when splitting at will without low health needed) and her damage is pretty insane.
Shädäm (EUNE)
: I think if they make it to only proc with basic attacks like the old one, it would be solved. Like, its in the domination tree for a reason, its meant for assasins, maybe fighters and adc. I see the problem with the old one being that if you have enough stacks, you are guaranteed to win a 1v1 vs a squishy champ in a way that the squishy target has no chance to defend. With the new one, you at least have to bring them down to 50% before winning the trade/fight. Its too popular and strong, but making it like the old one to be proc only by aa would fix both problems
That would be fantastic honestly, it's current form is not only way to powerful but being procced off anything is ridiculous. Walk over a Teemo shroom on near 50% health when they have DH? DEAD Get shot by a heim turrent when at 50% health? DEAD And it's horrible for Annie as she gets even more burst and if the first bit doesn't do it Tibbers then procs DH to finish you even more efficiently.
: League of Legends Matchmaking
Aye Normal is completely broken sadly, it doesn't seem to have any kind of MMR attached to it or if it does then the highest rank players only rarely play it but in shifts as I always end up against at least a few Diamond players, worst I've had was a Challenger with the beta banner. This is why people try out new things in ranked, if you play in Normal chances are you'll be against semi-pros trying out a new champion which won't help you learn it or know if you can play it well at all unless your semi-pro yourself.
: Stop with the power and mobility creep.
It might not be that with every new champion, but god damn the newer champions have way more damage and mobility than older ones. Look at Hecarim.. he was supposed to be a high mobility champion and the newest champions make him look like one of the least mobile.
Shädäm (EUNE)
: Rito wtf - Episode 9: Dark Harvest
They are thinking of getting rid of the reset as well which is essential honestly now, it should be an electrocute that starts weak and scales later on so late-game champs can use it to boost their kills or early game ones can use it to get more damage late game, right now it's super powerful early game as the damage isn't that much lower than electrocute but on top of that you get a reset on a kill so you can use it multiple times in a fight. The fact that it procs of everything is also a problem honestly.. I miss when you could at least try to kill Heims turrets without them proccing 1k damage of DH on you
Ehsanelite (EUNE)
: Just played against a Victor
the problem is normal mage Viktor isn't all that good, however off-tank Viktor is a BEAST especially with shield bash giving him extra damage every 2-3 seconds.
Yraco (EUW)
: If you aren't enjoying the game right now, you should take a break and come back later. Right now we are in the first patch of preseason which means some of the biggest changes the game will receive for season 9 have just been in the past couple of weeks, this tends to be the worst time for balance since there have been massive changes and Riot are only just really seeing the effects these changes will have on the game. Preseason is a time when Riot breaks the game by adding new things then gradually fixes it over the next couple of months before the ranked season starts, hopefully improving the game as a whole in the process.
Aye like DH which is COMPLETELY broken right now, the nerf can't come soon enough, just had a lovely game with everybody on the other team but the support having it and 3 people on ours, the only reason I didn't was I heard Pred works on Gragas but until the nerf it's definitely DH that works on any champion that does damage
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