Scorpin7 (EUW)
: Same here... And the information seems to be there (if I put the mouse in the "black loading screen" some pop-up appears with info..), but is covered by the loading screen or it doesn't get to end the load, I don't know... I've already tried to repair and nothing, Riot fix this please!
I don't have a black screen just a forever loading wheel on a green generic background artwork, no pop up either, but I can confirm that something is there as I can see my pointer changing shape on some areas of the screen (bottom left). We want the stats back Riot. :| {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} [Edit :] After idling for a while on the unending load tab I actually have the pop-up thingy with the general stats of season 2020 ( %, win / loose, queue). That is the least useful part ! We need a fix !!! è_é
: Remake rules are a joke
There seem to be a lot of issues these day of people crashing during loading phase / unable to rejoin the game, and in many of those the player is marked as disconnected / reconnected on and off, when in fact they just keep crashing but the game seem to consider that they did join when they haven't and prevent remake. It's degrading the game experience for everyone involved, the one who can't reconnect and the 4 players stuck in a 4v5 for at least 15min. The issue needs to be addressed.
: Stats page won't load
Yep. It started before 10.3 though, been quite a while but the topics don't get much vote or attention and sink almost immediately after they are made. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: Sort by champion mastery doesn't work
Yep, it always reverts back after reboot no matter what since the last update. Annoying.
: I just went from +19lp to +10lp in TWO games. I won BOTH OF THEM?!?! How does this work
Won less on my 4rth game in a winning spree than in my first 2. I gave up on understanding matchmaking and LP gain. I just assume it's falling into pieces like so many features those days (masteries, chat, friend list, quest ping and so many others :( )
: Can't See people who in/Left Chat after a game.
: Stats gone
Yep, this is a thing for me too.
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: 2020 and the "No Mastery Score" bug still exists
"occasionally"... x) I just got 3 in a row... feels bad. Can't wait for Riot to come back on the Eternals topic, cash-shop achievement (no one asked for) tied to a broken mastery system, which has been for what now ? 4 months ? Half a year ? That's gonna go sooo well... *Ready the popcorn*
Xes1737 (EUW)
: Loading Point / exp / mastery
This has been a thing for month now. We need a fix.
: The bug is on > Set profile background (it affects the friends list)
CJXander (EUNE)
: Profile backgrounds are bugged?
Azhpas (EUW)
: "Mastery undefined"
This is still a thing !
Yep. EUW is having a stroke again. Game was glitchy after one last game, I could not see my friend in lobby. I left, he was still seeing me, so I could not join back. We decided to both reboot, cause that usually fixes things........ > **Plot twist... IT DID NOT ! °^°** First, total black screen. _A vast canvas of nothingness, in which the concept of its existence is a mystery, even to themselves..._ Wait... no... wrong story... Or is it ? Is this the void ? Are we the watchers ? ... > **Nope ! ** Nervermind ! It's comming back ! One by one, random part of the client started loading, Friends... Icon... Background color of the friend list... Color gradient of said background (_yes, those are separated items, I'm sure you always wanted to know, and now you do, you're welcome, my pleasure_) etc. etc. Now my UI is all loaded up. " Lucky you ! I'm so jelly ! You can play now ! " - you say. > **NOPE !** You click that Hexteck icon... or that Play icon... Nothing happens... Did a Cho'Gath silenced the Client and it forgot how to work things, like a Katarina forgets how to throw daggers when you silence her ? (_Don't tell me you never thought of the logic in that, or lack there of !_) > **Hooray ! ** It did not forgot how to Client ! ........ There's _'just'_ between 5 to 10 sec of latency between my query and the client's response. Can't send or receive invites, or play either. > **ALAS ! ** I am doomed to writing in-depth, suspenseful, stories of bugs, hopping by the time I'm done it's resolved (spoiler: it has not). If you red to that point, welp, I hope this helped you pass the time, waiting for Riot to defibrillate this poor EUW server, clearly in dire need of assistance, struggling for it's life (yet again). {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Malcolm4444 (EUNE)
: Hi Kannu, it means, you have your sets of items back? Please let me know here, thanks!
I don't. I had no save as I did not expect my client to break.
Wannes (EUW)
: Pre installing LoR seems to break the LoL client.....
Well it seems to only do so with the access denial. I try to reinstall it to confirm the step to reproduce this bug, turns out I earned access to it somewhere in between, and it's no longer breaking my League of Legends client. If someone does not have access to LoR I'd invite them to try so they can confirm this theory (but make a save of your [...]/Riot/ LeagueofLegens/Config folder first so you can restore it if it breaks)
Wannes (EUW)
: Lost my item sets and key bindings
SAME ! °^° I had no idea how or why that happened but I did also try to pre-install Legends or Runeterra (which you can't because it requires you to log on and have access before it actually install), so that might be related indeed... I only have one set left Must be a really old because I don't recognize it. Everything else, about 50 sets or so, all gone... [Edit :]I did not loose my keybindings though. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: Not just not showing, you're not receiving any exp, your mastery is not progressing, and in worst case scenarios you may miss out on tokens. It's not a client visual bug, it is indeed a tracking bug with real repercussions.
Yep ! The people are still waiting for a fix here ! Been like forever now, Riot please ! °^° {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
: they are making lux skins no time to fix it it was there since 2 patch and they are aware of this bug ( i am 99% sure ) but you know. lux skins are very important. because she is noble girl with double rainbow staff. she is very positive and polite person. also she loves her brother DEMACIAAA too much. what would you do if you were in rito shoes? making lux skins that is the symbol of holyness or fixing the game? i would chose the first one...
That's not how it works. Content creation such as skins, and fixing issues are different teams :)
: THIS is a bug, it has been around for too long, it's annoying.
Yep. This use to be a once in a while thing, which was already annoying as such, but now it has became excessively frequent since 9.19. We are in 9.20 and it is still completely broken. Dozens of threads on the issue and not a single Riot answer to at least acknowledge being aware and working on it. :/ You'd think, since Riot want to put a cash-shop feature on top of Mastery system, a bug like that would get some attention, but I guess we'll have to wait for Eternals to be actually be released and money being on the line to have an official comment on this... {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Not getting any mastery points
It's been over a week since this issue is a thing. Still no news ?! :( Since this seems to be low priority, lets all remember that Riot wants us to open our wallet to add more flare to that very same broken Rank / Mastery / Token system in future patch... That's already a big No-no for most of the community, but I'm pretty sure the few willing to pay for your Eternals (achievement tracking and mastery flare) will NOT pay for something tied to a feature that don't work ! So... where are we with that fix ? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: match history and champion mastery
Yep, this is a thing and it needs fixing, especially point 2.
: Mastery points not counting
I've been having issues with Champion Masteries too since 9.19 update. On some but not all games, when I get to the statistic screen I have the loading wheel on my portrait (where you see your rank this game and xp toward next mastery) At first I figure it's just the server having a stroke (again) so it's not loading but looking at my match history there's no ranking or xp, including game that were more than 12h ago. So I started tracking the points, to see if it's just an UI issue, I can confirm it is not : I'm not earning any points at all for those games. I'm nearing Mastery 5 so it's pretty irritating as it makes it a lot more slower to get there and the lack of ranking on those same games suggest I might not get my tokens properly after. Please fix. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Demacia missions completed but dissapeared without loot
Haven't got any of the icons yet. I have the yellow dot saying I have a new icon, but then when I check they're not here. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} [Edit : after reading Polen's post I checked and same, the icons are there if I click on my current one, but they don't show in the collection]
RareSteak (EUW)
: "Watch and Learn" MSI missions don't work
Best way to increase visibility is actually to upvote and comment ONE thread not have 3 dozen with little individual activity then sink e_ê
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: watch and learn1 mission bug
Same here. Every other quest seem to track fine (a little delayed but ok) but this one just remains a 0 despite watching MSI games... {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} (The quest is not displayed on site in the Reward tab...)
Muuaahh (EUNE)
: Do you actually get worse players in your promos?
I relate to that post for I entered promo in a winning spree. 2 wins at start so I only need to win ONE game... out of 3. Spoiler alert : for the 6th time now, I failed my promo. Amongs other thing I met - Premades which, because we refuse surrender went trolling cause : "It's already lost anyway". I know there is a punishing system in place, but when I see how common this kind of behavior is, I kinda question how lenient it is. - In 3v3 I was matched with Two Iron 1... against 3 unranked... who use to be Gold, Plat & Diamond last season... No premade either side so that's not what broke the matchmaking. And my favorite : Being match with unranked. If they loose they don't actually loose any LP so they don't care much if at all. If it's going badly, lets surrender and get on with the next game. Except you are in promo. You have a lot to loose here. Giving free LP and failling (again) your promo because the start was not so great... No thanks. Except you can be outvoted eventually. (Or they can get toxic if they don't get there way...) While I don't believe Matchmaking is impacted in any way by the promo matches in any way, I do believe there are major issues with how it currently works.
ENZ Neeko (EUW)
: Same problem, this has happened to me before the client believes that we are still in the game therefore not allowing u to see it in match history nor receive xp till this bug is fixed for now it just keeps saying that i am still in game
I'm stuck with a friend, so while I can't see my own match history, we can see each other's. The game is actually recorded, but somehow the client is still trying to reconnect us to a ghost game. :(
Lantami (EUW)
: [V9.3] - Major Bug in Client: Reconnecting to a non-existing game and not getting EXP
Same here ! {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} [Edit :] It took about 15 minutes for the client stop trying to reconnect and acknowledge the game as finished.
: Hey found this topic on google. I have this issue in my own server too (TR), in my case removing the Odyssey emote fixed it for me (Atleast for now);
Never used that emote BUT, not sure if this issue has been patch and it's just luck timing, I was using '_Blep_' (the space lizard holding an aura orb) until very recently. I replaced it (to make room for KDA Akali droping the mic <3) and since then I no longer have this issue. So the bug COULD be related to specific emotes indeed. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kannu,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=Em3hM5vh,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2018-10-26T16:45:15.192+0000) > > Hey Riot Moog1ez ! > > Do we have any news on the issue ? We are now 8.21, this is still a thing... > > {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} Hey Kannu, This one's proving tricky to track down. We've deployed additional logging around this issue in 8.21 - it'll probably take us at least a patch to get enough info to track down (Assuming this level of logging is useful), then maybe an additional patch to get a fix out. We'd love to get this fixed sooner however there's most likely some underlying tech changes required to ensure loadouts are being passed between systems in a timely enough fashion to ensure they're loaded. ARAM seems to be the most impacted by this which is pretty strange, but we're working on it!
Thanks for the quick feedback ! o/
: Hey, Thanks for highlighting this. While I'm not on the team that manages this, I will share this with them. Pretty sure that they are aware :) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Hey Riot Moog1ez ! Do we have any news on the issue ? We are now 8.21, this is still a thing... {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
Kannu (EUW)
: [8.18] Empty emote wheel in ARAM
Reminder that with patch 8.20, this is still a thing ! {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
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