: something something aram coded as a minion, not as a game mode.
: You used the wrong pictures man. "Free bugs {{champion:268}}{{champion:268}}" {{item:3070}}
Last time, nobody got the joke :(
Draqone (EUW)
: Free hugs
Free bugs {{champion:121}}{{champion:121}}
: 7 minute games IP farming. Legal?
: ** look at all intentional feeding situations & who do NOT want to be involved in this.** As i said there is no rule that is saying going as 5 and trying a new strategy is against rules. Same way picking off meta picks is not against rules.PLaying with 2 jugle is ok as long all team agree .Playing 5 jugle is ok as long all team agree. Now if enemy team got problem simply finihs the game and dont waste time. Playing 2 top is ok as long team agree ,playing 5 top is ok same way. If i play akali top with katarina . My friend thresh mid and at bot i got sona and bard. We all play without runes and with fail masteries. We lose top we lose mid and we lose bot. We get 0/2 at every lane since we cant hadle our lanes with these picks. Its against the rules? Ofc no. We just try new meta which is fail. If in theory its bannable eveyone should take 14 daies when they got bad games . You cant call it troll since the time they try a ew strategy(even if you think its troll). Now i got no idea if enemy team enjoyed a game like this since the time they where playing a game similar iwht that vs AI . Also that answer has been replaied later form lyte where he explain that its "OK" as long both teams agreed.The game will finihs at 7 min and no problem . Also keep in mind that the way a full premade team will play is their business . You can play normally and go top instead of pushing mid you dont have to agree with them/ Normally they gonna rage so you can report them If they dont whats the problem? What rule they break when they just farming at jugle or doing base races and rushing dragon while your pushing top? **None forced you to push mid. What would happen if whole enemy team got dc because their internet cafe form where they were playing got network problems ?And after 5 mins comes and say "sry our conections was bad cna you let us famr a bit to get at equal lv?** Ofc you wouldnt agree with that you would just go and tower dive him since you are 5 lv ahead since the time its their problem not yours . However you cant blame them for going onto their jugle since the time they play with their way.They want to test new things like the time you can clear camps with these picks but they cant do it at custom since the time want to face in more "realistic" senarios. SKT T1 VS OMG . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yh1aP2WnlWk *SKT T1 went 5 mid at 5 min and push that lane hard taking inh in like 10 min one game(not sure if was vs OMG or another team) ,so why enemy team cant do the same? It may fail on purpose but you cant blame them why they fail since they where at enemy team and not yours. So that that game OMG should get permabanned for trolling ? Ofc no skt t1 just made an astonished perfomace. Same i can say for a 7 min team but just ddnt went so well :( ] As i said the problem is the event not the players that trying to use it in favor of gaining more IP.Anyways imo it sucked as idea since the team people used rooms instead of friends and went in 5 preamde team which was actually same as going solo at normal game. Never got the point of this event .If riot wants to give ip can simply buff the daily bonus from 150 to 1500 for X daies.If they want to focus on playing with premaders they should work on creating non toxic rooms where players can use them to find other players (which used to work officially at past but removed cause of toxicity/spamming) . *I may not support the idea of 7 mins but it is the event . Since the time these happens only durring ip weekend and not all time its the event not the players.
>None forced you to push mid. What would happen if whole enemy team got dc because their internet cafe form where they were playing got network problems ?And after 5 mins comes and say "sry our conections was bad cna you let us famr a bit to get at equal lv? I stayed top the whole game, and didn't got involved in it. We made the game as long as we could (15 minutes). I don't get why you are saying that running twice under mid tower to give kills is "a new strategy". And sadly for you, yes, i would let the guy come back. I alway does in those case when i'm on the lane. If i'm jungle, i totaly ignore the lane until if think it's fair to gank again.
: To begin with you cant blame a team for playing a new meta. Ofc its annoying but they dont have to feed to lose a game at 7 min. You cant report enemy team for going into jugle and stiting there. As long all of the agree and they are 5 premade party. You can either start farming or hunting kills or finish it fast since its waste of time(i would do the second). I am not sure if 7 min games are the style "lets go mid die 10 times and gg".Its more like going into your jugle and then at enemy jugle as 5 and do pretty much nothing while enemy team will destroy everything. Making a fail invide at start which will end 0-5 for enemy team and write "open mid". THIS is not reported .There is no rule that is saying "playing a different style is bannable".Ofc always talking in case of 5 premaders and not 4 or less where someone is forced to agree with this . The wrong is the event . The fact that sustem allow you to gain the buff from 7 mins . If you gained ip after 20 min games wouldnt be like this. ***I DONT SUPPORT THE 7 MIN GAMES **but its the way the ip weekend is working. It would be 10 times better if a troll pick had to play 20 min instead of 7 tto get their ip buff.
They can banned for this. https://ask.fm/RiotLyte/answers/132102833858
Smerk (EUW)
: So they risk getting ban just to get some IP? Just report them, FeederBuster can easily detect and punish such obvious cases
The fact is that they aren't alway feeding, most of them just stay "AFK" in the jungle, hitting a monster from time to time to not get leaver-busted.
Neonchan (EUW)
: Your numbers seem to be totally off The formular is [[BaseIP] +([TimeIP]*Time) * [Modifier]) + [ModeBonus] For SR it's Base: 18(win)/16(loss) Time: 2.31(win)/1.405(loss) Modifier: 1 ModeBonus: 0 Then there is a time floor and cap, with 25 and 55 minutes. So you have for the 7 minutes loss example: 16 + (1.405*25) = 51.152 IP And for the 40 minutes win: 18 + (2.31*40) = 110.4 IP So the fast loss basicalle nets you half the IP but will a) get you banned and b) give 0 IP if the game end before 7 minutes
40/ 7 = 5.7 5.7 x 51 IP = **290 IP.** You still get 2.6 time more IP. It's not as worth as i suggested it, but it's still pretty worth time / IP wise. But totaly not worth fun / time wise. Thanks for the precisions too.
Neonchan (EUW)
: Intentional feeding is still bannable and it's currently punished faster than ever before. So what's you point? That the system isn't punishing players BEFORE they break any rules?
Sure, it does. That's why all of those guy doing that have 10 - 20+ games with 0/X/0 scores. I could link you those, but that would be naming & shaming, right ? But most of them aren't feeding, they just stay "AFK" in the jungle, hitting a monster from time to time to not get leaver-busted. My post was more to remember that, IT IS a bannable offense, because you are still ruining the game for 5 people. UNLESS all the 10 players ok for wasting time.
Arashì (EUW)
: Doesn't really seem worth it. When you loose the game, you get only like a tiny amount of IP right? I'd rather play a 25 minute game and get 10x's more IP for a win.
It's worth it. You get ~300 PI for a 7 minute lose and ~450 PI for a 40 minute win.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: You played against a 5 man premade team that threw the game for IP? It's not even worth it tho.
Yup, judging by their match history, there is already a few people doing that. There is probably a chat-room, like last time. But i guess they won't get anything anyway. A chat restrict at best :D
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duckarp (EUNE)
: Just trolls as usual + end of preseason... Ranks are almost reset, so people are bored and ruin the experience for others.
Rank get reset, but MMR only get soft reset. Someone in bronze 5 will only be able to place around like silver 3. If he does something like 8-2. But somebody that still have gold MMR will be able to place up to plat.
: A rioter said something about that. basically xeraths ult is a big circle while jhins is a cone which means xerath would need to zoom out a lot more, especially for a rank 3 ult (just picture in your mind the ground that each ult covers, big difference). This would a) make aiming xeraths ult really hard and b) apparently it caused severe fps issues when they tried it (because of having to show such a large part of the map in one frame) so they didnt do it.
Yeah, it would become so ridiculous that you wouldn't even be able to aim. I mean, the huge range + small AoE.
ChrisKayMan (EUNE)
: LeaguePoints Ranked Problem
Your MMR is too low, keep winning and it will come back to normal.
Declined (EUNE)
: Greetings MrJossy I can say with absolute certainty that MKLOL is prohibited, no grey area, the reason behind or the tools you use from it is irrelevant.
Are third party software that changes ONLY skins (custom skins / maps) banned ? I'm not interested in that, but the guy asking it at first may be :D
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Yes, but you should remember that if you're in a 5 premade then there's a very high chance enemy team is too.
100% chance* Poor soloQ player that will go as 5, then get stomped by reals teams :D
FilipBonbon (EUNE)
: Keep your Ferocity tree as it is. Remove Dangerous game and Meditation from Cunning tree, besause you get Mana regeneration from jungle items (plus, they are geting even more regeneration in next update). And instead of Wonderer take Savagery and buy Boots of Mobility. For Resolve tree go Legendary Guardian if you want to be more tanky (doesn't help you in jungle, soo... not recommended) or Swiftness just because he's a fatass. For keystone mastery chose either Strenght of the Ages or Bond of stone ((not shure which one is best) reply with which one you think is best).
Nautilus is pretty good at clearing the jungle on that patch, swiftness or legendary guardian is more about preference, both are nice. I love Strenght of the Ages, 300HP is not a lot late game, but during midgame, it's awesome, especialy if you are going for a Frozen Hearth.I don't like bond of stone, i think it makes you die way to fast against AoE, and doesn't help against single target. Windspeaker blessing + runic armor could be super cool. 18% stronger shield sounds awesome.
v1rtue (EUW)
: Pretty much all tank junglers will want 18 in resolve with grasp of the undying as keystone. It helps a lot with clearing jungle. After that I go 12 in cunning, since cunning is much better than ferocity in pretty much every tier.
Grasp of the undying doesn't work on monsters and minions.
PepijndM (EUW)
: Or just give the mark to clones as well, problem solved x) Giving a proximity limit tells you when garen roams mid from top when you are the marked LB mid, so that would be bad as well.
Why did you got downvoted ? It soulds like a nice idea.
Dzsime (EUNE)
: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/GD/EWAGE8Wj-are-you-guys-ready-for-some-league-of-legends-leaks <--- this source seems reliable, it predicted the gangplank rework 3 months ago. I don't have any problems with Yi, I just don't understand why would riot write the same "trace number" to Yasuo and Master YI in the PROJECT teaser if they don't have any relation.
I predict poppy reworks to be the next, because riot tell us the nexts reworks. And here is her new hammer : http://news.cdn.leagueoflegends.com/public/images/articles/2014/november_2014/CHAMPUP/PoppyHammers_thumb.png
LogganSWE (EUW)
: Dear Riot you need to do something about your DLL files
A while ago, i think they said that the game was optimised with those DLL, and using more recent one by yourself MAY cause some problems. I think you won't get banned, but they won't help you if you have problems or crashes with it. Just checked, it was you too in 2014. ( http://forums.euw.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=1655976&page=1 ) I agree. But i think they are doing a whole new client (totaly not sure), so i'm not sure that it's worth it for them now.
KarKzz (EUW)
: League of legend doesn't load matchs
FIXED : It came from the config folder. I reinstalled, and put back my config folder that i backed up. The game was still bugged. I deleted my config folder , and it work fine now. It came from the game.cfg.
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Hoodwink (EUW)
: Who's side are you on - Twisted Fate or Graves?
Twisted fate is a freaking traitor. I still see the twist coming, and that the two become friend again :D ! Or at least, that tf give a good explanation, and that graves forgive him.
Snowfox (EUW)
: > I mean already are few months since they've started maintenance Like over a year dude. I really doubt it's coming out.
The answer : never. The system is automatic now.
True Sight (EUNE)
: I didn't quite understand what you meant. You mean, duo top with Zed? Or?
He ask for assassin AD top that isn't yasuo, i guess.
: so max. 2 reports is enough? lol
yes it is. The system review your case. If you do not agree with your sanction, you can alway post the case on the forum, or ask riot's support.
: oh come on realy???
Just asking, how can you be hyped for a champion that you know nothing about ? Just some 2013 artworks ?
: The last we heard about him was that they couldn't come up with a good kit that fit his personality. This was a few weeks ago. They already stated that they were making a mistake by previewing him as a champion that early, but as a result, I think when he DOES get released, he is going to have one of the biggest hypes behind him. I'm more than interested to see that hype. As for now we can only wait.
They delayed him to 2016. He may get delayed again until then.
: Nerf Garen Poll
Nerf ? No. Changes ? Yes, but like a lot of champions. Outdated design.
: PETITION: Vote to bring olaf and elsie back into meta!
: Ashe is ban worthy
She is still ashe. The immobile ADC with meh damages. (But with nice utility).
: Seriously, when is Riot gonna nerf Cho'Gath?
I3onito (EUW)
: Going mid with a ADC, who could work?
ADCs are weak agains burst damage. Guess what type of damage mid laners does ?
cracklier (EUW)
: Thanks but is this the way you get the ryze skin also? do these events happen quiet often cause i'm really up for doing this :) also how do i turn the link into english (it's in a foreign langauge when i click more information)
Yup, you also get triumpant ryze if you are first place. And yeah, they happens a lot; you should be able to do easily 1 tournament each week. (There is no restriction, you can do as many tournament as you want :D ! )
Medraho (EUW)
: Getting matched with a player you just reported
Wait 5 minutes, so the guy is already in champion select. If the matchmaking queued you with him the first time , there is a some chance that it will match you again if you both queue in the same time window.
cracklier (EUW)
: Low tournaments
Riot support the E-sport A LOT , you can already find tournaments that rewards you with RP (3200RP for the first , 2nd: 2400 , 3th : 1600, 4th : 800) You can search for those on the internet , or here : http://prized.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/competitive/prized/browse?field_tournament_type_value_i18n=All&field_region_value_i18n=euw&field_tournament_name_value= You just click on the tournament's name, and it will bring you to the site hosting the tournament. TIP : You should try to find a league that separate people from different level and that play on severals weeks (or tournaments that accept only certains levels). In 1-2 days tournaments, there is generaly a lot of plat/diamond+ teams.
: Problems about the vision system [sugestion]
Wards trinkets are strong. It give A LOT of vision,it quickly pay for itself ( after 3,33 wards) and you can alway have 3 wards up. You will easily place 20 wards with it during the game, that's 1500 gold. it also mean that you will be able to ward even when full build. Top / mid should get the upgraded yellow trinket. Jungle / support should get the red trinket.
: My game just dropped and the enemys were accusing me of beeing the one who´s doing it.
I think that it pause the game when there is nobody left in a normal / ranked game. And it unpause it when someone reconnect (And use that person name for the reconnect ?)
ath1337 (EUW)
: Smite meta in toplane.
Learn to pick according to the current "strong" things. 2 tanks agains you ? Don't pick ez. Pick jinx or vayne; something that can kill them.
: That champion already exists, and is called Gangplank. Let's just say that a good deal of old champs were designed with this purpose in mind, that's why there a plenty of apparently strange Ap and Ad ratio meshed togheter in the same kits. These days, however, since people tend to pick and build always the same thing, RioT is focused on make champion that works this way and can be immediatly appealing for the kind of players that would buy them at once and spam them cause "OMG SO OP!". The master example of this is clearly Yasuo: maybe the most "one build only" oriented champ ever created.
LikeOrbit (EUW)
: How decimals work in this game?
"There is no rounding. Some numbers we round visually so that you don't see a zillion decimal places however when computing the math it uses the full numbers." http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=37347&page=1#post417123
Petsho (EUW)
: Why do people play so much Lux then?
i should have said melee without gapclosers. My bad.
kouzou (EUW)
: In this mode, you can have fun literaly with ALL champions regardless OPness. It's not even about winning and skills, the mode is pure fun. So these that do not like it simply cannot keep up with the mechanics and the rapid pace that spells have, in other words, slow reflexes.
Nah, you can't have fun with champions that don't have any gapcloser.
Jens Cole (EUNE)
: it's better than last year.
Better, but people keep picking strong champs , instead of trying fun things, i only see (when not ban) ez / lucian / kata / nida / lb / fizz / ...
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