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BlâckLotus (EUNE)
: My Personal Experience In Promos
He will get the punishment he deserves, no point in arguing about it on the forums.
Mupi (EUNE)
: Ranked games matchmaking unbalanced
the game probably thinks you're better than you really are, give it a couple games and it should match you were you belong.
Alpaca (EUW)
: What if we changed flash into....
No need to fix something that isn't broken. Yes Its essentiall, but everyone can have it.
: He is playing support. Why would he want to steal the ADC's farm?
: thepenisamazing
go for; pen is in my mouth
: Master Yi in low ranked games (Silver III)
not applying preassure to your lanes early is really bad.
Dellevis (EUW)
: S rating on Supports (In this case, Bard)
Farm better you bronze scrub cant get 70 cs by 10 min noob ff@20 please
Antares81a (EUNE)
: Ranked games with no runes
you have to have 16 champs because in theory if you had any less you could end up in a game where you don't have any champs to pick. thats all.
ZeroProf (EUW)
: And these players i'm encountering are not chilling as you are, but tryharding in every way, atleast from my perspective
they could be chilling in most games and try-harding in yours.
OniLynx (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=CSToast,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=s9750jps,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-05-25T22:35:44.590+0000) > > You have no idea what you are talikng about, I've been in Bronze 5 and elo hell surely does exist. Climbing up from a point where your mmr is really low (like when I was B5 with no LP and still losing like 10 games in a row) takes a hell of a LONG TIME and a LOT of determination. When I finally crawled out of B5 into B4 matters only got worse. Because for every win I only received 9LP but would lose 24LP if i lost a game. THAT, MY FRIEND, IS ELO HELL. This is not elo hell. It is just that your level of playing isn't above B5, so your MMR reflects that. Simple as that.
exactly, if you maintain a 50% win ratio in low gold or below you'll climb eventually.
: I came here hoping to see some numbers and some pie charts, but here was none! Very disappointed, wouldn't recommend.
: The MR, the sustain, the banshee's, the heals, the shields, the sweepers, the pink wards... Yeah, I think you don't get to hate me.
but youre so annoying. aaaaagh. im just kidding though, teemo is fine.
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IcyzoR (EUNE)
: I am not silver,but yes I am not joking.Also I don't play rankeds anyway.
I'm bronze, It doesn't matter. Its the best period in game history for tanks. Everyone knows this is the freakin TANK meta.
: Im happy that you never get trolers afkers etc..Im really happy means youre really lucky eh.Or maybe youre in chalenger thinks are different there.Or maybe you dont know the meaning of trolling.And i know my english isnt great but is not my main language.
oh I never said I dont get trollers or afkers. Statistically speaking though, they are more likely to be on the enemy team than on yours.
IcyzoR (EUNE)
: Ekko is assassin. > Vayne is useless Clearly you haven't met her.
are you joking? please be joking.
: How I feel when...
The slows The poison The blind IHATEYOU!
Kítty (EUNE)
: Urgent Ekko PBE changes feed back
Its hard to see your main get the nerf hammer, but unless the reduction really f***s up his early game dueling, I dont see why they should undo it.
QxMinato (EUNE)
: Smurfs that "help a friend"
Ignore the moral clause behind this, I have a technical issue to discuss. The way league match making works makes sure both teams have around the same mmr. now smurfs actually rise up in mmr quite fast, so a silver smurf of a plat player will usually have plat mmr. this ensures that you end up with players of the same average skill level on both teams. tl;dr if there is a smurf on the enemy team: you either have one on your team too, or they have someone of lower mmr on their team to balance it.
: I understand if it's a normal but why do this in ranked? lol
because he doesn't want to win a lane unfairly? he is being sportsmanlike ...
: Trolers never stop..
Cleaned it up a bit for you. Not trying to be rude, just thought it would help. {{champion:16}} "This never ends ... Trolls and flamers in my games all the time. I mean for God's sake last game Vayne goes in 1v3 and dies. Then she starts raging at me because i didn't help? I won't die with you because you think you can outplay 1v3. Then she rages at me and starts saying "I wont team fight because gp left me". Seriously. He then muted us and continued to afk farm/push the entire game. just because he failed. Managed to hard carry the game but I'm still pissed off I'm getting people like her in my games. Rito Please. Do something about trolls; punish them. Watch the game and punish them. don't wait another 1000 games where they troll more. It was her mistake and still she rage quit and blamed others. Even when I carry, 4v5 games are hard. Not the first time too."
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N o (EUW)
: League of Legends should make a test for basic english language knowledge...
Ping are well enough for communication, you don't need to know English to understand or use pings.
: This game is unplayable without a team
there are 5 people on the enemy team and 4 on yours + you. Unless you feed or afk, the odds are in your favor. 44% to 56%
Snowlock (EUW)
: Smurf
smurfs themselves aren't a bad thing, considering it wont take a lot of games for them to return their original mmrs. Think of YouTubers doing these unranked to diamond series. Yes they usually crush their first few games, but those few games wont matter for the other players that much. Trolling on smurfs should be treated as trolling, smurfing doesn't make it any worse/better.
Arashì (EUW)
: Oh fair enough, apologies then. Most of the people on the boards here will refuse to change their point of view no matter what. And be d%cks about it. So I took your joke the wrong way. But yeah, anyway, playing super safe and passive to the point where it maybe hurts the team isn't good. In my opinion anyway. But there's no rule saying it's not allowed. Kind of impossible to have rules saying when you should or shouldn't engage. Only thing you can do is try to communicate with them in chat. But if their strategy is, I'm being supersafe to get S rank, you'll just have to accept that.
I get what you're saying but i have one problem with that. when does it become punishable? what if my strategy is to stay at fountain all game long so I can maintain my perfect kda? would it be ok? Im not afk its just my strategy? what if my strategy is to feed the enemy team so much they get cocky and lose, isn't that punishable? when would it cross the line of (not the most efficient way to win) to (trolling)
: thank you :)
watch streamers and pro matches, even though below plat is very different than above it helps to know the most effective measure of finishing of games. when to force a baron and when to not. when to siege and when to not. watching games is a lot more effective than people give it credit.
: Depends im not saying that you shouldnt rapport him. If somebody goes 10-15 Death has 0 kills and almost none assist then there is something wrong. You should rapport somebody who does that if you feel that he did it on purpuse or plays worse then whats excuseable for the ELO in question. So i give you 3 examples: If these is Diamond i say he should be getting Close maybe a game or 2 more. If it is Gold there needs to be 10-20 more games of feeding If it is bronze its perfectly normal and nothing to care about at all. I dont like troll either but for trolling there is only 14 Days ban then permaban. If ther was a 3 day ban and a 7 Days ban instead fo the chat restrictions then we could hand out more punishments for trolling. But thats not how it works today.
I don't quite understand your argument, why would his rank mean anything, I not saying he was a bad player. Everyone has bad games that doesn't matter, I'm saying he was intentionally ruining the experience for others.
Arashì (EUW)
: > he was afking in games No, they were AFK in *ONE* game, and you don't know why that is. Maybe they had connection issues that game and didn't even load in? You don't know. > trolling The only "proof" you have of trolling, is that OP claims they said so. Again, you don't know. They have really great games on Akali, and really bad games as well, doesn't immediately mean trolling. > He wasnt supporting so And now you're grasping at straws. You have 0 proof they "weren't supporting". Furthermore you don't even know if Akali was queued as support for all of those games in the history. ---- What you see from the history is a player that plays far off the meta, with varying degrees of success. And the only "proof" we have of trolling is just the OP telling us so. And OP might just as easily be a b*tthurt toxic person trying to take out his anger on someone that lost his game by picking off-meta. None of this is proof or justification for a perma-ban, and *no*, Riot hasn't said that it is either.
I am pretty sure smiting away canon minions every time he could wasn't supporting. I have no reason to make up claims about someone, I don't gain anything if he is banned.
: What is so special about Tyler1 that you keep bringing hes case up? You, me or Tyler1 isnt allowed to deside who is trolling or not trolling so we get to rapport them not flame them. That is so unfair when it actully happens but its the way things is and perhaps its for the best. I am sure trolls gets banned eventually but to ban a troll you had to have a lot of games as proof. The proof against flames is infront of RIOT:s eyes and computerprograms is able to take care of judgeing and punishments.
I'm not flaming anyone, I never flame anyone. What would be considered enough games for proof, im sure he has at least 20 smite/tp akali games.
: Dying a lot =/= feeding on purpose
I never said it was about dying alot, its about the fact that he played the game with a mindest of not giving a fuck about his teammates and or the way the roles play out. trolling not Intentional feeding
Arashì (EUW)
: Agreed, and I'd even take the games with a bad score with a grain of salt. Them having a bad score, doesn't mean it's their own fault or intentional. Maybe they just got paired up to someone very skilled and got completely destroyed. Or maybe they get one of those teammates that goes like: *"Omg u play dumb stupid troll pick, I'll never help you and feed your opponent."* I sometimes play off-meta picks, and they're not even as off-meta this Akali, and even I get those people sometimes. And then I end the game with a bad score, simply becaue you get sabotaged by your own team refusing to play with you.
My problem wasn't with him picking off meta picks, it was going smite on a support, constantly smiting away the canon minions, denying me as much farm as possible, and literally admitting to be a troll ... You don't constantly pick smite tp on support because its an off meta pick, its just a troll.
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: Game keeps crashing on loading screen!
I don't think its an issue with the ISP because it just popped up after the 6.1 Patch, I also have friends using the same services who are playing normally ... PS: I can spectate games normally, I'm assuming this means I can reach the servers? Why would the ISP have an issue with me playing the game and not with me watching someone play it?
noobIord (EUW)
: Your ISP is TE Data? A friend of mine who's ISP is Link DSL has the same issues as you. TE Data clients afaik can'T even connect to the game.
: Game keeps crashing on loading screen!
saw this on the other forum, exactly what is happening to me. I can also spectate normally so I'm guessing its not actual connection issues. > Happened to me as well. The game disconnects during loading screen. > I tried starting several bot matches and there's what I observed: > > First load: Game starts fine but game disconnects before champs spawn at base [screenshot]( > All Loads afterwards: Game disconnects before loading finishes. on the bright side, i dced from a ranked game and a normal game before I figured this wasn't just a one time issue. Haven't gotten a low priority queue punishment. Riot must be addressing it I guess {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{summoner:3}}

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