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: Riven needs a nerf already, stop ignoring her unbalanced kit
I agree, although I find she needs a rework, since numbers will either gut her or leave her overpowered. Main problem i have with her is her laning phase, although the late game riven is probably one of the strongest stompers against an uncooperative team. She is a huge problem when playing melee champions, because she will deny creeps and punish any step in the wrong direction, if she has any brains. A riven will stop you walking towards creeps with her first Q cast, if you keep going for that creep, you can expect another Q-auto-Q-auto combo following. Now if you know hat her passive does, this will hurt a lot if you get hit by that, so you cant ignore it. Attacking is also stupid at that point, because she will still chunk you and probably take a lot less damage thanks to her E (+has *another* dash to evade any skillshots) and W. So running away is your best option, which means you lose creeps. Any "good" Riven i have played against only uses their abilities to run away from ganks, or punish me for trying to farm. Now repeat that whole idea for a solid 10 minutes, your jngl cant properly gank her, because her mobility is insane, you lose a ton of CS and even if you manage to get a good trade off, chances are you wont kill her. Now people will say her CD is super high, but really it isnt, or can you find another champ that get 3 dashes on that kind of cooldown? They treat it like one ability, when really it's a 3 in 1 combo with cc, AoE and no mana cost. The only saving grace I have against Riven players is Yorick. Most people dont know what he does and since riven players are too stupid to not engage me I will usually get a level 2 first blood and snowball the rest of the game. It's pure cheese and when facing actual players with a brain, they'll just not let me get a lead and watch me try and so anything against them. So really, as much as I woulndt mind that champion getting deleted, she should probably get a "mini-rework" like having her Q only grant more charges if she hits her other abilities or something, Idk but her winrate on people who otp her or are in higher elo speaks volumes.
M5 Cut (EUW)
: List Of Bugs that need to be fixed on the client
Also now I cant see what my friends are playing, when hovering over their name.
: Is this because of TFT?
well considering this has happened every time they started clash, I would guess so
: I agree. No need to downvote my comment tho lol.
I didn't, here I'll give you an upvote as proof
: You don't need the tokens, you want the tokens. Tft is just super good dude.
I dont care if it's good or not. New things shouldn't always down the euw servers.
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: So much Toxic players
Since playing with my newbie friends, I have to say, the toxicity thrown at new players is crazy. Best thing for you and all other new people to do is to insta mute anybody that could be percieved as toxic and get somebody to teach you the game. You can learn from your mistakes that way without being bombarded with a crapton of hate. It's a fun game, but as it's competetive it's easy to fall into the mindset of blaming others.
Trias000 (EUNE)
: I have a feeling that TFT means there will be no more rotating game modes.
I would hope not. That would be an awful replacement, since it's not a gamemode, but more a lol themed auto chess game. Rotating gamemodes need to come back or LoL will feel stale soon. They also need to get more actually fun modes into the game. Problem is, they keep trying to make these super elaborate modes, which all get super boring after 3 games. It's proven that the simplest ideas are the best when it comes to gamemodes in lol.
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: Gangplank skins
Yeah I have dreadnova with all the chromas, it's a really cool skin. Pool party is a bit nicer in animation quality, but not as good for doing "one-parts" with. So if it's a decision of better animations, take pool party, if it's about doing those juicy one-parts then take dreadnova
: How the %%%% get some players away with everything?
I feel like some people are also way too sensitive when it comes to "toxicity". I had a guy mute and report me for giving him a tip on how to play gangplank a bit more effectively. I swear all I did was say "hey gp you can do a faster 2 barrel combo if you use autos instead of Q". What I got back was "muted and reported". Now in terms of real toxicity, I think actual toxic behavior is way worse, since you cant just mute that. As an example of a fairly recent experience: My jungle started demanding that I leash him although his champ starts with red and he had also bought a talisman (waveclear and mana regen, i. e. perfect for a panth to start red with). Not to mention that leash would put me at a clear disadvantage, since as a tank (poppy) I don't leash very well and that would make me lose a lot of minions. I tell pantheon this, who then says that all I said was false and that I HAVE to leash him. I dont leash him. he runs into my lane and feeds a kill. i win lane. He's flaming everybody, tilting everybody. then he goes on about how he's the best player in the game, while having a terrible kda and zero jungle pressure (which can be a result of laners not paying attention to prio and whats going on around them, but I assure you, he was just making mistakes out of pure tilt). We still won that game, because I was able to harass the enemies carries until my duo partner was strong enough to fight. tl;dr: my jungle inted and started tilting my team because I didnt want to leash him. Now here's the question: How am I supposed to stop an idiot like this panth from tilting my teammates and inting? I cant make my teammates mute him, nor can I play for him to make him stop feeding kills. People need to report actual toxicity, not just shittalking which can be easily ignored. Otherwise, you're inflating the currency and reports mean nothing. I was mega toxic sometimes, thinking after games, I was surely banned, but no. Since reports are thrown around like tennis balls in a dog park nowadays, they dont mean shit.
: Could you give me some advice: how to counter assasin mids?
Play lissandra with aftershock and barrier. You'd have to be really bad to die to less than a 3 man gank
: How can people flat out flame their team and then claim that they're not toxic?
Depends what you define as toxic. I have been called toxic for giving tips like "you might wanna build some mr" or "i need lane prio for drake, so push in but dont get ganked". I think its worst playing jngl when people keep going for trades they cant win, overextend or just in general play badly and then blame it on me not ganking. People think i am being toxic when i try and tell them what they are doing wrong, but since i probably didnt gank, or oneshot all 3 enemies it was my fault. So now i dont say anything. People think everything is toxic. I got flamed for question mark spamming a kill my midlaner got, cause he outplayed his enemy hard.
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: Yorick shouldn’t be strong early game... given how strong he is at split pushing if yorick gets a lead he takes an entire lane which isn’t healthy to happen every game. He now has to get leads without just using brute force and he needs to utilise the strenghs in his kit to his advantage.. for example split pushing two different lanes at once. Darius is a pressure gauge... he can be used by riot to indirectly buff or nerf other champions by presenting options against them... he was buffed for worlds to give pros a way to counter tanks without further killing tanks for the rest of us... given their options it could have been a lot worse.
he gets leads by getting ignored too long. If he is able to get 3 graves, hit an ability with a godawful hitbox and catch you in his cage, he has every right to win the trade. his early is easily countered by either playing an agressive champ yourself, or predicting his slow-ass E's by looking at the grave count. so i used to be able to push under turret, but since now the ghouls will attack the enemy champ randomly i have to run out of turret, defeating any lane pressure i might have had. As the post describes, leave one ghoul alive, take barely any damage since they were nerfed and stop yorick from going under turret at all without him killing you first.
: The post focuses a lot on the interaction between triforce and staraks... but that’s not why yorick was nerfed, he had been hidden op since his release and frankly didn’t even need steraks... trinity TH works almost as well and was still overbearing. That’s why he was nerfed... it’s not that riot hated yorick, but because yorick deserved it... and he’s still good and not in need of a revert as that will just create the same issue again.
yorick was too strong in all phases of the game, but now they nerfed his early game, which is stupid, considering that's his time to get a lead (provided he doesnt get camped). he's weak and easily kyted in late so he needs a lead to split effectively. Meanwhile we have damn diggity darius getting buffs shoved up his ass like he even needed them.
HairyKoko (EUW)
: Perma-ban without any bans ever, expect 12 game chatban or something like that
this is chatlog game 1. you definitley have more that have the reason you got banned. I got a 14 day sus and said some hard things, so you must've gone waay too far and dont want to admit it.
: Where is he not fake? He tries so hard to be loud and annoying, it's obviously a huge act. Just a different kind of acting
but that's the literal point of it. It's supposed to be so over the top and obviously an act
Walik91 (EUW)
: Please launch Snow Battle ARURF
No, please release proper URF so i dont have to leave having fun purely to "chance", considering the chance of good/OP champs is higher than anything interesting
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Smerk (EUW)
: They reduced disenchant value of shards to be able to give more stuff during events without hurting their income. They explained that when they did this change. And events really give more than before, so they didn't lie
haha sure, the poor little indie company; riot. Bless their souls. only making 2 billion $ in revenue in one year definitley would have lost so much from leaving things the way they were.
: Hextech Chest Suggestion
true, but riot when it comes to money will barely give anything for free. that's why they reduced the worth of skin shards to a third of what it was before and just ignored any questions about it.
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Why being positive is better than flaming
people who say flaming makes people play better just want an excuse for bad behaviour
Ehsanelite (EUNE)
: When you mute someone in game
Not sure why you blacked out the names. i dont think anybody on boards is gonna go after them
: im talking about changing rules so its not about whining...think abit before you talk please...summoners code is not something holy it can be changed
well all you do is try and justify your toxicity. The system also isnt going to change. It's a deterrent for bad behavior, which means it's gonna sting. You'll have to regain your honor like anybody else did, so good luck with that.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kasten4,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=lzVaFRTi,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-10-25T17:36:25.186+0000) > > i think she just shouldnt have true stealth. stealth is already a mechanic that is extremely toxic, so having somebody towerdive with no punishment is stupid. The difference is that her true stealth has a finite area in which she can be stealthed in, as well as a finite duration on it, like stealth does. The more limits you put on stealth, the better it has to be to compensate.
she has a huge donut that holds enough time for her to do a full combo and maybe have to tank 2 towershots
Hansiman (EUW)
: How am I defending toxic players when I defend the penalty systems that punish them? I dislike toxicity, and never see any need for it.
because they don't know how toxicity can ruin a game for all people involved. When somebody starts flaming me for ganks and I don't give them what they want, often their actions will be toxic (taking my camps, going for trades they can't win so they can blame it on me). It also doesnt make anybody play better, if anything they'll start tilting too.
Hansiman (EUW)
: > It doesn't hurt anyone either. Sarcasm is generally used in order to be a jerk. It's a common attempt by toxic players to "dodge" the systems by being sarcastic, because "they're not using bad words".
as far as I can agree with your statements, sarcasm is really not anything to be taken seriously, unless it's personal mockery.
Sunwise (EUNE)
: The only Nerf I think Akali deserves.
i think she just shouldnt have true stealth. stealth is already a mechanic that is extremely toxic, so having somebody towerdive with no punishment is stupid.
: honor sistem
I got out of honor level 0 after a 14 d ssp. So just play the game
: the honor punishment system
it's supposed to "leave a bad taste in your mouth", because you were toxic. You agreed like everbody else to the summoners code, so stop whining when you get punished for something you essentially agreed is bad.
King Lego (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kasten4,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=nUkRYIWh,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-09-29T14:01:40.025+0000) > > Well in my case it was the fact that I wanted something to blame apart from me. A very childish mentality but very common too. To be honest, I'm not innocent when it comes to toxicity. While bad team mates can exist, including myself, I've grown to learn to always blame those who are actually at fault and myself if it's actually my fault for the loss of a game. That's not what's starting me to become toxic though. I'm becoming toxic (not showing it, i keep it to myself) mostly due to how the game is. Like champion design, runes and items. Playstyles too to add. Quite frankly the game has changed so much that even winning is not satisfying. The game is just too unhealthy.
yeah i often have problems having actual fun with the current state of the game. Riot has done a lot of things that can be boiled down to "oh this isnt gonna be horribly broken" and then it's exactly that.
King Lego (EUNE)
: Honestly it baffles me on why people thing they don't deserve it while probably very aware on why. It's as if the Summoner's code says "Do not be toxic unless you have a reason to." I wonder how the mentality even works.
Well in my case it was the fact that I wanted something to blame apart from me. A very childish mentality but very common too.
: How can i stay tilt proof if toxic matchmaking and players still keep happening?
Puraido (EUW)
: As I said mind how you speak thank you
Puraido (EUW)
: Solo/duo is not a mode where you can play with friends, and your the one who needs to drop the attitude i dont know who you think you are but don't come at me like that then talk shit, your not a mod or anything your just a player in this game, if you came to drop some advice fair enough but do it nicely, I thought your talking about being nice to people but here you are trying to wind people up.
Well why play solo/duo if you're not having fun doing so? I gave you some attitude because you've acted like you've been done wrong in any of these cases. Toxic teammates are part of lol, so is punishment for being toxic counteractivley. You should know this already. But you decided to create another one of those threads complaining about something that was to a great degree your own fault. Nothing that happened to you was unfair, since it happens exactly the same for everybody who breaks the rules. So save your response, because I've said everything I needed to and really don't care for your excuses to blame somebody else for your misery.
Puraido (EUW)
: I don't like your attitude if im honest and no support is not on my side once youve dropped once to honor level 0 the game will target you more than others, you can have a look at match history and see how I am doing and not flaming either so what more can i do for honors? nothing and don't bring my mum into this just because your behind a monitor mind how you speak
> [{quoted}](name=CapnBlackBeard,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=RLeW2Evp,comment-id=00000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-09-29T12:09:37.929+0000) > > once youve dropped once to honor level 0 the game will target you more than others Well of course it will. You have been toxic in the past, so there's a good chance that you'll do it again. Well looky-doo what happened? You got suspended FOR BEING TOXIC AGAIN. > [{quoted}](name=CapnBlackBeard,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=RLeW2Evp,comment-id=00000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-09-29T12:09:37.929+0000) > >you can have a look at match history and see how I am doing and not flaming either so what more can i do for honors? Nothing, but stay consistent with your behaviour of not flaming. > [{quoted}](name=CapnBlackBeard,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=RLeW2Evp,comment-id=00000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-09-29T12:09:37.929+0000) > >and don't bring my mum into this just because your behind a monitor mind how you speak Your mother was barely mentioned. So little in fact that the sentence would have made no difference I gave your siblings or friends as an example. Neither was she put into a bad light was she?
Akaśhí (EUNE)
: Really hate Stacking Concept Champions
That's the thing with Veigar. He is as squishy as his targets and his E is not a direct stun, which makes it harder for him to fight mobile champs like warwick. Nasus is annoying if you leave him alone for too long. He is like a dog really: Leave him alone for too long and he will chew up the couch or in his case, the Nexus.
Master Scar (EUNE)
: *tips hat* posts like this bring back my hope for this community ever so slightly
Puraido (EUW)
: hahaha bro don't start crying now after you came at me with all that crap I posted on forum to explain why I think the game is shit, but you wanted to come at me as if your some mod in the game or something, It would be nice if they could change some rules or maybe look into games into more depth to see why a player might of got angry, and maybe your right maybe I do deserve my ban, but I have other accounts so its fine.
No, you just complained about your personal situation that was either influenced by yourself or other players. You havent touched on a single point of the actual game, only the report and honor system. If you dont like the players you are playing with, get some friends and maybe drop the attitude, so they dont dissapear like your honor levels.
: Is Tahm Kench a good support at the moment for Bronze elo ?
Mada (EUW)
: Anyone else thinks afk punishments should be _much_ higher?
Unless the system picks up that every game a person is going afk, I don't see an issue wiht the current system
niktzi (EUNE)
: is evelyn op ?
No, she has clear outplay potential and has no mobility to get away apart from ult, which more often than not is her main source of burst. If stealth is toxic for the game, is another debate, but evelynn is not broken.
Puraido (EUW)
: Don't make it sound like I have anger issues or something its perfectly normal to get angry in games so please stop talking rubbish as if I should stop getting angry in games, no freedom of speech in this game the report systems seems to only work in 1 way not 2 every game putting up with oh typical yasuo anything I do, report its yasuo etc whole team ganks up on u to report just not fair
> [{quoted}](name=CapnBlackBeard,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=RLeW2Evp,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-09-29T11:44:54.833+0000) > > Don't make it sound like I have anger issues or something its perfectly normal to get angry in games so please stop talking rubbish as if I should stop getting angry in games, no freedom of speech in this game the report systems seems to only work in 1 way not 2 every game putting up with oh typical yasuo anything I do, report its yasuo etc whole team ganks up on u to report just not fair If you don't flame, you won't get punished. By sinking to their level you are not morally superior in any way. If you dont act badly you have nothing to fear and support will be on your side. And if you get so angry then remove your enter button and give it to your mom or something.
Puraido (EUW)
: Chat restricted ages ago chat restriction came off, wasn't toxic fixed up. And yeah if a colleague is %%%%ing up at work of course you have a word with, what world you living in? But difference is they wouldn't talk shit back to you because they know what they done wrong, and no I dont think riot owes me anything. And another thing is you play aram and shit me and you are not playing the same game so don't comment under my post talking shit, You playing special events and aram and shit like whats theyre to get angry about in those games?
Well you definitley deserve your ban and loss of your rewards. I play aram because I try to have fun when i devote my free time into a game. And I'm sure the way you act, you would easily find a reason to complain about funmodes and aram.
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Puraido (EUW)
: Going to explain why this games sht
you got chat restricted and still didn't be more careful about how you act? Then it's your own fault. The Level 0 Honor system is supposed to punish you hard, for being consistently toxic. It took me 2,5 months to get to honor level 0 again and that's with consistent honors from teammates and premades alike. Also you will make progress by not being toxic too. Just not flaming your teammates and playing normally is gonna get you out of HL 0. But the fact that you managed to get a 14 day suspension off of one game means you went way too far with what you said. Also toxicity isnt seen any different from normal life. You say that you were toxic 1 or 2 times but if you have a collegue who trashed the printer twice because his documents werent printing, you'd think he needs some help too right? Also the last point I would touch on is your idea that riot owes you special treatment for paying for skins. They dont have to do anything for you. If you cant accept that, then leave the game. Seeing how emotionally charged you are, you should either improve your behaviour or quit complaining and stop playing.
: Looking people to play with
Same, Add under Kasten4
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