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: 3955 - 1350 - 395 (assuming you already have kata) = 2210 .....this is basic math.... {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
I did it... But it is under some kinda sale. And I dont know how it will affect it. I can be a %%%%ing weeb but I know basic math XD
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JeHugawa (EUNE)
: Yes but im Eune so i cant use japan there... im fine with client being japanese aswell if thay was onöy posible
It is pretty easy to do. You just have to add the JP option by changing one of the files. Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\projects\league_client\releases\\deploy then open System.yaml (open with notepad++) Now look for your region and on Available locales add "- ja_JP" Now open ur client and u can change it when ur are logging in {{sticker:katarina-love}}
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LM Domino (EUW)
: I'm gaining 30+ lp per win, I think it's about your win rate, the lower it is the less lp you gain per win, dependent on your rank. So if you're diamond with 49% win rate, you will lose ALOT more than you gain
55% win rate btw
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Hansiman (EUW)
: The problem is mainly that too many players want mid compared to the other roles.
Sure but beeing in queue for like 40 secs and going instatly ADC is kinda sad. I can wait 1:30m no stress since I get my main role
karolmo (EUW)
: No, it's working as intended. Learn how to play soraka or janna for those 1/10 games or just play full ap brand support or whatever.
The problem is not that I get sup time to time but getting my 2nd role 90% of the time is stupid
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Don't know ur rank but Im plat IV and I stopped play rankeds cuz of that. From bronze to plat the only difference is that in Bronze if u are fed people follow ur calls in Plat everyone wants to be the "team leader" and everyone gives calls (Each one worst that other) So yeh. That's how Mafia works
Murdarici (EUNE)
: Prestige skins
I dont even know how to get it XDDD
: Sylas heal buff
In case u dont know if he kills u he gets even more hp. That is a bug and Riot do not fix it.
JesusTHC (EUW)
: shouldnt be a problem to get back in promos. if you are good enough you should climb
3 time on plat promos cuz games like this ^^
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Devrost (EUW)
: No akali deserved the nerfs...100%.
W yes Q was just stupid. They literaly said "Let's just nerf akali ti the ground so no one plays her and we don't need to fix her cuz she will be forgoten"
: The Akali nerfs on her W and Q were both 110% needed. The invis under tower was EXTREMELY unhealthy for the game, and since Akali rushes gunblade anyways, having more healing on the Q is kinda bs. There are Akali buffs coming again (afaik), but this was partly to get people to stop playing the champ that shouldn't and kinda make people realize that they might not have found Akali fun to play, but the numbers fun to abuse. I didn't REALLY see the buffs of zed, but didn't make him a lot stronger if you know how to somewhat play against him.
Now akali can't play lane phase basicly and healing from gunblade is really small. I understand W nerf but Q nerf was stupid
Shamose (EUW)
: Oh no they nerfed two of the most op champs in the game and now they are buffing a champion that was in the dumpster in a class that's general trash.
Zed was ok. Now Ireli is ok but akali was nerfed to the ground. So yeh this buff was stupid and akali nerfs aswell
: b..but.. you don't know how to play against him! he is op only at low elo!
Yeh like challager in Korea is like Silver at Europe. Pff those Koreans know nothing about it...
8Belthazor8 (EUNE)
: Yasuo is so weak now. Here is what you need to do Rito.
This is the best forum post ever XDD 100% agree btw pls buff Fun fact: The "human" who desing Yasuo is the same that designed Zoe. Coincidence? I think not. {{sticker:katarina-love}}
Pixelbits (EUW)
: Can it please stop?
I stop playing adc for that same reason
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: Climbing in low elo is impossible.
Tbh ur rank do not reflect ur skill but ur luck. Love how my teams give stupid calls like all enemy team is alive and top is pushing against us so... LETS BARON. Guess what they steal baron and kill us all. I have to spam chat and start giving calls so they do not act like Plastic 6 players. It feels more like it is me and more 4 pawns. It is just sad. It is not Riot fault it is brain dead people fault :/
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Kurotsu (EUW)
: I like the KDA Kat fanart, but only as fanart. There was a bit of a demand of making her a succubus skin since that fits her personality a lot. That could have plenty of OP particles and effects
Even a Bood Moon skin would be awesome since she is an assassin. Well I will wait til Rito give me one more skin ^^
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Kurotsu (EUW)
: I typically never ever talk to flamers, but that one time I decided to because some guy had a problem with my build. And all I said after 20 minutes of avoiding him was ":)" Oooooooh my god he went bananas. He switched to full caps mode and yelled in all chat and flashed in the fountain and god that was a sight to see.
WTF XDDD I'm so proud of this community!! Am I right?
RW Heaven (EUW)
: Yes but we're on the positive side of Life, right? Don't watch the glass half empty. {{champion:99}} says "Stay positive". I often listen to her, and I win more games :) Translated: don't be so negative, bro. Life is beautiful xD
{{champion:55}} : Violence solves everything
ZereFbg (EUNE)
: the game is pg 13 and I am fine with punishments in general (might be too much for simple flaming) BUT punishments leading to a permanent suspension is total BULLSHIT. I can talk about how stupid it is and how it does not fix the issue (instead it makes it worse) but I will get too many downvotes from people that can't accept the facts and see the true colors of their beloved company.
Tribunal was the best way to solve all this... Riot don't want to put it back... Like there is a mute button for some reason, but there is no "Disable trolls and kids that have no idea what they are doing in front of a computer" button. Like Riot flame we can handle but trolls you can't at all
NasaSparta (EUNE)
Until Riot undestand that this is not a 8 year old kids game they will ban people for saying "bad words". It is annoying as shit -.- Some random stupid kid who have no love from her parents troll ur game and u say "%%%% you kid", boom 15 games chat banned. And that troll kid will be there trolling again and riot does not even care about that... Sad but true
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: Thinking of uninstall
If u are getting smashed all the time it is not games fault, it is, like u said, cuz u are noob. (It's not flame at all it is what it is). Like I'm lvl 134 now plat 5 but still or getting vs a noob player that I can smash and snowball the game and win before 20 min or I get smashed because he is better. (Or even my all team get smashed I can't do shit). Like improve and don't give up. Go to ur champ list and choose 2/3 champs and get good at them. After it pick more 3 and do the same. Pick like 3 to ur main role and 1 for each other and u should be fine. And play and get knowledge about the game. Know all champs abilitys will help u tons. (Remember Katarina is the best champ on League ^^) Just keep it up {{sticker:katarina-love}}
: Yeah. Tutorial sucks. I have an idea. There should be a mode where a newbie player can play against a good (plat+ player) in 1v1, that would help them understand the game, even if they would get completely smashed. That mode would be called "Help you kouhai". You would literally gain something for teaching others (an orb or BE or skin) and they would gain knowledge and maybe some BE. It would start just like URF or other game mode.
That is some awesome idea
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: > [{quoted}](name=Cat ín The Hat,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=YO99XlQN,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-10-12T14:01:04.525+0000) > > lol zed and fizz dont even need to hit theire skillshots to deal insane damage . so you're saying zed can kill someone with r e alone? i think you're very wrong my friend. and fizz needs his r to hit if he wants to all in someone and kill them, especially if they have MR
Fizz do not need R and zed the same ^^
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: They were added 2 days ago I got those 2 today. So if it was added 2 days ago it is a bug and I want more time. Why Riot can't just release a new missions colection without bug all the time...
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: I can't belive you want another kata skin, she has a red card katarina - one of the best skins in the game, just play with that skin as it will never tire out.
I have red card kat but that skin is to simple... Like just a new shirt and boom, new skin. I want something with awesome effects u know? Red card not even have a unic recall
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: I was expecting a topic about Katarina needing a buff. I was positively surprised. Have a +1 :3
I mean if they want buff her who am I to say no? Right? XD
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: Happens to me every now and then. Then I ping I am coming meanwhile I want to say danger
And that is super annoying and can even ruin a play cuz ur team can be counting on you
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: It's a sword. Better make it available only for fighters :D
What do you mean? Let them use swords as arrows {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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