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Mystiç (EUW)
: Looking for new members on our DISCORD SERVER!
Hey, this server sounds nice. My Discord is Yuugenmagan#7004.
: [New Champion Concept] Nyx, the Wasp Queen
Pretty cool, but I think it would be even cooler if her wings were on fire. http://i31.tinypic.com/66l0rd.jpg
: Rito is love, rito is life
I got DJ Sona and Battlecast Chogath with Hextech crafting. Pretty neat
: I need a name with zed winner will get a mystery skin
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Déadpoo (EUNE)
: Drop rate refresh every month. So if you start gettin' key shards on 24th Sep in about 6-10 days you will recive like 4 key shards then it will decay to 1 shard per week or even harder and it will reset on 24th Oct and so on. I saw a post from one of Riot stuff member and they said your key shards drop rate decay something like this : After you get your first key, the second one will come 2x harder, 3th key 4x harder, 4th 8x and so on.
I know but i really didn't get any recently, so it's weird
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: But its op lol, i would do everything for Janna or Soraka in ARAM or Nemesis draft
Same, but i'm saying to stop giving them to the enemy. I had a game today with Rammus, Janna and Soraka in the enemy team today and obviously we lost
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raps1355 (EUW)
: The best boss music you have heard in a game.
Matrid (EUW)
: Project cores after the removal of augmented caches.
: Up to 10 FREE SKINS - GIVEAWAY! [ Winner announcement ]
rpiCZf8SP1 Sometimes the reactions of the characters were kind of strange so I might not have replied in the best way. Anyway, good luck with your research :)
Charibasa (EUW)
: Is baron immune to CC? Est-baron immunitaire à CC?
Est-ce que le baron est immunisé aux CC ?*
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Infernape (EUW)
: It's a random chance. You're not guaranteed to get a key fragment whenever you win. You may get one, you may not.
Also it gets rarer each time you win one
: to people complaining about key fragment drop rates
I've been playing like crazy since 2-3 days and i havent gotten a single fragment. I'd really like to unlock those 2 chests...
Smerk (EUW)
: The more you got the lesser chance to get more, how many did you get already?
I unlocked 2 chests (counting the free one you get for the first time you use HC)
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: Start with yourself then, youre part of the problem. Bye bye
: Problem Champ + Skin Free
Google it, or send a ticket to riot support
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: Matchmaking is rigged
No. Matchmaking matches you with people of your level. So instead of complaining about your team being bad, you should try to get better.
7Bites (EUNE)
: TNX RIOT A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I bet you just gave your account to a scam site because you were careless. Contact Riot support.
: Aurelian Sol still in the PBE and will most likely be there for a while, Hextech has been out in NA for a few Days, concidering the time it should be sometime within this week for Europé to get Hextech. hope this helped. Good Luck in solo que and have a wonderfull day ^_^
LegendCZ (EUNE)
: Because you sound like selfish and really bad person not care about your blood-releated server. I mean people keep asking about Hextech just for EUW and nobody from EUNE said a word what i saw. The guy just say what should be stated already and you behave like ... well dont want to be rude go figure ...
Nobody is forbidding people for EUNE to ask you know. Why should i be concerned about a server i don't play on ? By that logic people could get mad and you're an asshole for not caring about Turkey release dates... Also how am i behaving like an asshole when replying politely to someone who asks to stop asking questions related to my server because it offended them that I didn't ask for theirs ?
FormaxX2222 (EUNE)
: There isn't only EUW stop this posts there is EUNE too
But why should care about EUNE dates if im on EUW ?
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Skraja (EUW)
: Crests
That's pretty neat. I'm interested in seeing your future crests if you ever decide to make more.
N1KilleRN (EUW)
: Done with this game
git gud (or you know, everyone had loss streaks, it will get better)
Friendlyy (EUW)
: Second chance
They already had several second chances. If they're permabanned it's well deserved, and I think that on this subject Riot is doing well.
: The new Hextech Crafting has been released for testing on TR server last week, Riot said they'd keep it testing for a minimum of 4 weeks before releasing it to other servers so at the very earliest we'll get it Mid/Late-March
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Four Star (EUW)
: I am thinking about quting ranked
I feel sorry for you, try to find friends to play with since we can play as 5 premades in ranked.
T4aFeK (EUW)
: Points heroes ???
There's no secret, you must play games a lot. I'd recommend prioritizing buying runes and basic champions (two or three for each roles in the 450/1350/3150 ip tiers) before getting these champs.
Rhosta (EUNE)
: That would also mean higher server load if queue time would be shorter. Proper solution would be making all roles equaly appealing for choosing them.
They are equally appealing imo, it's just the problem that in low elo want to get kills, and low elo is where most people are, without realizing that supports can carry a game by themselves.
: And we will get people plaing at roles they should NOT play, just for more IP. Or we will get "OMG I PICKED TOP AND MID AND I GOT SUPPORT, FFS PLS LET ME TOP, FUCKING BUGGED QUEUE" douchebags
If you pick top and mid you're supposed to either top or mid...
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Alex3995 (EUW)
: or he was at -3 for dodging
I didn't know it did that (and i just forgot to lock in)
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: Windspeaker's Soraka was broken, WS Janna is broken, and WS Ali is supposedly broken.
Lùmen (EUNE)
Because if your whole team is made of squishes you might have a bad time
xTigax3 (EUW)
: I as a Syndra main can just say that Syndra's Q should be changed back to where it was before her nerfs. Her kit is made around being strong in lane and abusing this advantage to snowball the game through higher farm and pressure to make up for the lack of mobility and range she has with her core damage abilities. At the moment it's rather about surviving until she has ult and just trying to find squishy single targets to oneshot. If the enemy buys hexdrinker you can never oneshot him even when having 90 cs at 10 minutes unless he is stupid enough to get hit by 3 Qs W E and a 6 ball ult + ignite which already takes 6 seconds so it's not that kind of oneshot you expect from a Syndra. Before the Syndra nerfs I dominated basically every lane when I played well used it to snowball and if I missed the chance to do so I was rather weak. I couldn't create as many plays as with an assassin but that's fine since I had the damage to 1v1 basically everyone as long as I don't fall behind. Now I lack the damage to bully my lane which causes me to have harder time contesting the cs, can't be a threat pre ult to my enemies and leads me to being less farmed when I hit my spike from level 9 to 11. Either you need to make up for her weaker early game by giving her stronger late game (not my favourite because she already can be fairly strong in the late game) or you give her back the ability to bully in lane when played well (I like that one really much). Syndra is a very hard mid laner because just like Ori she relies a lot on positioning, handling your mana well and keeping track of the placements of your balls and all the enemies at the same time to zone and poke well without getting engaged on. Playing this well is still rewarded but not enough since you never get the chance to be ahead unless you have a very favourable matchup or the enemies making mistakes or getting the jungler helping out before 6.
I feel exactly the same, i didn't main her but i liked to play her before her nerf, but now i almost never play her
SoulBawz (EUW)
: please no. unless she falls behind and you build mr then she will still 1shot you even if she is 0/3, all she needs is an ap item and her damage goes through the roof with her ult, please no. she does require skill though
Maybe nerf her ult then, it really isn't funny to be useless all game just because enemy picked an assassin and you cant do anything early because your q deals nothng...
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Artesin1 (EUW)
Champion lock in is an AFK check. Also sometimes you don't know which champ to play (hesitation)
eDmine (EUNE)
: supports mains are The rarest of all roles and mid is the most wanted role i think, thats why its giving supp to you, if u find frustrating to play supps, learn a different role, hope i helped
Yeah but i tried with adc instead of supp, same result... If i have mid as primary position it should be the priority...
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