: "I'd rather have a toxic teammate than a bad one"
I'd rather have bad player who is friendly, because a toxic person is 100% more likely to ragequit, threaten people and not commit to any teamplay. You can't rely on them whatsoever. At least a bad player is more likely to listen to your calls and you can thus pull through as a team. Much less stressful than having to talk down a toxic dude who is threatening to leave the game or run it down mid.
: I need insight from Riot employees (not the recruited supports from everywhere)
Dude, you are NOT kidding ANYONE with the futa loli stuff. Quit it. Everyone knows exactly what you mean and coming up with clever linguistic justifications for it isn't going to work. Honestly, nobody is easily offended by this name - nobody gives a crap, but if Riot wants to keep LoL's PEGI12 rating, they cannot allow sexually charged usernames. Banning those names is a way for Riot to legally protect themselves from crazy parents who try to sue the company because their kid saw a naughty word in a video game. So, it's nothing personal. Just use your common sense and don't be edgy.
SzatanacY (EUNE)
: Is it possible to get RP refund for ur banned account?
No. When you joined the game, you agreed to not break the rules. You literally agreed to a contract, though you probably just scrolled to the bottom and accepted without reading anything. You broke this contract, thus you are entitled to absolutely nothing.
Ribyu (EUW)
: Snowflakes &Unfair Bans/Restrictions
"Why am I punished for breaking the rules? That's so unfair!" So freaking hilarious that this guy complains about "snowflakes" when he is literally crying because he wants a safe space that has no consequences for his actions. That's not how the real world works.
ChrisMac (EUW)
: Yes. If you're premade, you're toxic.
But that's literally not true?
ChrisMac (EUW)
: I HATE Premades.
I always play with a few friends, so I guess that makes me a premade? We're always super friendly to the random(s) in the team, so no, you are incorrect. Not every premade is toxic or does troll picks. The world isn't black and white.
: I don't think so. I would call it "being egoistical". It's certainly what (in bird culture) is called a %%%% move, but I wouldn't call it unsportsmanlike behavior.
Makes sense. I've just seen some people complain about it, so was just wondering what the official stance was, if there was any. Thanks for the answer!
: That is definitely incorrect. First of all, I am absolutely sure that no tooltip says anything close to this and secondly, we have already seen cases where players have been punished for exactly that and ONLY that. Often these players already have a history, so technically they weren't punished ONLY for typing "gg ez" but for typing "gg ez" AND having a history of previous violations. But behaving unsportsmanlike definitely can trigger punishments, including bans and permabans.
I'm curious, does instalocking in Blind Pick count as "behaving unsportsmanlike"? It seems to be a bit of a grey zone.
Umbrasa (EUW)
: Suspended for 14 days
League community: "Riot isn't doing enough about the toxicity in this game!" Also League community: "Why am I punished for being toxic!?" {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Vangüard (EUNE)
: How can i Win can someone tell me
Here are my tips: 1. Don't use your kills to get more kills. Take towers, take rift herald, take dragons. **TOWERS ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN KILLS**. Doesn't matter if you have 20 kills if you have 0 towers - you will lose that game. 2. Look at your mini map - if you see all the enemy players engaged in stuff, use that opportunity to take an objective while they are busy. You can easily sneak a herald or a dragon. 3. ALWAYS have a control ward. Every time you back, buy one. Place it on an objective so that you can sneak one. Always place loads and loads of wards - it gives you good map awareness. If you don't see the enemy, just assume they are coming for you and back off. 4. Split push! See 4 enemies in bot doing dumb stuff? Go top and take a tower. If you notice enemies disappearing on the map, back off, go somewhere else. 5. Play easy champions that are good by themselves. Yorick can push towers like a beast, Warwick can solo objectives, Lulu can make anyone useless by polymorphing them, Caitlyn has so much range that you can farm safely without anyone touching you, Annie can throw a freakin' bear into people if they dive you under tower. Don't play cool kid champs like Lee Sin, Vayne, Riven etc. - it will be very difficult for you to master the game AND master a difficult champion at the same time, so only concentrate on one thing at a time. 6. That been said, definitely play a champion that you find fun to play. There is no point in playing something "OP" if you aren't enjoying yourself. 7. Work on your farm. Like, REALLY work on it. Aim to have roughly 10 creeps per minute. 8. If you see an enemy overextending in another lane and you feel that you can afford to leave your lane, leave it and punish that mistake. If you are mid, for example, and you see the enemy botlaners push into your bot tower, just walk down there, murder them and take the tower. 9. Have awareness of your enemies' deaths. If the enemy jungler is dead and yours is alive, take a dragon or rift herald. They don't have smite, you do. USE that opportunity to do something. 10. Accept that you are going to lose roughly half of all the games you play. Don't be too discouraged by your losses and if you are tilted, stop playing and take a break. League is a marathon, not sprint. EDIT: Practice those things one at a time, otherwise your head might explode. Say, "This game, I will focus on my farm" and try to improve these things one by one. I hope these tips will help you! Good luck! :)
CHG Tidus (EUW)
: Why League is so frustrating to play as a single player
I never play by myself anymore. Either I play with a few friends or I don't play at all. It's a team game, so I don't see the point of playing by yourself. When I play by myself, the game easily becomes a frustrating experience, but if I'm in a call with a few friends, I'm laughing my ass off the entire time and the game becomes very enjoyable. Even if you "don't have any friends in real life", you can still meet people in League that are tons of fun. I've met some amazing friends in this game and now we hang out all the time. If I'm by myself, I just play a single player game. League just isn't that type of game and there is no point in treating it like it is - as soon as I stopped doing that, I became a much happier person. Upvoted your post, though, since I understand your frustration.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
No worries, dude :) I will try to Google for it.
: Maybe they should have something in the options about getting those notifications.
I was thinking the same thing. If there was an off/on button for notifications, I think it would certainly decrease the amount of posts on the boards that complain about not being notified. I think it would be a relatively simple fix for a lot of the unhappiness in the community.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I see. Do you know when that survey was made? I'm just curious. I do appreciate your responses :)
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I don't think people would mind being spammed if they could get their "thirst for justice" sated. The latter point, however, does make a lot of sense.
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Nox Eterna (EUNE)
: You called or insinuated that I am a kid 6 times in a single message. If that's adequate talking behaviour you're so eager to achieve, I fail to see it, sorry. All you did was to prove my point that the only reason you're here is that you Want to feel good about yourself. But doing something useful IRL is bothersome, so here you are, being a brave internet champion by trying to put "bad" people, as declared by the system, in their place. Can you genuinely tell me that I am wrong?
Again, if you want people to treat you like an adult, learn to behave like one. That's all the advice I can give you and if you won't take it, well... that's your own doing. Enjoy your dystopian, draconian land of horror and sheer misery. Yeesh.
Nox Eterna (EUNE)
: Could you be any less butthurt over getting caught with your BS? Please, do call me "kid" more, as this is clearly the only thing you can do to get your "point" across. Unfortunately, my workplace doesn't have dystopian rules, so why would I "spew" remarks like these there? Sorry again for making you so mad by showing you the real state of things.
Mad? I'm not the one crying to strangers on the internet because of the "dystopian" state of a freakin' video game that nobody is forcing you to play. Oh, what an unfair world it is, where insulting perfect strangers is not considered acceptable behaviour.
Nox Eterna (EUNE)
: Funny, coming from a guy that supports the dystopian ruleset riot got. You, and princessess that get all offended from a single word ARE the reason this community is considered to be one of the worst. IT IS sad that these forums and the game are populated by your ilk. Take your damn pink googles off for once. Hope nothing serious will actually happen to you IRL, but if it will, you will finally understand how insignificant words are. But for now, I guess people like you will just continue getting their kicks from standing on what they perceive as moral high ground, showing these "toxic" people what for with their witty (not) remarks. And that shows more than I care to say about you.
Oh, cry me a freakin' river and grow the hell up. If you want to be treated like an adult, then speak like an adult and not some cringey 12-year old edgelord that cries when he inevitably gets slapped on the fingers for having a potty mouth. If you spew remarks like these in the work place, your ass is going to get fired instantly and you are unlikely to get hired again. THAT's what happens in the real world, kiddo, and you will see that soon enough once you finish school and enter society. So, I suggest you take _your_ pink goggles off and stop acting like a kid who thinks the real world has no consequences.
Zaichis (EUW)
: Is this flaming
Whenever people make these posts, they ALWAYS say "I'm just pointing out things that happen" and "I'm just telling the truth". But what made you say those things? Do you think you are genuinely helping the person by pointing out his mistakes or are you just trying to make him feel bad? Because you are just being negative and making snide comments about someone who is already struggling. You are kicking someone who is already lying down. Yes, it's flaming. If you want to help, go to his lane and help. Making him feel even less confident about the situation helps nobody.
: I was banned for saying 1 word
You used an extremely hateful insult, thereby **breaking the Terms & Conditions** that **you** agreed to when you downloaded this game. You agreed from the start to never use that word and yet you broke your promise, thus bringing this upon yourself. Riot aren't the ones that need to get their "shiet" together when _you're_ the one acting like a princess from a Grimm's fairy tale.
: Bot of Legends
Played two bot games today, just because I was morbidly curious about these rumors. Can confirm that there were two bots in my team in both games. They do, indeed, only play free characters and have that Tibbers icon.
: hard to dodge a promo... if u do you automatically lose promos...
OK yeah, you got that right.
: I haven't received anything, that's what I was mentioning in the first post about it saying some sort of e-mail was supposed to have been sent but nothings been sent and I can't see anything in the account management either on the website. That's why I was also mentioning it because I want to see where the supposed toxicity is, because as far as I'm concerned I haven't been, although I've seen plenty of it in game chat and lobby chat in plenty of games. Hence which is why I'm wondering is there some kind of bug or something right now? I'm not sure I'm understanding how the report tool is supposed to be absolutely perfect? That method might work for text-related issues but how is it supposed to determine 'intentional feeding' from simply having a bad game, and the likes of that? So I don't think it's perfect therefore I believe it can be abused. Example: being accused of int feeding is annoying when you play support main, because most people immediately flame you on your "kills, death" but seem to always forget that "assist" exists too, or that the point of support is to help others get kills and support them, instead of taking the kills for ourselves. So if the game is lost, we are blamed for having "0 kills", otherwise we get blamed for the game losing because we "stole cs" or "stole kills", so you can't please them either way. Then this usually gets followed by "report XYZ" being spammed in the /all chat, and from then onwards it just becomes a Mexican wave. It's the exact same mentality you generally find with younger people still in school, the whole "blindly follow the sheep" attitude. Does that make sense?
I get what you're saying. The system is definitely not perfect. People can certainly "abuse" the system by not getting caught, through loopholes that the system cannot (yet) detect. If they are very clever trolls, the system cannot pick up on it. I only meant that you cannot "abuse" the system by reporting people who have not done anything wrong. It doesn't matter if people scream "REPORT XYZ" in the chat, because multiple reports do not count for more. Riot recently made a Reddit post saying that they are working on improving the system in regards to intentional feeders, but haven't given much detail about when the changes will be applied or how it will work. It makes sense for them to not talk too much about their methods, in case people figure out a way to sidestep them. Keep us updated when Support gets back to you. If you were banned by mistake, you don't have anything to fear.
: So you're saying that every report made on the report tool is manually verified by Riot employee's?
No, it's an automatic system. Meaning that it is designed to detect specific things that are punishable - such as abusive talk in the chat. If you were reported for "toxicity", this is likely what the system picked up. If nothing can be detected, you cannot be punished. But since the system DID detect something, I am guessing you aren't telling us the whole story here. Check your spam filter. Did you receive the chat logs?
: Permanent Ban bug?
Just a note, there is no such thing as "troll reports" and there is no way to abuse the report system. If someone reports you and you have truly done nothing wrong, the system is literally incapable of punishing you. It doesn't matter if a thousand people reported you if you haven't done anything wrong.
You can't report people for off-meta picks. You can just dodge if you see someone pick it and you don't want to play with it. Problem solved.
: Ban system
Why is it broken and stupid? It works just fine. Assuming everybody bans and there are no double bans (which there frequently are), you're only banning something like 13% of the characters available in game. Because of double bans, that number is more likely closer to 10%. That's nothing. **90% of all the existing characters are still available** and there are plenty to choose from. If you're unhappy with banning, you can literally go play Blind Pick, where there are no restrictions.
Nox Eterna (EUNE)
: Didn't expect a permaban to feel so liberating.
"Pathetic community of snowflakes" Yet you go on to the boards to _whine _ about the punishment you very clearly deserve. Talk about the irony! Hopefully the lesson will sink in one of these days and you will no longer be abusive to other people.
Magneset (EUW)
: Riot stated that players who performed well in the previous honor system would get some kind of reward. They didnt announce what as of yet though.
Where did you read this? Just curious, because I don't remember seeing it.
vinycz1 (EUNE)
: What might mean Earth can melt, the sea pour out of the shore, the sky fall ... but they will come.
He means the creatures of the Void. {{champion:31}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:161}}
: Warwick hasn't had a skin for a while so this could be a good one {{champion:19}} {{item:3025}}
Aeon Flux (EUW)
: Looks pretty good, would be nice to have something similar to this on april's fool
Thank you! Yeah, I agree. The funny skins will always be my favourite, I think :)
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kawonik112 (EUNE)
: Bans for toxicity are bullshit
Someone is having a bad game and you make them feel even worse by calling them homophobic slurs? Instead of helping them? You could have ganked, lane swapped, given him tips... but you decide to throw a temper tantrum. What if someone treated you that way when you are feeding and having an absolutely miserable time? You deserve your ban. I sincerely hope you will take this lesson to heart and that you're a bit more sympathetic next time.
BiG M 4 2 0 (EUNE)
: Are You Serious?
Naming and shaming isn't allowed, dude. Now, I haven't watched the replays or anything, but those just look like bad games to me, not intentional feeding. Anyone can have bad games and be on a terrible losing streak - even Diamond players. I watched Gbay99 lose 7 games in a row on stream. It just happens and will continuously happen, even in high elo. If you are _so_ much better than everyone else, then help your team mates and carry.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I'm all for letting people get off with a warning, as long as they know a warning has been given. A three strike rule is fine and I absolutely believe people can reform their behaviour, which is why I don't support the "Prisoner Island" concept. I think the new Honor system might have some kind of positive impact, but we'll have to wait and see. I'm open to ideas as long as something is being done, which I simply don't feel is the case right now. I do like your concerns, however. Do you have any alternatives yourself? I'm just looking to start a conversation about this subject, with different suggestions being made.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. This really isn't possible, without literally having many thousands of these types of players in-game. You wouldn't be able to control or quality check such a large group, so their punishments would be highly inconsistent. Riot has systems that detects the behaviour you're talking about, but it's still being worked on. Having an automated system is really the only viable option when you're talking about a game this size. Not even Rioters are allowed to directly ban misbehaviour they encounter in-game, so I don't think allowing players to do it is a good idea either
Hi Hansiman! Always glad to hear your thoughts. Don't you think that exactly because of its size, something drastic needs to happen? I feel that it has gotten worse over the years, perhaps because the game has been growing so much. I really do believe that most of the community's players are good people and I always commend those that are, but it only takes one bad person to ruin the game for four. Every third game, I seem to bump into people who are just malicious, either trolling or abusing teammates. Not just on my team, but on the enemy team too. It's hard to not get jaded when these people never see any consequences for their actions and it gets very intense when you have to spend 15 minutes to half an hour in their company. The automatic system is highly inconsistent already, so that's _already _the reality we are dealing with. I see so many posts on here complaining about toxic behaviour and begging for something to be done. These people get told by Riot to simply mute, report and move on - but move on to what? The next game, where the _exact_ same thing is bound to happen? Players will end up abandoning the game, in spite of how awesome it is - and this IS happening. Whenever I see people who quit, it's not because of the game itself, it's because of the community. I love the mechanics, I love the characters, I love the art, the music - it's all been improving so much and so has the transparency of the company itself. I appreciate all the work that is being done - ping mutes being one of the awesome things recently added! But at the end of the day, this will not save LoL if the company doesn't take a massive step towards doing something about abusive people. Just curious, do you know for a fact that the automatic system is being updated or is it just a rumour? Is there any information on _how_ it is being worked on? Have a good day, friend.
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. The Tribunal Voting System will probably not really see any immediate return, since it won't really provide any extra "power" on the table. The old system struggled by being very slow. It was known to take many weeks before a case was created, before it was handled by the old system due to the requirement of human interaction. During that time, a player could have continued with their derogatory behaviour towards hundreds of other players before they got punished, and then they were presented with a case containing games they didn't even remember. That's not good on reform rates. The current Instant Feedback System, IFS, is capable of handling a case within 15 minutes of it being created, and can monitor far far more cases than the old Voting System was capable of. It also boasts a higher accuracy than the old Voting System, so would it make sense for Riot to go back to a more inefficient system? --- > For example; I recently had a game where the support was somehow offended, then promptly spent the next 15 minutes of the game griefing the jungle camps... The old voting system wouldn't have been able to punish this either. It was a chat based system, and it wasn't possible to look into actual gameplay. Riot is currently working on a system that handled gameplay misbehaviour, but it is a lot harder to detect than misbehaviour in the chat, so it's currently set to only automatically handle very clear cases. By reporting unwanted gameplay misbehaviour accurately, you help Riot gather data which they use to improve these systems in the future.
Thank you for the reply! I appreciate your input and your points were very good!
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