Sakenai (EUW)
: Am i the only one who thinks this game became 'for-pussies-only'?
I say post your chat logs and prove you didn't say anything as bad as what people would normally get banned for..
: My take on the new runes and system. Please share yours (Discussion Thread)
Hello! It's been great reading through your post and the responses, it's given me a little more of an insight, and i just wanted to share my opinion. I'm still REALLY struggling to get to grips with this new rune system, It's not that i hate change, it's just that it took me so long to adjust with the previous rune set ups and i finally found something that worked for me, and i did actually start to climb in ranked, but then BAM! Along comes this new system and completely throws me off. i have no idea what any of it means, i mean yeah i understand a good portion, but most of it is just gobbeldegouche (such as Adeptive damage) what even is "Adeptive damage."? And i noticed they completely removed lethality, as well as bonus CDR minus the 5% you can get from the resolve section. I feel like riot are forcing us to play into the meta builds and doing so with brute force. I used to have fun with my builds and champs, but now i just feel like i'm being told. "You WILL follow this meta." or "You WILL build this item." or "You WILL follow what everyone else has to build." so all in all, i really feel like League has been ruined for me.. But of course this isn't going to be everyone's opinion, and i don't expect it to be, but i do feel like they have taken out the "individuality factor." of the game.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
then why even have a block button? what is the purpose... it's just a bullshit clickable object that gives people false hope... %%%% you riot, your games %%%%ing trash anyway
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Flurrydeath (EUNE)
: Riot scam
"So why is it a scam? It is a scam to keep people in the game and buy skins, shirts etc. Its a scam to milk the cow so to speak. I hate it." you do know that skins don't effect how a champion plays right? they give no added benefit to the match.. it's STRICTLY just cosmetic... sooo im more inclined to believe that you're just talking out of your rear end..
PzyZeemok (EUW)
: I dont get it, 600 games bronze 4? You must be trolling..
i don't get it, you've been apart of the boards for a while but only ever had 2 upvotes in your lifetime {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Arkynata (EUW)
: The most common ADC mistake I see
As an adc main this also baffles me to no end.. when i get auto filled as support and i'm trying to signal my adc to back off and they ignore me like i'm talking out my a## then suddenly enemy jgler pops up and nabs a freebee. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Another solo queue post
As any thing in life, You win some, you lose some, it's all about the state of mind that you play with (as told to me by a High diamond elo player) Yeah okay i'm only a bronze 4 but we still have to deal with trollers and afk'ers and feeders.. and toxic people.. and flamers.. and people who just give the community a bad name.. all i can suggest is that you find a group of people to enjoy the game with.. or just ignore everything and continue playing.
: how do you play teemo correctly without being useless because the enemy just builds MR?
{{item:3031}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3135}} GG
Lavenora (EUW)
: Thanks a lot! Hah I love my magical girls ^^ and sure you can call me crumpet :^)
Ahh Legendary! Also i hope you don't mind but i added you, you seem cool and chill af so i figured why not 8D
: Nonono Play as Blind Monk {{champion:64}} and act as one :D
I'm literally dying with laughter right now xD
Lavenora (EUW)
: My Star Guardian fan art ''collection'' so far
I love your drawings, especially the Lulu SG. Your ashe Looks amazing and The Raka is really pretty but i like the Elf girl drawing most haha, i'm not a big fan of magical garment girls unless it's for :: Is that A zombie? :: Because that anime was hilarious lol, But i Really do like your art. Great work and keep it up! P.s Can i call you crumpet? {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
: How to enter Bronze V with out getting banned?
> [{quoted}](name=Apacay,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=lOsj7A7v,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-09-13T12:00:52.891+0000) > > Any idea how to get to this heaven? > I mean most Bronze games are much more fun then plat games! :D > Leave your ideas in comments and share your wisdom. > (its not trolling , I'am asking srsly) play janna Jg, GG
: You are just trying to provoke me with your comments in my eyes, thats why I tried to ignore it. I dont think you have to tell an ex diamond 2 player the basics of the game? Especially if you just started the game a short time ago too, or are not that good at all at the game.
> [{quoted}](name=Pa1nkiller,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=UinujkMO,comment-id=000100000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-09-12T17:41:59.095+0000) > > You are just trying to provoke me with your comments in my eyes, thats why I tried to ignore it. > I dont think you have to tell an ex diamond 2 player the basics of the game? Especially if you just started the game a short time ago too, or are not that good at all at the game. That's a little harsh and very elitist.. Just because you are a higher tier At the moment, that doesn't mean i'm any less better than you.. Okay, yeah, you have been playing for longer maybe, but that doesn't mean i can't hold the same level of knowledge, after all i've been playing league for almost 3 years, only recently have i bothered with ranked because at first i started playing league just for fun, then i realized there was a competitive scene, but i also figured out that it was filled with negative people who flame more than trolls in normals.. but i took it in stride and began my climb.
: Well your comment just said: "Im toxic too, and flame other people", "You are toxic too, so you deserve the ban" and "You are bad cause you get ganked". Sorry, but I cant see any "helpful" suggestion.
> [{quoted}](name=Pa1nkiller,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=UinujkMO,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2017-09-12T17:23:07.979+0000) > > Well your comment just said: "Im toxic too, and flame other people", "You are toxic too, so you deserve the ban" and "You are bad cause you get ganked". Sorry, but I cant see any "helpful" suggestion Suggestions: 1. Stop overextending (as this is the only way enemy jg can actually truly mess you up when Riven, is if you are too close to enemy tower and a WW jumps you, sometimes even busting Q and your dash won't let you escape) 2. Ward more ( place a ward not only in river brush but a little further down as well so you can see if anybody is coming through the river. as for the rest, i don't have time to argue with you lol, but you're clearly extremely triggered by something or other so i'll just leave you to it. Have a good day and i hope you feel better soon
: Banned for being flamed?
As much as i like to believe in comebacks (And i really do, i've carried some awesome as hell comebacks as twitch) It's all team focused and you need the Can do thinking in order to think outside the box. Think of it like this... you're playing Riven top and mid/bot lane have been run over. you have only the 2 towers protecting nexus. you check your adc's build and notice the enemy is ahead in both farm and kills. a Team fight is initiated, You're fine, you deal the damage and can take it. But your teammates are struggling because they haven't got enough farm to build. do you take all the kills from your team fight? or do you share them around? do you advise people on what to buy? or do you just shout at them how useless they are because they lost lane before the 15 minute mark? Everything comes down to you as an individual player. If you're purposely flaming, their will not be a chance for comebacks because the whole team will of given up. If you're as good as you are making yourself out to be. You should be able to handle the Cpt role and help keep your team mates from tilting by providing positive reinforcement because believe it or not Everything depends on how your own state of mind is and that's just the tip of the iceberg. in short. i've made comebacks from being 12-45 or scores even as low as 10 - 34. And i can promise you those comebacks were only possible through sheer force of team work.
: Well im just going to ignore your comment since its not related to the topic. Since you are bronze 4 and saying that if im getting ganked then im bad im going to ignore this one too, because it seems like you have not that much experience in league of legends. Also it seems like you didnt even read the thread, since you asked many things that I even answered in the thread. Thanks anyway for your comment
Okay, that's fine, they were just a few helpful suggestions, but how you reacted towards my comment kinda proves why you got banned. And what league are you I'm just wondering? Also, my comment was very relative to the post, I was kinda hoping you would double check over your logs and then realize where you type things of negative behaviour/Some things that could be classed as flaming. And you're right, I am B4 but i'm slowly working my way up :) and as a Top main of a few months i've picked up a few tips and tricks.
: Banned for being flamed?
I've said this before on another post, And honestly im really not trying to be mean or harsh or troll like when i say this.. But if YOU cannot find the toxicity in your own blog after being banned. Then it's something that you deserve happening to you. I recently had my main account banned because i was too toxic, I learned my lesson and now i Literally say NOTHING unless i am being spoken too. As for being ganked as a riven top clearly you're lacking in strategy, so either stop overextending or ward more. These are both great ways to avoid being tilted by gank :D :D
: I got banned for toxicity and i wasnt even toxic at all
I'm not trying to be harsh or troll when i say this but if YOU cannot find where you have been toxic in your own logs.. you deserved to be banned.
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Tekoa (EUW)
: you ask why you should get triggered while you acutally seem a bit triggered already. I have to admit it was kind of hard in the beginning but when you understand all the patterns this game mode is "pretty" easy to defeat, depending on which runs you get :D we just finished 2/3 missions already. And it's at least a challenging mode, so why is everyone complaining. You have 2 whole weeks for these missions.
I was pretty triggered, Not gonna lie haha, But after a few playthroughs after i de stressed and chilled out i did manage to start finding patterns and continuously progressed with each game {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Botlane warding exploit
I guess the dev's still have a few more kinks to work out?
: ye
What are your thoughts on that? Personally.. i think it's total b.S but i am interested to hear what others think of it
: Thought for the day- ELO Heaven, ELO Hell or ELO Purgatory?
I somewhat agree, but i also disagree, for instance.. I'm bronze 4, i keep getting pushed back into b5 and then i climb into b4, then i get pushed back, then i climb.. it's a never ending cycle right now.. mainly because when i'm performing well, there will always be at least 2 people i have to carry, now this is hard for me because im not good at talking to people and asking them to do things.. so i use smart pings to advise and stuff. but i never get paid attention too, and then when they die i'm the one who gets flamed because i didn't back them up. (I'm just leaving base after recalling for mana, they are all the way at the enemy base pushing in a tower before inhib. ) How the hell am i supposed to be in 2 places at once? it just physically impossible. And that's the worst of it. The fact that situations like this actually happen and stop us from progressing is why i think people call it ELO hell. Because in a lot of cases you don't have a choice over who wins or loses because you can guarantee there will be at least one player who is like. "mmmmmhnnnnn How can i %%%% this game up for everybody."
: Tired playing alone?? JOIN NOW OUR LOL COMMUNITY!!!!
Are you sure it's safe for Bronzies? Lol
: by halfing the map and giving us a boring tower defense game. I prefer the full map as it was great, trying to push but have a garen or fiddlestick jump out. trying t outplay and take down a tower while 4 morgana stuns swing around someone. now it sucks
Have you played Onslaught yet?
Perilum (EUW)
: Another day, another "Hurr durr I play since season X and I can't climb".
LOL that made me chuckle. I wanna leave my thoughts.. but i'm just a filthy Bronze 4
BlueStr (EUW)
: Wow, playing for 4 years and still talk like bronze. First and foremost kids copy behavior of other players s "toxic kids" are the fault of toxic adults in the first place. Complaining about kids being toxic is irelevant as long as you have toxic adults. Second you CANT win all games, thats a fact. 40% of games are a free win or a free loss regardless of your actions, what separates good players from bad is what they do in the remaining 20% of games.
"Wow, playing for 4 years and still talk like bronze." Do you know how Elitist you sound? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Didn't you know? They don't want to give out free stuff so they make it impossible for you to get them. Who even balanced this mode? Did they even think when they made this mode? Lifesteal only at 25%? This is BS.
Yeah i figured this would be the case, considering all you can get from that mode is a champion. (Random but permanent.) Or a Ward Skin.. why should i get triggered over this BS mode when i can just play a bunch of normal games and get those things anyway? {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: Who the hell thought that 5 man premade was a good idea?!?!? Even if I had 5 friends to play with (which I don't) I don't trust them to be able to actually finish the mode since they got very low skill. (compared to the OP champions randomly spawning on the map)
This is the thing, even with good players, me and my team haven't been able to get very far, and we are great with our champions and we know how to play PvE due to the numerous times we played doom-bots, Onslaught is literally just a waste of time and energy. Either this is just something they are testing with, or they have purposely made this mode just to make people uninstall due to how badly balanced the whole mode is. i mean come on.. have you seen the range of kog maws ability in this mode? and how much damage it does compared to how much damage you do given the crappy amount of starting gold? LIKE WTF RIOT AT LEAST GIVE US A F####G CHANCE!
: You just need a working team comp, and people decently good with their champ.... Give the gamemode time... people need time to learn how to PvE.
Have you played Onslaught?
: Invasion
I'm 100% convinced that Riot are legit just trolling us with Onslaught.
: Premade 5 missions really?
Personally i think the missions are B~~~~~~t why should i bust my ass playing onslaught.. when the game mode is totally unfair.. just random kogs come out of nowhere and mess you up because they are 100000000x stronger than you.. and you don't even get that much starting gold. also, they have removed the key items you NEED to be able to do anything (E.G Runaans for jinx.) Okay i like the idea and i do rate the game mode. But onslaught is just a joke and rito are super trolling with that bs.
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: Bronze-Silver "team"
Hey, I've been playing for about a year and a bit but i only just started ranking, after placements i reached bronze 2 as supp main, but, bad games and some silly plays on my part got me smashed in to bronze 5, but i'm slowly working my way back up, i also play jg, adc and mid i'd be more than happy to play a few games with ya dude.
Infernape (EUW)
: When Season 2018 starts (which is December/January time)
Ahh, Thank you very much
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Very Shy (EUNE)
: Cant open client. Hope this helps people having the same problem if the other solutions are too hard or haven't worked
: LoL wont open (rads error)
I found this issue happened to me, here's what I found


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