Peeekaboo (EUW)
: After the first 6 copied words I was like: HOLD UP!
I had this happen to me with an actual book once. Half way through and boom, second half of the book is replaced with the first half. Still, all hail the Demon Kings of Europe.
JesRect (EUW)
: Why do you have the authority?
I mean... they have the authority because YOU gave it to them. You agreed to the terms of use, so you agreed the the punishment system. The people who get punished LITERALLY are the ones who gave them the authority to do it.
Roxãs (EUW)
: Morgana rework looks great
I am glad I'm not the only one who went 'Hello Lilithmon.' I also hope I'm not the only one who is VERY happy about it.
: The Kayl rework ruins her looks
I personally don't feel it _ruins_ her look, but I understand where you're coming from. I was never a fan of Kayle's old look, er... current look, as the armour was a bit too generic. There is a lot I like here, but it does see her shed down to a streamlined state rather than be intimidating 'burning metal in the sky', which also worked well to contrast against Morgana (Even if the idea of this design does appeal to me). I'm personally more split on her apparent seraph mode as I LOVE the wings but am less fond of the armour in that form. Badass comes in many forms... but sometimes you also do just want to be a heavily armoured angelic warhead woman.
Magneset (EUW)
: Might want to fix your keyboard.
Ironic given the demand for everyone to use perfect English.
: Why is this even a thing? Is Riot running out of ideas? What's next, Project: Toys line? I believe that this skin line should be really boycotted because, if this one goes well, MARK MY WORDS, we are going to be getting a lot of recycled skin ideas in the future. Honestly, I just feel bad that Riot's time is wasted on champions that already have tons of skins, especially with so many champions in dire need of skins. Yes, I do realize that all other champions are not nearly as popular, but come on... first all of these get a SG skin, but then they get pajama version of the same skin... really? I really really really hope that this skin line doesn't go so well for the sake of all of us.
And... off topic reply but...a worthy topic on it's own. First there is the business side. Star Guardians are popular, but adding more characters to the line dilutes it. So making more skins out of the line using existing characters is a good way to make money (which they need to run the game and pay their staff) without compromising a narrative. Which also comes to the reason why certain champions do get a lot more skins than others. People can say 'at the end of the day they're a business' callously, but that is also how people get paid and buy food. Second...I am actually someone who has imagined a 'Project Toys' skin set. Well, not exactly. It was 'school project' with younger characters in bad Project Cosplay but... In any case, the 'Pajama Guardians' are meant to be the same characters, just goofing together. I would understand your vitriol if you argued that skins like these may reduce the chance for other champions to get skins, but their existence and nature is not necessarily bad. Particularly this has the advantage of letting them use some existing assets to produce lower cost skins. Which is good for business and also to provide content for popular lines to the fans. But you're right. It does suck that less popular/profitable champions can languish without new skins for a long time. The large response the Ialloi skin vote is proof of that. But at the same time as someone who does not really like a lot of the joke skins, I recognize there is a place for skins like this. They aren't bad for players or the game, and ultimately isn't any skin line that returns a 'recycled skin idea'? The Projects have had more iterations than the Star Guardians, we have two 'Definitely Not' skins...
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: The more you post the more I want Pajama jinx , I cant get the idea out of my mind it would be really cool, and finally for once they removed the over sexualized aspect.
Oh, I have nothing against the idea of Pajama Guardian Jinx. Dream away. Though I would say that Jinx's most 'over sexualised' look would be her base skin. Everything else tends to be much more reasonable. That said, beware what you ask. People WILL find a way to sin with a onesie.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: So you are saying that a Pajama jinx would be better ? I am on board with this one. I would have bought a Pajama jinx but none of the other skins (Jinx is my favorite champion so yeah)
Pajama Party Jinx would be...less confusing than Pajama Party MF (story wise) as she is fun loving and free wheeling... but is also shown to not be the most sociable and expressed as dislike of Team Ahri. (As said, when Lux and Ezreal were pulled apart it was by MF and Jinx. The teams respective reds are both grumps.) That said, seeing the pillow equivalent of her ulting someone would be fun. But overall as I said in the post, I'm not trying to rail against the skin. Rather, I want in-story logic for MF lightening up.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Because riot picked the most popular SG skins for this project
Oh yes. I fully understand the Doylist reason for it. That's easy. But there's no reason to not line up 'profitable' with 'narrative.'
Rioter Comments
: I need a cute nickname (I love Ahri)
Nicknames tend to be organic and not something you can request or force. I didn't get one until my 20s and it isn't exactly flattering. (Though I do lve it.) If it was for a username that's different but...
VeganThresh (EUNE)
: I think it sounded rude as if I was lecturing you when I replied, so I apologize, what I meant is at many times something that very important to me, is easily dismissed by others, and they find it funny (Like friends sending pictures of their burgers saying "Look delicious doesn't it?" just to piss me off thinking it's funny). I have changed my name to this one lately and didn't realize how it sounded like "vegan trash" and people started calling me that. And those people were the ones joking, I already got one who wasn't joking with the username of "ANTIFA" who actually started a fight with me for my views. I'm not easily offended but I'd really like to meet other vegan players to group with because it makes me feel separated from other players, and I'd like ones to connect with. I don't regret changing my name, because it's a cause I believe in.
Don't worry too much. It sounded like a reasonable explanation and it came off much more as detailing your own passion rather than lecturing or forcing it upon me. I highlighted my one issue the same way I would critically assess anything. And no matter what it is, or how important a cause it can be seen as, it sucks when people mock something you're passionate about, and I'm sorry you're having to put up with that. Also, as someone who has had their real name made fun of plenty across their life, you have my full sympathy with people making fun of your chosen handle. Personally, I'll just be amused at the image given in lore Thresh is...kind of a sadistic, 'flaying flesh for giggles' monster. (Not intended as mocking. Shadow Isles just has some very scary people living there.) But yeah, I feel if you want this club to happen you're going to have to put some legwork in to advertise and appeal to people out there. Which I wish you the best of luck with. If I find anyone, I'll be sure to send them your way. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: My bad then, should've been more careful. Not everyone follows the news about the league tho, skins on top of that. I'd prefer some info about it in the rewards section of the tokens next time
While it isn't mentioned in the crafting section it is also mentioned in the events overview, so the information is inside the game launcher.
VeganThresh (EUNE)
: It's much more than a food preference, that's a lifestyle and a different perspective on everything. Many times I find it easier to connect and sympathise with other vegans than meat eaters.
I apologise if it felt like I was trivializing, as while I don't understand or agree with veganisim I do know many who practice it do feel very strongly about it. Although as a vegetarian I would appreciate not breaking things down into 'vegan' or 'meat eater', but that's also because I'm very pedantic. However, I do stand by it's rather...askew from the game's focus and that you're unlikely to find people who have grouped based around being Vegans. If you were to start a club there's a good chance you might find others but...
: Why do people feed so much in low elo?
Many people are unaware of their own strengths and weaknesses and can confuse success against a weaker opponent for their own strength, along with over focusing on a '1v1' mentality rather than broader map play. (how many people have you seen complain about enemy camping or being outnumbered as if it's 'unfair' rather than the whole point.) This is often combined with how 'carry focused' low levels of play are. That if you can't rely on your team, your best option is to be a super fed carry who can kill everything solo and win early. Buuuut if the whole team is trying to be carries then you lack CC and durability and the flaws start to rapidly pile up the moment one person falls behind. It really sucks but there is not a solution beyond finding reliable people to climb with. Which I really wish I had as well.
VeganThresh (EUNE)
: Wondering if there's a club for vegan players
I won't face palm, but it does feel like an...odd crossover. Like, a Vegan baking club I get. A Vegan dining club. Christian book clubs, Jazz lovers music club preference is an odd focus for a videogame association.
Thank you VERY much. Well...I um...I know what I'm not saying in the endgame lobby now.
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Eveninn (EUW)
: Don't go calling cuties assholes. T.T And for the love part there is a lot of harmful magics going on behind their backs. x3
To quote Scrooge McDuck. 'I was so busy chasing after treasure, I didn't see the one that was right in front of me...and stabbing me in the back.' Sometimes you just wouldn't want your conniving, devious, blood hungry love any other way. ^^
Eveninn (EUW)
: May I just take some of your time to talk about how awesome the Tango splash is?
I'm always down for appreciating how lovely this splash art is. And for all of the excellent reading you put in, I will continue to choose to believe we simply have two assholes in love ^^
Renamed12 (EUW)
: Just want to say thank you Riot
Y'know, I don't know what else I expect from someone called 'Bukkake Granny'.
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: >3: Lux. She's just lovely. That's very true, but she comes with a rather overprotective brother though. Got a mean spin too. I wouldn't even put it past him to hide in _her_ bush, waiting to pounce on any intruders.
Honestly, the general air of patriotism is my larger concern. Though the patriotic big brother with a mean spin is indeed a big concern. But life has proven I care more about a cute girl than a burly man. And I'll uh...leave the incest fanfiction where it is for now =p
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Answer these questions
I'm down. 1: Shaco. He's just anti-fun as far as I can see. His presence in any game is just depressing. 2: Astronautilus. Is it the best skin in the whole game? No. But it has such a special place in my heart. 3: Lux. She's just lovely. 4: You can't just give yourself a rank. You gotta KILL for that. 5: I don't really know...can I just have a magical yeti friend like Willump? 6: Lucian. Ending undead abominations is his thing. 7: This is a weird one to me...but I'd say Monkey D Luffy. Stretching and bouncing around is fun. 8: School Project Lulu. Which would basically be Lulu dressed up in cardboard in her own cheap Project cosplay. 9: The 'Why Aren't you Warding' Ward. Which would be a neon sign saying 'Why aren't you warding' in the hopes of giving allies a hint. 10: Hungry.
: I personally would love to see a bioforge kaisa !
: Bandle city actualy moves around the map.
Well that is amazing. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
: Factions mission- Where is Bandle city
So far the Factions missions seem to refer to 'World Powers' or as close to 'nations' as the set-up has. aka, the things you can see on maximum zoom out. Bandle City is part of Ionia now, only visible when zoomed in (same for the void). However, I agree this is a shame. And along with the ridiculously lame 'humans have trouble perceiving yordles' bit that has floated around recently it feels a little like Riot being embarrassed over the Yordles, rather than embracing how cool they are.
: You and Swampert919 share the same opinion as [greenlore]( which is a discussion that has been already lead, since I agree with Phoinix. I guess your point is the most logical explanation for the current state, I just hope it will be clarified from Riot's side.
Oh yeah. I'm not sure if it's something that needs to be 'clarified' but there is plenty of strong story opportunity within such a collision. Especially if it turns into a massive brawl. Camille vs Jinx vs Caitlyn and Vi. Though in that vein, I really want to explore the fact that Camille is 'C' and is apparently related to Caitlyn....That's a good family feud set up. Caitlyn to Camille and Vi to Jinx...
: Why doesn't Camille take care of Jinx?
Actually...I feel that Jinx is something that Camille wouldn't care about. I mean, if they were to cross paths she likely wouldn't hesitate to go for the jugular, but Jinx is general chaos. She wants to smash burn and have fun...she's good at it but she's a low level disruption that punishes those who are 'behind'. Camille is obsessed with the 'order' of Piltover. She has bigger fish to fry. That, and Jinx is VERY good at running away. Turn up, smash thing, leg it. She's not the sort of person you can plan a good stake out for.
: Bring back old runes and apologize
The old rune system was...really poor. It was pure number boosting that required grinding IP (or cash spending) to obtain usable options and even then rather than provide strategic options, you just looked up someone who had done the best number crunching and copied. Essentially the old system was completely removed in favour of focusing on the Mastery system, where you are choosing specific abilities that fit your scenario, whether that be the champion you are using, or the enemies you are facing. Toxicity has long been a community problem that I can't really see how runes affect it, I don't think you know what sandbox means, nor how removing runes for mastery focus appeals to people who want to play a crafting game. If you want to make an argument, you should at least TRY to explain why you think the old system was better rather than throw around buzz words.
iG Rakan (EUW)
: Why are there no princess skins?
I feel it's because 'Princess' is a little too generic. Not saying I don't like the idea, but Princess as a description is pretty broad. That said, if you were to combine it with other elements you could probably get some good work out of it...
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Pyrosen (EUW)
: What are you meant to do against Akali? is usually my counter against Akali. Poke with Q, keep your distance, and the moment she stealth bubbles throw up your W so that you have a shield and don't have to aim when she attacks you. Which kinda covers my one trick counter Sorry I can't be any real help. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
Rioter Comments
: There is none currently.
: There's a map in the works. But currently none available.
Thank you very much.
Rioter Comments
: riot fix your self
Even if you state that it's only due to machine failure, it means you are playing with unreliable equipment. You know that you are likely to drop out, and therefore are deserving of the leaverbuster. It's also been highlighted already that... > [{quoted}](name=GLurch,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=GqN6VgQU,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-05-19T10:56:47.797+0000) > > Sorry, but Riot doesn't remove leaverbuster punishments under any circumstances. > Even if you did come back, if you got punished with a leaverbuster, you were away for a significant amount of time, at least speaking in terms for a league of legends game. It also means that, since it was a normal, this isn't the first time you go afk, but that you already went afk multiple times in games. Riot does not tolerate going afk, as it ruins the fun for your team and even if you should manage to win, decreases the chances that your team will win by quite a lot. Which means that this is a recurring problem. Either you're leaving on your own and this is the one mechanical failure, or you're suffering regular mechanical failure but are playing anyway.
Hnd69 (EUNE)
I mean...I haven't had any ping problems. If it was a sever issue it would affect EVERYONE rather than just you. So it's probably your computer or internet.
Luster24 (EUW)
: [Concept] Banning keystones
People have already highlighted a lot of the problems with this idea, but there's a few I want to throw in. For one, the actual keystone pool is tiny compared the champion pool. Even with the suggestion that you can only ban one from each tree the impact of losing that many keystone is huge. And this isn't just for the enemy team. If you ban out aery, that's YOUR team having lost it as well. There's just too much space to be crippling and frustrating and I can't see a reason why it would actually improve the game environment.
: Text based commands such as this always need a GUI alternative. It would be handy if there was just an "auto mute all emoticons" option too. Those things are annoying.
I mean, having it exist with the same option spread as on individual players shouldn't be out of the realm of possibility? Team Mute : Chat, Emote, Ping. I think anyway.
: or you can use /fullmute all
That's a thing? I was unaware...this is why I jump to the need for buttons.
Rioter Comments
: HELP How do you deal with a spider as someone who has Arachnophobia?
For actual spider handling advice (not Elise related sadly) your two best options are to get a friend to remove them for you, or invest in a long range spider catcher. They're available on Amazon and are fairly cheap and let you keep the creepies at, like, double arms length, snatch em', and then just toss them outside.
: but im sure riot will be able to work around that issue..
The only option would be to enforce a formal system like swapping champions to swap roles, which would be enforcing masses of new code and development due to the fear of rare occasions of people not taking smite. And even then...well...the game isn't actually BUILT to have Top, Jungler, Mid, Bot, Support. That was a meta that developed over a long period of play (the existance of junglers and supports were a surprise to the developers.) Enforcing smite means killing the potential for different developments in the meta. It might not be competitively viable, now, but 2 top, 2 mid, etc etc. The meta can get weird and the future is unpredictable.
: riot needs to add something to make sure people take smite if they're jungle...
The problem is that role swapping is an active thing. More than once I've loaded into a match and swapped roles with people, or played with friends (or seen other premades) draw roles and switch around. If drawing 'jungler' locks you into having smite, then you lose the ability to trade your position with someone else.
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Play Shen That's what I did because you have to have map awareness to be effective {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
I was actually going to say the same thing. Run a few bot games then play some normals as Shen. Stay defensive and plan around using your ult to defend your team or support a play. Since you won't be focusing on pushing, just trying to keep the lane relatively static, it will let you feel out focusing on the map to make the most of your own power too.
Rioter Comments
: Change the ranking system please
The suggestion of basing it on KDA and minion kills would be worthless. Supports only acquire assists so would be harshly punished by this system. And as many have pointed out it would completely kill any sense of teamwork or working for objectives as raising your rank would be solely based on how much you can kill. The system can feel crushing at low levels because so often it can be tilted by the sheer weakness of some people you can be matched with, but that doesn't actually make it broken. Encouraging a world of selfish slaughter wouldn't make for a better game, and it wouldn't even be based on 'individual skill' as looking only at k/d/a and minions wouldn't account for kill steals etc.
DeafLord (EUNE)
: Anger...
I'm sorry, I don't have time. I just finished a post called 'Fear' and after this I gotta read one called Hate and after that write a dissertation on Suffering. Ha ha! Star Wars references.
: Gnar mid isnt viable either.
Oh feck, yeah, Akali is played in mid too. Sorry, I'm used to playing top and she sometimes appears up there. I have less advice with mid (though Galio might be a safe pick allowing good protection for others) but unfortunately some champions do have team interaction as their weakest point and co-ordination is your best chance. And again, sorry for forgetting mid-Akali is a thing.
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