Dboos (EUW)
: happened to me too couldnt close it , i had to restart the pc . happened 7 or 8 times mostly when i press (TAP)
i think the problem occurs for me too when pressing or holding tab, but it could also be just a coincidence :/
Kelan (EUW)
: Random Crash in game (no error message)
So i updated my BIOS (as recommended by support) and also changed to border less mode (as recommended by people on the forum), seemed to have solved the issue as i didnt have a crash for 3 days.... until now. so I'm back to square one. I've updated league support. will keep you updated for people with the same problem.
: I've had a similar problem since last patch too I've even made a post too, try submiting a ticket like I did [Boards submission](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-reports-eu/ZwTjUXsl-client-crashes-after-a-few-minutes-in-game) I guess we have to wait until then.
fyi they said i should update my BIOS as there is an issue with AMD processors, ive done this but wont know if its fixed anything until a crash occurs :/
: Game Freezes after hearing a windows 10 sound notification, still im not the only one
same problem here, i submitted a support ticket and sent logs. so annoying i have a leaver buster too
Scoliidae (EUW)
: Try a different game and see if it happens there. If Yes, it might be a pc problem. It sounds a bit like overheating - did you clean out your pc recently? If not, do that. If it only happens in league, try uninstalling and reinstalling. Some files might have problems and reinstalling should help with that. Good luck. There's not much more advice I can give you...
it only happens on league
Sköoma (EUW)
: Dudes try to disable halloween theme (graphics + SOUNDS !) Since i disabled sound i got 0 crashes. Cya, tell me if it run ?
I did this as i thought it might be the problem and it seemed to have stopped but its just crashed again. ill hopefully get help from riot support
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: already tried that
Ah sorry then i dunno, i restarted my comp and just launched league and ive not had any crashes since...unless i open firefox :/ hopefully they sort it soon
: [8.4-8.6] Skip waiting for stats instead of reconnect button. DO SOMETHING...
I've had this problem before and I've noticed my game only crashes when my internet browser is open, so before launching the client, make sure you dont have your internet open and it shouldnt crash
: League of Legends game window does not open after champion select
try to launch the game without your internet browser open and keep it closed whilst league is open.
: Another bug
Hey , I have the same problems and I've been issued a leaver buster! (RAGE) Anyways, a simple solution is to not have your internet browser open at any time when loading the client or when playing the game. I dont crash when my browsers (firefox or chrome) are closed, but pretty much 50% of the time crashes when either are open.
Montazuma (EUW)
: I guess, though the sound tells you when it's reaching mid / peak point. I just don't agree that every champion should have a "tutorial" built into them, there needs to be some elements that allow difference between a good player and a not so good player.
so should xerath and varus have their ~~range indicators~~ tutorials removed, that shows exactly where an ability will hit which can be manipulated based on where they standing and how long the ability is channelled for... i imagine that would not go down well.
Montazuma (EUW)
: How would it be useful or improve your play? Once you've activated her tornado you've already locked it's path.
because you have to make a decision when to release it
Wen294 (EUW)
: Difference being those champs all center their skillshots on themselves, and all channel while using it. That's the reason why the hitboxes appear while throwing it.
annnnnd, whilst im at it, {{champion:44}} stun shows the area of effect it will hit after it is cast.. granted its not a two cast ability, but its also not channelled...
Wen294 (EUW)
: Difference being those champs all center their skillshots on themselves, and all channel while using it. That's the reason why the hitboxes appear while throwing it.
Janna Q also starts at her location, she just has the ability to move and do other stuff after starting it.
Jamsheer (EUNE)
: I somehow agree with this idea (because i play this champion) but lets be honest, this is a one -but not only- factor which can differ between a good janna and a bad janna and since she is relatively easier than many others, i would assume leaving it as it is will make the top Janna players have another skill to be proud of. PS. Believe me when i say that i messed up alot of Janna Q's because of this reason, but i blame myself because i am the one who didnt learn his champion very well.
I dont know, I main janna so I'm probably biased towards her, but in an attempt not to be... I'm trying to think of other abilities like Janna Q that also do not have live range indicators.... cant think of any... i guess it's a pretty unique ability in its activation other than those previously mentioned...
Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: Sadly it's a bad idea , because if will show where the Q will go , then it should show the enemies too , which makes it very easy to dodge
yeah man you wouldnt see the range as enemy, generally speaking you dont see any ability range other than the one you are casting? with some exceptions i guess.
: But it's not a channeled ability?
Yeah that's true, I'm not sure what it is classed as by league..
: if this whould go live janna will be permaban for sure.
Why do other champs get range indicators that are continually updated over the duration of the ability like {{champion:154}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:254}} ...and actually{{champion:14}} is another example where you can clearly see what will be hit and what wont be as the ability is being used? but janna cant have this for a similar ability
Selec (EUW)
: Janna's Q no longer increases its range, now it only increases its speed.
Janna Q does increase in range as the ability is charged
jogga44 (EUW)
: As a janna main, personally I don't like the idea what i have to hold my q key all the entire 3 seconds like we have to do with champions like {{champion:154}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:101}} but I imagine it like {{champion:142}} q, that little indicator where your spell will end. That would be cool.
you dont have to hold q while the ability charges, oh u use smartcast?
Mreeshai (EUW)
: Janna's aim indicator shows the full range of her fully charged Q. It falls short of this range if you release the tornado early by pressing Q again.
Yeah, maybe the cast range indicator should change to show where the tornado would be at minimum, 1 second, 2 second and then the full 3 seconds. Or just give us an indicator that we can see as the tornado is charging
Mreeshai (EUW)
: The indicator already shows you the full range of the fully charged tornado. Maybe you could just have a marker for the minimum range in drawn in the indicator. A circle arc showing the minimum range when you are aiming with the indicator could work. The design of the current indicator would permit adding such arc in my opinion.
Yeah man but only before it is cast, as im sure we all know the ability range changes the longer the ability is cast, we have to guess where it will hit if we release it earlier than 3 seconds, all other champs with charged abilities have a range indicator that changes with the ability to show its range.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kelan,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=gAI3PehE,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-03-06T14:52:58.459+0000) > > {{sticker:sg-janna}} Wait, can you explain to me why and exactly what you want for Janna' Q?
Yeah man, a cast range indicator to appear on the first cast at the tornados location, which will increase over 3 seconds to show exactly where it will reach upon a second cast. kinda like how channelled spells have cast range indicators that increase in size like, {{champion:254}} Q, {{champion:110}} Q, {{champion:154}} Q, {{champion:101}} Q. there are probably more that have range indicators between first and second cast but i cant think of anymore at the moment
: terrible idea
DutchPro (EUW)
: Surprisingly good idea. After casting showing the path of the tornado, getting longer while it charges up
Yeah, It's mostly because.. as its charging I can sometimes forget the exact path I've aimed it towards. lots can happen in 3 seconds!
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