: You got it all wrong. The main objective of the game is destroying the enemy nexus. There are two major parts of League of Legends. #Micro play and #Macro play You are bronze, because you suck at macro. You can get 10 kills, and solo-lose the game vs 3/10 enemies, if their team comp scales better. You can outplay everyone, if instead of going to the baron after an ace, you go farm the botside golems to keep your CS/min score high on OP.GG so you can complain later about your mechanics. Micro play is important, but again, most low ELO people are forgetting what the main objective of the game is. Hitting a charm versus another bronze player, is not like hitting a charm vs a diamond level player. Having 100% charm hit-rate accuracy in bronze, doesn't mean that you're above them. It means that you got THAT one part going on for you. That's all. Take that WW at the 40second mark. He ganks a lvl6 Ahri that has ult up, while having ezreal as a laner with no consistent follow up damage or any kind of CC. Why ? Doesn't that scream bad player to you ? And on top of all that, you average 3cs/min against that kind of competition, and having a near 0 vision score / game. **** Don't let the flashy streamers and montages fool you. They are made by people who already reached near the top of the ladder. They know exactly how to close out a game, in contrary to your average bronze player. Plays mean nothing, winning the game matters.
"**You can get 10 kills, and solo-lose the game vs 3/10**" Right, because this is a 1v1 game... "**Get objectives done and scale**" I think I'm well aware of that. I think what you meant to say is "get teammates that also comprehend that part to play with you". As an example, this decision making of my teammates on the map (at minute 6:39) while I pressure mid and end the game... just one of them. https://youtu.be/nqvqDW4GwKg?t=399 If you're placed with lower elo teammates but play against higher elo teams, they don't know to do that! There's not much you can do heh?
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