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: That’s literally what you use your new W for... force people to go where you want them to go... if they are retreating you can put the W down to force them to go the direction you want them to go to result in a collapse, or force them to dodge your W just to be hit by another ability.
And that is the only interesting ability in his new kit.
: Fighting in the front lines doesn’t mean being a front liner... it literally means he is actually fighting with his army instead of staying in camp at the back... so in game terms leading from the front would literally be being anywhere in a fight... so long as he doesn’t spend all game in base he is fufilling that part of his identity And there was nothing tactful about his old kit... it was brainless... > I understand that his vision ability has potential in higher ELOs, but for rest of us is just "kind of useless" spell. Hardly... even low elo it’s a good damaging ability you can use in combo with your abilities for burst or poke... and there really isn’t any elo where vision isn’t extremely impactful, scouting with the W is never not a good idea and let’s face it your better off doing that then face checking anyway.
When I played new Swain he did not felt like master tactician, as I was spraying people with his Q most of the time.
radetari (EUNE)
: well tbh he still has zoning and his passive pull gets enemies that are stunned in even worse position then they were previously, he still has those old elements about the ult well its kinda the same, he just isnt so tanky as before but has more sustain, maybe thats why all in all a perfect rework and character looks frekin badass with those arms not in the sleeves, like he wants the enemy to guess which one of his arms are missing, but what they do not expect is a demon arm
I am pretty sure his sustain cannot compare with his old ultimate.
radetari (EUNE)
: i dont remember old swain being like that unless overfed
Not? From my experience old Swain felt much more "Master tactician" zoning oponent and putting him in a bad position. And his ultimate was truthly a front row ability if you built him bit more tanky.
radetari (EUNE)
: riot just learned how to balance out reworks on release so they are not op for 2 weeks, and then suddenly hard nerfed and also imo new swain is great, his old abilities were outdated and weak compared to other champions, now he is relevant and actually fits the role of his character design, he is a warlock master tactician and not some %%%%% spamming slows and stuns and ocasionally using ult, u have to use ur brain now which i like
So what part of his kit represents "Master tactician", most of the time he will try to get near you and than keep spraying you with his Q ability. And what part of his gameplay goes with "fighting in the front row"? None, because he is dead before he steps near front row.
: Leaked information
Some information may get "leaked" with data mining, some is just old published content (old videos or "tweets" of potential abilities published by Riot developers ), some are just speculations that people make, some information gets "leaked"/teased by Riot (Details on splash arts or details in champion stories), and there are also YouTubers that seem to get information from developers. There might be a way contact them if you know where to look. So why doesn't Riot inform us publicly? In my opinion its because much more hype is created around these mysterious content OR they are not sure about informing us because they might scrap the content because it may not very fitting and they don't want to disappoint player base with teasing us with ability that later won't be released.
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Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kerkoc,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=x6wcvvvm,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-01-31T12:33:07.323+0000) > > All have idealistic female body and some clothes that barely cover their private parts. The way I see it the "idealistic female body" has an explanation. I'll use the champions you named plus a few more: - Zyra - She is nature in human form. Nature is itself beautiful, but how she came about was by "possessing" a human body. That happened in the jungle and for someone to be lost in a jungle they'd have to be more on the "slim" side of the scale. - Elise - She uses her beauty to attract followers. - Ahri - She used to be a fox turned woman that would seduce her victims (old lore). She literally has an ability that shows that. If she was made today she'd probably look more like Xayah. - Katarina - She's an assassin and assassins must be agile, quick and strong. For that she needs to be fit. This why she has the "ideal female body". - Evelynn - Lust itself. Don't need to say more. - Akali - another assassin. - Fiora - a sword fighther; same reasons as for assassins The only ones I can admit could be different are: {{champion:69}} - could be "uglier" since she's cursed {{champion:131}} - could be more like Leona {{champion:40}} - nothing especial about her {{champion:127}} - ice witch could be "uglier" {{champion:16}} - ~~a goat~~ a pink-unicorn-goat that has control over stars, same as above However, you can't say we don't have unique female champions: {{champion:420}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:254}} I don't know what you define by "ideal female body". If you are talking about big boobs and hourglass figure, then let me ask you: how does the media portrait the female body? League has plenty of "unique" body types and models. Besides, those that have an "ideal female body", like Diana, are completely covered up with armour, so that's a moot point. > [{quoted}](name=Kerkoc,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=x6wcvvvm,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-01-31T12:33:07.323+0000) > > There is no diversity in their postures. You can't say that. Look at their 3d models and come back again. > [{quoted}](name=Kerkoc,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=x6wcvvvm,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-01-31T12:33:07.323+0000) > > And now Swain just became another Taric in robe, without mace. > (Keep in mind I am talking about model updates, not their kit or personality). First off, Swain looks nothing like Taric, posture wise. Second, both Taric and Swain are from "aristocracy". Taric had a status in Demacia military. The only thing similar about those two is their hair; long hair. Is that a problem now? Have you see Swain's posture in the game? What about Taric's? Taric is "flamboyant" while Swain is much more constraint in his moves, like he's always thinking about his next move. When Taric leaves the Nexus he floats while Swain runs. Heck, even the way both attack are so different. Taric swings his mace like he would bit\*h-slap someone; Swain extends out his arm in a upright position. Knowing all that, how can you see they are similar? Cmon, be honest. They are nothing alike. I'll repeat: the only thing similar about those two is their hair. Also, we can't have a champion without its lore. If you read the dev blogs you would know that they first come up with a story and then start working on visuals. First comes the lore, then the rest. Those two things are tied up together like best friends.
In conclusion what I wanted to state is that if you would compare old Swain model to other champions it would differentiate so much more than the new one. PS. I miss these ugly disgusting characters in league, they felt so special. {{champion:83}} Straight outta barber shop; {{champion:6}} Straight outta fitness; {{champion:50}} Straight outta hair salone; The only thing I am waiting for now is for {{champion:27}} to become super-hot big masculine model soaked in palm oil.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kerkoc,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=x6wcvvvm,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-01-31T09:48:21.399+0000) > > New Swain model just does not feel like "THE NOXIAN GRAND GENERAL". The new Swain is the nearest you can get to a Noxian Grand General. Noxus is a powerful nation and someone to rule it must be equally powerful. With new Swain you get the vibe of a ruthless "dictator". I guess your problem is with his hair, but remember that Swain is from aristocracy. His grey hair (looks white but should be grey) shows how old and, presumably, experienced he is. His attitude is composed and you can feel he's in control. Everything about new Swain just screams "Noxus". Heck, even the demon magic helps there. Noxus is known for its use of blood magic, so it makes sense Swain would have a power similar to that (maybe it's blood magic too; we'll known when he hits live). > [{quoted}](name=Kerkoc,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=x6wcvvvm,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-01-31T09:48:21.399+0000) > > I hope my voice will be heard and Riot will start making some unique models rather than these perfect posture ones. A lot of people like you complain about this. A lot of people like me praise this work. If I had to guess, I would bet people like me and more (as in more people) than those like you, but both groups are a minority. The majority of players doesn't care what Swain looks like or *feels* like. Most players just want to enjoy the game. Want unique models? Look no further: {{champion:103}} - A human-like fox (vastaya) {{champion:498}} {{champion:497}} - more vastaya, this time as birds. {{champion:136}} - dragon {{champion:266}} - blood warrior "demon" thing {{champion:63}} - literally fire {{champion:53}} - bigass robot {{champion:432}} - what even is this? {{champion:105}} - fish {{champion:9}} - scarecrow lol {{champion:60}} - spider {{champion:56}} - a literal nightmare {{champion:16}} - goat {{champion:72}} - scorpion {{champion:143}} - literally a plant {{champion:154}} - flubber Need to keep going? League has an entire zoo of champions. Let us enjoy some "normal" characters. ######Like a guy with a demon hand that can turn into a semi-bird could be considered "normal".
I could not argue that Zac, Fiddlestick, etc. are not unique. But common, you cannot argue that Ahri, Zyra, Elise, etc. are unique (Majority of female characters). All have idealistic female body and some clothes that barely cover their private parts. Zyra: Pre-made standard Riot female model + some leafs Elise: Pre-made standard Riot female model + 4 legs sticking out of her back And so on. There is no diversity in their postures. And now Swain just became another Taric in robe, without mace. Look at this Taric splash art; If Riot will be going this way we will have 100 "Tarics" in different outfit. All I am saying is that Riot could make better job at visual update. (Keep in mind I am talking about model updates, not their kit or personality).
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Saibbo (EUW)
: So what's the big deal? there are division in ranked for a reason... New player will start to understand how to play the game to reach higher elo... what's the concern? emma will never have the chance to play with/against with jonny since they will be in different elos... Like they wouldn't have bought the champions anyway? The only thing that really changed is the runes, the other stuff is just different but basically the same without spending IP/BE on runes. How annoyed jhonny would have been if he could never tried to play lee sin and see that it's not his champ, so he has the money to try another one that he may like?
What am i saying is Jonny will never be as good with any other champion than Emma is with Lee Sin. Lets say that Jonny and Emma get in the same team in ranked match up. No matter how hard will Emma carry her team will not win because Jonny will always feed versus opponent. Anyway, the meaning of the post was that Riot should make system that would encourage players to become more skilled and therefore the game would feel much more balanced since everything is balanced around competitive play. People in Bronze wouldn't get frustrated by how overpowered Yasuo is because they would know how to play versus him. Understood? Here is picture if you will find visual explanation more understanding:
Zantonny (EUW)
: "As majority of player base knows no matter how good you are down in bronze almost doesn't matters" From what I have seen, the overwhelming majority of people believe you end up where you deserve to be. If that is bronze, then you're bronze. Riot can't really administrate skill differences. They are just a fact of life.
It has happened so many times better players than me felt lower in Elo than me. Some people just cant afford putting so much time into a game. Average win rate is 50% if you get only 1 point more for every win than lose you will slowly climb the ladder. But the player that plays more would be much higher in Elo than the other player because he plays more. Although the other player's skill might be much better.
Saibbo (EUW)
: How would this system be more favorable to high skill? the mastery are not skill shoots... you can't miss them. Also they are all the same and if you just don't know what to pick is because you are in your elo x.x
Let me explain myself again. Having more champions equals playing more champions. If I had 20 champions and I would play every champion from time to time I would play each them much worse than if I would have only 2 champions available and play them all this time i spend playing 20 champions. Eg. Emma is playing only Lee Sin for 2 years. She discovers all the tricks champion has to offer, she knows exactly range of champion's skill shots she can place wards and jumps on in fast enough ect. Therefore her skill is higher. (Yes, people like this exist.) On the other side we have Jonny. He has 50 champs and he can only play every to a certain degree. When he plays Lee Sin his ability to play this champion is less lower therefore his skill is much lower than Emma's. Emma would have much higher chance of winning the battle with high Elo players than Jonny if she would play Lee Sin wouldn't she? This was an extreme comparison of average player and Lee Sin main so you could easily understand what I am talking about. That is the problem with new BE system. New players will have more champions and they will put less time in each champion therefore they will play that champion worse. The overall skill level will drop.
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