: doesnt work
Can you elaborate what doesn't work?
: I want dominion!
Before that can I have my Runic Bulwark, no one obviously plays Dominion.
: Hey there, I'm sorry about your experience with that player - after looking at this case I can indeed tell that they are already on our radar. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, rest assured we'll get it sorted after an investigation😊
Rismosch (EUW)
: Players are robots. if(iDontLikeSomeone){ printf("please report %s 9x/n",championName); }
Our mid actually kept screaming that, I did opposite and tried to snowball my game. Well we couldn’t finish early so mid game respawn times costed us.
Ceberuz (EUW)
: The in-game report option isn't broken, it was never mean't to be more than a placebo making players think something would be done in these cases! You have 3 option that _can_ trigger a penalty: * Negative behavior / verbal abuse (Consider these 2 one and the same) * Leaving the game * Cheating
To be honest I could care less about those 3, for verbal I just mute, for leaving it still leaves room for winning 4v5, cheating depends but haven’t yet seen a game breaking cheat in the game yet. Intentional feeding and negative is another story though, even if they want to trash the game I would rather they do it with teamwork still.
: > [{quoted}](name=JenShen,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=YQ6vwtRY,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-07-28T08:45:29.184+0000) > > Maybe the guy had a bad day, eleven days in a row, riot cannot punish him because he could be innocent and they do not want to punish innocent players, but if you say something like ""report that guy"", it's over, you deserve a punishment for being negative , passive aggressive, verbal abuse and you are the main problem why the community is so bad. yeah i totally understand. if my jungler is a braindead person and leaves the game bcs i didnt help him to take down a tower, I AM THE ONE that has the problem right? yeah nice logic . just for the record, i am not saying that you must rage or flame that guy but i do write ONLY once: please report my jg afk. thats it .
Someone else or more people reporting the same guy changes nothing just FYI in future. Also you can legitimately get reported for negative and verbal for calling out reports, don’t do it.
: Just to clear any misunderstandings in advance, let's make sure we differentiate between "_ingame report system_" and the "_feederbuster_". The report system is what triggers an investigation depending on what you reported the player for! --- When you report someone for flaming, their chat will be checked, if you report them for having an inappropriate name, it'll go through a different process and if you report someone for inting, it's the feederbuster's job to analyse the game! You're absolutely right, "fake reports" or anything of that sort have nothing to do with it. Whenever you report a player for flaming or inting, the system will instantly trigger a review. It literally doesn't matter if the player gets reported 1 or 9 times after the game, all the system cares for is: if (reports > 0) { review(); } ---- Your reports _do_ trigger a review, it's the feederbuster that fails to identify the inting! I know it might just sounds like semantics, but it's important to know what the problem is, and what we are actually complaining about. Kind regards, _Sheep_ {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
In the end, feederbuster failing to identify intentional feeding is what this topic is about. It’s been like this for at least two months that I noticed and finally I was able to get the perfect game that the system should notice, but didn’t for a while. Previously I had more intelligent creatures in my games that moved around, went in and out with using skills et cetera so the system wouldn’t detect their feeding normally. But this time this guy basically almost acted like a bot, runnüng to same objective, dying under turret. Except he was here and moved around freely, chatted, et cetera...
JenShen (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ketchup God,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=YQ6vwtRY,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-07-28T07:29:24.611+0000) > > **For Rioter's reading this:** Check ticket number #35920749 and the issued player's previous games, no I don't mean the scores, I literally mean the replays of the player's games. Because otherwise it'll probably be disregarded as a "false report" probably. > > **For everyone else reading:** This guy who was queued in for support, just started the first minute running to mid and dying under turret repeatedly, AFK-ing rest of the time. After reporting, I actually checked his match history to see how long has he been doing this, guess what, _**"ELEVEN DAYS"**_ of Solo/Duo Queue Ranked intentional feeding, with each scores of 0/15 being the worst and 0/7 being the best KDA. I don't know he's deranking or whatever, but that's not the issue here. > > The main issue is that in-game reporting is broken and Riot needs to take notice of this already. It's been more than several games this player has been behaving similiarly but for some reason was able to avoid the detection. > > Trying really hard not to give names here, but if you're curious and are gonna just consider this "It's because of you people false reporting the system doesn't work", check my match history on OP.GG, there should be a game with Fiddlesticks in our team. > > With this I'll be giving a long break from the game until an official fix notice is released that reports are actually working again. Maybe the guy had a bad day, eleven days in a row, riot cannot punish him because he could be innocent and they do not want to punish innocent players, but if you say something like ""report that guy"", it's over, you deserve a punishment for being negative , passive aggressive, verbal abuse and you are the main problem why the community is so bad.
Negative? I told my team not to surrender and we tried winning it to end, last teamfight where we couldn’t kill off Lux made it game. You could see it in the stats. I don’t call for reports either as it’s both useless and unnecessary. For the reference by the way, the whole 7 years I have been playing I never even got a chat ban. If I did, maybe I’d agree with you.
  Rioter Comments
: Towers dont feel like towers
I think you take it the wrong way. Towers don't exist to protect the players, they exist to protect the Nexus.
: Honestly down voting is a child game,
Petition for OP to change the title to "Let's see how many downvotes do I get".
: Teach A Friend mutual cooperation !
Deal, add "That Sona Though" on your main and add me from your new account.
Rioter Comments
: I dont point it out at all. And i dont care about winning, cant win every game ;)
This guy did though, which was the main point.
Boolhya (EUW)
: 90% of those who like recent seasons over old ones ~~are trash~~ don't have good mechanics because league was skill oriented
90% of the comments posted on League forums are said to be utterly ridiculous. Citations needed.
: Stupidly broken champions
Well this is ONE reason banning exists.
: Well thats only 30cs than avarage :P so not that bad? You also know that when going for kills/going base/pushed lanes also made you lose some cs in the game.
That's why you should push to tower before backing. Or clear waves before starting a teamfight. It does add up now, right? :P
Boolhya (EUW)
: revert to season 4
Season 2 for me, sorry lad. Actually I lied, I settle for Runic Bulwark back to game, too.
: In the 2nd picture you can see i killed 208 minions. Lee Sin only 119, the rest are monsters from the jungle. Wich mean i have way more than him, right? In my opinion, these stats (I also pushed 4 towers) should be a S+ and not a S.
It doesn't really differentiate that way like minions/monsters. You SHOULD be killing monsters as an ADC from the mid game on as well. It was in simple terms you underperformed your CSing and Lee Sin overperformed his CSing. True for towers, but still a good performing player should be around 250CS at that minute, and Lee Sin was just closer to that. Also don't forget the total gold gained as well.
: Champion mastery
It's because of your CS. For a "jungle" to have 9cs/m is extraordinary but for an ADC to be behind 10cs/m is worse.
: Nailing your soul into a coffin
I learnt it just recently that mistakes happen and you can't win it all. But it doesn't change that it still sucks to lose in an incompetitive way. I'd help and be your partner but EUNE account is just not high enough yet. So good luck!
Sefi (EUNE)
: You know ive seen Janna mid a few times now and losing 50% hp from one E kinda sucks.
Who said this was mid, I was playing as a support, lol. But yeah, you know how it is at least. :P
: Yeah sorry but if you dont help your jungler lvl 1 you dont deserve ganks. I wont gank you if you intentionally put me behind since 1:28.
Neither do you have to point it out. It's the same behavior as saying "I will report you." or "OMG you're 0/8 you're so bad.", it doesn't change anything besides making it worse for you as a team. Also sometimes (like in this case) it's better to swallow your pride if you want to win the game, whether with a willing cooperative way or a forced cooperative way. Otherwise you can't blame others that are losing you the game because to your pride you didn't want to win from the start. I was in a similar situation a few days ago where I'd make the shotcalls and they'd tell me to "Shut up", but they followed never the less and we won. Now, if I went and said to myself, "Okay, do whatever you want and lose the game then.", I'd keep my pride up and my game down.
: Riot doesnt ban feeders but ban those who calling feeders noobs
>first i asked my bot lane to help me with red buff and they said do,and i told them that i wont help them too Negativity/Toxicity - Strike 1 >but he couldnt 1v1 lee without my help as it was reasonable Team pity/self-boast - Unsportsmanlike behavior. >i was writting in all chat that i dont want to play this game anymore because my teamates was trolling me Negativity - Strike 2 >and i was tilited The reason seems to be that you see your team as a tool for you to win. But that's not the case. Two strikes already in a game, even without bad words. I can say I'm amazed.
Sefi (EUNE)
: Tilted to hell and back.
10 ranked games in a week sounds more like you have ranked anxiety to be honest. It's just another game mode, you don't have to "oof" to play them, just play your best instead of playing what you feel like, at most. Ah and, don't forget to mute all.
: Why I hate AP supports
Shame on you, I can do all things fine with your "normal" support list, too. https://image.ibb.co/fuhcMo/image.png So what now, next up is why Janna, Nami, Karma, Sona, Lulu, etc. is overpowered?
: you trying to say i didnt? because i think i got myself into that.
Nah, just that these threads usually pop up with people saying how they "didn't deserve the ban" and the comments are all "you deserved it".
: I got my well deserved bann.
You deserved it! Oh wait...
Ightonald (EUW)
: If your jungler starts with a control ward :
Needing a leash in 2k18 jungle.
Milopoto (EUW)
: How about a charity for aspiring artists ?
How can Riot raise charity, they're just a small indie company.
Reichs (EUNE)
: ***
Scores literally mean the least thing in this game and they also tell the least thing in this game considering there are damage done, turrets/inhibitors destroyed, healing done, wards places, crowd control score, gold bounties & shutdowns... I don't know if I should go on for more or you got the idea yet?
: Which champions do you see every game ?
Those Pyke players who are trying to be a kouhai so bad but little do they know that senpai will never notice them.
Evidence (EUNE)
: Hi league players..
I never even knew my mom went abroad to travel so many places...
: to all of you complaining because you got banned for flaming
/mute all & /ignore all {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}} /fullmute all {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Reichs (EUNE)
: Suggestion: getting a grade worse than B- in ranked 5 times in a row should result in a ranked ban
Some of this ideas sound straight out from two 5 year olds brainstorming for hours.
: We should get our LP back for games that had banned trolls/inters in them.
*insert heavy flaming context about the thread because it shouldn't be bannable.*
Agrippa18 (EUNE)
: Being support is the hardest
Welcome to the support role! Please enjoy your stay, while no one notices you. :P
: Mundo is the best vs ap teams... his E increases his magic resist by a % which in turn means he outright can get more magic resist than any other champion in the game... therefore he is the most resilient to magic damage. As for ad rammus is one of the best but only really vs auto attackers... vs casters it’s malphite who is the best due to his W increasing his armour by a %.
RogueDek (EUW)
: Well, my honest tip here is just to focus on your own gameplay and how to improve it. Also, the new Janna meta is just to self-shield and poke the enemy botlane now, so your ADC can farm the lane without much worries so he can scale up, while also having your peel late-game if he gets dived. Keep an eye out for duo's since those tend to set ganks up and take objectives rather effectively. Always carry a control ward around. Switch to the Sweeper at level 9. Focus on getting objectives and overall don't care about what your team says of you. Muting is always good if your team is flaming. Honestely, I've given up on ranking up until Riot fixes whatever the %%%% botlane is right now. But if you're trying to rank up, just stay positive and just keep on trying and you'll eventually rank up. (Muting is like the best option when someone flames, trust me)
Thank you for the feedback! I guess I'll try (again) with some "/fullmute all meta". :P It's true that I was soft tilted for a while when I got flamed out of nothing. Let's see how tonight's games pull up! **Tonight's update with /fullmute all:** https://preview.ibb.co/fY76e8/image.png
RogueDek (EUW)
: "But what, what is good at pushing, peeling, killing and surviving at the same time?" Janna. Janna does everything. She can push with her E, peel with Q and R, she has pretty good base damage for a support, and she has insane survivability as long as she isn't perma-cc'ed. Also supports should be made to help the team carry, not carry themselves (At least in LoL). This is the reason most people don't like support. For example, in Overwatch and Paladins (2 completely different games, might I add) healers and supports actually feel powerful just like any other champion, since, only for a small trade-off of damage, they get to heal on top of dealing damage. This is why I am a support main on those games, and an ADC main in League. At least that's what I think. Hopefully that helps.
Started good with Janna, too(50% - 65% WR going in between) but, how should I put it, some games are just unwinnable with her, especially if your team underperforms, it's a living hell for her. I don't die much but my contributions matter so less. I know I'm about to "help people carry" but, and I like support as that however, even if I try and do help them, one mistake and they start with toxicity, so I have to try and be more individual if I'm faced with that. Take this game as an example: https://image.ibb.co/iLhPGo/this.png We started okay, it was Ryze bot, Shaco supp bot lane. Then at Shaco's spike at Duskblade, Taliyah tries a gank and fails, I survive with 2 people dying and Taliyah is toxic towards me thereafter. Completely tilts and gets overrun by support Shaco afterwards. Shaco gets fed enough he's uncontrollable by us in bot, Xayah started out 0/5 but I can't blame her. My best wasn't enough the save the game at all. I'm quite mindstuck you see, I'm a support main since Season 2 but this was my weirdest season overall... I perhaps need something new and different, so yeah. Maybe I should change my playstyle with Janna, I'm open to any idea, really. Take me as a newbie, I don't mind on tips.
Rioter Comments
: Try to put wards where you want. If your ward is ready then place him somewhere. Thats how I start as a main support. But in time I saw that in some places is useless to be a word there and next time when I had my ward ready I placed him in a different spot. In like 40-50 games as a support I learned the best places to be a ward there (in low elo). About farming... Try a lot of Co-op games where you start with less and less AD to last hit the minions. When you will gonna come back at normal AD you will see that is more easy to get farm. ######Also after you can go and play Karma ADC role with tank item and pass your enemy ADC at farming ^.^
If only they'd let me cs in Co-Op, best option for that is still custom games sadly, which bore me since no reward other than... Skill.
: honor level
You don't play enough probably. Also everyone honoring each other progresses faster.
iG Rakan (EUW)
: That seems a little too... lewd and revealing. That's why I also put a jacket over her, meaning the only time she'd look anywhere close to that image would would be during her recall. That seems more plausible for a different (Zoe) champion. Please don't take this the wrong way, it's a nice image but she's too revealing. I don't think Riot would make her ONLY in a one-piece, as then they'd have made Pool Party Lulu the same.
Pool Party Lulu's a one piece too though, no? I'm just too lazy to add the accessories, but other than that, I think school swimsuit is what reveals less, at least than a bikini, no?
Ceberuz (EUW)
: Name it
Huh, in most of my games I rarely notice my KDA, actually. Unless I’m dying alot or I’m below/above a level than my team.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: I wish lower division (Bronze-Gold) players had at least some sense of macro and map awareness
Although I agree with the title, that would no longer make them low elo though, would it? I’m a Silver/Gold mix-in and my TPs to join fights suck, CSing is only between 6-8 CS/m, I rarely hit 10/m. I don’t usually forget to buy my pinks and upgrade trinket but I still use them underefficiently. Those are what makes me NOT a high elo player. I should probably watch replays and/or put some more tüme ünto game and practice but I don’t have that kind of time no more, I’m just content hitting Gold getting my honor up leaving with end rewards.
: Riot employees ripping me off
Here’s what might have happened. If you did seperate purchases beforehand sometimes the RP/BE values aren’t updated until either: 1. Your BE/RP amount changes. 2. You restart the client. For this, it was probably prior. Should be easy to track with purchase history on both Riot and paid option (CC in example).
iG Rakan (EUW)
: Pool Party Annie
http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/attachment.php?attachmentid=988512 Suku-mizu or I feed.
: Yeah no... That won't work for me I fear. I am a communication junkie... I want to talk to people whenever I can and I don't feel afraid speaking my mind. Aka = against the TOS 😂
That explains your name, lol. Well I don't know what else then. Besides that I usually rant on voice chat to my friends/premades instead of the in-game chat still, I found several ways to avoid being toxic since I play this game from the Season 2 minus Season 6 & 7. :P
: The only reason we don't is because toilets are more convenient. Thats it.
LOL, I can't argue with that, nice name btw. :P
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