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RW Heaven (EUW)
: When will you start permabanning players for real life threat?
A support ticket would be most effective. If you think about it, just the fact that they are calling you "re7arded" is already downright insulting, and an attempt to damage our mentality, which is kind of punishable by law (when done in real life, you can sue someone for "slander" and "psychological afliction"). But being a game, we usually take into account that things are being said in the heat of the moment. I personally ignore people who wish me death, but I'll never forget that enemy Vayne that wished cancer and death upon my entire family. By the time, I didn't know about the tickets, so I got out of that pretty sad.
: The priority of Riot's "Technical Issues"
I mean... Some bugs are pretty fun to watch. I wish they'd hotfix op bugs like that Nunu & Willump, hotfix Sylas heal when his W kill someone (check out Vandiril on Sylas W bug, on YouTube). When bugs impact your "comfort", it's okay to leave it until the end of the patch, but not when the bug is a literal megabuff (Remember when they reworked Guinsoo's Rageblade, and Jhin was getting waaaay too much ad from it due to a bug? Yeah they fixed that on the end of the patch.). Anyways, from another viewpoint, while the game may seem simple, it has many, many complex codes behind it, and I'm sure fixing or changing something could compromise a champion or even the game, if not carefully double-checked. So Riot IS trying their best. But we're players, moreover their clients, so we're bound to be pissed by it "not being fast enough".
: Riot ? Know Flame what it is ?
Just so you know, after-game reports are processed by a bot (namely, Blitzcrank bot), and checks your in-game chat. After evaluating your in-game behaviour, it makes a decision based on what it analyzed. Needless to say, some cases may go wrong, but I believe it is in a very low percentage. Also, sadly, if you want some effective punishment brought upon toxic players, you should report them via ticket. Way more reliable, and brings in "human" and immediate attention to your case. Just be sure you didn't flame (much), otherwise you may get punished as well.
: get a better pc/internet
I'm actually offended by that. Ya know we all ain't as rich as you probably are. xd kappa
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Happy Jukka (EUNE)
: I Think instead of completely removing the old Galio, old Sion, old Irelia, old whatever they could´ve simply put in the new version of those champs as an entirely new and different champ. Their kits are fairly different especially in the case of Galio and Sion. Whats wrong with having simple champions? Its happening to Kayle and Morgana too now and as a Morgana main I am so sad to see her get Irelia'd. Why do all champs gotta be flashy, dashy, speedy complex? This is only one of the reasons that I think Riot is such a terrible company. I havent bought RP in 5 years. I refuse to spend money on this shitshow. Instead of making the game enjoyable through good updates and changes they seem to be going hard in the battle against toxicity but in the progress of doing so they're alienating the part of their community that is the most passionate about their game. I recently got a 2 week ban for calling our jungler a "pve player" cause he did nothing for 30 min. Why do I need to get punished for that? They flame harder than that on the analyst desks of LCS and LEC... It's not like I´m telling the jungler to go kill himself, and I'm not saying awful stuff about his mother either. I´ve stopped doing that. I've understood that it's probably a bit too much long ago. All I did was throw down a clever, even funny, but extremely tame and mild remark / insult. 14 days for that on a 6 year old account? Really? I´ll probably never stop getting in the chat and talk a lot of shit and memes once all lanes have gone 0/6. What else is there to do at that point except wait out the game cause one ape doesnt wanna accept the ff vote. Losing is never fun but I cheer my teammates and myself up with some commentary in the chat. Just cause I´m passionate about the game and about winning. Sure, l´m probably not the best teammate in defeat. I´ll admit that, but on the other hand I am certain that in victory I am as good a teammate as they come. As I carry us through a comeback I´ll hype up the team in chat. I´ll List down what's important in our fights or what objectives we need to be looking for next. If a teammate %%%%s up I tell him its alright and try again. If He outplays I ask him if he's faker. After every victory I have friend requests. Literally every single victory. Honors too but always having been toxic I never cared much for those. My point is I am SO much less toxic now than I used to.. Do the most passionate players of the game really deserve to lose their accounts cause of their micro-aggressions? I always joke that it seems that riot wants us all to just be Lux bots in chat. "Stay positive! We can do this!" %%%% you riot, you rotting piece of shit. I hope your building burns down.
"I swear I'm not toxic, you stupid piece of shit", lmao, your comment. Although the reason you got banned was probably by a justice warrior employee, I mean. "PvE player"? That is hillarious. xD The office was probably laughing like hell, until the justice warrior went to check out why and saw that. But I mean, you probably had quite the past. Even then, they're more busy hunting down the toxic AND THE TRIGGERED players rather than differentiate what casuals want. Lcs playerbase is much lower, so it's easier to see what THEIR problems are.
Father Tios (EUNE)
: I would point out that apart from the loss of popularity, these are somewhat subjective. **2.** Terrible updates can happen even if developers care; many of them pointed out that they didn't like the prioritization of lcs over casual gameplay -> Terrible updates, despite of having a dev team that is very dedicated. And by sniffing around, you can see that this is what has been the biggest problem recently. **3.** A lot of old players have already grown tired of the game, and the changes both keep it fresh but also make it into something else. I think most would agree, that until ~s5 it was in a decent shape. > [{quoted}](name=Composure,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=VHIWZzcn,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-02-22T21:49:12.899+0000) > > Hello there. > > I was thinking when ppl where talking nonsense that league is dead. But I came to the conclusion that they're wrong. But then I gave more thoughts about this and I realized that the meaning of death can be described at least in 3 different ways. > > Firstly most people think that dead game means the loss of popularity. > > Secondly the game itself (meaning terrible updates, simply said the developers don't care about their game). > > So far both of these conclusions are not correct because that's just no true. But I simply started to understand 1 thing. And that 1 thing is changes. League has made so many updates and changes that the game has changed so much that we no longer play the same game we used to enjoy. > > League is dead since season 3. We're no longer playing the same game. Even the old champions are dead and for example some loyal mains of old galio and other old champs are just deleted like the old league is. I understand that what I'm saying is very controversial and some people may call me dumb. But I think League is dead because league is not the same game we used to play. > > What do you think about this? I can tell the details why do I think so in the comments if someone is interested. I'm even thinking to make a video and talk how league is dead and what changes made it league to die that way. I think a lot of people who currently enjoy league and are a bit newer to the game, can often have a somewhat ignorant perspective when reacting to what older players say in this matter. The same way older players have the same problem towards newer players. This can cause issues, as we're used to different phases in the game, and it's hard to understand WHY an old player could miss the older seasons, if you haven't played during them (or were just beginning, and didn't get to experience the more high level gameplay back then). Then again, if you've played for long and know what you loved back then, it might be difficult to understand the things newer people find amazing in the current state of the game.
Technically, older players get mad because in some cases, it's like they never learnt how to play the game. A static, non updated game eventually gets mastered. Changes in meta renew their learning chances, and after 4-5 years it probably became annoying to older players.
: League has been dying since it's first breath..
: It's dead! In the old days i had to wait 5sec or less to find an urf match and now it takes up to 3min
Tho that is an error, it just says "3 mins" due to probable lack of data. Unless you actually had to wait that long. Either way, I take less than 10 secs.
Composure (EUNE)
: The Death of League of Legends
I think that, from where it stands, your point of view is correct. However, in a more universal standing, it's not League that died, it was your enthusiasm for it, or simply said, "Your League". I began playing in season 6, and went off as a hard Teemo main. That champion was my love, and the climb from level 17 to 30 was amazing and fun (I took my cousin's smurf account for myself). Some things were hard, some were easy, and I just built whatever was in the recommended item set. In those levels, you'd take the "Hmm, I'm dying too quick. Better build AP to kill him quicker" way of thinking. However, as I progressed, that thought changed. I got jungle by accident, and wanted to take Teemo, but my cousin managed to trick me into picking old Warwick. I wanted to dodge, but he said "Dude, just try him". And I did. It was super fun as well. By the end of season 6, I tried maining Rengar. He had his problems, and I sucked at him at first, but eventually I began to evolve and became a whole lot better at him. Then he got reworked. Then he got nerfed. Then he got nerfed again. So I turned to Kha'Zix. By my summoner's name, you can guess how that worked out. I still love the game, but if you ask me if it is the same as back in season 6, it is not. I don't feel the same excitement. Back then I used to think "Oh boy, a league game!". Now I think "Imma have fun shredding someone". The goals had changed hard. However, League never died for me. It just grew up, same as me. I'm not such a hard Teemo main anymore, ever since I got him to M7, and same goes a bit for Kha'Zix. Like many, I start playing other champions, in order to bring variety to the gameplay. However, I don't like 70% of the champs for each role, therefore my selection is narrow. Yet I still play it. Why? Because my enthusiasm for the unknown of the game never died. It merely assumed different forms. There may have been times where it faced crisis, but it always stood back up. I also hate some of the meta, like I hate how Master Yi/Jinx just need items to do whatever they want with the game. I still hate playing agaisnt some champs. And I also hate losing to players who are better than me, or that got babysit and brag it off like they're super solo good. Basically, your enthusiasm works like when you were a kid: You used to love toy cars, but now you don't play them anymore. Why? Because it never evolved nor did it grow up with you. Yeah, change is a shock, but it is also thanks to it that the game didn't get outdated/boring. In my opinion, most of the people that complain about changes are those that hate to step out of their safe spot, and want things to remain as they are. For me, changes open up options. I would never even think of trying out Galio had he not been reworked. Kayle used to be shit until they decided to rework it. Morgana seemed super boring in terms of looks, until they reworked that. All of these ignite my enthusiasm, and some of them kill them. Like when Kha'Zix's R evolution got changed. In a way, I'm sad I can't roam like a god through the map, but on the other hand, people started thinking he wasn't as good, and stopped playing him for a bit, making it less likely that they banned him. To me, this change also worked as "Requires more skill now" update. Overall, I'd say that your enthusiasm for league decreased exponencially when compared to when you began playing this game, to the point where "Your League" died. However, it still breathes inside many other players. Because it's not just the changes that kill/keep it alive. It's our viewpoint on it. Hopefully I managed to change your mind. P.S.: Lmao, comment bigger than the post.
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: Literally Kassadin's daughter. Lost long ago and took void identity maybe because she does not remember anything from her past. EDIT: Maybe she is actually Void hunter.
Look at her name. "Kai'Sa" is close to the "Kassa" pronouncing. I bet Cho Gath ate her Din.
Solash (EUW)
: [Possible Champion Leak] - Kai'Sa the Daughter of Void
Guys, take deep breaths. Today or tomorrow, NightBlue3 will post a video about her, and "THIS WILL BE 100% NERFED! || MOST BROKEN CHAMP" So yeah. Seeing her abilities, I can imagine people wanting to see that Q nerfed, because it will kill you fast, but not fast enough for you to not know what hit you. It's just really going to be frustrating. On the plus side, congrats Riot! You took the "Has to take more than 1 sec to burst, to allow time for counterplay" to the next level! Make it 'slow' high damage!
: Do not make Rengar typical assassin and a kamikaze
Hold up, Rengo is getting new Q? In my opinion, make him like Kha'Zix, able to go bruiser or assassin. Rengo can go assassin, but it takes timing and good chances. To me, his mark should be removed, you know. The one where he'll crit the closest one, because people now know where he's coming from. I used to love him before the rework, and then slightly after it, but then he got nerfed to the point where he got boring. He's still strong, but boring now.
: seriously, speed up, i made that comment 2 months ago XD a lot of things change in that time span, you know?
My bad I felt revolted. ;-; Forgive me senpai.
: High elo Evelynn main players/streamers?
I also love the champ, so much that I got her mastery 7 before the rework. The change was particularly big, but I can help you out with some runes and some youtubers. Run Dark Harvest on her, it's crazy strong combined with her E. Sudden Impact, because of the empowered Wiplash (she does a mini-leap) and when she comes out of stealth, it's free Magic Penetration. Eyeball Collection is most recommended, because it helps with scaling (and if my memory serves right, you'll get 5 eyeballs out of destroying 5 control wards). Finally, take Relentless Hunter, because the movement sped is very nice on her, it helps you gank easier. The second page will be sorcery, where you'll be using the Ultimate Hat, because her Ult has so much CD, that it's actually super nice when using that Rune, and the second rune will be Celerity, because it gives you bonus AP based on your bonus movement speed (Whiplash grants you bonus Movement Speed when you use it on an enemy). I'll be leaving a bonus talking about the boots choice. Because of the Relentless Hunter, it's okay to run Sorcerer's Shoes, because of the nice magic penetration. However, I prefer boots of mobility, since it allows you to roam faster, approach your targets faster than they can react, and can help you go through that tiny hole on midlane just in time before they're able to see you. Choose one that better suits your playstyle. You should watch some NB3, apparently he loves the champ. Even though he doesn't main her, you'll still learn a lot from him.
LucianBeRo (EUNE)
: Daris now is too buffed
Hi, I'm a Teemo main. Nuff said.
: I've played this game for over 2-3 years and reached plat multiple times with my accounts. I played this game to improve and have a higher understanding how to build a team, what to do etc. etc. The new Runes reforged is neglecting the old prefered playstyle since multiple champions will be completely unbalanced and some champions will be a vivid imagery and non-existent. Champions like Xerath , Varus , Tristiana and tanks like Urgot would be unkillable machines with bonus shields, bonus damage and outbursting potential with little to no effort, to just get attack speed, bonus ability power from attack enemy champions. Video games should be a place where you can improve and show your skills to your fullest potential and that doesn't neglect certain aspects of the game, so a lower minority can have a chance since they've gotten little to no skill potential and currently sitting in Bronze leagues! I'm currently a Plat player, but since the new update, playing the game has just been a misery and depressing, since the accurate description of the runes has little to no sense at all, and only favours a little to a few champions. Everybody will just play adc from now on and be unkillable machines with bonus attack speed and damage. The old rune page was made to give you an image of how you wanted to play your champion and choose what you wanted and didn't and have an influence on your viewpoint of the game, and how you wanted to play it, without any other telling you, what you wanted and didn't, like I compelled before. And you should enjoy playing video games in your way, and don't destroy the game from the majority of the players and favour current little to no numbers. We didn't expect the game would be destroyed because of the update. Since day 1 the update has just been a huge mess, where there isn't time for late game anymore and you can't win without having an outscaling champion. And I've have had little, to no pure chance of winning with my favourite champions without getting stumped Sincerely a player from your game.
KillAhriClinton, meet Dark Harvest. Give it to an assassin and farm, or kill, or whatever, just get stacks, make Nasus proud.
: No, i'm sorry but no. this preseason is a disaster. "try creative builds"? Gangplank and Jhin? take a look at standard champions, take a look at the tanks, they can only build RESOLVE. You were "working" on this thing since May at the very least and you came up with the cheapest way to tell players "you want to play? give us more money". you can't implement a system where you get currency on level up when each game lasts for 20 to 50 minutes! And worst of all, you can't complain here because all you get are insults. I am a Poppy MAIN and i ended up 0/7/0 against Ornn TOP! these new runes are useless early game and useless late game, what do i do with 8 armor and MR after ten minutes? what will the 5% more armor and MR do after 10 minutes during which i couldn't land a kill? what will 18 more AD do to a champion that is building full AD if he has to get TEN KILLS TO GET THEM? Admit it, you dropped the ball on this one and even the BE system is a joke. After six games i got, and according to the boards i was lucky, 720 BE. now, let's say i wanted to buy a new champion and let's keep that value in mind, i'm currently at 2128 BE, IF i wanted to get {{champion:420}} i would need 4172 BE, IF i'm always that lucky and not counting for increasing experience needs i would need 5.80 levels. so basically i would need 36 games to get ONE champion and that is if i'm lucky and if i need the same experience all the way through. And i am HAPPY that i'm not the only one that's pissed about this. You wanted to change the game? you ended up changing your playerbase. You want us to "experiment" and do "crazy builds"? change the rune system. Make it so you can pick any rune from any group so you end up with the resolve keystone then runes from any other group or simply ADD another column. And please, for the love of any God you worship, give us BE after every game like the old days. Something on the line of 100 exp for every game (give or take depending on match length) and 80 BE if you lose or 100 if you win, 300 exp and 100 BE as a bonus for the first win of the day. THAT would make this game playable. I'm sorry but i'm giving you until next patch, if things aren't fixed by then, i'm jumping ship. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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: i watched some of those videos, they gave me nightmares
I see what you did there... {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Maluber (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kha Trix,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=nAKUqmTe,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-01-05T17:50:25.266+0000) > > The numbers eat my eyes, and your reply f*cks my brain. > Okay, so the numbers check out. Thanks for getting that information for me, it must have been time consuming. However, the "You have to play lots of games to level up" point stands as it is. It becomes a bit disheartening after a bit, but maybe it increases the sense of accomplishment. >We’re emphasizing a performance requirement alongside a **dedication component (the time needed to unlock free chests or earn IP** for the champ shards or permanent loot) to build on the original system’s blend of skill and participation.
You may have won this battle, but I will win this war. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Maluber (EUW)
: >Due to the change from IP to Blue Essence, the cost for the mastery advancement in a champion has increased, thus making it harder to actually do it. It would take many games to do it. Inaccurate statement. The cost of mastery advancement is about that same now as when we had IP. ---------------------------- **Old System** Upgrade costs M6 500 BE, M7 600 BE Mystery champion token 1700 IP gave these BE values. >450 IP champions yield 87 Blue Essence 1350 IP champions yield 195 Blue Essence 3150 IP champions yield 263 Blue Essence 4800 IP champions yield 293 Blue Essence 6300 IP champions yield 325 Blue Essence So as you can see you need to buy 2-3 on average to get the 500 BE or 600 BE to get mastery 6 and 7. So 3400 IP - 5100 IP total. ---------------------------- **New System** Upgrade costs M6 3250 BE, M7 3900 BE Already we can tell spending 3400 IP is more than the 3250 BE of mastery 6 now and if you were lucky and only needed 2 shards for mastery 7 it would only have been 500 cheaper in the old system. However, more often than not you would have had to buy a 3rd token putting the mastery 7 cost up to 5100 IP. More expensive than what the cost is now.
The numbers eat my eyes, and your reply f*cks my brain. Okay, so the numbers check out. Thanks for getting that information for me, it must have been time consuming. However, the "You have to play lots of games to level up" point stands as it is. It becomes a bit disheartening after a bit, but maybe it increases the sense of accomplishment.
Cypherous (EUW)
: I feel its not required, its a good lesson to teach people about finite resources, not everything is infinite :P
Imma go stand behind Braum now and cry about how I regret buying him.
: Im smart and i never studied and im now in university > it's like the government rewarding the rich people, Lol what do you think is happening hahahhaha
I want to never study and get to university. It would mean "Play the mother****ing game, Kha Trix... Give it your sould.." and I would say "Okie =D".
: >Go play draft mode. I dont wanna >I got a question for ya,why do u refuse to play draft mode? Takes too long >In blind pick there is 70% chance that your team will go off-meta just the play that champion,most people call it trolling. Thats why this thread exists >If you want to get auto fill protected in draft mode,just play one game as a support,its not that hard. I dont wanna Btw have a look at this picture :)
You forgot to add "They sometimes ban my champ and it becomes a waste of time". Level up man, and buy more champions. Draft may take a little while, but it's a lot less annoying than the triple mid double troll. Buy the 450 BE champs, just for the sake of being able to play it.
: Well mostly I play because the game got me very addicted. I also play because I want to have fun (which is impossible, but my brain always tells me "hey, maybe this time will be different"). I also play when I dont wanna study anymore and need to rest my brain with something that doesnt require any brain usage. And I also play to play my lane of course, have you read the OP? I most definitely do not play to win, because winning in league of legends is not an accomplishment
League of Legends requires brain usage. If it didn't, Ashe would hit everyone with an arrow to the knee.
: Yea, before the rework you just hold your mouse on the champ you want to kill amd press everything, now you need to use your head a little ;)
*Q, E's in, W, press R! ... Accidentally move sideways* - Sh*t.. *Shutdown!*
Cypherous (EUW)
: Not happening, each account gets 3 refunds for its lifetime
Aw don't be so negative. I'm suggesting this and asking for your opinion on the matter, not the facts. I am very familiar with the odds of my wish coming true, but I wanted to know how the Riot community felt about this. No need for facts, I'm asking for opinion. LET YOUR HEART OUT, LET'S HEAR IT! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Something that can help you get better at this game.
Following that thread of logic, improving in LoL can improve your life. Because I've improved my reaction time on LoL, when I was sent to be the Goal Keeper in PE (which I used to suck at), I even got lots of compliments for defending so well. You're diamond, and as such, it means you're very good. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, and remember, if you suck at some stuff at real life, you can always be proud that you're better than MILLIONS in a game. ... Just don't let it get over your head. Use this confidence to improve your life.
VipiPoiss (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Enjutsu,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=zipPNnil,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-01-05T14:21:42.272+0000) > > Normals is not that good of a place for improving, it's too inconsistent, so it's hard to tell how you're actually doing. Stuff like stats isnt really a good way to measure yourself. So should I just go back to ranked? I was bronze 1 in season 5, however I got to bronze 1 after those 10 games. After that I really didn't play ranked so I never really got to see what my actual rank would be.
Well you do need to get out on the field. Rankeds are very good to improve, because if you feel like you're bad, then the feel of falling (Not on purpose) down to possibly Bronze V shouldn't matter to you. In fact, if you do get that rank, you can laugh about it saying "Meh I can't get any worse". But always keep the "I want to climb" spirit, because under the pressure of that thought, many people can do amazing things, and you'll surely improve. By the way, if you can't last hit, maybe you just weren't cut out for lanes. Try Support or Jungle. Even if you fail at KDA, you can rest assured that you didn't commit the "Failed csing", and can focus on improving your gameplay. Best of luck, mate!
: Was the katarina rework really a success?
Honestly, to me, the success of this rework lies in how beautiful her Pentakills are now. Shunpo looks super nice now, you can choose the side of the knife and the player you want to shunpo in, and basically now you have to catch the knives to do the burst. Before the Rework, to me, her W = Free Damage LuL.
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Shukr4n (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=ÉxiledCake,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=LHZ4EEEz,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2017-12-20T15:40:16.594+0000) > > Or we want champions we are having fun playing that people like you took away from us by complaining on rito how "unfun" regular urf is and instead of thinking about the rest of the people like me who liked urf you only cared about yourselves and said "change urf please rito only tryhard people playing and they make it unfun and unhealthy because my ad janna wont work" instead of "Make another gamemode just like urf but random,dont remove the regular urf since like half of the community enjoys it" this time u got, with previous and anticipated news, ARurf. u like? u play. u dont like? u dont play. as i did with siege mode, with the ..dont remebmer the name, the one with the xerath in the middle . i didnt like them, they were boring to me, i didnt play. easy
> [{quoted}](name=Shukr4n,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=LHZ4EEEz,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2017-12-20T16:03:46.416+0000) > > as i did with siege mode, with the ..dont remebmer the name, the one with the xerath in the middle . That's Ascension.
: Possible URF solutions ( please read )
Sorry in advance. Maybe leave the broken ass champs in ARURF. That way we all get good picks. =D Just kidding, but really. That thing is kind of bullshit, because if gold becomes equal, you're just moving the game into a sense of "What's the fcking point of getting kills and pushing? Pushing will destroy us probably". Also, about the "tryhards"... Really man? You're playing ARURF. A Warwick just has to press Q. Every goddamn 1.2 seconds. So wtf do you mean tryhards? To me that will always be an excuse on pair with the "You're winning thanks to that noobchamp.". It annoys me when, for example: If it's a Yii, and you lose to him, you call it noobchamp. If it's a Janna that killed you with tatics, you call them tryhards. You want to know how to counter tryhard, if that crap can even be considered a thing? Tryhard back. URF stands for Ultra Rapid Fire. It's supposed to be a super quick 5v5 Summoner's Rift, so what the hell is that idea of "Removing Nexus"? The time limit would be just making the game long, when they could have ended 15 minutes ago. Also, another thing: Warwick will still use Q; Fizz will still use E, Syndra will still spam Q; Ezreal will still spam Q; Fiddles will still be Fiddles-with-a-constant-ability-called-fear. With this I mean that the gold difference being compensated wouldn't help almost at all. The only thing I think it was a good idea in here was the 10 bans (Personally, I had 15 out of 20 games where their team was the broken one.), but even that would cause trouble, because that would only make the "half-broken" champs to be the most picked champs. Also, let me add some info onto your "2". 2- *(...) So your team is kicking the enemy team's ass, and you feel completely satisfied by how "easy" and fun it's being. BOOM you were winning by 20k gold, now you're equal. The effort you took in gathering all that gold was vanquished, they got it for free and now that they have items, they're beating the crap out of you. Well, let's complain to Riot how this is a problem. Though I agree with the forced summoner spells. They could make the snowball a 3rd spell, and let us have fun with the other 2 slots. I know you meant good, but your ideas were a bit out of the acceptable and the concept of ARURF.
: Mount Targon stands strong.
: Can you sort players into regions of Runeterra?
Let's wait for the Co-Op between Riot and the VR. In few years, we'll have a sort of "SAO" game mode, where we'll be the characters. PS: It might turn out to be shit, but we should at least try it. Future me: Uh. I wonder why my Lee Sin KDA is 2/37.
Eambo (EUW)
: Clash Beta issues - 15 Dec
Although I tried to participate, I was not able to participate in the Clash event due to in-real life stuff. However, I was glad it was going to get a full reset. =D But if you're going to reset the whole "week" scene, you should probably give us one more day in the mission, the one that states "Win 2 Flex 5v5 games", otherwise we won't be able to complete it. Also, I have one question, one I don't know if it has already been answered: If our team only has 4 team members, and the lock in happens, will our team receive a random member or will we be inactive? Thanks again, and I love the Clash concept. Keep it up!
: i'm amazed about the "screenshot".. photo with phone.. vertical too {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
This isn't 9gag, you can do just about anything you want. Like posting a smilie. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
NMT Doyla (EUW)
: As i said in a reply comment in summary. I embrace your theory of region doffereneces. But decline it by the fact that i reached what i couldnt on my main euw acc on 3 other accounts with no problem in 2 days. On same region.
In that case you raised your MMR too much in your main account while on EUNE. Now get out there and prove yo damn tier. c:
: Welcome to Elo Hell When your ego doesn't let you win games = you let enemies win/you don't perform well. This will come back at you. You will have to hard carry games to create an increas**ing** mmr. You can win them but you will have to perform very well. Max 5-6 games per day (or 2-3 games if you also work). It's the same in every elo. **Don't screw your mmr to teach your teammates a lesson. It will haunt you.** This is why some understand the concept of the Elo Hell and some don't. Some are just good guys who always try their best. So they don't get it.
Some even say "Get out of Elo Hell" to getting out of bronze. So I get some laughs when I say that to silvers and golds, they always assume I am calling them bronzes. xD
Synric V (EUW)
: ***
"Pathetic" is when you are Diamond IV and can't climb any further. At least that guy got to Master. If you're jealous and mad, you should make a video with Redmercy and make a run into Master Tier. "Road to masters episode 222, CAN WE DO IT THIS TIME?". Honestly, don't throw hate on others because they've once achieved higher than you. Instead aim to be like them and encourage them. I hope you realize why your comment was removed by now. -_-
: LOLClient is really buggy
It would be a good idea if a Riot employee could leave a comment saying how much time he thinks it will take or usually takes, and comfort us saying we should play Pokemon to pass time, go back to Pokemon Go or something.
: i press confirm after chose a game type and it just became grey and nothing happen
It means you died without a respawn time. *Badum-tss*
NMT Doyla (EUW)
: All jokes a side, bugged matchamking.
It's that or EUNE is a lot easier than EUW. I don't mean to throw hate on other servers nor say EUW is the best and harder, but you should really consider this possibility. You friend Syndra in rank 1 got to that rank on EUNE, correct? Well if what I'm saying is right, then congratulations for him he's the best Syndra in EUNE, but things are a lot different here. Through my thread of logic, in EUNE your friend was able to maintain a great kda, but on EUW it's harder. By the way, do not listen to that scrub little piece of sh*t Synric V, he's just another frustrated and toxic player in here, and jealous that you made it to Master, when he's forever stuck diamond IV. If possible, report him in some way, call a moderator. The only thing he's right about is that you should learn how to carry better or in a different way, the players mentality here is different. Maybe in your region there are fewer players, therefore fewer good players which allowed you to climb more easily. In EUW we have more players, so that's probably why there are more good players, and these climb to master as well. In terms of comparison, I'd say your EUNE Master carry potential equals to Plat-Diamond. So yeah, try to work better on that, people here in plat are more likely to be what we call '%%%%s' and arrogant, so just mute them as soon as you detect toxicity, but do pay attention if they're team players. I can't give more help than this because I'm still Silver II, but it doesn't stop me from trying to climb. So yeah. Resuming this block of text in 4 words: "Relearn how to carry". Best of luck. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Hydnoras (EUW)
: The groups have not finished yet so there is really no point in thinking about it.
I'm thinking about it because I underestimated the bets'** code.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: The groups have not finished yet so there is really no point in thinking about it.
I'm thinking about it because I underestimated the Scouts code.
Febos (EUW)
: So far I've not been much disappointed: - SKT is leading Group A as I safely assumed and EDG + AHQ are 3rd and 4th. I still have hope that EDG will finish 3rd. - GAM is the major surprise in Group B. I though this group would be a no-brainer with LZ finishing 1st, followed by IMT and FNC. Fnatic is failing really hard. - Group C same thing. It's safe to assume that the wildcard will finish last. Samsung is the strongest team, even though they are 2nd now. - MSF really surprised me. I placed them in 4th but they managed to win a game against TSM which was surprising to me. *** If you think Flash Wolves will finish above 3rd place, you should watch more competitive games. WE is a REALLY strong team (one of the strongest in the tournament, probably top 4). TSM is also a strong team. It's a small chance that Flash can finish above those and definitely not in 1st place of the group. *** As you can see, I correcly picked 1st+2nd and 3rd+4th in 3 of the 4 groups.
I really should, but I did it all random, doing the "I'm feelin Lucky mothertruckers". Except for SKT T1. I'm forever-lucky on my bets with that one. So yeah. Because I don't really watch LCS unless it's big damn important game, I looked at WE and thought "Ha. WWE wanna-bes." I sure hope I'm not offending anyone's love for WE.
: Noone can be right when groups are still ongoing
Due to your awesomeness, I edited my post so it wouldn't be subjected to misinterpretations.
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