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: This was a normal game, which has nothing to do with ranked MMR.
No shit sherlock? That is not the point.
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Proctima (EUW)
: It's not limited to normal or pre-season, that's how match making is in this game. Why else do you think games are either stomp or get stomped, why especially promo's (or 1-2 games after) leads straight into loss streaks? That's how match making works when you build it on arbitrary numbers that's totally unrelated to the game, it means you get games where you may as well face an enemy team composed of minions, and why some times you have the "pleasure" of being grouped with players who couldn't wipe their own ass, without someone guiding their hands. It's how League works, because riot thinks it's what keeps players around, that endless hunting for <insert rank / goodie here>, that's why some get shafted hard always getting the incompetent or really fucked up trolling douchebags, and why some rarely ever see those types.. Because the entire system is as fucked up as can be!
From my experience currently, it wasn't as bad before preseason started. Peoples skill-level have been mostly matched with equal players, with some minor differences imo. But this whole entire preaseason, There's been at least one unranked and a diamond or plat in the game. And when those two are matched in a lane, you're in for a rough ride. Your team either shits on the opposing team, or you get shit on. I've had incredibly few good games that isn't a complete stompfest for one of the teams.
Squallsy (EUW)
: everyone plays better in normals, thats a fact, now one more fact is that if you think the opposing player is better then you, they will be, you will mentally give up and you will feed from it simple solution? somehow get the community to stop looking up peoples ranks! if we all assume we are against equal opposition our chances of winning skyrocket
While I totally agree with your point being not to give up because the enemy has better players, there's little to nothing I could've done. When the enemy katarina is diamond 2 and our mid lane is unranked, I have no say in how the early game goes. (katarina gets fed). I played soraka support to get her to level 5, a champion that literally relies on her teammates playing well. When you have a feeding jungler, mid, top and adc, and you're sitting there with the only option of healing, having a positive mindset doesn't really help the fact that the game was lost before it even started. It's the broken matchmaking I'm frustrated at. I did help the outcome a little by ulting when lanes were about to die, and I did save lucian from dying many times, but I played Soraka. I can't really carry a feeding team. And I don't blame them either. Playing unranked against diamond and silver 5 vs plat 2 just shouldn't happen...
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