ryandub (EUW)
: Most unfair week I have ever experienced
You should again and again proof your good mentality or quit. I have this story from start season, and it happenes again and again, I was Silver IV then Gold IV then demoted to Silver I. And again I went to Gold and reached Gold I and when I had promos to Plat, my luck ended and I was demoted and demoted to Gold IV. Now I try again reach Plat.
: The Tilt Test actually Tilted me
After passing Tilt test I just get start page without result. LOL This is a good test
: TFT Gameplay What did you expect :*
TFT every game Stage 1: You - bought 2 same champ and wait third to build lvl 2 Enemy - build at least two lvl 2 champs with combination Stage 2: You - build first lvl 2 champ Enemy - build 4 lvl 2 champs Stage 3: You - build two lvl 2 champs Enemy - build five lvl 2 champs or 1 lvl 3 Stage 4: You - have combination with 2 lvl 2 champs and 2 items Enemy - has 4 items and good combo Stage 5 You died
Cräfty (EUW)
: List of bugs in TFT I encountered
Frozen heart sometimes works sometime does not
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: Chat Restriction unfairly
I always answered with rudeness to rudeness and got chat restriction. But real flamer avoid judgement. So riot teaches you that you should mute yourself and do nothing in chat, just play. Now I do not write to chat because system works against me and does not help me. I got my lesson.
ReMoyni (EUNE)
: matchmaking
You should win a lot of your games solo or lose. Matchmaking not working, many times I play with 40% win rate team vs 60% win rate team. And i try carry them. I was +10 win and now -6 because change role to support and cant solo carry my team. I have equal teams in one match very seldom.
Heraimish (EUW)
: I don't see any gold players in your resent match history?
I see on op.gg https://imgur.com/a/jJioMA9 Also I always view all profiles after each game.
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JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: S rank and no chest.
Do you have available chests in your profile?
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: no reward for the mission
Looks like works only VODs, but LIVE matches not working.
Kãt4ever (EUW)
: Can I use the korean client to play on Euw ?
According to this post korean interface not working: https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/FIpVEZwj-how-to-change-your-client-language-interface
: Plat IV is the new zoo
It everywhere not only in plat. But people in gold and silver don't care about teammates. Even if you start fight 1 vs 1 in same screen as your teammate. He does not help you because he has half HP or does not see you even you ping 3 times. Do you see matchmaking? Maybe you like me and always have team with MMR lower then MMR enemies and you solo or duo with 1 teammate should win game. I think we need new LP system where your score depends on your rank in match. E.g. If you got rank S and lost game then you should lost 5 LP, if you won and got rank C then you got 10 LP. It is really could be good, because many players do nothing for getting LP instead others who actually want win and do the best.
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I know it too, I have 1 game from 20 with my main champ where I don't get rank A or S. And it can be lose or win. But my teammates often have negative score and in 5 minutes 1 lane has 0/10. I don't understand how RIOT made matches, but it looks like random without any logic like mmr and experience. I just wait 2 more good players for winning game. If they are in game we win. If not I just do my best to get best rank, because it is proof that it is not my fail.
: Stuck on this screen
: Why do we lose LP for a game with afk´s?
It's impossible, because premades or other players will start to go afk for saving LP for their friends or teammates.
: Watch and Earn mission not working
I noticed that I always need to change URL from watch.na to watch.euw for getting rewards. Maybe for someone it will be helpfull.
nibagg (EUNE)
: My missions are gone
Lost all missions after First game and win of the day
Eleken90 (EUW)
: Mission Problem.
I went to https://watch.eune.lolesports.com/en_US then went to "Rewards" tab and check my progress. Then I returned to "Watch" tab and after game I got reward. And checked it on "Rewards" tab.
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: Issues again
It was a sneaky update. They did bug in patch and now this bug was hot fixed
Khvost (EUW)
: Same was here. I don't know what it was but fixed by "Initiate full repair" button.
It is just let me to login. But I cant start game.
: Issues again
Same was here. I don't know what it was but fixed by "Initiate full repair" button.
: Leauge in 5 simple steps!
Bro, I think RITO's matchmaking it is a AI with training and it's AI divide all players in two queues: lose queue and good queue. And we in the first one. Thats why we always have 0/3 lane. I have no another ideas because in last 20 games in solo Q i have 7 times afker, besides 0/3 lanes. I hope someday maybe I'll get into the good queue and you too.
: A Honest Feedback: The New Metas for Solo and 5-Man-Premade Games (and why I may delete the game)
I play with my friend in the ranked flex. And we are killed by matchmaking, in 80% of all games in our team there is an afker or a man who can not manage his game, because he constantly dies. Pulling the game together is hard, because the enemy team often does not have bad players. It becomes interesting to play while the lane phase continues. In the rest of the time, looking at players who leave or die does not give pleasure and repels the game.
Bullzzor (EUNE)
: Matchmaking
This matchmaking. I play with my friend and we always see situation where if we pick mid/jungle/support, then top/bot/mid feed whilst jungler on other line. Or someone said pick me Heimerdinger(or else champion) and after 15 minutes with score 0/4 he say: "We lost, ff" and blames others. And this situation happens almost in every game.
Migs (EUW)
: How can this be allowed to continue?
Somtimes it's not a feed but it's a matchmaking system, and this system is working.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: 3rd party sites may have outdated info and not be updated correctly. Don't believe them straight away. =)
I checked his profile when he had not last 2 games.
: It's a bug, not sure why it's happening but here is his actual level: http://lolprofile.net/summoner/euw/Horstman1987
This info after 2 games. But I checked his profile before on lolking.net too, and he was 22
Khvost (EUW)
: Level 20+ in ranked
More, he takes lvl 30 for 1 game from lvl 22. How?
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CryGods (EUW)
: Fixed LAG ms ? "87 ms"
Attempting to Reconnect 250 minutes in game
CryGods (EUW)
: Fixed LAG ms ? "87 ms"
110 minutes attempting to reconnect
: Insane lags still hapenning
Attempt to reconnect 10 minutes
: EUW connection issue
Same story. I have had 50 ms ping. But I've seen 200-300 ms. It happens last two days.


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