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: What does the "10^" mean within the ranked section of the client?
Ah okay, thanks all for getting the replies fast. I did google before but I couldn't find out the meaning, guess I may have worded it wrong. Thanks, all.
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Evku (EUNE)
: I, for example, dont never admit that I'm a girl in game. You problably know how the male side of this game reacts when uncover that (I'm not even talking how it can break games). I guess that's why you don't even know that you are playing with girls.
Each to their own, no one needs to admit they're a male of female in league. A lot of the guys in gaming do act a bit strange, and we've all seen it haha.
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: I forgot one thing: When using the DT Lulu skin and using the "laugh"-emote, Pix does literally _ROFL_. _~56 seconds in - but figured spending the minute on it all would be wurf._ ;) All I really want from this skin is a recall animation, and it'd be perfect! Wouldn't mind a hi-polygon count version either (there exist a fan-made version), but then all the low-hardware collectors (despite this being 2017) would go QQ. _I just want my GTX 1080 to get a workout._
Oh wow, haha, I like that little touch. I do agree with you that it should have a recall animation, just like most skins should. Don't worry, it'll get the work out it needs one day :D
Mada (EUW)
: There is a search box on the champion select page. Just type the name and you should find it without problems
Ah perfect, this is the answer I was looking for.
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: >And wow, I actually never knew that about her. if I get the chance i'll definitely have to grab her skin. Thanks for the fact :D Oh, I can do more for Lulu. :)!AuFMZD__7mN2g3K9Pqy6WsM1gs8F _.mkv, ~6 MB. 2 clips glued together in sequence._ I tweaked the Audio Settings a bit, so it should come across clearly in the recording. Then again, I do have a dedicated sound card and 1100 Watt speakers in my room, so I have little idea whether what I hear is the same as what comes through on other people's audio setups. So let me know if you wanna reply >i can't hear nothin'! ...and I'll see what I can do. ;)
Ah no worries, it sounded perfectly fine to me. But thank you for taking the time to do this, I enjoyed being able to see that on lulu, i'll definitely have to get it soon now :) But yeah, thanks for taking the time for showing me this and allowing me to experience it. If you have anymore send it over if you don't mind. Thanks!
Farce (EUNE)
: I got hit by a certain skillshot. I regret nothing.
It happens to us all. Never fear.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Pretty much a combination of all, Lore Kit and gameplay, quotes and personality, looks. And then the changed her voice and lore and all went down the drain. <.<
Aw man, it sucks when they might do that to a champion. If you don't mind me asking, which champion do you mean? I think you forgot to include the name of the champion, unless i'm stupid and can't see it haha.
Summoners (EUW)
: Hi, nice question! Back in season 4 (or 5 too idk), we had the spectate function in the client where you could spectate high elo games. I once spectated a game and i saw a Fizz going 13-0 and i was really impressed by his dmg and plays. I really wanted to play him too and so he became my main. {{champion:105}}
Ah, A fizz main. I've never met one but god i've played against so many Fizz's. It takes courage to say he's your main (I'm joking haha) But yeah, he's such a strong champ and can be fun to play with and mess around with.
Rismosch (EUW)
: When I start with new games I go for looks, because as a noob I can't possible know all characters and playstyles. So I choose Ahri (we all know why) and sticked for a long time with her, because her kit is so well rounded and simply good. But because she is so unique, I have difficulties to get a bigger championpool. Now I play {{champion:497}} and {{champion:4}}, {{champion:16}} if Rakan is banned. I play Rakan, because he just feels awesome to play. He feels like an assassin to play, but is a Support. TF is just the total opposite of Ahri, low mechanical skill, weird card draw mechanic that need good multitasking to be proper used an 0 mobility. Soraka, because she's super easy and free elo.
"We all know why" Aha true, words to live with. But yeah, Ahri is a great well rounded champion who's fun to play. Soraka - True haha, good times. TF - A little bit, I've never really played him enough to say anything Rakan- I love playing him, whether i'm with xayah or not. I like his conversations, his personality, even the way he walks. He's super fun to play.
: Play everything See your win rates Choose the highest win rate
Warheart1 (EUNE)
: I have always been intrigued by strong champions, once hextech was introduced in league I decided to give it a shot, I mained singed, xerath, karthus and then...Sion. I love Sion to death I even stopped playing Dota because of him and became a onetrick. His ult is the reason why I chose him :D
Oh yes, the sion ult is probably one of the most fun in the game.That feeling you get when you're chasing someone down and you know they can't escape is the best. But to even stop playing Dota, wow, takes a lot of dedication. But Nice one, i'm not surprised you chose him for the ult. Thanks for sharing :D
: I'm in an unusual spot where I prefer to play with my friends, and one of my friends changed to maining jungle and I started maining adc. I'm liking Xayah, especially when duoing with Rakan, but my first ever main was Bard. My friend had been nagging me to download LoL for a while now, so once I decided to do it. This was around the time of {{champion:163}} and the Shurima lore update, so when I checked the site lots of champions were on display there that came from Shiruma. I was instantly attracted to xerath. Mages are my favourite type of character in almost any game, and I also love non-human, ethereal beings, but I was low-level and didn't play often so I had to wait until he was free. When he was free, so was bard. I played a couple of Xerath games, enjoyed them, and played a few ARAMs with my friend. First game I got {{champion:432}}. I was just messing around so I built {{item:3087}} {{item:3094}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3085}}, but even with a %%%%%%ed build I loved him. I liked everything about him, particularly the skill expression in his ultimate where it can be actively detrimental to your team if you whiff it. After the game I mostly forgot he existed, until I decided I was willing to spend RP on a champ and bought him. I began playing support, maining the mop-faced caretaker and loved it, particularly the early effectiveness and his ability to ~~leave your adc to feed 1v2~~ roam. I mained him for a while, then got mastery 6 on him, then left the support role to play top, then mid, supp, top, mid, jungle, top, mid and now ADC. I still play him when I get support (either that or my patent-pending ~~troll~~ off-meta supports such as Shen or Ornn). I love bard, one of my favourite characters in the game. So that is the story of my old main.
Haha wow, you've certainly switched a lot between the roles, just means more experience :) bard will always be in my heart, he has such play making potential and it's so fun to watch your ultimate ~~hit your own team by accident and screw everyone up~~ hit the enemy team and able to almost win the game due to one ultimate :) I love his kit, and I love the champions who are weird beings that aren't human, one of the most interesting :D Anyway, thanks for sharing :)
: My Main, Shen. I found him cause I was in need of becoming a top laner for a 5 man ranked team that I joined. I was a support main at the time. But they needed a top laner so i changed roles. Since I was super bad back when it was season 3. I had to play someone who's super safe laner but still can support lanes with teleport while also not losing tower. That's why i choose shen, obviously shen was a much better splitpusher back in the time than now. But It still hasn't changed. Shen's personality is also very much like mine, calm and handsome
My my, calm your beans Mr/Mrs Handsome :) haha Shen has been a champion that i've never really played too much, but when I have it's a load of fun. His ultimate is great for saving teammates, such a safe champion with great potential. Remember, no matter the reworks or changes, we have to stick by our champs :D
: Funnily enough the story of finding my main starts with Braum (not favourite to play but certainly favourite as a character), but in a less positive way. When I started playing league proper IE not just pissing around in AI games and ARAMs, I decided to learn support first because in games I prefer to be more of a bodyguard/healer than damage dealer. I played him until mastery 6 or so, but eventually, I got sick of bot lane since it always felt like a coin toss whether I'd be with a chill laid back player, or toxic ass %%%%%%%%%%%%. So, I looked at the other lanes and decided to play top instead since mid lane was dominated by Assassins and Jungle was too early game centric for me. For a while, I played Shen support since at the time of his mini rework, he was being played both sup and top. After a dozen or so games, I went top and found my playstyle of fighters/bruisers with some 1 v 1 potential with a touch of teamfight. After trying a bunch of champions top and only really having fun with Shen and a few other tanks, I decided to take a break from normals and only play arams for a while. That's when I found him. {{champion:48}} Now, to clarify my mechanics are shit in terms of clicking on things and in game spatial awareness, but I pride myself on having somewhat not shit game knowledge and understanding minion waves. So finding a goofy ass troll who inflicts 90% of his damage through autos, flexible builds for dueling and teamfighting, a point and click ult, and the sexiest dance in the game was one of the best moments in league for me. I even got my last M7 token in a game we lost by simply taking all of their turrets single-handedly and running away cackling every time someone got close. Even though he isn't seeing much play right now except against Cho in LCS and still trying to recover from the mid season tank update and other nerfs (RIP E vision), he'll always be my special little troll.
Aha, Trundle can be amazing if he's fed, or even not. He can be a monster to play against. And like I had said to the sivir main earlier, you're the first one i've met who's a trundle main, so it's an honour. And thank you for sharing your story :) I always find it interesting about people's stories and how they ended up with their main one way or another. No matter what nerfs happen, always stick by your champion :)
: {{champion:29}} : Around 130K Mastery points Played him once when I was level20 or so and I loved him. I remember no-one was playing him just like Urgot. Now everyone plays/bans him and it feels kinda sad. I like the way that you play this champion because you can sneak up to someone and almsot one shot him with AA
Oooh, another twitch main, quite the popular champion. Although he's not the champion for me, i always commend the people who can play him, he's simple but effective haha. Late game he's a monster to be messed with, and I sometimes think the only one able to 1v1 him might be Yi. Happy hunting, ratatouille.
: {{champion:22}} because I enjoy ranged characters with dps
True, ashe is always a great one, lots of lovely cc to infuriate the enemy team :D
: {{champion:11}} Once you go Wuju style,you never go back. I love getting Pentakills and being in Alpha,also these baby's: {{item:1419}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3026}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3047}} or {{item:1419}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3047}}
Oh god, A yi main haha. I kid :D Yi can be a strong champ, and jesus when he's fed it makes me want to go cry in a corner haha. Almost the penta kill king to be honest. Keep at it and infuriating people aha :)
Evku (EUNE)
: My BF showed me LoL and taught me how to play this game. While I was trying another champions I have noticed he has the higher mastery points with Malzahar. I wanted to be like him - my BF, and started playing Malza also after longer time when i discovered how fine he is in compared to other champions I have played. Now (after 2 yrs) I came back to maining Malza when my score with him on rankeds was great and I could do just EVERYTHING with him on Summoner's Rift. I just love him. Both of them <3
Ooh yeah, Malzahar is a great one. I love his kit, and especially how people can sometimes underestimate him aha. At least he got you into league though, and I love the name you have, it's great haha. Keep at it and destroying people :D
: Twitch. Fits me really well, power carry late game, simplistic kit, good all rounder for different tasks, infiltrating, scouting, amazing aoe damage with runaans and bork etc. I just love the champion, Jinx too, think I had a 70% win rate in ranked with her last time I looked, my twitch was 68% but it bottomed out once I hit plat. Love those 2.
Twitch seems to be a common one from what i've seen. If he isn't shut down early game, he'll come back and bite ya for it haha. As simplistic as his kit is, it sure is effective on almost anyone. Honestly I can't play him for the life of me but I do commend the people who do, power to ya :D
Ragnarjee (EUW)
: I don't main anyone anymore, but my first main was Annie! I was level 2 or something, and i was against an annie bot.. I thought she was the strongest champion in league at that time (season3 or 4 i dont remember) So i bought her and played her every game :D
Ooh, Annie is a good champ to start out as. I remember I used to main mid around level 5 to level 10 or so, and played annie. I had no idea how the stun worked but I loved watching this little girl summon a huge bear out of thin air :) I'm sure we've all played Annie quite a few games and enjoyed it :D
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: _Lulu is love, Lulu is life._ Aye, her adorable personality is so purple, it's unbelievable! :D Her attitude and emotes is what made me interested in the first place. Only champion that's ever made me laugh when playing. And she still makes me chuckle on occasion. 487 RP for Lulu herself. 1350 RP for her Dragon Trainer skin (her best skin). And I never regretted it. _I'd say "DT", but that's picked up by the word filter. Try setting the status message to "DT Lulu recall plz", and you'll see what I mean..._ Fun fact: Dragon Trainer Lulu is the only Lulu skin where Pix has his own SFX. He has a cute, little roar when using the Taunt-emote.
I personally can't decide between her skins. I love the star guardian ones because of Pix, but if I had to choose between that or dragon trainer, i'd definitely go dragon trainer. And wow, I actually never knew that about her. if I get the chance i'll definitely have to grab her skin. Thanks for the fact :D As always, stay purple :)
: Played Nautilus ATK-spd item in jungle S5, reached D3 at the peak, some game i had to mid because somebody overpicked my jungle. (back then there were no designated roles) I %%%%ed a Ziggs over so hard, that i played naut mid a bit more :P now 60% winrate with a ton of games this season. At Mid. I hardly play naut jungle anymore.
Nautilus has always been a champion I've been meaning to learn, at least a little bit. I have seen him jungle a couple of times on both teams and have to say I've been impressed by him. I definitely like him as a champion, and can be played in a couple of roles which I like. Thanks for sharing this :D
: Hello! Basically, first few days when Lulu came out I tried playing her and it never went well, I even refunded her aha. Then somewhere month passed and I was hardly bored and decided to read champion lores. After finishing Lulu's lore I got interested and just gave it another try where I was trying to think as a "Crazy witch that turns kids into animals". After few games I just got into her, I loved her lore and story, loved her abilities and style and now I'm her main since then :D
Hey! I've always liked Lulu, she's definitely a great support champion if put in the right hands. If my main Braum and 2nd pick Bard is chosen, Lulu is most likely my way to go, I also love her personality. Even played her mid lane twice and that was a lot of fun :) Thanks for sharing :D
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: The capsule you get from honor underwhelming.
Yeah, many of us agree with this. Honor level 2 and 3 me and friends were getting around 3 key fragments a week. honour level 4 is when we all got our first capsules. We all got key fragments, 2 of them got the twitch skin and I got the grey WW skin. We also realised that in Honour 4 we barely received key fragments, this month alone i've received 2-3 key fragments. Reached honour level 5 a day or 2 ago, so did 2 other friends. 2 of got honour capsules. I got key fragments and a soraka champion shard ;-; and he got ashe champion shard w/ key fragments. So has the drops of key fragments gotten worse? The capsules also don't seem to be too great either. Quick edit, yes I know that we're getting things for free, and we're thankful. But what I want to know is has the quality and quantity of drops lowered?
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: guys listen , i got lvl 3 honor 2 games ago but now i dont have it anymore and in the game i did have it i didnt see it cuz i was on the bathroom now im wondering why i dont have it. any help?
Everyone should keep their Level 3 Honour after they get it. Look on your profile and check it is there. I'm guessing that what you mean is it is not showing on the loading screen, the level 3 honour flair. To get that, as i'm pretty sure it says in the FAQ, that the flair will only show if you had been honoured the previous game by 2 premade teammates or 1 non-premade teammate.
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