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: Higher Ping on New PC
Are you connected via LAN or WLAN? If your new PC has WLAN implemented it might be the reason, since most WLAN for PC/Notebook are simply a bunch of crap. I highly recommend playing on LAN.
OpenAI Bot5 (EUNE)
: I don't understand why you're lying. You don't get only 90 BE once you level up. I leveled up and I got 3 champion shards worth of 90 BE each = 270 BE plus 2 champion shards worth of 270 BE each = 540. So, I got 810 BE when I leveled up.
Keep in mind that this is a lot less BE than what you would have received if you got BE every game and that assuming you receive about 800 BE after a level up, you will need about 8 level ups to be able to buy a 6300 champion.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Trying To Find Account Total Stats
There is no way to find exact numbers so all you can do is guess by properly adding your total games to a rough number of unusual gamemodes played and looking up the average game length. Riot has never and will probably never reveal such information.
As I've been playing this game for so long I do not have a main role anymore but rather 2-3 champs at each. However if I was to select one I'd say it is Adc. Their builds and playstyles' do not differenciate too much between each other allowing you to play a bigger champion pool with similar knowledge, while at for example top you may differenciate between map-awareness-tanks, lane-bullies, afk-farmers, and so on.
: Ok, my main role is to be flamed at for every mistake someone else makes. Btw I main jungle and support.
Voidner (EUNE)
: What if you're in promos?
After loosing a promo and re-entering promos you get a free win to help climbing. What do you want more?
Blackzine (EUW)
: If you were a Champion, who would you be, and why?
{{champion:432}} Weird and yet lovely, unexpectedly awesome, but when you trust him enough he will fail his ult and let you die.
Mattie010 (EUW)
: This is huge. Damn! Thanks! I will have to practice this a lot first though. I don't care about getting gold this season or whatever, just wanna become better - which this helps a lot with. Thanks a lot for explaining some stuff. I will keep a lot of this in mind playing my next games.
You are welcome mate. As mentioned earlier, only time playing the game will transform the gathered information in to brain automatism allowing you to process and do certain steps without the need of thinking about them. There are many details to keep in mind and making the right decisions more frequent will only come along thousands of games.
Mattie010 (EUW)
: To ask a question if you are ok with that: how can i push for like towers or more pressure? If i win lane, how do i push MY advantage and snowball the map? Thats something i don't really do i guess.
It is very important that whenever you or your enemy leave the lane your waves are pushed in to your enemies turret. Minions will be executed thus taking exp and gold away from your enemy and also damaging the turret slightly. You use this momentum to either leave and shop yourself or roam and pressure another lane. Never leave lane if the waves are pushing towards your turret, except forced to. You "usualy" do not waste time damaging turrets very early on because of the lack of damage. Exceptions happen when you see yourself with one or more teammates at it and get to push it for free or to trade it for a less valuable objective. However, with random people this rarely happens to good, since only very experienced players take the right following decisions to make this realy worth. Normal players end up loosing too much exp at other lanes or pushing for too long, overstepping, etc. If you see yourself dominating the lane you want to push the turret in order to be able to roam freely and transfer and share your lead to other lanes. However, if you see yourself dominating yet unable to make good calls at roaming, for example you got an immobile champion, do not have tp, or for whatever reason, you do NOT want to push that turret too fast. Freezing and farming will punish your opponent since he is unable to farm gold, at the most to get exp. Him overstepping and not playing safe enough will lead in a kill. At some point you may be even able to dive him. Everytime he is forced out of lane, you punish him by executing minions as I mentioned earlier. When his turret is about to die because of minion damage, you let that turret shoot as much as possible, executing as many minions as possible, and make sure you are near by or do the last hit yourself for extra gold. Fighting your opponent in a 1v1 and dying both will be worth if the waves are pushing towards your enemies turret, and not worth if pushing towards your turret obviously. Sometimes is it also worth to die for a big enemy bounty or if one or more teammates are receiving additional supports on that kill, specialy if someone can take care of your waves control and push or freeze it as the situation requires. If you see yourself farming for long at top, having a lead, at some point you will want to push. Should your opponent make the mistake to let you unattended and to roam or die with a somewhat of a bigger respawn timer, since your damage has increased at this point a lot in difference to early, you want to push that T1 as hard as possible. With proper waveclear, you may be able to push even T2. Still assuming you have a lead, people from other lanes who might try to defend may be no opponent for you, at the very least resulting in burning their summoners which is a lot of worth aswell. On the other hand if you are behind, you want to freeze waves in order to farm safely. If your opponent is able to harass you, you are forced to farm under turret pressure. Play as smart as possible and only fight below your turrets range and/or with assistment of your jungler. Should your turret fall, fall back to T2 and keep the playstyle. At this point your team is forced to join you and help with the pressure. If the opponent dies, push again the lane. Since the lane is now longer it is a big risk to push your enemies turret while you are behind. Use the momentum to roam. Your opponent will push the lane back, at which point you want to be back or have someone defend for you. If you are behind, you want to farm and gather exp to catch up but also assist other stronger lanes which with your help might be able to push, roam free, and transfer the lead in to your lane. Once your opponents turrets have been pushed at least equaly hard to yours, due to minion pressure or your teams assistance, it is the point to focus on roaming, warding deeper, and looking for teamfights to increase the pressure. If you or your team find yourself unable to turn the game around, you have to find a safe spots such as behind T2 turrets or T3 in base, not leaving the base and rotating from lane to lane to farm and defend all sides equaly depending on where your enemy is pressuring. Learn which objectives such as dragon, herold, baron or buffs can be contested and when you should simply not take the risk and give them up. The most important thing at this point is that you keep good vision in the jungle intersections left between one turret and another, preventing people from being caught while rotating or being dived and outnumbered by the whole enemy team. Every time that at least one of your teammates falls will result on an uncontestable objective such as a T2 turret or a crack in your base which will increase the pressure furthermore and your enemies lead. It is important that if you end up dying you always take an objective with you that is more worth than you when it breaks down to the following momentum at which you cannot participate. This means dying for a turret is not worth since your enemies will be able to take multiple turrets or inhibitors for it. It is not worth to die for their support regardless of how good he is assisting the enemy adc, since the adc is still alive and the one able to push your base the hardest. It is worth to die for the adc or for the fed guy who will be the most valuable objective in a teamfight, assuming you are not being the most valuable objective in your team. I hope this tipps could help you out mate
Sevolye (EUW)
: What causes my strange disconnects, and where do I look to fix it?
Your statement is kind of weird since on the one hand you claim it may be a problem with your notebook, however, the problem only happens at your bfs' place and other devices do not struggle. At my first guess it could be a problem with your bfs' router. If there are plenty of devices connected to it, your Notebook might be struggling with a proper connection. Another point could be the router or your notebook needing some upgrades. As for my second guess, if you are both playing and his internet is offering only 5-10Mbit/s, that could lead to paket loss. Since his PC is stationary and probably has the number one connection, he may have paket prioritazion over your device. Furthermore, if you should be receiving way more Mbit/s, you should contact your internet provider for sure, since you're literaly paying for way more. The paket loss is most likely an issue with the cables in your house, your street, or the router itself. To fix: do several speed tests with all devices. reset your router to default and do the tests again. Connect more devices and test again. If the Mbit/s improve after th router reset, it may not be your Notebooks problem. A reset may even fix it. IF Mbit/s improve but the problem remains, it is your Notebooks problem. Inform yourself at your internet provider call center about the cables of your street. If they are alright, tell them to send a technician to check on your bfs' houses' cables.
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Finally..!
So close to saison end, congratulations!
bolimekura (EUNE)
: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
Took me a while to realize what you were pointing out lol. It is indeed great that they finaly are implementing this.
Ksysioo (EUNE)
: I just got permad for this
> Ksysioo: so stop being like " im the shit" and start listening Your words not the communitys' words. Honestly, I would pray for you but looking at your forum commentary you do not seem like you had learned any lesson, so I will rather pray for you remaining banned.
Mattie010 (EUW)
: How can i carry my team?
Honestly: Just keep playing. A look of your profile shows that you do not play the game for a long time yet. It is the years of playing that will teach you how to overcome such worries and tilts.
BoxerVictor (EUNE)
: Unhealthy Matchmaking
While I agree with you in some terms, after many years of experience I see this game as a dual challenge. While the first challenge is obviously improving your gaming skills thus climbing up the ladder for a better rank, the second challenge is the community itself. At some point you might learn to keep calm and steady even in the worst toxicity scenarios. Riot tries everything to make the community a better one, though the possibilities are quite limited. From someone who has been playing a lot since S1 let me tell you that the community already has improved A LOT. However, there is no way to make an online-multiplayer game in which people depend of unknown people a curseless playground in which everyone behaves like in church.
amir36 (EUW)
: I got a permanent ban, but i did nothing
100% of those who receive a permanent ban for using 3rd party programs claim to not know what it is or that someone else has in some way used their account
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: i guess you're not a frequent user of the forums then? i've only been here for like a week or less, and i'm already one of the biggest names here.
: Please be honest, personally on a scale of 1-10...
I've no clue who the fk you are and since I can't determine if this post your first ever troll-post or being serious (insert Fry meme here) and your text is quite boring I'm giving you a 1/10 because there is not a 0/10
Dakon0 (EUW)
: 50% of the aa (passive). when you look after game he has done approximately 75% magic damage because of his abbilitys.
76% magic, 22%, physical, 1.8% true dmg according to
: im frustrated at them. very frustrated. because they have a lot of potential, but just like some pre-teen highschool student they choose to just waste it.
I very agree. I think Rito is doing an awesome job with this game and community. There are just things like, for example, any pre-season start. They implement a huge load of changes, to bring up versallity and new champiions rolling into the meta. Great, sure. Then, they decide to tweak this changes in such a way that the meta again locks a few champions and items in the OP and other few ones in the UP tiers for the rest of the season.
: When exactly does URF start this weekend?
: 14 days banned because our sup have no ward item and premades report me
> [{quoted}](name=Godfather IV,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=5EvEjWp6,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-04-13T00:25:34.906+0000) > im not > trust me Every banned player posting his chat history has said this or similar lines hahahaha "you'll be banned "no im not, trust me" banned and lets goooo to mimimi the forum hahahahaha
Shadpwness (EUNE)
: Could use some advice regarding matchmaking
Again, elo-hell does not exist. You are simply having bad luck. If you ask me, you're too focused on other peoples' attitude than your own. Seeing the bad things and not the good things will only push your attitude down. There is also the probability that you are simply at the division you belong to, hence you are unable to climb any further right now. To convince yourself that your problem has nothing to do with the matchmaking itself, please check the following link:
: Skins cost a certain amount of RP. Riot Games employees are working hard to create such skins. And you want these Skins (Hextech Chests) to be free (IP)? Useless {{champion:83}} Thread IMO
Do not put words in my mouth I did not say. Useless post IMO {{champion:53}}
Dakon0 (EUW)
: Even if I would have everything unlocked i would continuing playing the game. I dont play do gain Ip or only climp the ladder, i play for having fun with my friends and because i love the game. Do you realy just play it for gaining IP and unlocking free stuff? LOL is NOT an MMORPG which can grant unlimited new content, so dont compare the two. But yes in an MMORPG i would need a new goal after reaching max gear. Simply because I wouldnt have any goal. You ask me what i would do if i had everything. I would simply continuing playing. What is the point of this? Having fun, experiment with new champs, the meta, enjoning a well balanced game which tries to give you some new taste every season. You ask me "What is the point of anything you gain after a match?" well basycly nothing. You are right to say that but you just played an other free round or LOL without paying something. You had fun for 45 mins outplaying your oponent, you were frustrated because you get camped. Im sure you made some sport, do you gain IP for it i ask? no? why are you doing it then? "You get S+ for what". if you played LOL as long as you sayed then i ask you: when was this introduced? a year ago? for what do you get S+? I dont like this ranking just because its completly useless. Whoa i played good and was fed. i know this without looking at the rank i get. I dont care for the IP because i got everything i want already, even with a third of all champs not bought and only 5 rune pages and standart runes. i am still surprised if i got enough IP to get a new champ i probably never play. Then the ranked. Ranked is not there to climp the ladder. Ranked is there to compare your skils to all the other players. Why do you even consider 70% of all players want to be challenger (only 400 can actually be as far as i know). And i know myself even if i play ranked i would never be able to be master/challenger. I play to less to achive such a high elo. I dont realy need more motivation then having fun and an exciting game to continuing playing lol. no other game kept me for so long as this one
Please do not assume things that I didn't say - maybe I missed the point. Let me correct what I was aiming for in a correct sentence. "When you have bought everything, what is the point of IP?"
Goodnigut (EUW)
: Or do as my gf is doing. Buys me summoner icons as a gift as soon as they come out. You can do the same thing for all of your friends; then you'll be on a shortage of IP xD.
It's indeed a nice thing to do but we sure can agree on that it is not a solution to the problem
RoC Hulse (EUW)
: Jinx Quadra kill - new player level 19
0:35 - 0:38 I'm very sorry but maximizing the distance you can travel between every autohit is, not necesarly an advanced technique to learn, but surely impossible to do for someone who is new to this specific MOBA, specialy since Jinx's attackspeed is always changing. If you realy are new you have something to be proud of, but I personaly can't believe you. Your gameplay sure was not that great, but still not like a newbie. Oh and lets not forget the fact that your channel has a few videos featuring one specific summoner. I bet my A that you're just a smurf or your main has been baned.
Dakon0 (EUW)
: I dont understand you. Why are you complaining about having to much IP? Does this influence your game if there is a couple Ip unspend? Where is the "probleme" you speaking of?
This game is sure fun and all but what about game progress? More than having fun or climbing the ladder there is nothign you can aim for. If you are new you can at least spamm games thinking "when I have 6300 IP together I want to buy Draven, then Teemo, then...". But what if you have everything? What is the point of anything you gain after a match? You climb the ladder for what? You gain IP for what? You get S+ for what? Onlinegames such as free2play MMORPGs are known for being almost impossible to hit max level etc. Pay2play MMORPGS like WoW or FFXIV are known for releasing new content when part of the community reaches the max level/gear. It doesn't matter if you play a lot or a bit - you will always have a feeling that you are doing progress - you will always have somthing to farm or even grind for. Here you can grind for champions, for more rune pages, for runes, for LP. And when you have them all? Well that's it. The only thing you can always aim for is climbing the ladder, but that's not something that everyone can do. Eventualy you will hit your limits, since the community cannot have 70% challengers, 20% masters, 5% diamonds and >5% platin or below
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: Jinx
Welcome to ADCs, where positioning & peel are the key to win.
Remdog (EUW)
: 0.1% of all league of legends players have had a player die IRL during their game
Pls delete this thread, in a few days the news will be reporting how many people die playing League and how bad it is to do so.
Tet2 (EUW)
: Queueing solo
I think the fact of having teammates in your or the enemy team is not the point. The point is there are "tryhard mates" who communicate via skype/ts and are at least tellin to each other that someone is mia, ganking and roaming together or at the very least picking roles and champions who synergyze well. Then there are those "rololololo mates" who splitt one top one jgl one support, and the jgl camps the random mid guy and feeds because he didnt even ping, proceed to flame the midlane in all-chat and the friends proceed to assist his harass on how bad the midlaner has fed or not communicated, they might play champions for the first time because championselect says garen counters riven, one of them is lagging and dc'ing because his mom is pulling off the router cable so he stops playing since it is 22pm and he should be in bed, the toplaner is like 0/6 fk jgl no ganks much enemy babysit wow doge op, and the support is like "fml why do i even bother support these random trolls he has missed 2/2 cannon minions so far and teemo adc should not friggin build a chimichanga", and ofc lets not forget the "EEEEEEEZZZZZZZZ" at the end of the match and how skillfull warwick is. Oh and there is the flash-smite-shaco that thinks he can farm his jungle until the new maya calender runs out of days. And as a solo player you are just there crossing the fingers and praying that you get to join the tryhard team
Sdars (EUW)
: Just want to point out you have no authority over what I play...
St3v3n 2009 (EUNE)
Steven is a beast xD
Almighty (EUNE)
Totaly agree, it takes indeed time sometimes to get used to newer splash arts, and one happens to like more what he is already used to (f.e the old Shaco standard splash). But some of the new splash are just getting out of hands. Ridiculously bad. To me it seems as if they were trying to make this game friendly to 10 years old. Which is not going to happen.
: RioT has pretty much buffed healing by nerfing GW, and then, when {{champion:36}} and {{champion:16}} immediatly gone rogue, she took the exact opposite way by reintroducing EC, nerf Mundo, and rework Soraka once again. Good riddance RioT :D. So much for a champ like {{champion:266}} being still left in a dumpster. The best thing, however, was indeed to remove the ever readily available GW from the kits of most of the champs. At least, now, you can't immediatly pick {{champion:18}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:21}} the moment you know you are going to face {{champion:36}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:16}}, which i think was the purpose RioT had in mind the moment that charade began.
Thats what I mean. The GW removal from Trist Fizz and MF was right since their kits offered way too much. But when the regen of certain champions became too strong, they proceed to nerf the champ itself like Mundo and Soraka. Some others however, like Graves, remain untouched. I personaly have nothing against Graves new kit. It is the strong itemization that he can access that bothers me. It is not just about synergyzing well with lifesteal, but also being extremly bulky and synergyzen well with tank items aswell, making him good in every kind of situation. On the other hand, certain champions and their abilities, like Nocturne, Irelia or Aatrox, can completly be disabled by GW since they actualy rely quite a lot on the regen of their abilities.
Εmperor (EUNE)
: Grevious wounds are situational , some toplaners take ignite vs mundo , so they are usfull and effective , if enemy has ww , get ignite (or item ) with wounds , so there is no acual reson to say they are usless .{{champion:136}} Update = Any kata beats graves :D If 1 v 1 ofcurse
My point was not about GW being situational. My point was about GW not being strong enough to suppress the lifesteal from a few champions, for example Graves and his tanky build, Ryze's ult, or Draven with a lot of AD and bloodthirster. For champs like Mundo or WW it does indeed work though.
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Fôx1ne (EUNE)
: yea thats why my main acc got perma banned when that player puts jungle or adc and doesnt know sh1t about the roles he chose to play does 0/15/0 in my ranked game,doesnt help,doesnt trying to paly goes afk with a excuse of "guys sorry the internet was down for a moment" proove me that this guy isn't a troller,feeder and a player that plays casual and not competitive just proove it and lets go to rito games and send them the screenshot ...they will just copy paste message and insta reply me without any contact with the community or the player
yea but this guy is gonna have to deal with his own shit on the larger tearm, if you proceed to harass said person you are not any better. waiting for the day you start picking your own nose my friend. thats why you got baned and proceed to not realize that it is all about your own attitude as an invidiual person, the reasons for it dont matter. If you cant deal with your feelings when you happen to have someone toxic in your team and proceed to be toxic yourself, you deserve your ban.
: I got unbanned after 3 requests in support!!! Should i report that Rioter who failed to do his job?
You can literaly feel that selfish and careless attitude on indeed many Riot employers, but its not a thing about Riot, this happens at many working places. During their daily base they go through douzens of similar situations, most of them are sure people complaining about their undeserved ban even though they do deserve it very well. However, just because you have to do a boring and repetitive job (at least the particular job of going through such tickets, for example, not saying their whole job sux), doesn't mean you should not take your time and check every individual problem properly. Sadly, you can't do much on these. In this community, you can't just go to where they are at and say you wanna talk their manager. xD
: What i think when i see each champion is chosen- the mind of platinum player
> {{champion:35}} picking this champ should be considered a reportable offense I main Shaco and I agree on that everyone keeps telling me this xD
Koudaaak55 (EUNE)
: Well, I hope that i will be the one who saved April !! :DDDD
dreaming is {{champion:81}}
Koudaaak55 (EUNE)
There have been at least 200 threads in each language since last wednesday until today and in absolutely all of them has been said that URF is not coming right now but it will come 2 times within this year. Do you think making the 201th thread the answer will change?
: i have 75% winrate on my voli top, recently i only like playing with premades who actually listen to calls and don't walk into the enemy jungle without vision cause "he was 100hp" and do that 3-4 times.. when i'm playing with premades and i tell them to play safe if they die a couple times. they will do that and let me tp bot so i can get them ahead. but with random people they just keep walking into the enemy like a couple games i have played all 4 people had 14 deaths while i had 4 deaths -.-
cant find the relative to the thread
I've read a few threads already of people complaining about the low priority although they didn't leave on their own, but router crashed, pc crashed, lol crashed, etc... I think the leaver buster has been programmed a bit too sharp to prevent afk's at all costs. It would be great if Riot could programm it properly to identify the way the client was closed (for example connection lost, bugsplat...) and under such circumstances be less harsh, aslong as it is not a problem that is happening repetively (for example player has connection problems but does not fix it). However, I doubt this will happen any time soon... For now we can't do anything but to accept the low priority queue and deal with it :c
Zagzagg (EUNE)
: remove zed from normal
upvote because I lol'd
: I dodged last game in promos
Happens bud, but if you could do it once you can do it again. It's just a game, don't aim for the promos, aim for improvement!
: If you can shout at a dog when it's bad, reward it when it's good
I start to think that these person that completly turn off the chat are off at the best, because I am one of these guys that try to say positive things, make jokes, and talk a bit to get people comfy and rollin with each other. The amount of hate and negativity that comes back even to such stuff is absurdely high. Better shut up and play your own game.
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