: All I can say is : It's your bullshit. If your unable to mute people and just fucking play and enjoy the game it's YOUR own fault. YOU got warned with the 14 day ban and so on. Like yes, the wave of retards is disgusting and annoying to play with, but see it that way : They try to learn league and if some kid just starts salting more than the pacific, they will surely report him. So think b4 u write bullshit into the chat and just don't communicate with those retards at all unless u have to.
And get in your head either your as stupid as this people are or i cant explain your ignorance. They try to learn league? NOPE they dont rly try it at all if your nice in first games before you get even frustrated and try to give them tips and they act in way "i dont give a shit what you say i shit on you blabla" they surly dont try to learn league. SO nope after 5 games like this your going to be mad, angry and salty and that should be understanded by riot also but its not still they protects animals like this. thats all i will not even try to come back in here on forum cuz its no point if there is more idiots than people which can actually understand that wasting 3-5 h per day on people which destroys your games being untouchable makes it not worth to play. Today i had a game in CS:GO with a guy who totally had no skill i asked him twice nicly to do what i said him to do he didnt lisin when i screamed on him and insulted him from being idiot that cant lisin good tips he started to do what we said and we won this game.
: Well, to be fair, in the beginning the report did actually do something, however it was completely unrelated to the tribunal: **It was used as a feedback system by riots developers to detect bugs in the MMR-governing algorithms.** The idea was, that if the system for some reason misplaced a player, his surroundings (other players) would see that and via this report guide the developers to the source of the bug so they could fix it. But even back then, no player was ever punished, and no players MMR was changed because of this report. And later, as you said, it became just a placebo against report-abuse.
That only shows how much riot care about Players and Gameplay. Hiring people to check the game "as it is in Cs:go" which actually bot, troll on purpose, or are not enough prepared to play rankeds is to expensive its better to use autoban system by reports cuz you dont need to spend money on it. They just want more and more cash thats all what they care about.
: >Nothing to add more i will live better without this game as i did with it as i said there is plenty of game which are more enjoyable that this one with tons of trolls, kids, and unskilled people Just remember to pick one without a punishment system, because judging by your reactions here, you would probably quickly lose whatever account you make there as well :D
Ofc i rather play CS:GO where i can land some words not insults but words that will get to a guy and make him understand that he is doing wrong not like in this game when you say to a guy "can you play safe and stop dying cuz we will lose?" and then he says " stop flaming and his premade says okey 2 reports" thats how it works here and why this community is shit.
Stell (EUNE)
: don't you find it odd that you are describing all these toxic situations how "THEY NEVER GET BANNED" But you and your friend are living examples that they actually do get banned. Sure, if you and the person flaming both go full rage, you might get banned and he doesn't, but that's because you have bigger history on being toxic and you've had your Chat restrictions and other forms of bans before and he might have not. Since the system will tolerate the player up to a certain point, and you crossed it big time. That doesn't mean that the others get away with their behavior if they keep behaving toxic. Eventually they will end up like you. "i was just trying to carry" or i've playing for 5 years" are just fucking stupid excuses for your own toxic behavior.
Seems like you cant focus on reading whole story or your just finding parts. Nothing to comment. We never went angry cuz of smth that someone said just on what people do in this game, stupid ideas they come with and insane stupid things they manage to do. SOmetimes i felt like my dog whould play better than them.
: Dear toxic people. We understand you're upset and angry (like you usually are) and frustrated and just want to rant on the boards. But please, please stop using the word "leave" in your posts; eg. "I'm gonna leave this game" or "I'm leaving this community". You're not leaving on your own. You're being kicked out.
Oh your so smart kicked out if i whould likei could buy any acc even better and play along, but there is a problem you dont see this Game SUCK with this summoner codes cuz its protecting useless , unskilled , brainless idiots playing it along which cant understand even a word please when you ask nicely so all i can say is that summoners code defends Animals. And if i want i can play it noone can kick me out from it as you say so mr im so smart
: chill out dude , is just a game
Just game which i played 5-6 years and now i lost my acc which had a lot of my money in, my time wasted on it and so on just becuz i cant stant people which are totally not using their heads during game or they just cant use them properly. Nothing to add more i will live better without this game as i did with it as i said there is plenty of game which are more enjoyable that this one with tons of trolls, kids, and unskilled people .
Savage Devi (EUNE)
: Again, fully presumptuous. You don't know dick about my in-game behavior c: Welp, you do you, we won't shed tears over it.
YOur in-game behavior is simple you go into game pick champ lane, you cant play good so you die and feed your teammates lose game by you and are mad someone say smth you rep him then he is probly a guy like me getting banned. Thats how it is with most of people which in last 15 games made positive stats on champ in less than 10
: Fun fact 2: The average age in LoL is 20 and over 85% are adults.
Based on age which kids put in registration of account ? nice check them with Personal ID (70% of it dont even have it yet )you will seee same like on IEM most of people being there are lower than 20 enjoy
Savage Devi (EUNE)
: Nice and presumptuous, lol. The more you post, the more you seem to back up the validity of your ban.
Explaning you what type of people makes my type of people angry and frustrated you dare to speak much but your gameplay aint showing you should even take voice in it. And to make you sure nope im not crying about loss of account if i whould like i could have new one or even 2 even better once cuz there is a lot of this near to me but i dont want to im happy i will play cs:go where you can actually carry whole team alone based only on your skill, you can say w/e you want to people that are bad, or dont want to teamplay with you or in purpose ruin your game and still there is more fun than in this game. And less people that dont want to cooperate and win. Figureout why :)
: > Riot is loosing and will lose more and more Fun fact: Riot aswell as LoL are still growing.
yea with kids lower than 15 y old which makes this game more and more boring and frustrating to play most of my friends which played this game from season 1 left this game with bans or even without it just becuz this game became a game for kids which riot is not able to handle.
Savage Devi (EUNE)
: Welp, time to give the Tribunal a cookie again for the good work.
Ofc cuz people like you can still troll the games and noone can get them banned for being unskilled and egoistic prick. I checked your Match history and your nice feeder so its obvious you post like this. http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Kik%C3%B6 Check this boy and learn some. I Was tryign to carry most of games and in 40 last i feed maybe 2-3 times and still i lost most of them by people like you. I guess its a lot of fun to lose time like this.
Stell (EUNE)
: If you are refering to summoner's code, you should understand it yourself first. If someone flames you, you mute him and report him after game = that way he'll have his own account in trouble sooner or later. But if you flame back, then no cigar, you are as bad as him. If they report you for nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING will happen to you. But since you admit yourself that you were trashtalking back , then that's on you.
Y but what about if you play and try to play good and Be EVEN NICE to a guy and he is just shiting on you not giving a fuck runing into enemies 1v 5 or like i had today duo throwed my game 2v5 runing in 3 times in row. Or a guy ignores whole game whole team not helping avoiding gameplay with team and then he runs into enemies and lose your game? What then can you do ? NOTHING even he laugh later about it you cant do anything to stop it or to get him banned. Thats the point which makes you game after game mroe nervous and then you tilt and start to be wrong agaisnt people. But Riot dont give a shit they rather to ban you even you played 5-6 years instead of lisin ask and make smth about that. Thats why this game is one big waste of time. My Friend was never mad or insulting people in this game in this season he became silver from Plat 1 last season and he couldnt pass out all this people he had games like i did yesterday around 9 games lost with nice statistics he tryed to carry this people but they didnt give a shit about him and what happend ? he is also permamently banned he got tilted after 1 month of trying and said its waste of time and this game is not worth to play anymore.
Stell (EUNE)
: If you were banned before this one (14 days ban) and if you were chat restricted before that ban, then yeah, you had it coming. If you weren't banned or even chat restricted (aka. you weren't warned about your behavior) , i'd really like to see what got you instantly banned. But anyways, the way you wrote this already made me feel this wasn't your first time
Yep it wasnt first time before at start i was insulting them, but i stoped insulting people in the game and still saying anything is making you get reported even you say facts which happened in the game makes this people report you so then you got reports and banishment. Thats sad how summoners code defends people which actually are making whole this problem with behaviour around cuz of bad gameplay, no teamwork And Riot is not doing anything with the things that makes whole problem they only ban people which actually are affected by all this and gets enough of it. I played over 5 seasons this game invested some cash for skins and rare skins and a lot of time. IF im going to be permamently banned for what ive been tru last 3 days im not going to play this game again nor even try any other account just becouse its huge waste of time and nervs and cash. Along with around 20 people i played this game for long time 5 of them + me now reached place when they tilted and had enough becomign perma banned, the rest said they aint gonna play it longer just becouse they will get perma bans also if they do so they are or already left this game. Riot is loosing and will lose more and more people by their ignorace abotu whole problem and their bans are not changing anything at all only making a lot of players skip this game
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Kikö (EUW)
: About Matchmaking system and People which are not prepared for Ranked games.
My another game in amazing matchmaking system i came in to game i went bot lane and my Mid laner fizz was loosing against lux so my jungler AND MY SUPPORT (his premade) used to go there and sit on mid 3 vs 1 lux and still they were dying and i was left alone on bot lane vs enemies bot lane + enemies jungler i couldnt totally play i was out of the game and still the mighty premade blamed lost on me and i cant do nothing about that ofc we spoke during the game and probably my 0/9 score and attitude we had in conversation will leade to my banishment and this 2 trolls will play along in this game. Im pretty done with this game as soon as i get another banishment probably permament i will never more come back to this game. The stupidy level and ignorance of players which you get on this elo and that your the one getting punished becouse you get frustrated and angry after 2-3 games like this is insane and the worst thing is that SUMMONERS COde is protecting this people more than normal people which actually try to enjoy this game in any kind of way tryin to overcome the angriness made by playing with people like this. The thing i see now I wasted 3 h of my life playing a game which didnt give me during this time any kind of fun only made me angry and frustrated becouse of players ive been matched with.
: I like the idea of champion mastery. I think it would be cool to allow players to only use champions they have mastered in ranked. Most people would only have to master two champs then and it would work well with the new role selection before queuing. That way if you main top lane but want to try jungle, you have to go back to normals until you've mastered a jungle champ and can adequately fill the roll. I really don't like your second option because half the players I meet on league aren't exactly rational. With your system an adc could go 0/10/2 and blame his support who has a score of 1/3/23. This would lead to unfair restriction from ranked games.
You got a point in this second solution but lets remember it must be some amount of this reports if someone fail 1-2 games nothing gonna happen but if he does it all the time it becomes a restriction if someone main 1-2 roles to play ranked games well and he is prepared for it he wont make it 0/10 more than 2-3 times per 10 games. As i added screen (not sure if people can see it) i made 7/1/1 while my whole team made 0-3/8
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