: please nerf morg's q cd and duration
11 x .6 = 6.6 In case you took the 5% bonus cdr rune: 11 x .55 = 6.05 sec. And btw, you can dodge that one. It's really slow. Or simply **stay behind minions** or build tenacity
PorterdFnCn (EUNE)
: Elo hell does exist.
And that is how I dropped from diamond IV all the way to gold I, in just 2 months.
: Tank vs AP and AD the difference
If the enemy team is full of tank champions. Consider playing: Kog'maw or vayne since they have both a W which deals dmg equal to enemy max hp. Or you can buy botrk since it deals dmg equal to current hp. Then it's possible to get them to 50%. After that it's hard to kill them, but they care a bit more. Another thing is: play really agressive early (early spike) so you scale harder than tanks and harder than enemy adc. If you can kill enemy adc (and maybe their midlaner) at start of fight. It should be hard for the enemies to still win the fights
: ADCs aren't actually weak damage wise, the problem is that there is so much damage coming from mid, top and jungle that they can never survive long enough to carry. How to solve this? Buffing ADCs is a dangerous game because they are so volatile that they can become extremely overbearing when strong. Buffing their items is risky too because the AD champions of mid will abuse them, so what can we do? ADCs should never be allowed to solo carry through burst (think back to Vayne max q crit, for example) because that's the job of mainly mid laners so it's unfair to give them that kind of power. They should carry through sustained damage, that is their role after all. Problem is that ADCs just die instantly so now we have to look at the supports. It's easy to forget that supports have about 50% contribution of how strong the ADCs are in the meta. Right now we are slowly leaving the mage support meta and entering the engage support meta. Engage supports are doing fine getting the ADC strong but they still don't address the issue that their ADC is still getting deleted by the other lanes. Enchanterress supports are your answer. Since the massive shield NERF where they brought most shields down to 2.5 secs or decaying shields, more and more damage is coming out of the other lanes to a point now where most people die very quickly. Let's not also forget to mention that they are introducing shield deleting abilities and 60% grevious wound abilities. Enchanters control the damage from all lanes and now that they aren't as strong the other lanes are going unchecked. By extension, when enchanters are strong so are ADCs and tanks as they become more viable due to lower damage from burst, allowing then to survive longer. Just my opinion, I'm not saying enchanters are weak but right now if both the ally enchanter and enemy assassin play perfectly, the ally ADC will always die the majority of the time.
I never said that they need a direct buff, but indirectly buffing adcs is an alternative. Last season, some adc's could (finally) win a game on their own (Kai'sa: 57% win to me), but this season, I can't get over 40% winrate with her and not over 45% win total. You're not gonna tell me that I suddenly can't play Kai'sa anymore to lose 1/3rd of my previous winrate. Or that I'm totally trash so that my winrate dropped from 52%->42% in 1 season?
: which champion will be the most broken shit if they had 550 range.
{{champion:157}} imagine his Q range being 550 range
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: i dont think so. however, if this person gets reported enough times, they could receive a ban on posting
Then they create a new account and do exactly the same thing, I guess
Kurotsu (EUW)
: That's refreshing to hear! I read somewhere that a lot of reports are mis-used. You can be totally calm and chill and play well all game but get reported for Racism and Sexism just cause someone doesn't like you.
The notification said: "disruptive behaviour in the game like trolling, griefing, intentionally feeding or deliberately trying to lose the match."
: most players think that inting is the same as feeding i hate this community sometimes. also, how did you get banned for inting? no one else does
I really don't know. I thought exactly the same as you
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JancevFTW (EUNE)
: Ashe needs a buff
Ashe is more a support ADC rather than a killer ADC. Her E gives good vision all over the map (say hi to enemy jungler, jungle pathing) Her R gives some good engage cc: a very long stun. The rest is just slowing targets so the rest of your team can catch up
: You want to flame people EVEN for using champs first time in CO-OP vs AI ? ? ? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
No, I mean the enemies, not allies. Allies are clickable
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bartvader (EUW)
: TFT doesn't respond during the very first carousel
You can also post it on the NA boards, Riot checks those more often
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: rofl are you seriously trying this had to explain why kai'sa isn't busted? The problem with kai'sa is that with the muramana build her upgrades are so easy to obtain especially the Q upgrade which is a MASSIVE increase to damage early on. The problem with kai'sa is that if she's skilled there aren't that many matchups she doesn't win in lane and, being a late game hypercarry if she get's fed it's insta win pretty much. The only reason she's not getting gutted is probably because she's the only adc paired with vayne and maybe lucian and ezreal that can survive more than 0.2 seconds when sm1 jumps on them
She can get upgrades easier yes, but it still costs a lot of gold. She's easily bullied in lane, if you counterpick her. Sometimes, you get your 3rd upgrade at min 30. That basically means that you give Kai'sa time to scale instead of ending the game
DagOfBickss (EUNE)
: At the moment is magic dmg better than true dmg because magic resist items are too weak to even stand a chance against missing or max hp dmg in ap. True dmg is easy to counter because there are many items that offer loads of hp and armor which is what’s going to counter the most champions who deal true dmg because they are mostly built as full ad
You really don't know true damage
DagOfBickss (EUNE)
: Kai’sa thoughts
> [{quoted}](name=DagOfBickss,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=bH1EOElk,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-08-21T11:37:28.719+0000) > > She just has every niche all adc’s have combined into one kit. Her kit is just WAYYY to compact and STRONG. She is not weak at any stage of the game, quite the contrary as she can one shot any support or adc that has below 300 hp with little to no skill at all while having a bad to decent support. She is picked or banned every game for a reason don’t you think? Kai'sa has a lot of tools in her kit, that's right. And you're talking about os a supp/adc <300hp. Therefore she needs to land 5 AA's (less if hard cc'ed) or 3 AA's and her W should land. Only when she lands her W, it's possible to take one down. Her W is really easy to dodge. In late game, you're not gonna tell me that an adc can't deal 300 dmg with 1 Autoattack? Furthermore, you're telling me that kai'sa does not require any skill? How about, cc'ing Kai'sa and AA her instead (she has lower AA range, so she can't AA back). > > It’s time for some nerfs and changes imo. > I would like her q to be a skill shot of some kind and to have a cast time that makes it impossible for her to keep on auto attacking while using q. A skillshot for her Q? I really don't know how you want to do that, since it's hitting multiple targets (similar to old heimerdinger W). Cast time is already on her E. > Her passive dmg also needs nerfs and needs to do physical dmg because magic resist items are way to inefficient and expensive to withstand her dmg. > At the same time would I like magic resist items to have better stats (magic resist wise). Kai'sa is made for ap-ad-hybrid builds. It also doesn't feel right making her passive deal physical damage. This is just a varus and vayne W combined and extended. The damage has been nerfed. Also, when I'm playing Kai'sa and I build muramana-GR-Nashoors I almost didn't deal magic dmg. It's like 80% physical and 20% magic. When building more ap items, it becomes more like 50%-50%. > > Her shield, oh my god. It is like 3 Janna shields at max rank that she receives by dashing at lightning speed for a ridiculous range. > You forget some important things: Janna gives ad, Kai'sa doesnt give. Janna can decide who to shield. Jannas shield lasts much longer. > I know that she is meant to be a adc assassin, but it seems like nothing can hold her back when she has mixed dmg, becomes tanky af with her ult, and becomes invisible more often than Vayne while doing max hp dmg in ap that is just way to strong atm. Kai'sa is totally not tanky, even with that shield, she isn't. Ofcource, kai'sa can become more invisible after reaching 100% AS. Her E is on lower cooldown than vayne's RQ. And this one is really funny: Kai'sa deals magic damage equal to **missing hp**, Vayne does **TRUE DAMAGE** equal to **max hp**. That is a huge difference. I really don't get "Vayne while doing max hp dmg in ap that is just way to strong atm." True damage is more than magic dmg???
: Now, attempting to reconnect with only 13ms, idk? Minions are sometimes gone, skillshots are missing
omg, game disappeared completely!! Thank god
Now, attempting to reconnect with only 13ms, idk? Minions are sometimes gone, skillshots are missing
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Cypherous (EUW)
: Personally i prefer the chat not be spammed with information, just learn to pay attention you can look at the whole screen and know if you need to look to the right
I'm a man, I can't look at everything at the same time!
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: But it also changes when win/lose teams with higher/lower mmr. It's not all that easy to keep track.
Well, MMR difference is really small, especially below diamond. So don't care about that
: I'd like to know and compare my mmr to see if I'm making progress.
look at your LP upon winning/losing. If you get more LP than you lose, your MMR is higher than normal MMR. If you get more than 20LP when winning (and less than 20 LP when losing, it's most likely that it's higher than normal. Below 20 when winning/above 20 when losing: it's lower
: Is there a good reason MMR is not visible?
Numbers arent that interesting to look at and you cant change your mmr without playing
Cypherous (EUW)
: Well in this case your expectation is incorrect
Unfortunately yes I guess!
Tatzeblu (EUW)
: Once you log in and open the TFT Tab, your Orb is suddenly worth 70 EXP. For every game it will be worth +10 EXP up to 120 EXP. But it will still only be available to claim after the 22 hour time has passed.
But that is just the strange part that it says: "logging in", while it means: logging in and wait 1 day for your first orb
Cypherous (EUW)
: Yes and if you don't play any games the orb will be worth 70xp when you can claim it, there is nothing that says the xp is awarded in a way you can claim instantly
just for logging in means to me: log in and claim it
Cypherous (EUW)
: Right and? That doesn't change how it works :P
I logged in, so I should receive 70 XP, that's how it's formulated
: questions about TWO runes!
B1 using wikia: > If the triggering effect deals damage it will also benefit from the penetration. The only thing is that her R should be landed within 3 seconds. So E-R channel 1 second - R should land within 2 seconds
Cypherous (EUW)
: On your first login the timer starts, you don't get it until 22 hours later in order to have yo play the 5 matches to boost it This isn't a bug its by design
> You'll receive 70 XP just for logging in, and 10 additional XP for each of your next five games.
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Shadon (EUNE)
: Toxic players in TFT
> "skip waiting for stats" bug I couldn't even report them... You can't report players after a TFT game... sadly
: Anyone got a fix yet?
> [{quoted}](name=Aritmor,realm=EUNE,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=uMZLruey,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-07-17T09:18:36.395+0000) > > Yea, had that problem too. Match started but the game did not pop up with the client saying ,,game is still in progress".** I had to go to task manager and end all the league procesess and then it worked fine**, but I lost the PvE rounds and the first PvP round. So I guess it is the same problem that sometimes comes up with client(good job fixing that bug that is there for at least a half a year). The process is running but the window does not pop up.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Which Champion Would You:
Have a 1 hour intellectual conversation with: {{champion:245}} Be roommates with for 4 years in college: {{champion:35}} or {{champion:110}} (you know why!) Fight a boxing match with: {{champion:45}} Have you visit at night when you sleep through your window: {{champion:20}} Partner up to survive a zombie apocalypse: {{champion:104}} Play League of Legends DuoQ with: {{champion:201}} Travel to Japan with: {{champion:98}} Go to Karaoke with: {{champion:103}} And lastly, which champion would you stand in the streets with with large signposts saying "WE LOVE FRUITY PEBBLES" for 10 hours straight? {{champion:240}}
: It just shows that your luck is Iron 2. Not everyone can be lucky enough to actually get into the game.
I got into the game 10mins after it started, which gave me a guaranteed lose
: Ranked is working as intended. It is **random** if it loads the game or not. What's the problem?
The game not loading, even when relogging into league is a problem EDIT: For safety purposes, I started a TFT NORMAL game. And guess what, someone else had this same bug
Aritmor (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kill and Win,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=uMZLruey,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-07-17T09:00:53.745+0000) > > My game never launched: > > Game is still in progress... > > Even when relogging, it never opened Yea, had that problem too. Match started but the game did not pop up with the client saying ,,game is still in progress". I had to go to task manager and end all the league procesess and then it worked fine, but I lost the PvE rounds and the first PvP round. So I guess it is the same problem that sometimes comes up with client(good job fixing that bug that is there for at least a half a year). The process is running but the window does not pop up.
I should do that the next time, instead of restarting my pc... I basically lost because of this: [linky](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-reports-eu/Gr2hL6PH-i-want-my-tft-rank-set-back-to-unranked-with-0-games-played)
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BeatPitch (EUW)
: 9.14 - TFT - SELL UNIT - KEEP ITEM AND UNIT - Bug Unit after
Sharukh (EUW)
: Critical Error while connecting to TFT Ranked - cant reconnect too
My game never launched: Game is still in progress... Even when relogging, it never opened
: TFT Improvements/Bugs/Changes Thoughts
9. Pyke stunning range is a bit tooo big. Sometimes champions who are clearly not standing in his "stunning path" are still stunned. It looks like, every hexagon that is hit (only by a bit) is getting stunned, which is a bit strange??
: another discussion about "ez"
I agree with this. But I basically only write "ez" to enemies, when they are rude to me first. Consider this: Enemy counterpicked your lane, you can't win your lane and are somewhat behind. Then the **enemy** tell you that you are boosted (ugh). A few moments later, you outplay them 1v2. Well that's an example of when to say ez! Karma got your back!
: For starters Yuumi has a 10% playrate. When that many bad players play her you would expect her winrate to be lower than normal. Her banrate as a support is still the highest as well. In terms of 40+ statistics. Most games doesn't last that long above Gold (hell I would say even mid silver). The sample of 40+ games is so low you can't get good data out of it. Her overal placement is also the highest and she has the least deaths because you known why. You can see a similar trent of this statistics on her winrate by playstyle. Their are not many players that have more than 100 ranked games on Yuumi yet. So her winrate drops rather than rises the more you play her.
Could you provide us the data set please
Chaethaon (EUW)
: Game crashes when Lulu transforms me into a rat
I didn't know that Lulu is reworked to "Harry Potter": Transformations
Phil Otek (EUW)
: [TFT - Release Patch 9.13] - TFT Always-lock camera. Therefore I cannot scout other players.
Simply click right on the other players little legend. OR click on the map on one of the 7 other islands (8 if you count your own island)
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