: The right way to nerf Senna.
I would suggest, lower her AA range (at lvl 1) and on her Q, get 50% healing (normal) + 25% per enemy champ hit or so
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I really like G2 winning, but that also means that I don't get poro icon this year ;(
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FuLLhrein (EUNE)
: MMR and how it works (question)
Your hidden MMR doesn't change as much as your LP. This practically means that "you did climb too fast for your MMR to change to your current rank". If you get a mega losing spree, your hidden MMR doesn't change that much either to climb easily back. It's a tradeoff riot made when implementing the current system (which replaced the old MMR system)
: Your MMR is determined by your games and how you perform. Your grade at the end of the game determines the effect on your MMR. Your grade is determined by your KDA, Farm, Objective assist/kill and something else I probably don't know about. Since your MMR determines your opponent and high MMR means higher rank opponents, You will have a team of normal or low MMR while you vs higher MMR team and chances are it will be difficult to win. So your points of win 17 lose 18 means you are at normal MMR and I think that is best
MMR is only determined by win/lose
JustClone (EUNE)
: Give us example. Calculate his probability to get garen in his games, for 5 games.
Then you don't need an infinite amount of times, but you still need a lot
JustClone (EUNE)
: Son, I do not know what dice you have, but mine usually have 6 sides. Not 150 ... Just want to put this here, to be clear. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} P.S: Do not write stuff like: > you need to do it infinite amounts of times. Because people will think badly of your mentality. Nothing can be done "infinite amount of times"... The word "done", means you reached an end, and the word "infinite" means that there is no end.
or you use LLN or an asymptotic distribution
Quvin (EUNE)
: Play URF on hard mode
Ekko is not a fun champion for URF
: 🎃👻 Volunteer Halloween Quiz 👻🎃
Kill and Win here! Fun, but not the easiest quiz!
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: Why no one play custom funmodes anymore? FTT (Find the Teemo) UB (Ultimate Bravery) e.g.
Hi, I found a group for that [disc link](https://discord.gg/mA9nd4)
: Sever switch to EUW from NA and client wont open
When logging in, you changed the server from NA to EUW?
Yraco (EUW)
: Not necessarily. Most announcements are NA time so if it's 12 AM for NA it'll be at least 7 AM in EU.
: Exact time of URF live ?
"starting on October 28, 2019", so I guess in 2 or 3 hours
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: Championship Ashe Golden Chroma + Icon
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: the map is almost entirely mirrored .. except for camera and epic monsters .. what else could be the problem ?
dragon, rift and baron. Also for side-laners it's different: warding, possible jungle routes to get ganked, ...
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: And was my answer serious? Have you watched video? {{sticker:sg-janna}}
no time for that {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwvlbJ0h35A
Better don't check that this one is under: **Games, Contests & Jokes**
Skeylos (EUW)
: Ashe Hawkshot bug (permanent eyes above target on client side)
It's on multiple champions, I also got in on a twisted fate having a permanent yellow card. It was really hard to see which card he has when he actually used his spell since multiple cards lighted up
: I...I....I... I what, what, what? So you are saying that what? I dont understand what you want. You dont want multiple skins on your champs because you are not able to choose?
: > [{quoted}](name=Kill and Win,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=75EcOK51,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-10-18T11:19:57.535+0000) > > Actually it works in some comps, especially if you lack magic dmg in your team. Then it might be better to get an extra apc over a "too supportive" lux/morgana since they have good scalings on their abilities "Some" right? not "everytime" perhaps lol
Most of time you don't expect a support to eliminate the enemy adc (lux combo) at the start of a fight. A 5v4 with your adc up is likely to win you the fight. A morgana who deals massive dmg with QW or R is scary (especially in combination with zhonyas). It's not that hard to land your Q in low elo, so it should be a guarenteed kill every time she lands her Q on an enemy champion
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: 2 months of urf in PBE... A week in the live servers...
After 3 days of playing URF it becomes less "impressive", you don't need 2 months
: From what ive seen most of the lower rank players (Gold and below) doesnt understanding how important warding is and how much it affects ur team winning/ losing a game. So its really common to see most of those games with low % of vison scores. Forgot to mention that they dont know how to build support builds in most cases, Lux, Morgana support with full Ap items is very common in there. Tbh i've seen some high elo support players who does that as well making ADCs int like hell. feelsbadman lol
> Forgot to mention that they dont know how to build support builds in most cases, Lux, Morgana support with full Ap items is very common in there. Actually it works in some comps, especially if you lack magic dmg in your team. Then it might be better to get an extra apc over a "too supportive" lux/morgana since they have good scalings on their abilities
: AP or AD I think she has old design both graphically and kit wise so she needs a rework. She could be a lot more interesting.
The kit definitely needs some adjustments, since most part of her kit doesn't communicate well together (Shyvana is just the new Urgot). But as we all know, it takes at least one year before a Shyvana rework is live. So in the meantime, they could change AP Shyvana to be a bit more skillfull
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: kick rekkles out of worlds thx
Rekkles wasn't the true problem this game
: Thats part of the problem, after those items tank are then useless,while being unkillable before
I wouldn't call it easy to kill a tank in late game. Also, both teams have this?
: The problem whit Kog is that he is useless in early game and effective only in late game, when tanks fall off already. He also deals AP damage so the op armor items dont really affect him. For Vayne I used to bring her to fight tanks, and she's still strong. But hving only 1 champion for a class supposed to counter tank is still problematic Bork would be a good item if it had crict rate, it also deals way too little damage whit all the armor stuff and if you buy armor pen you are better off just going crict anyway.
Still adcs scales way harder than tanks. In low elo (and I'm also in low elo), it's really possible to kill tanks even when they have armor with botk/armor pen or simply by building crit. Kai'sa deals magic dmg (especially with ap and her passive), which is also a good counter to tanks building armor. Even when she deals a lot of magic dmg later on (mostly it's still 75% phys and 25% magic in games)
: Why would they add hextech chests if you could also buy these totaly not overpriced orbs that have a .1 chance of granting you better loot?
I always buy 1 of them if I can, but then I end up with some tokens, which I can spend on BE (I've got all champs) or key fragments (when I need chests)
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Shamose (EUW)
: Lmao just play ezreal and hop the %%%% away from those people and kite them with Bork and Iceborn.
Never play Ezreal. Just play Jinx or Vayne they're good
: What exactly is this ban for?
> [{quoted}](name=Elýzium,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Yprtq5xz,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-09-23T22:05:12.282+0000) > > Game 1 > In-Game > Elýzium: you come bot to throw a spear, **knowing full well you wont kil lanyone** > Elýzium: game was lost the second nida decided to int botlane :D > Elýzium: i dont really care now > Elýzium: why > Elýzium: you steal blue?=? > Elýzium: ok report > Elýzium: ok report > Elýzium: saying the word "report" isnt reportable i think > Elýzium: so > Elýzium: ok report > Elýzium: omg team!! > Elýzium: i do 3 kill and you not help! > Elýzium: cant win! gg! > Elýzium: good job! :)! > Elýzium: omg! > Elýzium: toplaner no help! > Elýzium: who fed mordekaiser!! > Elýzium: #no help! > Elýzium: ANY GROSS GORE WATCHERS HERE BRUV? > Elýzium: i did it! > Elýzium: JA MAN > Elýzium: that is report > Elýzium: omg > Post-Game > Elýzium: no honors? > Elýzium: okaay team I don't know why you can't see that you're consistently passive-agressive towards your teammates, flaming them over and over again. If you want to make a point: tell them in max 7 words (and 1 line) what went wrong or how to improve. Those 7 words/1 line are the max for each game. Yes, I sometimes blame my support when he's doing bad stuff. I tell them and I keep focussing on whats happening next instead of keep spamming: "toplaner no help! who fed mordekaiser! #no help!" You can keep saying that, but that wouldn't make the enemy toplaner lose 5 kills. Instead say: let's kill mordekaiser as a team to claim his bounty or something like that ("we need to kill morde as 4, so our toplaner can split" w/e you know what I mean). Saying things in that way is positive (killing someone with a bounty to make a comeback) while you also notice the fact that someone feeds him (maybe a csbounty is enough for that). In the end, asking for honors, while you weren't sportsmanlike is a bit strange. Maybe notice that if you carried and you were toxic that's its less likely that one will honor you, instead they honor the toplaner for "staying cool" as you blamed him during the game.
: You had as runes attack speed and 10 armor. He had 18 ad and 6 armor. You both had Grasp, but he had Bone Plating(block dmg from the next 3 atacks) while you had Conditioning (at lvl 10 you get armor and mr). You both have 8 base cd on Q, but he also had 5% cooldown reduction and Ghost so he could cast spells more faster than you and chase you. At lvl 1 he has 12% life steal while you have 60 shield. Your Q deal 70 dmg while he has an empowered basic so he deal 67+30. Your basic deal 62 while he do 67 + 18 from runes. You had no chance to win than.
His Q also refreshes the autoattack timer
: please nerf morg's q cd and duration
11 x .6 = 6.6 In case you took the 5% bonus cdr rune: 11 x .55 = 6.05 sec. And btw, you can dodge that one. It's really slow. Or simply **stay behind minions** or build tenacity
PorterdFnCn (EUNE)
: Elo hell does exist.
And that is how I dropped from diamond IV all the way to gold I, in just 2 months.
: Tank vs AP and AD the difference
If the enemy team is full of tank champions. Consider playing: Kog'maw or vayne since they have both a W which deals dmg equal to enemy max hp. Or you can buy botrk since it deals dmg equal to current hp. Then it's possible to get them to 50%. After that it's hard to kill them, but they care a bit more. Another thing is: play really agressive early (early spike) so you scale harder than tanks and harder than enemy adc. If you can kill enemy adc (and maybe their midlaner) at start of fight. It should be hard for the enemies to still win the fights
: ADCs aren't actually weak damage wise, the problem is that there is so much damage coming from mid, top and jungle that they can never survive long enough to carry. How to solve this? Buffing ADCs is a dangerous game because they are so volatile that they can become extremely overbearing when strong. Buffing their items is risky too because the AD champions of mid will abuse them, so what can we do? ADCs should never be allowed to solo carry through burst (think back to Vayne max q crit, for example) because that's the job of mainly mid laners so it's unfair to give them that kind of power. They should carry through sustained damage, that is their role after all. Problem is that ADCs just die instantly so now we have to look at the supports. It's easy to forget that supports have about 50% contribution of how strong the ADCs are in the meta. Right now we are slowly leaving the mage support meta and entering the engage support meta. Engage supports are doing fine getting the ADC strong but they still don't address the issue that their ADC is still getting deleted by the other lanes. Enchanterress supports are your answer. Since the massive shield NERF where they brought most shields down to 2.5 secs or decaying shields, more and more damage is coming out of the other lanes to a point now where most people die very quickly. Let's not also forget to mention that they are introducing shield deleting abilities and 60% grevious wound abilities. Enchanters control the damage from all lanes and now that they aren't as strong the other lanes are going unchecked. By extension, when enchanters are strong so are ADCs and tanks as they become more viable due to lower damage from burst, allowing then to survive longer. Just my opinion, I'm not saying enchanters are weak but right now if both the ally enchanter and enemy assassin play perfectly, the ally ADC will always die the majority of the time.
I never said that they need a direct buff, but indirectly buffing adcs is an alternative. Last season, some adc's could (finally) win a game on their own (Kai'sa: 57% win to me), but this season, I can't get over 40% winrate with her and not over 45% win total. You're not gonna tell me that I suddenly can't play Kai'sa anymore to lose 1/3rd of my previous winrate. Or that I'm totally trash so that my winrate dropped from 52%->42% in 1 season?
: which champion will be the most broken shit if they had 550 range.
{{champion:157}} imagine his Q range being 550 range
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: i dont think so. however, if this person gets reported enough times, they could receive a ban on posting
Then they create a new account and do exactly the same thing, I guess
Kurotsu (EUW)
: That's refreshing to hear! I read somewhere that a lot of reports are mis-used. You can be totally calm and chill and play well all game but get reported for Racism and Sexism just cause someone doesn't like you.
The notification said: "disruptive behaviour in the game like trolling, griefing, intentionally feeding or deliberately trying to lose the match."
: most players think that inting is the same as feeding i hate this community sometimes. also, how did you get banned for inting? no one else does
I really don't know. I thought exactly the same as you
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