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: League is very slow
Could you please upvote, so riot can see it?
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Lleajy (EUW)
: You get protected ONCE you got supp, but if you play something else, then queue supp, you can get autofilled. It's rare, but still annoying to get a lane you aren't good at and nobody wants to trade because muh premade bot.
I still prefer the 2 options for primary and secondary and adding a 3rd option for what you **dont want to play** except support.. but I don't think that I will get so much support with that..
Lleajy (EUW)
: Aram is a %%%%%%ed mode.
Play Twisted Treeline then{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} In case you can find that map
: A little improvement to the Champ Select
I was thinking about that! Finally someone who put time in it!
Martyrdrom (EUNE)
: Ranked autofill
This is a good reason to actually play support when it fits better for you so you don't get autofilled... If everybody is doing that, then autofill doesnt have to do that much... And come on, you really think that you lose because of that support player who mains riven? You say 3-4 minutes waiting? I don't think that you ever got a game without autofill in high elo. Without autofill it's 10m in plat, 20m in dia and 40m in master/challenger, you really think it's worth it to wait longer than your game?
: Hey guys! As this was our first time trying these awesome boards missions, we went a bit overboard with the rewards :-) - We gave out 125RP instead of a hextech chest/key - so you can buy which you want! - We also gave out 5xHextech chests and keys to those winners - this is a huge amount, but we were pretty excited about this reward! - We also gave that 125RP to those who won the 5 hextech chests/keys - not a huge amount compared to the awesome artwork you did, but you should definitely be in line with the others we gave out! We also had a small issue of accidentally adding a "little" too much IP to some accounts - this was fixed up pretty quick and those of you who purchased champions with this will have them removed (sorry guys! ;-P) Future quests will be sticking to the originally outlined amount, we just wanted to celebrate our initial run this time because the mission system that the volunteers put together...was REALLY COOL! Congrats to those of you who participated, hopefully RNG is kind to you! ;-)
Love you guys!{{champion:103}} {{sticker:katarina-love}} Are you gonna do this with every event? Halloween etc? Or just sometimes? I really liked the quests, they were very good related to the event! EDIT: Are you uploading the pictures from the winners artwork, so we can see the cool artworks? :D
eXplaiN123 (EUNE)
: Ranked Joining screen
This also happens when you press TAB ingame, it's really nice, because you can compare all champions easily
: I wouldn't recommand {{champion:51}} for a few reasons: * Caitlyn comes with large experience requirement in order to play her effectively. That's something you can't achieve in lower brackets if you not main her. She's highly recommanded for plat and above but any lower it would just be a pick that would hold you back. * Despite been an ultra safe pick her last nerfs where nasty. She basicly lost about 1/3 of her health pool. She can easy be bursted down now in an all-in. * Their is a big differents between a good and a bad Caitlyn. Recommanding something like that for an autofill is like starting a war with a gun you can't carry. {{champion:18}} is ok, she's relative easy to play and kinda OP right now. Still be carefull for the freeze limitations she provides. {{champion:63}} is offcourse the easiest support to climb to gold with. Nothing to say here. {{champion:16}} is offcourse a good recommandation as well. The pushing power her Q provides together with the healing she's a relative broken pick in the right hands. Edite: I used his .gg chat to create a list for him. I don't really want to push someone into playing easy champions when they have decent stats with the champions they are playing right now. The easy champions are useally helpfull to fill in the gaps like {{champion:1}}.
But in lower ranks, Caitlyn shouldn't be too hard: you can punish enemy champions by using AA if they want to farm. Soraka/Lulu is good for the Ardent build
: Hi their, I think your Fiora is fine. You still have a 62% winrate with it over 123 games. That's really good if you known the average winrate of Fiora is 50.07% and 56% when mastered (if you believe the .gg stats). Your kda might not be the highest but those are things you can fix by watching replays of your games to figure out how & why you died and how your can prevent that in the future. I have a feeling your problem is not about champion mastery but about macro play. Playing the same champion over & over again can help you detecting those mistakes easyier. Since you useally get autofilled as support anyway I wouldn't worry about missing out the support experience. So stick with your main champion and use the mute button if you have any flamer on your team (what is basicly every game). * #Primary Role Top: + {{champion:114}} (main) + {{champion:23}}, {{champion:58}}, {{champion:50}}, {{champion:8}}, {{champion:24}} or {{champion:122}} (pick one and try to stick with the same one) * #Secondary Role Jungle: + {{champion:11}} + {{champion:32}} (if first is banned) * #Autofilled Mid: + {{champion:245}} + {{champion:1}} (if first is banned) * #Autofilled Adc: + {{champion:21}} * #Autofilled Support: + {{champion:25}}
ADC: Tristana, Caitlyn Support: Brand, **Soraka**
Rumkat (EUW)
: A question for support mains
I'm not a support main, but maybe you can play some "carry supports" ({{champion:432}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:412}}) instead of passive support champions (like Janna). It's also possible to gank a lot with those carry supports (midlane), with a more passive support champion, it becomes harder to land a kill on midlane. But playing outside of botlane (for a few minutes only) can do a lot. Or just ward enemy jungle, push hard and catch him at his own jungle
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PaladinNO (EUNE)
: Tell me about it... I am in the exact same position. 275.038 BE calculated total so far to spend once the store opens.
150k BE is URF-WW 50k 1st gemstone 100k 2nd gemstone 150k 3rd gemstone I would recommend Urf-WW first then only gemstones
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: Been Honour level 5 for weeks...3 honour capsules total. A couple key fragments in each, and some shards for champions that I already owned. :/
Got all champs.. so I only want BE (from champ shards) for the URF WW-skin or for the gemstones..
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: Searching 3 mates for the Invasion S quest
xAnterias (EUNE)
: After a large winning spree...
Elo Hell.. Hell yeah All gold players who think that they are the best, but suck.. Every Game A or higher, but no team so struck at p5 0LP, yellow marked..
Smerk (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kill and Win,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=TJzhiYxP,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-08-28T16:01:46.368+0000) > > 1. Battlecast Prime Cho'gath (**LEGENDARY**) (already have nightmare Cho'gath) 607 essences, 1520 upgrade I also have nightmare skin, but I would still get battlecast > 2. Dark Star Thresh (**LEGENDARY**) 607 essences, 1520 upgrade best skin for Thresh and one of the best skins in the whole game. I'm very happy that I have it > 3. Deadly Kennen (**LEG**) 173 essences, 220 upgrade bad skin, definitely not worth it > 4. Dragonwing Corki 325 essences, 675 upgrade not bad skin, was best Corki skin before arcade, not sure now > 5. Executioner Mundo (**LEG**) 173 essences, 220 upgrade not good > 6. Headless Hecarim (**LEG**) 325 essences, 675 upgrade quite good, but Heca has better ones > 7. Pharaoh Amumu (**LEG**) 173 essences, 220 upgrade not good > 8. SKT T1 Jax (**LEG**) 250 essences, 450 upgrade not a fan of team skins, so can't recommend > 9. Snow Day Graves (**EPIC** and **LEG**) 450 essences, 1050 upgrade this one is cool, but I generally like snow skins > 10. Striker Ezreal (**LEG**) 173 essences, 220 upgrade not good > 11. Super Galaxy Rumble (**LEGENDARY**) 607 essences, 1520 upgrade best skin for Rumble
Thanks! I finally took my snowday Graves.. Will wait for the rest...
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Swav HD (EUW)
: #HONORSYSTEM Anyone got a promote from level 0 to Level 1?
You only need a lot of honor to lvl up! 1. Stay active, be active (also in chat, not too much ofc) 2. Try to ping as much as possible (2 pings are sufficient enough, don't spam) 3. If you (or your teammated) did something well, say it to your team since it will positively affect your teammates spirit 4. Don't say that a player does very bad after 1-3 deaths, try to help them instead: swap lanes, gank (even when you're a support, you can gank, maybe 3man gank to shutdown) 5. If a player does very, very bad, try to let him farm (alone) while you defend with 4 under your own turret, so he can come back. And as long as you don't flame, but give him some positive attention. The player has a chance to comeback instead. 6. Carry! If you do, tell your teammates that they have to peel for you and tell them to trust you, most of time, you can do very well with that Most of time, you can get some honors with that, especially the last one if your team does terrible. **And Yes**, it is possible to carry your team if all lanes lost except you. (**even as adc**)
: GG easy? A truly disgusting way of ending a game
I know that it's really frustrating.. (I never use it), **but** I sometimes use "ez" to my teammates **only** (support, while I adc) to describe that we did a good job! But now the thing.. if Riot wants to punish you for that, they should know to who or what? --And since nobody here (except Rioters) knows something about how the automatic system works (we all know that it can detect words, but how or something like that.. idk) -- My case shouldn't be punished, since it's not negative towards enemies (except the fact that they weren't smart enough, but they will never know that I wrote that to them). It should be honored instead, since it's positively affecting your teams spirit! But Idk if the automatic system will see that... So, they can't be punished, I guess?
Kokozuma (EUW)
: I think we're just unlucky compared to him Or he is more lucky
Or maybe because I didn't play for a few weeks (holiday) that I got compensated in this way? idk
: Horror stories is that people been honor 3+ for 2 months and not gotten one capsule yet you get it after 2 days. Can't tell if seriously good luck or some kind of lie.
I should've made a screenshot EDIT: Well.. How can I lie about my key fragments tho?
: Why? What exactly was better in the old Tribunal, in your opinion?
It gave Riot a good start for the bans nowadays, since a few things are getting punished harder (homophobia) than just the regular stuff to say (and blame others). And it was good for yourself since you judge other players while you think about yourself what you shouldn't do
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Jsp (EUW)
: And by "honor a player once a day" i mean that you can give out as many honors as you possibly can but a player can't get honored twice in one day by the same person. So the honor is player unique.
I would say that this has the same ideology as what I described above! I like that idea
Smerk (EUW)
: Bonus when everyone honors someone in a the team is higher than when you get individual honors from strangers
Luniya (EUNE)
: I'm quite sure I read a post from Riot stating that honoring your premade gives legitimately 0 honors added to your account (however if you're honor lvl 3+ you'll get an honor flair in loading screen from 2 honors by premade or 1 honor by a stranger)
haven't seen that one, only knew that it's lower than from a stranger
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Treycos (EUW)
: If you were writing your insults like this, it has to be a miracle that the review bot actually banned you But a perma is a perma, you should already have been warnned with a 14 days ban
you really believe him? As long as he doesn't show chat logs, he's telling lies.
: Second year of trying to get unbanned
if you get your account back, why is that little boy who lives 1000km away, has no friends, gets bullied, but flamed because of that, not getting his account back? Because then everybody with a permaban would get his account unbanned, because everybody has something to flame or something like that. We're all sad if your account get banned, so deal with it. And plz.. Grow up
Etherim (EUW)
: 1 More game lost, And it's over.
If you get an yellow ! next to your rank, it says that your MMR is lower (don't worry) But if you lose more (like I did), then you get a red ! which says that losing 3 games or so (not displayed) that will make you demote to gold. So as long as you don't see that next to your rank, you won't drop
: Hey im Plat 5 and need a good adc here
I usually take ADC. I play MF/Jinx most of time (promo to plat4 atm)
Zantonny (EUW)
: Maokai's got one of the strongest winrates, far from useless. Chogath's going to be nerfed, no point investing time into him until he's balanced after the E rework. My Maokai winrate is better than average.
Cho's R is the thing that makes him so extremely strong. He's just a 5k hp monster that has an R that deals over 1600 true damage (ADC's are heaving 2000-2200hp). So a full QWE(1x)R combo will kill them in a second.
Zantonny (EUW)
: Splitpush Moakai OP. If it wins it works. :P
Mao is pretty useless. Take Cho instead
ExpStealer (EUNE)
: Ashe <3 - we have a lot of similarities.
not seen, cold and want vision of everybody (in their bedrooms?) Or do you mean: stunning person with a cold personality?{{champion:22}}
noob infant (EUNE)
: if your team can easely 4v5 than there is no wrong strategy, you can build full ap ashe, splitpush and still win
: Balanced Lethality
> If everything is broken,nothing is really broken. Right now, everybody is already broken. Since Fizz and Akali deal massive damage if you play them well in early and can get some early kills, but you don't see them that often since they require much skills. And their masterycurves are just harder than Ahri and Annie. And I also want to state some contradiction in your "balance": > 1.Buff this items :{{item:3157}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3031}} . **** > 6.Nerf Vayne,Draven,and Jinx because of the {{item:3085}} {{item:3031}} buff,they are aredy strong so they dont need more dmg ,again we dont want broken champs. Now you are doing something wrong: Buffing items to buff champions. Buffing items mean that every champion can buy it and can decide which build you want to play. It's just a reward for playing well to build items (core) earlier than your enemy. And it's better for snowballing. NOTE: Vayne is NOT Building Runaans, it's just terrible if you buy in on her AND it won't apply her W-passive, so the few extra damage (while building AS).. nope! > 4.Nerf Rengar because of the infinity edge buff. This is the same for Rengar, and most of time is rengar building: Jungleitem, boots, oracle, 2x lethality item, BC and GA (pretty standard build), so I don't see Rengars with IE? Otherwise there is an item against crit: {{item:3143}} or just take them out at once. If they build AD (Bruiser), they can't fully tank (and otherwise: much hp mostly means, lower resistances so {{item:3153}} {{item:3151}} would be useful) and if you stand as adc behind your tanks and got some pinks, it won't be a huge problem I guess? Don't see him that often, since he's a solid, but not that strong pick. > > 3.Rework Yasuo. Rework doesn't mean that all of his kit will be changed, you know? Sometimes small things with huge impact. And reworking kit that is strong if you are good with him, doesn't mean rework or nerf. Most of time, champions that receive a rework aren't picked: {{champion:83}} {{champion:6}} And coming: {{champion:28}} {{champion:266}} [RITO source]( > 2.Buff those champions:{{champion:268}} {{champion:13}}. If you buff them, they will be likely in Godtier in Dia/Master/Challenger, since they are always a good pick there. > 5.Be careful with buffing ryze and azir we want them decent picks not broken champs. This means that you literally can't buff them. Since there won't be difference between bronze-gold-diamond patch. So overall, I don't think that it will happen. And btw, Lethality is not the problem in this case. It's the Duskblade passive-dmg-change only. But the champions that build Lethality are always building 2 lethality items, since that's the build path.
noob infant (EUNE)
: don't split push solo as adc. the game is ment to be team game - ie support is ment to peel for adc from assasins and other things. sure solo adcs are weak but with a support they all of the sudden become the strongest on the rift.
Well.. sometimes it's fine to be alone as ADC, but not as splitpush. If t1 is gone, I always don't go further alone if I push minions from that point. If that turret is alive, then I go to middle of t1 turrets (enemy and ally). OR if every enemy is mid, your team is pushing and can easily 4v5 (and you don't need to help them), it's fine to pressure their botlane turrets while they take midturrets.
: Hello, This is a Riot employee ( officially known as Rito employee). Apologies for the late response. I must say that you figured us out. Yes, we are monitoring your games and to keep you from rising to challenger as well as profiting ( in a way) we are adding all the trashy players to your games. Also we are careful to track any "OP picks" like ekko from your teammates and we give them hidden nerfs to eliminate any possibility of you winning. Here at Rito we value Challenger players like you so we try to offer a harder gaming expirience. For any suggestions please don't hesitate tk email us. Regards, RITO trolling Challenger players team
let's "don't hesitate tk" with our "expirience"
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: Like i stated earlier, it will "heal" your accounts reputation - but if you end up going over the edge several matches in a row you'll get the final punishment. You wont get a rollback to 10 chat restrictions and 25 chat restrictions, the system will only become a bit more tolerant of your behaviour
I think that honor is a kind of role. If you reach next honor level (back to level 2), I think that you are more "safe" then. But the best thing is to never flame your teammates. I also didn't like my supports today.. but sometimes it's better to say nothing than trying to help them (or even flame).. since it won't change that much, they have to experience it.. And you simply can't win every game!
Magneset (EUW)
: Let me guess without even reading the topic. You hard carried but never did anything that was worth honoring behavior wise.
Well telling a player that he did something well after a few mistakes (3-4 deaths), made him feel better ;)
Stomgar (EUW)
: Please actually look at my games i all ways have feeders and its usually bot lane getting stomped 0/6 by 15 minutes please tell me how any one can carry that
Katarina, Yasuo, Gangplank, Kha'zix, Vayne, Jinx, Ekko, Fiora, Darius etc.. They all can win a game on their own.. And don't forget that you sometimes win and sometimes lose. I also have 10+ games losing streaks
Stomgar (EUW)
: I don't get fed in my lane because i play too safe can't trade for **** and i recently came from Dota 2 because of feeders and i don't like what Valve is doing to it.
But 1 feeder doesn't mean end of the game, because sometimes they throw. OR they only have early game champions (panth..) which snowball hard early till midgame, but sucks late if they don't get any tankyness in their builds.
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