Zantonny (EUW)
: Splitpush Moakai OP. If it wins it works. :P
Mao is pretty useless. Take Cho instead
ExpStealer (EUNE)
: Ashe <3 - we have a lot of similarities.
not seen, cold and want vision of everybody (in their bedrooms?) Or do you mean: stunning person with a cold personality?{{champion:22}}
noob infant (EUNE)
: if your team can easely 4v5 than there is no wrong strategy, you can build full ap ashe, splitpush and still win
: Balanced Lethality
> If everything is broken,nothing is really broken. Right now, everybody is already broken. Since Fizz and Akali deal massive damage if you play them well in early and can get some early kills, but you don't see them that often since they require much skills. And their masterycurves are just harder than Ahri and Annie. And I also want to state some contradiction in your "balance": > 1.Buff this items :{{item:3157}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3031}} . **** > 6.Nerf Vayne,Draven,and Jinx because of the {{item:3085}} {{item:3031}} buff,they are aredy strong so they dont need more dmg ,again we dont want broken champs. Now you are doing something wrong: Buffing items to buff champions. Buffing items mean that every champion can buy it and can decide which build you want to play. It's just a reward for playing well to build items (core) earlier than your enemy. And it's better for snowballing. NOTE: Vayne is NOT Building Runaans, it's just terrible if you buy in on her AND it won't apply her W-passive, so the few extra damage (while building AS).. nope! > 4.Nerf Rengar because of the infinity edge buff. This is the same for Rengar, and most of time is rengar building: Jungleitem, boots, oracle, 2x lethality item, BC and GA (pretty standard build), so I don't see Rengars with IE? Otherwise there is an item against crit: {{item:3143}} or just take them out at once. If they build AD (Bruiser), they can't fully tank (and otherwise: much hp mostly means, lower resistances so {{item:3153}} {{item:3151}} would be useful) and if you stand as adc behind your tanks and got some pinks, it won't be a huge problem I guess? Don't see him that often, since he's a solid, but not that strong pick. > > 3.Rework Yasuo. Rework doesn't mean that all of his kit will be changed, you know? Sometimes small things with huge impact. And reworking kit that is strong if you are good with him, doesn't mean rework or nerf. Most of time, champions that receive a rework aren't picked: {{champion:83}} {{champion:6}} And coming: {{champion:28}} {{champion:266}} [RITO source]( > 2.Buff those champions:{{champion:268}} {{champion:13}}. If you buff them, they will be likely in Godtier in Dia/Master/Challenger, since they are always a good pick there. > 5.Be careful with buffing ryze and azir we want them decent picks not broken champs. This means that you literally can't buff them. Since there won't be difference between bronze-gold-diamond patch. So overall, I don't think that it will happen. And btw, Lethality is not the problem in this case. It's the Duskblade passive-dmg-change only. But the champions that build Lethality are always building 2 lethality items, since that's the build path.
noob infant (EUNE)
: don't split push solo as adc. the game is ment to be team game - ie support is ment to peel for adc from assasins and other things. sure solo adcs are weak but with a support they all of the sudden become the strongest on the rift.
Well.. sometimes it's fine to be alone as ADC, but not as splitpush. If t1 is gone, I always don't go further alone if I push minions from that point. If that turret is alive, then I go to middle of t1 turrets (enemy and ally). OR if every enemy is mid, your team is pushing and can easily 4v5 (and you don't need to help them), it's fine to pressure their botlane turrets while they take midturrets.
: Hello, This is a Riot employee ( officially known as Rito employee). Apologies for the late response. I must say that you figured us out. Yes, we are monitoring your games and to keep you from rising to challenger as well as profiting ( in a way) we are adding all the trashy players to your games. Also we are careful to track any "OP picks" like ekko from your teammates and we give them hidden nerfs to eliminate any possibility of you winning. Here at Rito we value Challenger players like you so we try to offer a harder gaming expirience. For any suggestions please don't hesitate tk email us. Regards, RITO trolling Challenger players team
let's "don't hesitate tk" with our "expirience"
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: Like i stated earlier, it will "heal" your accounts reputation - but if you end up going over the edge several matches in a row you'll get the final punishment. You wont get a rollback to 10 chat restrictions and 25 chat restrictions, the system will only become a bit more tolerant of your behaviour
I think that honor is a kind of role. If you reach next honor level (back to level 2), I think that you are more "safe" then. But the best thing is to never flame your teammates. I also didn't like my supports today.. but sometimes it's better to say nothing than trying to help them (or even flame).. since it won't change that much, they have to experience it.. And you simply can't win every game!
Magneset (EUW)
: Let me guess without even reading the topic. You hard carried but never did anything that was worth honoring behavior wise.
Well telling a player that he did something well after a few mistakes (3-4 deaths), made him feel better ;)
Stomgar (EUW)
: Please actually look at my games i all ways have feeders and its usually bot lane getting stomped 0/6 by 15 minutes please tell me how any one can carry that
Katarina, Yasuo, Gangplank, Kha'zix, Vayne, Jinx, Ekko, Fiora, Darius etc.. They all can win a game on their own.. And don't forget that you sometimes win and sometimes lose. I also have 10+ games losing streaks
Stomgar (EUW)
: I don't get fed in my lane because i play too safe can't trade for **** and i recently came from Dota 2 because of feeders and i don't like what Valve is doing to it.
But 1 feeder doesn't mean end of the game, because sometimes they throw. OR they only have early game champions (panth..) which snowball hard early till midgame, but sucks late if they don't get any tankyness in their builds.
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Stomgar (EUW)
: So you are just going to ignore the fact i actually have feeders on my team in almost every single game. As i said to the other guy you only know the KDA not the story.
You want me to tell me that if a player loses a lane and is behind that you always "get that feeder". Maybe you don't know, but there are 2 scenarios: You win the lane You play even You lose the lane It doesn't matter who or what, in low elo it's more win/lose lane than even. Even in high elo, you get feeders, but why don't feed yourself instead?
Andrey0345 (EUNE)
: Getting Gold+ is actually pretty difficult in the first season of playing LoL.
True, but you need some kind of challenge? You need to set a goal, even if it's hard..
: When to commit to ranked
When you start at playing vs real human people I suggest the following: I should wait until you have 10 champions that you can play very well. 3 for each role. Then try to find out what champions/roles you like and get a few more champions for that (10 for the primary/secundary role, that you can play very well). (Total minimum: **29**) Try to find out how every champion is called and what kind of abilities they have (just by playing, don't search for it) and when to use an ability against them. After that, you should be ready. But before you start playing ranked. Go play a few (5 is enough) draft pick (normal) games, so you can learn a bit how it works. (To get the draftpick feeling). Then you should be ready to play ranked a bit properly. Always try to find out which matchup fits best in your team and who's the best against the enemy team. And GL with climbing (try to get Gold+ before end of season ~4 months to get the victorious skin)
Stríke (EUW)
: The Reveloution Starts Today !
If you want a _real revolution_, maybe start learning how to spell that word.
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shamshamm (EUW)
: I have yet to play against one , but it's not unusual for a champ to be overpowered after release usually they get a nerf in the following patch
nothing planned in PBE so far I see at the site from surrenderat20
: Poachers is a jungle item. That's probably why. It helps with your clear.
So when you buy poachers, you actually don't want to get serrated
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tiger4545 (EUNE)
: The funniest thing is that they try to make someones honor go higher but Riot made the system that way so the premade honors don't affect your level.
premade honors only count a small bit if they honor each other
Rioter Comments
: Nothing to worry about. The notifications are just a little bugged. They SHOULD appear everyt time you get fragments, but for currently unknown reasons they don't. That's not intended and Riot is looking into it.
: Why can't i play off meta champs?
META picks are champions that have: **1. a very fast mastery curve ** 2. good damage 3. most of time a good sustain 4. low risk high reward champions 5. Pro-players pick Especially the first one is important. If a champion has a very fast mastery curve, it's easy to be a beast with that specific champion. And most of time, use it as a "guide" to you if you have a large champion pool and can play multiple champions. Then you can pick the one in the "highest tier" instead of another. But always look at matchup and your own team!
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: 100 Mana is alot but if he grabs you, you are displaced by more then 1000 units and the only way to escape is a flash which is 500sec CD and he has his grab on 20 Sec and building Mana on him profits his passive . One grab means flash, the other grab is 100% death. Insane range and the Hitbox is ridicilous. he synergises well with tank/Mana items, if he gets ahead he can burst a ADC or assasin almost 100-0. His Grab paired with the Damage and natural tankiness are obnoxious to play against. The only way to stop him is to rush him down since he has no peel. Here is his bigest Weakness. After he shoots his shit he has no abilitys for 20 seconds and is basicly a moving ward. Thats the reason why Blitzkrank support actually sucks. Because once he shoots his grab he cant do anything anymore and just get blasted away OR his adc gets blasted away since he has no means to protect him. So good blitzkranks need to evaluate if its better to Grab offensively or wait and Grab to peel.
925 units and flash is on 300 seconds cooldown. You can stand behind minions or if he grabs a tank, you can kill him instead (with cc). Punish him if he wasted it (or is oom) easy
: All of them have strong late game. Syndra and Orianna have strong early mid and late game.
Yes: **late game** In Early: Orianna has mana problems if she spams it. You can punish her after she missed/used her QW combo. Syndra: She would spam Q and then WE. After that, in laning, you can punish her because she only can deal damage and won't cc you. The real thing is: If you don't stay behind minions, they have to choose: minions or you. Just punish her after they use combo on minions If they choose for you: just dodge and let them go to you once your minions are very low (they miss cs which gives you a lead) More on Syndra: Buy Zhonyas to dodge her ult. For both: Get Banshees
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=BullPower14,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=htYjq8Xo,comment-id=000000000001,timestamp=2017-07-07T08:55:24.208+0000) > > They aren&#x27;t fine. If competitive is an indicator for champion strength (cough Azir cough, cough Ryze cough, cough Viktor cough) Syndra and Orianna should get some nerfs. They staed in meta almost 15-20 patches. One patch two weeks. Four patches a month. > > 15-20 patches four and five months. They were strong for four, five months. They were always strong. It's not that syndras ult needs nerf, its that mana update killed A LOT OF MAGES. Removing mana potions was bad move. Reintroducing them would move syndra out of meta since things like cassio and malzahar can keep up with her early game, not going to mention velkoz being a pain in the ass with just blue buff or early last chapter
Cassio has easy mana regen. Just spam E and let that kill the minion (or when it flies, the minion will be killed) Malzahar is still a very strong and solid pick
Doomley (EUW)
: Dodge the game. Simply dodge. There is nothing wrong with dodging the game to save LP and brain cells. But to your leave though, you were the worst offender in that game. You really left immediately when one thing happens that differs from normal flow of the game? i mean really? grow some thicker skin for christ sake...He pushed the first wave, big fcking deal. It's easy to let it slide and do a comeback. You on the other hand single handedly lose a game for your entire team by leaving and if someone has to be punished that game, it's you.
You really expect that he would stop doing that? After a worse champ select and when not even helping jungler? You enjoy a game when a support is %%%%ing up your lane and putting you in a weak spot? I wish that you are always an adc in that case.
Rioter Comments
: Question about Mach Making
Winrate has nothing to do with your current playstyle. If you reach 0LP AND your MMR is same/lower level, you get demoted
Leonheart (EUNE)
: I didn't get lvl 3. Im still lvl 2. I just got those keys :/
Leonheart (EUNE)
: 4 Key frags at once! WTF :O
How did you get lvl 3 so fast? :O I got (almost) every games honors (most 2/3) :O
: Perma Banned for Improving LoL community
Your ban is improving the LoL community
Happee (EUW)
: Did it actually tell you that someone honoured you specifically?
I was premade with 1 other, and I saw 2 honors
Happee (EUW)
: THe new honor system questions
Last game, I had an leaver in my team AND I got honored 2 times (1 from premade, 1 from someone else), but I didn't receive the message: "you got some extra honor"
MrSlowiK (EUNE)
: I would love to transfer to EUW but the thing is all of my friends play on EUNE... If not that I would have been on EUW ages ago. And I do sort of care about winning as I am a hardstuck Silver 1 trying to get into Gold. Thanks for the comments
But I meant to get out of the toxic priority list from Riot. After a tons of games (without leaving etc) you get a message that your account status has been improved. Then you can play ranked safety!
: 10 years* I mean, just, how, why?
with this system, 10 times a year, because u look salty
: xD she is 3150 ip and i have her already ... i played a game with her while posting this discussion loool , stick to a jungler not adc
ah sorry! But she's still a strong pick!
: the poppy game i went afk at about 3 mins came back at 15 to give my team hope and then left again and the zed game I trolled super hardcore and somehow my team managed to win. I didnt have the heart to keep trolling past those two games I guess im just not bad enough of a person I now understand less how I can constantly have trolls in my team when it feels so bad to do it why do so many people do it constantly
Don't forget that we all have bad games, make mistakes. And most of time if you start terrible, it's hard to come back. And just hard/counter matchups could make champions useless. Don't judge too early with "trolls". In every game, always, there is a player who gets a bad score, but that doesn't mean he's a troll :)
loljames1 (EUW)
: This quote isn't relevant to the ban itself. I suggest you remove your bigoted comments away as you're quite frankly trying to throw me into the dirt by quoting comments and taking them out of context.
I didn't, maybe read what you said in your comments before: > You can even see that I was hesitant and didn't finish the final sentence, I didn't claim they had low IQ levels nor did I say they had high. I just said how it looks like when you add "very high" in it. If you said low, it's a correct sentence.
: [Help!] which champ should i buy for 4800 ip ?
Miss fortune, idk how much she costs since I own all champions xd
loljames1 (EUW)
: You're looking at the logs from only my side. There are team mates that have had conversations with me. The over sensitivity is due to them having a language barrier and not understand the context of which I speak. For example, if I say 'that was terrible' they'd instantly presume that it was them I was flaming and not myself or just the general actions of the scene. Furthermore, you're saying yourself that a permanent suspension was the appropriate action to take for me saying: loljames1: WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU loljames1: You lost loljames1: With your iq levels You can even see that I was hesitant and didn't finish the final sentence, I didn't claim they had low IQ levels nor did I say they had high. This system you speak of didn't detect the context, it scanned through my dialogue only and discovered the words 'dumb' and 'f*ck'. Its simple as that, If we had the full logs you'd see me traversing in conversation with my team mates. 'loljames1: I cant win you the game when you throw' was me trying to defend myself as they were pinning the blame on me, the person that had the most kills, assists and relevance in that game for losing the game for them. Yes I agree I should've muted them earlier however I left it too late. That aside, a permanant suspension is far too extreme for the situation at hand.
"With your iq levels" in combination with "You lost" is meant as negative, why would u say this otherwise? > You lost with your very high iq levels That sounds sarcastic, don't you think?
: No, i didn't tell Riot yet, but in the answer of my first question to them ( about that i am not using 3rd party programs) they said "Keep in mind that account sharing of any kind is also against the Terms of Use. You are responsible for all activity on your account, so be sure to keep your account information to yourself." .... "As I see no sign of compromise under your account, the suspension will remain in place." But there still hope.
So, he just use 3rd party programs. _Remove friend_
MrSlowiK (EUNE)
: I added the player after the game to talk to him and he admitted that he intentionally fed.
Screenshot > Riot?
MrSlowiK (EUNE)
: God, I love you... This comment just made me smile man. This will help me so much, from now on I am just gonna /mute all. People like you deserve a f*cking medal man <3
just spam ARAM, I don't think you care about winning there?
: I'm going to become a hardcore ranked troll AMA
16/9/17 Syndra 4/5/4 Poppy 5/24/8 Zed 13/11/6 Graves 4/6/10 Urgot ADC (doesn't mean instant troll) 3/5/4 Teemo (top, not even support as you stated) 6/6/1 Cho'gath 5/5/3 Zed 20/6/10 Ahri Sad, you only have talks, and no balls
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