Muuaahh (EUNE)
: Why am i gaining 10 LP and losing 18-19 LP with 55 w/r
lulose (EUW)
: How I think they should fix Akali
The heal should be 67% reduced to minions if no enemy champion or large monster is attacked with it
: katarina feels so weak atm
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Misterviin (EUNE)
: 17/1/6 AND A-, IS THIS NORMAL????
183cs should be at least 250cs
Vegito101 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kill and Win,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EIEx5zkO,comment-id=000600000000,timestamp=2019-03-10T14:32:33.244+0000) > > That literally means that you want flex Q For flex you need 5 premades.. That is hard to organize on my have 5 people who are good and ready to play in same time as me,that is impossible...I just want solo to be solo with no duo's
flex is not limited to 5 players premade
Vegito101 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kill and Win,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EIEx5zkO,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-03-09T10:08:15.290+0000) > > You don't have friends to duoQ? etive Naah I am all alone on this world.... It is easy to find friend to duo,but it make game unfair .And i am playing game because of competitive aspect...which means if there is no ranking system I would not play it at all... Maybe once in 5 months.. Point is duo are meant for kids who are there just to have fun from once in a while,from competitive aspect duo are unfair and ruining it
> competitive aspect That literally means that you want flex Q
Vegito101 (EUNE)
: Please remove duos from solo q and make it solo q
Hansiman (EUW)
: Ranked bans were used for a little while, but it only shifted their behavior from one queue to the other. It's not a solution.
But in combination with a chat restrict on normal games, it's less likely to flame during those games? And so to shift it into those queues. Is that also tested?
: well, I've been away for 17 months, not 5 years :)
Voldymort (EUNE)
: Why Riot doesn't do permananent chat bans
Flamers should get a ranked ban paired with chat restriction in normal games: Less flame, less tilt to flame etc..
: > [{quoted}](name=QuM1tSuk3 YT,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=L5xvEoYl,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-07T20:57:43.293+0000) > > Play Lux and spam abilities ... That's the current meta . Play AP champ or a tank and spam :( Huh... even before i started playing LoL i knew that "mid or feed" was a thing, so i never learned to play midlane, to not contest the most popular role. Well, save for AP Yi back in the day before his rework. Oh, btw.... how is Master doing?
AD good in bronze, sometimes good higher on the ladder. AP is not viable as his Q does not scale with AP
: In my opinion it's a combination of two things: Constantly trying to lower the duration of games (I remember when playtime average was 40 mins +.... and miss it like hell). Constantly trying to create new kits and interesting different champions, resulting them being overloaded with new abilities whilst older champions wait their turn for a rework.
> Constantly trying to lower the duration of games (I remember when playtime average was 40 mins +.... and miss it like hell). Well, those games were fun, as long as tanks > adcs
Papdi1 (EUW)
: Have you seen Vayne? I wondet why they buffed her since she was in totally balanced spot. Nobody complains about her, her mains were happy...Well firecracker skin get released. I dont have many accounts left so dont want this account to be banned however if I could I would call Rito with every vulgar, harsh expression avaible. They doesn'r deseve any respect nor any cash from me.
Most of time, Vayne is not reaching her powerspike (as she loses almost every lane matchup) since games tend to be really short (20-25mins). Early game champs have a lot of advantage and kill her way too easy with their 3-4 items at that point
ScorpioGG (EUNE)
: i play the overheal branch to test and i dont play it for long. just try to see what makes jinx less squishy.
: What's wrong with Riven players ?
Riven is just high risk high reward + you need to be skilled to play riven as she's very hard to play
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M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: Like I said she is extremly support reliant. It's just a mentioning, not reccomendation. I just listed the adc's i like to play:D
Yes! Ikr, but I only wanted to explicitely talk about the fact that everybody should be cautious about Vayne. She's either strong or weak during the game.
: > That's not what they're saying. They're saying that you're jumping under the enemy turret or trying to fight 4 enemies alone when it's very clear that you have no chance of success. When they say that after a manual audit that the ban itself is correct, it means that they believe it's more than a bad game. If I were to show you a clip of a lower ranked player in our community, would it not occur to you that they engage is similar situations where it is very clear they have no chance of success? Do they receive bans for making poor decisions? > You've misunderstood. The goal is to catch any form of intentionally feeding after a single offense. The case you mention as an example may be easier to detect, but that's not the only thing players get detected by. I'd disagree and say there was no intentional feeding as every decision made has a merit too it in this game. Even diving under tower resulted in 1 for 2 trades or 2 for 2 trades in which they lost minions and xp. > This is also a misunderstanding. You were punished for intentionally feeding, which aims to hand out a direct 14 day penalty after a single offense. Thank you for clarifying, I was unaware of this.
> If I were to show you a clip of a lower ranked player in our community, You know that that's not a correct argument. It's the same argument as player behaviour: If someone flames me, I'm "also allowed" to flame. That's still incorrect. > I'd disagree and say there was no intentional feeding as every decision made has a merit too it in this game. Even diving under tower resulted in 1 for 2 trades or 2 for 2 trades in which they lost minions and xp. And a riot employee stated that you were turretdiving when there was no chance of winning a fight. Okay, but the other thing: **you went 1v4** (in which you died, because everybody was far behind).
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: farming, getting ahead of farm, knowing a lot of stuff, knowing every matchup. I prefer playing adcs in the midlane nowadays since it's way easier there.(people are not used to it anymore). However anyone near silver II will start camping you, and anyone even higher will know how to abuse you being soo squishy(it's why we see mages botlane). In bottom lane, if you want to adc, you have 6 options. Tristana (Safest, has scaling range, decent damage mid and lategame, can be good early in right hands. She destroys turrets early one. You can even put a bomb on a turret and back off to keep tickling the opponents. Also, her e makes you push the wave(which is bad), but at the same time damages enemies in it(Which makes you pretty good at bullying anyone with shorter range just by lasthitting a minion they are too close to) Sivir(She is actually very good against poke supports and hook supports. Since if you can dodge the rest, the undodgeable ones you can spellshield. You also have insane waveclear and spike with only half a item(BF+Cloak). Not to mention, if you hit a q at level 1 or 2 outside your minion wave, and the player doesn't dodge correctly, you can take out half of enemy hp.Her q is manahungry.) Lucian. He is still the strongest early game adc in the game. Insane damage and insane mobility makes him great throughout the game, but he requires you to hit the autos between your abilities to get the dash back up quickly. Xayah is probably my favorite. She may have hard time early against like of lucian and caitlyn, but she is decent against any other adc. Key thing about her is to know how to use her q-auto-e combo well enough to root the enemy. Almost everything you need in xayah is in your w and e, as e is crowd control to get away(unless against a hooker). and w grants attack speed. However when you are outranged or simply outmatches in terms of damage, you can max q to farm from safe distance. She also has quite good variety of build paths. Caitlyn. She lacks attack speed, but she has both range and damage, making her pretty good early and midgame. She may fall off lategame when she finally gets outscaled, BUT if caitlyn keeps herself at max range, Only tristana can catch her. Everybody else just dies before getting her. (Oh and yes, that even means vayne, if caitlyn uses red trinket, giving her the ability to e vayne trap vayne and kill her before she kills cait) Honorable mention: Vayne. Vayne's problem is, she is extremly support reliant in the early game. And she is squishy and doesn't have much damage. But if she positions herself correctly, she is good at both last hitting and escaping ganks. Also, something to note is autoattack ANIMATION canceling. This is crucial for any damage delaer to get more autos off.
I wouln't recommend Vayne, as she can be punished way too hard in the early game. That means, that she will never get 2 items (and 2 item powerspike)
: Well that begs the question why has this mid laner slipped through the cracks and gotten out of iron/bronze
why am I that unlucky to get those in all my games, even when winning lane
: Can't that mid lane (who is usually a snowbally champion) go into a side lane and farm then get a lead?
Usually, the enemy midlane goes to botlane with their jungler. While my jungler+midlane are afk (midlane not farming, jungle farming in jungle and not moving towards botlane). So free lose
: Can we all agree that better bot wins?
> If you check my every game I won or lost was decided by the bot lane, My midlane always loses, (0/6 at min 10 is just "normal" to me), so nope
Kurotsu (EUW)
: You forgot Iron :(
Iron: carry yourself
: Being high Rank doesn't make you a god.
: Actually , it does compensate a lot even if its "only" 2 Gold more per stack. Especially when you Play a ranged Support that can poke easily like Zyra/veloz/brand/xerath you gain a huge amount of Gold more than before. The Thing is btw, Support items werent meant for solo lanes. The fact that this Support items were as strong on a solo lane and still Gold efficient made no sense in the first place. So I am glad they removed it.
The support items were used in combination of klepto toplane. Put someone top who doesn't cs, but only triggers gold income (+klepto) to get "normal gold income". The enemies will get a gold bounty because of the new system ("they cs more than the average of the enemy team"). So it was needed. But Riot stated with the hotfix that they will search for a longterm solution to this.
: How many wins before I promote to bronze ???
You need to win 3 out 5 games to promote not 2 out 5
Joöt (EUW)
: ***
Joöt (EUW)
: Is calling people "jew" regarded as an insult even though am jewish?
That's a bit of discrimination itself: I can make homo(phobic) related jokes cuz I'm gay, but someone else can't cuz he's NOT gay. That's discrmination, so it's a no.
: Cassiopeia is going to be nerfed... AGAIN
Did you notice the hotfix? less Adaptive Force and only 2 seconds (for ranged champions) to stack/hold Conquer
Rioter Comments
: Dude how many times do you set your house on fire that it would actually affect you.
You totally miss the point. I gave you some examples in which you want to leave the game. But it's not fair if you get punished in the same way as someone who don't want to play any further. As Riot is not able to track those "differences", I don't think it should be different from the way it is now. AFK'ers are punished with "wasting their own time" which is not fun at all (for the AFK player I mean). Furthermore, I don't see leavers that often anymore. Maybe because of this punishment, maybe because I'm not in iron-silver anymore
: > [{quoted}](name=Kill and Win,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=3cBfOkpj,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-02-16T13:26:53.833+0000) > > Giving players less LP is not a good motivation to quit a game. As it does not do anything useful (MMR won't be affected that much). Sometimes, you have to quit due to personal reasons (or: fire in the house). Honestly, I don't think that it will prevent you from quitting. > /mute all should be encouraged to prevent ragequitting. Just had again two premades failing a play andboth ragequittting. So plz tell me why they lose the same amount of lp as i do and nothing else happens (again, leaverbuster is the same as nothing)
> lose the same amount of lp as i do 1. You don't 2. You either win as a team or lose as a team. This time, you were unlucky that those were on your team, but the next time they are on the other team. Bonus tip if you have (at least 1) DC'er in your team: Don't surrender immediately (if possible). Wait like 7-8mins so they are flagged as AFK and get punished automatically (by Leaverbuster). If the enemy tries to win, ask them to not end right now, but wait a few more mins so the afk player gets punished. (If you ask very nicely, they will do)
Akorahil (EUW)
: Oops, i was wrong. 920%.
{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}} that are "a few" stayed cool honors
Eclectic (EUNE)
: If you mean to go for rageblade, Lethal Tempo is much more reliable. Hail of blades is better suited on champions that can get say a combo of it such as Xin, Darius, etc.
Vi can do a Q-E-W combo. It's giving additional AA since E is an AA reset. In the end you will end up with rageblade full stacked after 1 "small combo" giving even more W passive procs and P reduced shields
Eclectic (EUNE)
: Vi is a flexible champion in terms of her build and play style. If you are interested in Vi, I can give you some advice; but before that, do not be triggered by whatever ads you find on the net through streamers - although I have nothing against them. Hail of Blades is not a good option on Vi. You go ether electrocute or precision tree. All are dependent on enemy comp and your play style.
well hail of blades with rageblade while bring her passive on an extremely low cd? As every 3rd W will reduce vi passive by 4 seconds or so
Eclectic (EUNE)
: Tnx For Not Changing Vi (Rioters Pls)
StyrosNinja (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Aritmor,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=lfaNtrmg,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-02-19T00:23:02.783+0000) > > Zed deserves small buff as he was hit with the stat runes nerf a bit(opponents get additional armor while, he lost some adaptive force) so he is on his weaker end these few patches. Riven has probably the same problem as Akali had - she is strong but really hard to play so her results aren't that much conclusive as plenty of players just loose the game because they are bad. She got some play in LCS where she did really good so maybe some nerfs are comming in near uture. And Lucians nerf was deserved. He is too strong early to bullly his laning opponents and he gets ahead pretty easily and he really spikes in power with any item he buys in his build and specially against crit ADs, which require like 3 items to get going, he simply does not give them almost any room to get those items. Riven hard to play OMEGALUL . You made my day , ty , really funny joke
Akorahil (EUW)
: I had like 760% xD
Holy! That's a lot!{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Any advice on how to stay cool?
_Step 1: Don't flame your teammates_ (Even when teammates _can actually give_ that honor to you) When being flamed: Ask them to stop + tell them that you don't like to tilt as it's "a free win" (In meantime: mute that teammate!) When losing lane: Tell your teammates that you lost your lane, but that's not over yet: play as a team, we scale much better etc. When in mid-game: Tell your teammates to not fight but only make picks as you are not in the game yet. When having flaming teammates: Tell them to stop immediately with thrashtalk or it will give a guaranteed loss (give some advice: use /mute or /mute all) (This can also result in being friendly). But most of time you will get those when you **lost lane**, but got_ carried_ : while everybody noticed that you had a hard time: starting 0/3 or so and not getting your powerspike; enemy shoved minions under your tower while you having a hard lane which prevents you from cs'ing (and dieing under turret as well). And my last advice: always tell what's happening in your lane (like at start and post 6 is already sufficient enough): if you have a hard lane; tell your teammates that you need a gank (or: that they shouldn't gank you, but it's better to focus on other lanes, as you will not carry this game), but that you need at least 2 additional teammates (else: you all die which will put you even more behind)
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Muuaahh (EUNE)
: Do you actually get worse players in your promos?
Well, as ADC I usually get the following in promo series (even to diamond): A Janna who runs to a fiddle, to press W, getting feared and dieing withing 3 seconds after getting feared (and after doing that 5 times, she decided to DC). A Pyke who landed 3 hooks in a 35min game, every time he pressed E he died within 10 seconds, those games are funny, aren't they?...
: i have 110 but i still need to do one mission. i hoped i could get Wick's chroma but apparently Riot became even more stingy with this event. i usually buy an orb or two during events, just to show my support but i decided to skip this one due to the scammy droprates (and i have the feeling i'll be skipping EVERY event from now on)
I wanted Corki chroma (as I already have the riven chroma), but I dont think that I'm lucky enough to get corki with the random one!
: High winrate - bad mmr
That's called diamond? Last season, it helped for me to demote and climb back > Every game I'm playing with and against people that are around the same elo as me, platinum 1 - diamond 3. That does not matter
Rioter Comments
: Double lp loss for afk/quit
Giving players less LP is not a good motivation to quit a game. As it does not do anything useful (MMR won't be affected that much). Sometimes, you have to quit due to personal reasons (or: fire in the house). Honestly, I don't think that it will prevent you from quitting. /mute all should be encouraged to prevent ragequitting.
Wuks (EUNE)
: Ask a Heimerdinger Main (feat. Heisendong & lolGunSlinger)
Is Heimerdinger still viable as bot apc after crit changes this patch?
Trustëd (EUNE)
: Good Names for Thresh / Support Main
: Am I doing something Wrong?
> "Hey poppy don't build trinity dusklblade as support" That feels the same as telling a Zyra support not to build ap-items because she is a **support**. Poppy can do really well with those items, but I don't recommend it in every game. Off-meta pick/items can be really powerful. Have you ever seen an ap shyvana late game? Please, don't tell me that you want to tell her that she shouldn't build ap, because that is **not meta** or **not equal to your standards**
: The point is, players going off-meta are useless, they can not reach the needed level from their role at minute 20/25 and higher, so it is always a 4v5. For example the most common off meta picks like vayne top/ quinn bot/ yasuo bot/ heimer bot/ nasus jungle, soraka top, urgot bot, etc. All these can not farm enough and they are not able to do the expected, like ADC has to carry, how would carry a heimer or urgot bot vs some tanks or assassins? urgot has to go full AD other way he is not adc or tank either, 0 gank/teamfight escape potential, so he only dies flaming the team for sure. That's what i mean, meta is not official, but is respected and changes as long as it works, but these picks i said never work, at least until master/grandmaster tiers as lower everyone is %%%%%%ed. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Please explain my ~40cs lead (at the end). I can provide you that game if you want. [Yas adc game](
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