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: They refunded me once when i requested when i bought a wrong champion.. they gave me back 6300 IP (now BE). Then i requested to get refund for accidentaly deleting the Project Lucian shard, they gave me back my shard and i bough it. I asked twice, they refunded twice.
Wow, I really had to do that when I did delete Professor Ryze skin... RIP..
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: Tips for Low Elo Bronze/Silver
> BOT LANE > > ADC > Last hit the minions is all you can do in early game and wait for your supp poke, and put some wards too. Maybe you could add: If possible, land some AA on the enemy ADC/supp
: Funny thing is, back in the days the AS of {{champion:238}} was nerfed because he could melt towers way too much rapidly while, well, not being exactly a splitpusher. So it's not like AS is so useless for assassins.
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: A Rioter ashed the Kai'Sa mains on the subreddit about how would they like it and they said it would be better if she didn't stop at max range.
Ah, didn't see that :O But that makes sence
: I am a bit confused because you say left click. With default settings left click only selects stuff. You don't use it to attack. So you are talking about attack move or something, you need to say what you assigned to left click. Because then it would make sense, she can't attack so she just moves where you clicked.
It's attack move yes, but since almost every assigned that to leftclick (I guess). It's not a strange thing.
: Kai'sa Runes Bug (?)
Passive stacks only works with **champion level and items** (stated in passive)
: It was a problem how she just stopped and stood still at max AA range during the chargeup, missing AAs.
it's not the fact that she's missing AAs, it's the fact that she walks into melee range instead of "waiting" at her max range = 525. That is what a normal leftclick does.
: That is strange... can you show a picture that displays both the amount of AP/AD the rune gives you and the amount of total CDR you have?
You can repeat it, because I gave you the details. You can't see both together
: transcendence value BUG
In practice tool. I picked Kai'sa and build the following: Level: 10+ (+10% CDR) Runes: Domination + Sorcery (+18AP) Items: Ludens Echo +90AP, +20% CDR Iceborn Gauntlet +20% CDR Total: 50% CDR with Transcendence: +20AP (It stated +19AP) **Total: 18+90+20 = 128AP. And I got 128AP.** This means that the rune points out wrong numbers, but your total AP is correct. With an extra Iceborn Gauntlet I got 60AP bonus (so that's good).
: Alright alright I can understand your problem, but I can't think of anything that could fix that
That's true! :D I used to play a lot of normal games in the past (season 4 and earlier)
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: If you want to enjoy the game, why in anything are you playing ranked? I mean, I don't know, I'm myself a casual player, and I virtually never play ranked
I like playing ranked, because then you want to win even more. And then you get matched with less players who don't understand the game very well. Sometimes, it brings some teamspirit at champ select, something you don't see in blind pick that often: Everybody spamming mid, a lot of instalockers and players like that.. Both have advantages and disadvantages
ImMaleLol (EUW)
: Read The Thread Title. Read The Thread.
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: Interesting, but some strange things. Celerity and Gathering storm? For adc? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} Why not pick Domination skills? Sudden impact or Healing blood for example?
I use that a lot, the movement speed is really good at start and pays off (with fleet). Gathering storm is cool for some flat ad and to scale very well in lategame.
: He's from the Netherlands iirc, so I'm fairly certain it was EUW.
Yea! He's dutch, so that means EUW
: how to fix kaisa and her playable [TUTORIAL FOR RIOT]
Her E is really cool, it's a new, unique playstyle. She's harder than some other released champions, so just let it go. Her build path is different from other champions, so you need some time to actually learn her. But when she is ahead, she's a monster
: Make every new champ unavailable in ranked till the next patch
I prefer a system where **at least one player in your team** have reached mastery level 3 for any given champion. _Why at least one player and not only your own champions?_ That's for trading. I own every champion, but haven't reached mastery level 3 for all of them. If someone has played a new champion really often and got used to the (new) champion. It's fine
Jarwan (EUW)
: I miss Dominion
I miss the backdoor strategy.. It's really fun, and I played it when I had just 20 mins. For aram you need 30 mins.. Riot has to bring back dominion. **Why don't make a petition and send it on boards in every region!** Any volunteers who want to make it? :D
Weak Zilean (EUNE)
: So Riot finally reached the point (Rek'sai thread)
The thing is: We don't like changes. The reality is: We really like balance changes. We really like other champions than the current meta champions. Just get used to the new rek'sai (even when she's a bit weaker now), but don't forget. In every season, a champion becomes a meta champion. (only rare cases, they miss one or two seasons: {{champion:6}})
RedAce007 (EUW)
: thanks rito, i really appreciate it
Good luck! You will get those honor levels :)
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: Ive been given low priority queue multiple times. I just queue up coop vs ai, turn on play station or play another game on my pc until match found(coop games literally take 1-3 seconds to find so 20:03 queue max and you win the game in 8-15 mins).
It's really fun to play games like that. You feel really excited after that
: If you have a Losing streak..
I play normal games if I lose more than 3 games in a row and wait a few days, until I find a new, better meta pick
: Go to coop vs ai, open another game, wait 20mins for the queue, win in 8mins and repeat. Afking/quitting punishment really doesnt do shit.
It really does. Did you ever get punished for that? I guess not. When you are in the 20 mins queue, you can't do something in the league client. You can't chat, you can't change runes, you can't watch your champions. You have to wait and do something else, while you want to play. Maybe you don't get it: 5x20 mins = **100 mins** That's **more than 1.5 hours** waiting. After the waiting you still have to wait for the regular queue, which is really annoying! I would say: give it a try, and get punished for that, so that you can feel those struggles
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Cix,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=I2J2NKht,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-02-28T01:53:42.648+0000) > > Never was a flamer, the first ban I've got was 2 weeks ban in December 2017, because 4 premades reported me for writing 'outplayed'. 4 reports are the same as 1. Even if four premades gang up on you and report for whatever reason, as long as you didn't do anything wrong you won't be punished. I don't believe your story. No one is temporary banned for saying "outplayed". You most likely said few nasty things. If you still have those chat logs be sure to share them here. *** > [{quoted}](name=Cix,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=I2J2NKht,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-02-28T01:53:42.648+0000) > > My last game for example was on top. I was getting camped for the first 10 minutes of the game by 2 people, and jungler didn't even care. I asked him to come, to which he said he won't. I'll adress this first because it's a common misconception among low MMR players. If you are losing your lane, for whatever reason (you mentioned camping), then your jungler isn't supposed to be ganking you unless he, himself, is fed or your champion can snowball even from behind. A good jungler won't gank a losing lane. It's the opposite really. A good jungler will gank a winning lane. ######There are a few caveats but that's the general idea. During the early game all lanes should be neutral. That's when the jungler is pro-actively trying to tip the lane balance in his favour. Even burning a summoner spell is enough. This is when the "gank the winning lane" comes in. If the jungler already tiped the balance of the lane in your favour then he'll be incentivized to gank it again. A bad jungler will gank once, burn a summoner spell, or get a kill, and won't show up again until X minutes have passed (usually when SP are up again). Those usually try to gank every lane and fail miseraly because them, junglers, can't help everyone. A good jungler will mount a tent near your lane and eat marshmallows while he waits. *** Now going to talk about your specific game. I'm assuming you are talking about [this game]( since it's the last one in your match history and you are 0/6 (you mentioned 0/3 at some point). A few things to understand about this specific case: - You're playing Top. A jungler should stay way from a losing top laner. Top lane (usually) doesn't carry. - You're Fiora against GP. You didn't build a single armour item against a champion that builds strickly damage. - I'm not familiar with the GP vs Fiora matchup, but I'm willing to bet Fiora beats GP when she has Tiamat. You just need to play smart until then. - Your jungler is Evelynn. Evelynn can't gank effectively until she's level 6, especially not against GP because he can just "eat orange and be K" her W. - You didn't buy a single control ward the entire game. Also, 12 wards in 37 minutes isn't enough. That's 1 ward every 3 minutes. If you are being camped then you need wards. You can blame your jungler all you want, but it isn't his fault. If I was your jungler I would do the exact same thing. As Evelynn I won't gank a losing lane, especially if that lane is supposed to be winning. In your specific case not only were you losing, but GP isn't easy to gank with Evelynn pre-6. You don't bring anything useful for the gank (CC) so Evelynn would need to do all the work alone. He could most likely 1v2 you. *** > [{quoted}](name=Cix,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=I2J2NKht,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-02-28T01:53:42.648+0000) > > I just told him that he sucks as a jungler. > > So, they reported me, I think i got couple reports from my team, but enemy team agreed to report our jungle/supp. I was getting ready for another game, went in champ select, and BAAM, message, I was** perma banned**. Once again, I find it hard to believe the only thing you said is "you suck". That isn't enough to trigger a chat restriction. While on that topic, that's the other thing you need to understand. You were temporary banned in December. 2 months isn't enough to "clean your name". How long it takes varies, but at least 3 months is fair estimate (for your case). Any restriction in the meanwhile would lead to a permanent ban. But, like I said, what you said isn't enough to trigger one. If you have the chat logs be sure to share them. Maybe you don't know what is considered toxic. *** > [{quoted}](name=Cix,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=I2J2NKht,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-02-28T01:53:42.648+0000) > > The most offensive thing I've said to someone is that he's a f-in moron. I need u to understand this, because some things they wrote me made me tilted. Is this the reason to get perma banned? After all this time of playing? And not a single warning? What others do doesn't matter. What matters is your own behaviour. You're responsible for your own actions and are "judged" based solely on them. Playing for a long of time doesn't give you a free pass to be toxic/negative. It doesn't matter if you have 10k "clean" games and just 1 game where you tell someone to take their own life. That 1 game is enough to grant you a temporary suspension. With that in mind, you actually got a warning. The temporary ban was your first and final warning. *** > [{quoted}](name=Cix,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=I2J2NKht,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-02-28T01:53:42.648+0000) > > Do i need to send a ticket to Riot or something to look this up Feel free to do so here: [Riot Support]( Don't be hopeful. *** > [{quoted}](name=Cix,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=I2J2NKht,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-02-28T01:53:42.648+0000) > > By the way. when u get banned, they say something like : "Other players judged your comms to be offensive", and "everyone deserve respect on the rift". But where's my respect? How can my comments be judged by other players, that offended me way more? The "other players" are the majority of the community.
> P.S chat logs form my last game are below. The thing that bothers my is they only show what I wrote, without showing what was written by others. Even though they said they wish I died, and similar things. This case is about you, not about someone else. You got punished for this, no matter what. _You forgot this one ^^_
: Noone cares if they get reported for being afk since they will get only a 20 minutes ban and since you are in silver elo you probably are playing with kids who can't play as much so thats why you get a lot of afk teammates.
5x 20 minutes, it's really really annoying (especially if bad internet was the cause). I got that twice and you really never ever want that. It's such a waste of time
: Where can i see my honors ?
You can't view your owned Honors. They removed that since it should be a shortterm thing only (that's why you see icon if honor level 3+ and got honored last game). Numbers aren't that useful now.
sirDarts (EUW)
: The reward you got is correct. Champion shard is not guaranteed in Orbs, only in capsules. Lvl 3 Orbs contain BE or a Champion Shard worth at least 150BE and 2 key fragments.
Ah that's why, I just got confused by that!
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: Yeah, 80% isn't 100%. If I buy triple zeal I have 100% crit chance and max attack speed. It works out more damage than buying, say, ldr when I don't need it. There's 0 point in keeping boots lategame too, I don't need them.
Keep doing that if you like, but I win with my build
: I disagree. I buy 3 zeal items if the game suits it. If I don't need armorpen and I don't need any lifesteal or defense, I'll buy triple zeal if it's on Caitlyn or something. Gives 100% crit chance, and then I get the passives of PD or Hurricane. I also usually sell boots if it gets to the point I have 6 items, and I'll get a phantom dancer to replace them.
{{item:3031}} 20% crit {{item:3094}} 30% crit {{item:3087}} 30% crit = 80% crit, that's 4 out 5 crits, which is very good. Hurricane on Caitlyn? That's just bad, since it doesn't stack her passive anymore (and that was the reason why to buy it)
: I mean, with all the monkeys running through it, i'm pretty sure it's a jungle.
: Jesus don't make Jinx meta again, if Jinx, Vayne or Tristana are meta, we tank/juggernaut mains have the hardest time of our life
You forgot kog with his W dmg?
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YumYum14 (EUW)
: Will Riot remake Mordekaser ?
I prefer the oldest Mordekaiser, just ap and good scalings
: Point and click CC
Point and click cc has a lower range than a skillshot cc ability. So that makes it fair
HarrowR (EUNE)
: So can only girls be AD carries now? There hasn't been a male ADC in 3-4 Years
: You mean her voice changes weirdly? Thought it's my headphones giving up. Getting the same issue. I think it's when you die or something then it sounds differently? Didn't pinpoint it yet as I didn't bother enough. There's a bug report already:
Ah nice! I thought I was the only one!
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nyltiac (EUW)
: Why is it always EUW?
You really want some stuff for every time there is something wrong? In reality (if you are a "human" outside of this LoL community), you don't get a compensation for everything that is a _bit different_ than it should be. Riot gives you free things. Yes. Everybody get that, from all over the world, including you: **Loot**, free key fragments and if you get an S- or higher you get a chest (etc.), Victorious Skins (if Gold+) You can't expect that a free to play game has a perfect system, but they give you so much as return now. NA has problems too, but at a different time, but I never hear someone here about that, because EUW is working at that time. Please, go downvote this post, because your feelings want to downvote this. Please, go upvote this post, because you are a human with brain.
: I wonder why they didn't simply do 96 silver tokens -> Special Chroma. Is it so the loot menu can look... uh... less messy? BTW. I already can't decide if I want Golden Riven, Golden Garen or 2 Revel Orbs.
Riven! I don't play riven, but I really like that (color) chroma on her. I can also buy that one for corki (which I also never play), but then I have to craft his skin (got his skinshard)
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Aiming for diamond this season, what about you guys?
Same goal as you! Last Season: Plat 2 Pre-season: Plat 3 Now: P4 23LP Still a good MMR (get matched with p3 and higher), high LP rewards when winning (25/26LP), low LP loss upon defeat (13/14/15LP) So I think that my aim is not a weird aim, I'm also playing with/against dia's (not only the boosted from dia5, also dia4) from least season
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iSneez (EUNE)
: When is it "OK" to AFK? - when you get diarrhea (this is the most important) - when your pet get diarrhea - when you need to puke - when your pet already puked - when you get unplanned job call you and you need to urgent go there to fix something. - when your friend got car broken and need a lift curse he stay with no heat in -10degrees outside - when the building it's on fire - when you spilled juice/tea/coffee/whatever on you and the keyboard and the pet - when you remeber you forgot to pick the kid from kindergarten - when another country invade your country and bombing alarm sound - when first alien ship is broadcast at national television and aliens say they come in peace - when your girlfriend brought another girl home and they both come naked in your room - when police call you and announce you they found your stolen car (that you did not knwo it was stolen) - when wife parents make you a surprise unannounced visit - when your friend call at the door to surprise you that he got out of jail after 10 years - when police break your door to search for drugs becuase they mistaken the building, the apartment number, and your name - when your cat went out of window at floor 10 and he walk on a small edge outside stalking a bird {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
* When the electricity stopped working{{sticker:sg-shisa}}
: Over the years people figured out what is generally the "most optimal" standard type of gameplay (I guess the "meta"). This pretty much became: - 1 Jungle - 1 Mid - 1 Top - 1 Bot/ADC - 1 Bot/Support Certain champions lend themselves to these roles better. For example Garen doesn't tend to make a good support as his kit doesn't have much to support with. He can do damage, heal himself up - but he can't do much for the ADC he's meant to be supporting. That doesn't necessarily mean you *can't* play him support, but you'll normally find it doesn't end up in your favour against meta picks. Some champions are more flexible than others and can multi role, but that's generally how I've saw this coming to be over the years I've been playing LoL. ^_^
: "I'd rather have a toxic teammate than a bad one"
If you got a bad player who knows that he is bad. Then I would like to get him in my team. As a teammate you can tell him things to do better, so he can improve. Or it's possible that the enemy is throwing, while the "bad player" makes a comeback because of that. If you got a bad player who doesn't know that he is bad. Then trying to help him, won't help at all and can cause in a bad player and toxic teammate at the same time... I still would like a bad player, since you won't get a bad teamspirit with that
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