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: Slam Dunk Ivern - Massive FAIL!
I mean yeah, why dunk master if he cant dunk
Cranda (EUNE)
: Nocturne & Zed?
Uh, one theory is that when zed supposably killed Shen's dad, it was actually the other way around, so Shen's dad killed zed, and took over zeds body. what was left of zed became nocturn. This started because in the lore no one saw what happened to Shen's dad, but when zed entered the room he was in to confront him there was a yell but not from Shen's dad but from zed.
: Halloween Skin Contest - Winners!
I am truly disappointed in the "community" skin contest winners. These are skins that i wouldn't even buy for 290RP. I feel like many good concepts where over looked. Many people put in more effort to create actual concepts that is to the quality of riots current skin production. For example: Pharaoh Kayn. Which mind you was directly under Headless Garen. The creator of the Pharaoh Kayn concept has professional level artistic skills + detailed description + feasible implementation in-game. How ever Headless Garen, a skin drawn in what looks like ms paint, NO description AT ALL, and does not match riots recent production quality. But of course Headless Garen wins. Not to mention the other two are just plain text. And Fairy Tale Gragas? Really? If Star Guardian Urgot is not a skin then Fairy Tale Gragas shouldn't either. The winners are seemingly picked at random. So why did it take two months to get around to announcing the winners? > [{quoted}](name=Biscuit Bite,realm=EUNE,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=Zx35f9kQ,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-11-21T15:34:56.719+0000) > > Never going to join those types of contests again, I quote "artistic skill is going to help you out a lot", why did I even try. Literally, I won't give a dime about this game again and everything connected to the community, good bye! Notice how he gets 4 down votes for speaking his mind. What he says it true. I can understand why he is discouraged. He spent time creating art for no apparent reason, the winning concepts are just terrible. And don't give me the "you create art just for the sake of it" BS. Those kind of artists are poor. Sure, someone may be able to find a few example of true artist doing things for the sake of it, but other successful artists still cater to the market. The down vote and negativity Biscuit Bite has received is a reflection of what the League community is. Other contestants deserve better. And if no one else will say it then I will. > [{quoted}](name=Torpedosheep,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=Zx35f9kQ,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2017-11-21T16:41:30.898+0000) > > Welp, I'm sorry you feel like this. > > It seems like you approached this contest with the expectation to win, > which is why you're clearly disappointed, and apparently also mad right now. > > That's not a great attitude, our contests are supposed to be light-hearted and **fun**! > --- > You've made a great entry, but there's a very simple reason you didn't win... > You didn't fulfill the requirements -> rules. "It seems like you approached this contest with the expectation to win, " Contest Definition: "an event in which people compete for supremacy in a sport or other activity, or in a quality." "a race, conflict, or other competition between rivals, as for a prize" If you don't expect to win in a contest then you don't under stand the concept of a contest. "a race, conflict, or other competition between rivals,** as for a prize**" Point of the contest is the prize. Winning is the condition to receive the prize. So if you join a contest with expectations other than winning then you are either very unconfident or don't understand the idea of a contest. Maybe the goal of this "contest" is just for fun? Well then its not really a contest. Instead call it a "challenge" or some other word. "our contests are supposed to be light-hearted and **fun**!" Biscuit Bite put in al lot of effort into this contest. Apparently **too much** so. Well then he really did waste is time. "You've made a great entry, but there's a very simple reason you didn't win... You didn't fulfill the requirements -> rules." I don't know what rules he didn't fulfill and I don't care. He deserves some level of recognition. TORPEDOSHEEP, thank you for this lesson. I have learned that this community is just as bad as people say. Just in a deferent way. Toxicity is nothing compared to this. I have never been more disappointed in the League community than I am now, after seeing the winners.
: I keep refereshing the boards to see if some news about this is out yet. Are you going to announce the winners for this when all of the contests are over?
> [{quoted}](name=Biscuit Bite,realm=EUNE,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=mHnA93cF,comment-id=0001000400000000,timestamp=2017-11-11T13:54:22.138+0000) > > I keep refereshing the boards to see if some news about this is out yet. Are you going to announce the winners for this when all of the contests are over? lol, same.
: 🦇🎃Halloween Skins🎃🦇 - Volunteer Contest
I some how can't post images but here is a drive link to my concepts: I saw this post a little late so i got a few hours to get together four concepts. Toxic Gragas: R - green particles, with bio hazard symbal E- green particles W- green particles Q- green particles Headless Ori: R- bats E- Pumpkin shield W- Evil smiley face on the floor Q- Pumpkin Dark Angel Malz: basically everything is dark Shadoll Camille: Purple particals...
: Any one else fed up of seeing tristana every game
The nerf ain't coming. You have to wait for other adcs to get buffed.
: You're welcome! And good luck, I hope you will offend someone whose parents were killed under the Pol Pot regime so that they can sue Riot.
DrLawv (EUW)
: Play Again Bug
Same happened to me about 1 month ago
: Chance? Bro, it became too obvious that after one has a winning streak of a given amount of games, a losing streak will happen because of matchfixed/unfair conditions. I call it matchfixed/unfair because ranked became so incompetitive. It is all based on which team is full of boosted monkeys running around like "oh no, I'm not being carried!!" and which team has consistent players doing their best for themselves AND for their teammates. It is all too obvious. I just know that when I win some games, my next 5-10 games will become hell for me. I carried hell-a-lot of games by going for objectives, but the games I lost during the losing streak were something out of this world. And you call ranked 'competitive', don't tell me you believe that ranked is actually competitive... We all know Videogamedunkey said the hard truth about this game and you still act like your noses are bleeding. Guess that is what capitalism does to people. Have a good evening sir.
This is but just a mathematical phenomenon called recursion to the mean. Your all time win rate is approx 55% according to Basic two outcome probability equations state that you have an over 50% chance of winning 10 times in a row out of 100 matches, while same goes for losing. the chance of these happening right after one another is more than just likely if you have player over 1000 or 2000 games. This is what roulettes use to miss lead players. Just look at it this way; out of 20 games , if your win rate is 55%(this is given) then when you win 11 games in a row the then the next 9 games should be loses. What recursion to the mean is, is that your 10 game win streak is an out lier to your overall performance. If this 55% win rate is a good indictor then even after 10 000 games you will still have approx 55% win rate(hypothetically if you don't improve, or if you keep ranking up).


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