Morolock (EUW)
: Same shit here, i can't make a game but i have no problem if i do a custom with full bots,same for you?
Yes, exactly the same. Doesn't work in all modes except custom
damar2g (EUW)
: Freeze.......
I have the same bro Also started a few days ago. I've tried even full client re-install but nothing helped =(
: Just leaving this out here: I had this issue as well and it either resolved itself or my steps worked: I ran a full repair from the client without logging in. I opened a game on the practice tool and disabled anti-aliasing. Quit game. I installed nvidia drivers 397.93 (which is bugged on my system after a reboot it offers to install it again. No errors reported by the installer.) shutdown and started the PC. This is different from a restart. just leave it off for a few seconds. I installed the hextech repair tool (turns out it does not notify you when the install finished) look it up in programs and run it. Options: select 'EUW' (up top), 'Gather System & Lol logs' and 'force repatch'. (press start) My league client was open and logged in when i ran the tool. It started to pull in a 4.5GB patch. I ran 2 custom games on butchers bridge solo and stretched gametime to 10 minutes. I went to bed and in the morning all was working again client was logged in overnight (it might have patched, but unlikely). My best guess is that anti-aliasing causes the game to crash as the rest wasn't really prominent as i do not play league on a 9 FPS toaster. Hope this helps in a way, cheers. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} hextech tool troubleshooting: Right click => uninstall Right click => install Win key > Hextech Pray to the poro king it shows up usefull links: Hextech repair tool: My game.cfg: (these are the graphics and sound setting ingame) Edit: While i was making this post riot released a update to the client.
Custom games worked fine for me even without those steps. The issue only appears in Rift / ARAM. I don't know what they are updating. I've just played an ARAM game and got freezed again
: LOL and Laptop Completely freeze after the 8th minute
I think it's the same as my issue here I have PC with Windows 10, AMD FX-8350, NVidia GeForce 1050 and everything happens exactly the same. {{champion:32}}
Leto GT (EUW)
: Dix the repair tool work together fix that?
I did a full reinstall of the client and it didn't help at all, still crashing =( And I see that other people have same problem as well
KilroggD (EUW)
: Constantly freezing in 5 vs 5 games
It repeats even after full client uninstall. I added a link to logs collected by hextech tool
KilroggD (EUW)
: Constantly freezing in 5 vs 5 games
The problem still appears after a patch. I am trying to do a force repatch of the client via hextech tool now, but I doubt that it helps
Kevazy (EUW)
: It started happening to me after the new windows 10 update, might be that?
I think I haven't installed any updates during the past few days. Maybe the new patch will fix it or someone from tech support answer in this or similar tread
: Game crashes, Playing Animation Error
Probably the same as my thread here
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