Erentros (EUW)
: SoloQ is boring,harmful and sad
Game policy is harmfull for the game .i would rather face terms of use that warmns you about posible chat behavior than actual people having fun in a ranked games unheathy way .And fun fact that alot of people actualy abuse this and almost never get banned .i can understand that behavior in normal games .But why the hell soloq ranked game must be so freaking abnoxius and full of people why wants to ruin someones games .And you keep thm alll in 4 divisions and making nearly imposible to pass that elo .
: why she was actually bad at killing tanks: almost no ad scalling on all her abilities (very low scaling, not none at all) and very low range. The onhit damage was nice and all that but BUT BUT BUT. You can't have an adc with on-hit damage kill tanks without that ADC having some steroids in their kit and medium to high range. Take Kog-Maw. He has on hit damage. But on top of that he has inbuilt armor shred skill, he has high range and he has a lot of attack speed. Kindred, she was on the lower end of the range spectrum (low to medium range), she had no armor shred in her kit, and no steroid to enhance her damage. This is why she wasn't building similar to adcs in the first place. Another on-hit character is Kayle. Kayle has attacks that do not act as projectiles (a very big deal vs yasuo), and she has armor and mr shred. She also deals mixed damage, making it more difficult to build resistance vs her (Kindred did only AD damage). And her ult would protect only her (not everyone), meaning she could kill stuff while being immune to damage. Kindred had other good points about her. But killing tanks was not one of them and she wasn't designed around killing tanks either. The new version is better at killing said tanks. She gets better scalings. She gets better range on her abilities (to the point you can even get cait range or higher (but higher isn't realistic)). And she gets some mixed damage early on to deal with those tanks in the mid game. And the new range mechanic is really a noticeable bonus for stacking. Like I said, you can eventually get to caitlyn range or outrange her. Now, if you look at Cait's kit. She has a steroids in her 7th shot passive, net passive and trap passive combos. So, in a situation where she mostly relies only on auto attacks, her steroid only happens like once in 7 hits. But she is seen as a hyper carry. Do you know why? Its because the range. She has such a high range that allows her to deal damage when other adcs would have to reposition. Giving her a higher damage output and making her a hyper carry. She's still not twitch or vayne but still close by. Talking about those 2. Twitch again, is a hyper carry due to his speed buff from Q and huge range when activating his ultimate. Again, range matters a lot. While Vayne is the different one, with very low range but a bunch of true damage and pretty strong scalings in her kit. She gets AD steroid from R, true damage steroid from W (every 3rd attack compared to cait's every 7th attack, and this one deals true damage), and an extra steroid from her Q every 2 seconds. Her scalings are pretty good even if her range is terrible. And that's why. The old kindred was worse at killing tanks and being an adc than the new one. Now, which one I prefer? I really liked the one around release time where you could chose where to put your ult. It added a lot of depth to the character and strategic possibilities. Since they removed that and made it self cast, I stopped playing her.
With old 5 stacks on kindred you would walk in any melle champion and simply destroy it in matter of secconds on top of that she had one of most scariest dragon and baron controll after 4 + stack ( what is great for jungling ) .And no HUGe range needed at all .Low range actualy forced her to prioritaze melle champions first ( all tanks are melle with out any exeptions ) .She strugled vs high range carrys and mages , and thats ok bcs it was clear meaning of what she supose 2 do in game " Kill Frontlane " .New kindred is a joke at killing tanks compared with old one and i enjoyed playing old playstyle when you risking and getting rewards for your risks .And now its not realy matter how alot stacks you have , its all about how much you powerfarm and get freekills even with out stacks .
: But she now struggles to stack black cleaver up so it's pointless... seriously a last whisper item vs any tank would be more efficient not to mention if you are buying it for the AD there are tons of just outright better options... why get health, a bit of ad and cdr when you can get double the amount of AD from something like deaths dance, or IE to take advantage of her crit scaling. Also ad alone wouldn't cut it... she isn't a caster she is an auto attacker, thus she needs attack speed and life steal, plus like all adcs crit heavily augments her auto attack power... black cleaver gives very little AD and nothing else worth noting, compared to any other option it just gets outclassed. No one buys black cleaver for the ad.
She dosent strugle with black cleaver at all .Any spell or autoatack dmg do a stack of black cleaver .She does her Dancing arrows every 2 seconds + autoatack reset , + runans .Her wolf hits once in a year compared with aa + Q +aa and repeat it .Black cleaver is not toxic item on her or any other jungler ( graves is great example ) .Riot games can dance all thay want with stupid nosence changes , when problem in item not in the champion .And since her new q w and e all get scales that are way higher than was before black cleaver will be even more importand in her builds .Ohhit builds was very strong with her old passive .New passive gives only range and as , other bonuses are neglitable .Bcs Wolf hits once in a second and his Current hp% once per sec is freaking joke .
: Armour pen tends to be a mid game power spike, and an effective one at that... kindred is supposed to be weaker mid game, so the whole black cleaver build was an issue (as was the on hit build for that matter). > Bacl cleaver will do much more as spike item on new kindred than on old one No... the ad on black cleaver is pretty bad and new kindred wants crit as well which takes priority. The reason old kindred brought black cleaver was because her W dealt physical damage which meant that she could stack up the armour shred very fast, now that's not the case so black cleaver is a lot less efficient on her (and you buy black cleaver for the passive not the ad). That's also why mf buys it... her ult lets her stack it up very fast, same with lucien... they have tools in their kit which synergies with black cleaver... but very few other adcs buy black cleaver because unless your able to stack it up fast you might as well go last whisper... > New Kindred just needs ad and its dosent actualy matter how alot stacks you have .Just go stright for ad and you are the same boring ass champ as any other adc will be in jungle .( Its not uniq ) Yeah but how many meta adc junglers are there... cause besides kindred it's only really graves and quinn, neither of which are crit adcs... So she is extremely unique, there aren't anyone else in this niche besides her.
Her only spell that actualy benefits from Crits Its reworked E can finish someone if you have crits .All other kit have simple ad scales .And E is maxed last and dosent do much for entire game .So black cleaver will be go 2 item .
: Actually most builds do put black cleaver as core, plus riot themselves said that most kindreds were building it. > Thay Took away all her ad scaling and left only marks and a bit scale from marks in all stuff on old version That implies that she had that scaling to begin with... Riot have never touched her scalings before, they have always been terrible. And you do fail to realise people didn't buy black cleaver for the ad, if they where any other item would have been better... they did it because Q and W stacked it up incredibly fast allowing kindred to shred armour which in turn directly amplifies her passive damage, as well as the damage from bork. So you might not play her like this, but the community did and honestly if you want to talk like your the kindred expert you should do research into what other people actually did, cause it's not actually a fulll on hit build but mixes in armour pen from BC and a last whisper item as well as defensive items like GA... she only really brought 3 on hit items consistently.
What the problem about Black cleaver and LAst wisper anyway ?) Mf still uses Black cleaver in her builds bcs all atack dmg dealing champions in some games need armor pen .Its not every game tho .If you have 3 tanks on enemy team its logical 2 get last wisper + black cleaver .In other cases its not worth it especialy bcs kindred have low ad scles ( Old one ) .I can say even more new one benefits from black cleaver more than old one .Old q scale 0.2 , new one 0.65 .Bacl cleaver will do much more as spike item on new kindred than on old one .Now you are not forced 2 get stacks anyway .You can get starting Jungle item and go stright for ad items or armor pen items .And it will work better than stack hunting what is never been a thing . in other words old kinred priority was stack marks and it wasnt about the items at all , what made sence bcs it was her special effect in game . New Kindred just needs ad and its dosent actualy matter how alot stacks you have .Just go stright for ad and you are the same boring ass champ as any other adc will be in jungle .( Its not uniq )
: Yeah its not like black cleaver is core on her or anything... and those warrior ghostblade builds which made her pick or ban not too long ago obviously never happened.
Black cleaver core ?:D You are funny .Thay Took away all her ad scaling and left only marks and a bit scale from marks in all stuff on old version .Even if you build Ad it wont be noticed .But if you go Bork and other onhit she shines bcs she have her passive + bork and jungle onhit item + Q resets autoatack and you do 2 atacks insted of 1 every 2 seconds .That is true power that she had .Now she is piece of shit .
Doomley (EUW)
: Lol all these people think they know anything about game balance or kindred itself.
You know less than any kindred main .
Doomley (EUW)
: I might not play the champion but i play the game. I understand the game a lot better than you do and how balancing works. The rework allows kindred to be easier to balance. The pre-rework kindred was not balanced or even possible to balance properly. I saw it before kindred was even released. She might not be good right after the changes but now they are able to adjust the numbers to make her balanced. >And no one needs 650 range on 40 minit of the bronze game only I would love to know what you meant with this sentence. The english was too broken. If you are saying that range is useless then you are extremely bad at the game. Range is THE strongest singular stat a champion can have. Don't come and claim i don't understand the problem. I understand things much better than you seem to do.
You are plat 4 player that plays only mid in ranked .Talking that you know alot about balancing .Well Mr wise guy go play new kindred atleast 20 games in your elo .Im sure it will be huge lose streak becouse only way you will win the games its your team will win it for you on new kindred .She should snowball games as Jungler before its 25 minits ( what old kindred could do ) .New one cant snowball properly .Getting marks are more punishing than rewarding than it was before .Game ends usualy very fast .You cant afk stack marks for Range that is clearly weaker than old Dmg part even if you manage 2 get it .You just like the rework of champiuon that are never played by you in ranked .Balance MASTER lol .
Doomley (EUW)
: >So by your logic, removing Kindred's passive, that help her deal more dmg on her basic attack(the definition of an adc), but also buffing her abilities (pushing her to a more bruiser type of champions), that's a way to make her an ADC in jungle. OK. This not work like that. Is is logic in general, not just "my" logic. She can't be a bruiser anymore because she doesn't get damage out of her ass (getting damage out of one's ass is not a definition of an adc, it's a definition of a broken champion). >Do you realize that Kindred is an anti-tank champion, right? Yes and no. Since her damage is from current health, she only does damage to tanks when they have near full hp. After that her damage becomes mediocre and then bad. >This whole "rework" it's a bad joke, it's just a nerf that is masked by lame arguments. This change will allow her to become viable again. I get it that you are biased and don't know much about game balance or the game in general but at least try to see it. The arguments aren't lame either. They are very on point. >GUESS WE NEED MORE CHAMPIONS THAT BUILD LETHALITY She won't become one. The ratios aren't that good and her cooldowns are pretty high. It's more profitable to go for crit items especially since she will gain range with her new passive which makes her a lot more viable than what she is not in the late game.
She wont be viable after this change .She had 50 + winrate after tank updates , and after this rework she wont be " Viable " .You clearly never playing this champion 2 talk at all .You dont even understand the problem .All you do is support stupid change that arent even good .I can live with los range if i have enof dmg as a jungler .And no one needs 650 range on 40 minit of the bronze game only .Even if thay will keep the change new stacks NOT WORTH THE RISK IT TAKES .Its not only not the same its much lower power compared 2 old one and stacks are spwaning the same as old one .
: They want to move her away from armour pen builds which have been causing her issues... So by making her W and E into magic damage and removing the % damage you lower the power spikes she would experience from stacking armour pen early which threw an infinite scaler's power curve into one which was kinda toxic (which is why she got so many nerfs). So it's just so that riot can stop her from building a stat which has seriously hurt her over the years.
Yo uare drunk no one builds armor pen on kindred .
SKT Ρeanut (EUNE)
: You are right. Riot has nerfed Kindred so hard since release that honestly picking the champion in a high elo ranked game (**Diamond 1+**) is legit considered trolling. The base stats are very bad compared to most meta-junglers and the only way to have an impact in your games is to get a lead early in the game, which means getting as many marks as possible - sometimes this involves making **early invades** in the enemy jungle, which is not always possible, based on the match-up. So to put this short, you have to be a much better player (both on micro and macro) in order to even stand a chance playing as Kindred. Again, please note I'm talking about high elo, where people actually punish you on every single possible occasion. **EDIT**: If RIOT really goes through with these changes mentioned in the original post above, this will be the last nail in the coffin for Kindred.
Her hardest nerf was basic armor -7 .If you get 1 -2 big rune for armor you can duel lee sin 1 on 1 and win early game ( as old Kindred ) .And dueling was worth if you get a stack bcs you rise in power and after you can provide a bit more pressure on map .New Stacks dont do enof , and its no point 2 risk for a stack 2 snowball bcs you wont .
: hi there mr kindred main, here's something for you: riot basically wants to make her more of an adc. the changes encourage her to build AD and a bit of AS and crit. Something like Statik Shiv + Infinity Edge + Rapid Fire cannon + Blood Thirster + Guardian Angel, etc. i personally wanted to main her, but after the nerf where you couldn't put your ult somewhere else (cast on minions, ahead of you, save teams around you, troll your team by saving enemies, etc) I've dropped the idea of playing her. So, props for sticking up so far. ps: they don't seem to want to malzahar her, they seem to want to change her and how she plays entirely. think about it like changing the pre rework fiora to her reworked self. A change i detest, but, that's what they seem to want to do.
She have onhit stacking dmg 2 kill tanks .Primary all Adc was designed 2 kill tanks , and old kindred do it better than new one .If thay want 2 change her , add her atleast noticable bonuses for stacking , otherwise thare is no point 2 pick her ever .
Jackom1 (EUW)
: I look forward to the changes, they seem to give more meaning to stacking mechanic than a simple on hit effect ever could. Although I still think that the ult doesn't fit the champion very well
Go try her out before talking .Do you realize taht marks are seen globaly for enemys and you must risk your life 2 get new stack ? If you get bad bonuses from tham you cant contest new stack .Its simple as that .She is terrible with new stack system .
: The thing is... it's their unique build which has caused so much of their issues... they benefited too much from armour pen meaning that what should be a late game champion was buying an early game stat which meant their power spikes and curves where all over the guff and very inconsistent. By changing it like this you give kindred more options to build (remember that on hit builds will still be viable, especially with the extra attack speed from her Q), but now she isn't being forced down a route which was causing her more harm than good.
She is jungler , and she must be ok or good midgame .In season 7 games ending so fast that you almost never see lategame at all .Thats why highest winrate lategame is Twitch now and its only 53 % if you ever survive untill 40 minits .All other adcs are even weaker on
Truewarlock (EUNE)
: Yeah but this is not Bronze 5 where some people run 20/0 staking up the passive, neither the place where the jungle can stay and just farm, without making effective ganks or taking objectives. Also, this is neither Season 3 when tanks deal 0 dmg so you can stay near them waiting for the Wolf to deal dmg. Kindred was a well made champion: - neither OP - neither week - never over picked - never forgotten - very balanced (it's in the middle of "champ winrate" chart) Very "good "that we change everything that's fun and interesting, Riot got everything figured out, all champions are super-dupper cool except Kindred. We need more generic ass reworks and mechanics, let's build crit, like all adc, or better: LETHALITY, I hear that it's a very balanced stat. Yeah, because being based on crit it's bad, it's an unhealthy stat that need rework: not enough items-> you suck, having all of them-> you are a god + the whole RNG BS that it's happening between having 1% and 100% crit. The whole point is you getting in the late game.
Jungle kindred is dead now .I Approve as kindred player .Yo uare right she was fun when you gone for risk for the marks and got rewarded for your plays . Now you can go kill yourself on fontain if you have 6 stacks pre 15 minits , thay just dont do anything .
: Because being based on crit isn't bad... not by a long shot. Remember that there are a lot of crit based adcs, and they all do it extremely differently from each other... So even if she was a bog standard crit adc she couldn't be like the others as there simply isn't a bog standard crit adc. And not only does this kind of build actually fit her profile better (remember she is an infinite scaler, to be allowed this kind of strength she needs to have a weak early game which scales upwards like the others... armour pen and on hit effects are early game stats which hid her intended weakness which in turn caused her to have to be nerfed so much to begin with), but even without any extra stuff being added she is extremely unique, remember the only infinitely scaling marksman in the game... let alone the only crit builder who is an infinite scaler... the thing that makes her unique is gonna be the fact that she will scale much further than even vayne or koggie later on. Also you say her uniqueness was her % current health... {{champion:67}} {{champion:96}} both did this so much better than she did... they didn't need to stack for it, plus koggie doesn't build crit. So kindred will be as unique now as she has ever been, just healthier.
Game dosent last so long so you can benefit from crits as a Jungler .And kindred Designed 2 be a Jungler .She cant be Weak midgame or she will lose the game completely and new stacking system are terrible midgame .
ThePikol (EUNE)
: That's exactly my point. Wouldn't removing that aspect make them like every other adc basing on crits?
Crits are 2 expencive for jungle builds usualy .unless you play vs Bronze and its dosent matter what you build .
Doomley (EUW)
: >With all respect, you do not play Kindred, so you don't know that these changes will change their entire playstyle. I don't need to play them to know their play style will change. These changes are necessary for them to become what they were INTENDED to be. A marksman in the jungle. Right now kindred is closer to ranged bruiser than a marksman and always has been simply because of the passive that gives free stats. This is why they had to make kindred super weak base stat wise to make up for the broken mechanic. By removing that mechanic, kindred will be healthier for the game and easier to balance while also being the marksman in the jungle riot intended them to be. Right now the risk-reward trade is not worth it. Besides, before kindred was released, it was already known that her passive will get changed somehow because it is simply broken which forces the champion to be either super good or really bad. Just like we have seen it happen.
Thay reworked her only becouse no one played her .But when thay done tank buffs so more people start picking up tanks she become viable again .Meta changed in her favor and she started 2 rise her winrates .After rework she is shit .I play Kindred and have good winrate on old one .I tryed new one and i clearly can tell that stacks are not even feeled that you got tham .Thare is no point 2 risk for a stack if he dont give you something significant .And belive me you will never get 12 stacks in ranked game bcs it will end earlyer .
ThePikol (EUNE)
: I don't know how it looks in high elo but even in low people do not trust Kindred and call it trash champ. Their base are truly bad, mostly base MS and armor, they have to work hard to be decent. Removing heal from W hit them hard, removing option to cast R on allies took away their identity as death. I'm sorry, but as much as I pretty always agree with Riot decision, right now I start to suspect that after removing HP and adding armor to items Riot realised that Kindred got weaker, so rather than buffing them they simply took away %HP. Problem solved right? So what this was the thing that make Kindred unique?
Thay removed HP% dmg bcs she started 2 rise as tank killer .Look her Winrates pre 7.11 patch across all server .She isnt bad , and dont need rework in tank meta when she shines .Riot games guttered her with new rework .Her mid game and lategame was strong .Now she is weak early game and mid game like most late game adc .In jungle you must be proactive and be Viable in Midgame ( new kindred is terrible midgame )
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Don't take away Kindred's %hp on auto atacks!
Kindred midgame is dead with new change .With 4 old stucks it was solid onhit dmg .You need 12 stacks on new kindred 2 have same range as cait .Take note that most games are won with 9 stacks or lost .On top of all that new passive dont help in game at all .You dont feel any dmg increase and new stacks are harder and harder 2 get compared 2 old kindred when you get 4 + stacks and start murdering everyone 1 on 1 .She complete trash in jungle now .And her huge range in late game will be never seen in games that last 25 minits in 90 % of time .
: Trolls
The problem is that company do nearly nothing 2 punish trolls enof .In fact in China was created server that allowed only for d1 and higher players on it .Also you may have only 1 acount thare what is more heathy for competetive games like this one .A part from that you will get banned if you will int purposely with out any chance of coming back .Sad stuff is that even in ranked on high elo people keep facing trolling .And Riot games prefer 2 pernamet ban flamers that is easy 2 mute insted of people that make game unenjoyable completely by ruining games of others .Even tho you had it in urf , you may face it in ranked same and no one will punish that if person has 10 acounts and do that once a while on every acount .Im sure if game dint had any issues with all that stuff no one would create another server for competetive games .And dont forget that some acounts are sold or just got boosted by friends .And no one cares .
NightGale (EUNE)
: Season 7 ranked matchmaking
Problem is that every game is a stomp .And after game you watch all memebers of both teams and it clears all out .And its not only for lost games look your win games . You likely will find people who dosent fit elo or even people who got boosted acount and keep troling and having fun from his own teammates in division 5 being protected from droping .And randomly you can have incredeble number of losestreaks bcs you had 1 - 3 players that dosent belong your MMr lvl . The sadest thing its when you stand in team with everyone exept you died 2 times before 10 minitmark and seeing in chat "FF20" . Also big problem is autofilled roles , especialy when someone who dosent jungle goes thare VS legit jungle main , this role in this season is 2 strong and rediculous to the poit that everyone who wants 2 climb must master graves , elise , lee sin , heca , rha zix . You wont have enof bans for tham all trust me .
: Tell that to my router :)
This forum is completely dead .And all i can advice like old league player is use cable from router to pc .If you want some reaction from riot games try 2 post on reddit or NA forums .Here on Euw this post dont have any power .Also if you use router in this game with out cable connected its completely your fault .And actualy thare is nothing 2 discuss here .
: So people gave you their opinion and you trash talk them? Real mature dude.. Don't open a discussion and then either ignore half the people here and or trash talk them for being low elo, because that's just down right pathetic! I never play ranked so i'm not allowed an opinion on this matter? Or is it because my account i'm using is level 10? I may not play ranked but i know a lot about the game. Since i've played for over 3 years now. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Trashtalk ? its facts .This forum seems 2 be uselss .Im sad that im just realized how useless this forum is .And most sad that i realized it 2 late . When someone low tellig me 2 take hp dmg items vs NUNu when you cant farm in first place . And i just watched his gameplay stats i just realized with who i am discusting things and what insight thay have . No offence man , i have alot of friends from low elo or even trolls , thay dont love this game as a game ,its place 2 have fun for tham. And thay think that league have so alot of things that thay can try out while in reality thare is few things that realy works best on the champion and most of good players find it out at realease of any change . Windspeakers just shouldnt work on Zac sustain abilities in first place , and if it works even tho its not best option its riot games error . Windspeakers taken only bcs of 45 % cfr cap possible what is more important in this build .Its just basicly Cdr race and on top of high cdr heve bigger sustain bcs of windspeakers that are must increace healng power used on aly champions while in reality it heals yourself 2 but dont give armor and mr what is not that important at all bcs zac will builds enof armor and mr in most cases if he need tham . p.s. You play 3 years and all in normal games , you realy dont care about this game at all .You're playing casualy .You're 3 years dont mean for me nothing .I dint saw any argument from players exept advices that i dont need .
: Would a rylai's work with this build? I'd like a bit of AP with Zac.
Rylays works on any ap champions .For example Nightblue3 goes full ap zac at all .And oneshots ppl .Also rylays is used almost on every ap champion now its one of the most popular items since it gives 100 ap as most ap items decent hp stat and slow .
: Why its even a thing ?
I just realized that everyone who reacted on my post are casual players or even trolls . Temmo main that barely got gold ,unranked and silver .... Ofc you will trashtalk .How is it to talk about things that you are barely understand ? Feeling smart ?
: > Dirty zac main protecs himself ? Funny . am not zac main, but if u so afraid of zac just ban him in your games. like i said before is u to us players to find and try build dat makes "op champs" more op
He is banned in my games .And often banned at enemy team side .And its reason behind it . Do you understand that "windspeakers" is support mastery ?? And it designed 2 be a support mastery ? Balancing game is important thing , and im amazed how alot of proplayers look on prepatch notes and 100 % saying that this champ will overpowered after this change , sometimes even bronze understands it and on PBE ppl do videos and telling if its get 2 life servers its gona be overpowered thay still add this in the game like a blind monkeys or pretending that thay dont see a shit .i wont remain silent bcs you dont care about anything in the world .
: He has to eat unique jungle monsters to get the increased tankyness... he only has access to one camp as a top laner so your looking at 3% increased health which really isn't gonna make him too tanky. Plus if your worried about that just get % damage and shred him, the increased tankyness is just raw health so against % damage he will actually be squishier.
How do i get any items if i simply x2 lower farm than nunu bcs i have lowered atack speed and movement speed at same time and its have no action window bewen it .He uses all mana by spaming e and after he used it he backs with solit creep stats compared 2 me .After he teleports back in lane with ITEMS .In time when i can get any item he wil lbe BIG enof 2 just towerdive me . You have no insight on what is the problem seems .Even if i want 2 kill him or outfarm , i simply cant unless someone ganks me and will kill him . Also if i wont get magic resist atleast some of it will simply die 2 his e spam .Playing 1 vs 1 in lane and having option 2 build mr 2 just stay alive and dont have any chance 2 fight back unless someone will gank , dats shouldnt be in the game period .And dont tell me that nunu s kit is balanced .If its balanced than why thay reworked ryze when he had no skillshot kit and insane dmg .He have the same problems , and he just freking spams e with low mana cost endlessly with no risk for him .And its freefarm for him and easy way 2 avoid his laner .He dont even need 2 dodge or outplay its simply unfair .
: Only half of wind speakers works, the increased heal... thing is that strength of the ages or grasp of the undying will result in a larger net heal for zac so this wind speakers build is actually kinda redundant. > And nunu is simply overbuffed .Even if im fine with his tanky stats i faced him on top as shen .he spamed at me his e so alot that i was under its effect pernament .So i couldnt kill creeps at all .He dint killed me .But his mana dint went down almost never .And i had no time window 2 punish him or even kill creeps properly . Um the buff didn't do this... in fact from the looks of things this is top lane nunu which more or less wasn't affected by the buffs as you need a large supply of jungle monsters to use it. This is just top lane nunu which has always been like this, he is like a teemo or heimer his job in lane is to be a massive bully and make your life hell if your unable to deal with him but he falls off later.
He was realy easy 2 kill before patch .And im telling that on top of his tanky stats that he have now he can simply make you useless in toplane in terms of atack speed and movement speed pernamently .And since he is so tanky is hard 2 punish him .He can realy use his "E" ability 2 point when you cant kill creeps with atutoatacks .I dont mind his ability 2 use his e in my face .But for god sake i must have a chance 2 lasthit atleast .Note his "E" is not a skillshot that can be dodged , he just autplays with simple point and click spell while you cant do anything .Its not just looks stupid , its unheathy .
: > Dint you tested anything before realease your patches ??? is up to us to find out this/or what builds that make "op champs" even more op
Dirty zac main protecs himself ? Funny .Riot games job its 2 keep game balanced .And im against ppl who abuse low effort gameplay mechanics . its patetic .
: No windspeakers does work on yourself, the only thing you don't get is the MR and armour.
Yes i know that .But its kinda bad in my opinion .Windspeakers Keystone designed for supports as main idea in this game not for sustain abuse .
Rioter Comments
: I doubt anyone would actually take the time to read entire chat logs. Plus fake reports don't do anything.
I had chat restriction when played games with out using chat for 2 weeks .( used skype with my friends insted ) Automated system arent perfect .
Tarolock (EUW)
: fake reports do nothing, you could get a million reports saying you are toxic in chat you dont get punishment if you did nothing wrong, and why would you need the enemy team to read chatlogs when an automated system can do it a million times faster?
Im sorry that i prefer quality insted of millions of reports .Dint meant anything bad tho .Does automatic system can take care about all reports properly ? I have serius doubt about it .Also automated system are lazy variant .You all guys are afraid 2 be part of something or idk ???
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Magecaida (EUW)
: Too many bot players in everywhere
Well this problem is actualy comparable with scripting players .Problem is that we have a client base game .And Cliend should surve for solving issues with scripts , bots , and any other programs that arent league of legends but somehow interact with it .Its sad that riot games client use for only skins and all payed game content .If someone of riot games will say that client cant solve that issues or it cant be programed like that i can ensure you that thare is a game called "Smite" .Well thair client actualy blocks log in screen if you have instaled on your pc any kind of cheats .Well i cant say sure if it blocks all kinds of cheats ( who knows never tested ) .But most known thay do block .It means thay actualy fighting with cheaters insted of using outdated report system and ban tham 2 times in a year like riot games do .
: Old School Game Mode
Idea is actualy looks fun but ...... It possibly will make game to big .That will create new lags and bugs + bigger disk space for it .While i can see it have some sence on PBE servers .On life server it would do more harm than good .Note that game have huge auditory , not everyone have a great pc .Also Client are so old as game are , alot of client bugs are old and not solved .And im shoked that client happens 2 eat more RAM than actual browser with few opened sites .This idea also will be harder 2 bring alive than updating client that is horrible right now .
: one year later... the bug still persists gg
Sorry bro .Client issues dosent matter here,new skins are more valued thing .Dont forget new champions and buffs for champions that will have new legendary skin . I hope you get the idea )
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Hello ??? Do you even play this game at all ? Tilted bcs of mastery points ?:D Do you know that you need 2 play high skillcap champion ( like vayne yasuo nidaly ) about 50 games 2 get medium ok with tham ? Playing bad as lulu that have purely 1 skillshot that dosent matter alot , and she is support .If you are bad at lulu than prob you are bad at anything . Its for people like you :) Look this video so you will know more about this game insted of blind bullshit you type here
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
So you telling me that person that have no mastery points on champion and mainly playing jungle on his acount can perform well when he picked vayne on botlane ?:D Few days ago i was honored by a vayne like this only bcs i dint flamed her during game ( she played beyond horrible ) .I dont mention midders that have secondary role just 2 get thair main role , after what thay ask 2 swap but no one swaps in champ select .And what a surprize 0 mastery points victor or fizz get shit on mid .Bcs player dont play this role on his elo :) Where i get this data ? ))) Are you realy that Lazy that you dont see anything ? Or you refuze 2 recodnize obv problem ?) By simply opening or lolking sites before game started you can surely say who will most likely carry this game ( just in case you dint know that ) .And alot of chalanger JUNGLE players camp LANES that are on thair main roles . Also all problems that im covering here wasnt happen one time .it happens alot of times .Just look up lose streaks of most medium ok players on thair elo and you will find that game was obv even before it started .Sometimes you get lucky and games are easy for same reasons .Primary vs secondary roles .If you see high skill cap champion that do well with 0 mastery points in ranked its most likely its a smurf or Elo Bosster .
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
But overall count of people that was playing thair roles per game was more balanced .What makes games more chalanging than you will have none mains on every lane .Game now more random that it was before .Even now alot of players dont master 2 roles , or playing only 1 champion at all .And you get a chance 2 get x5 dead team that wont impact map at all .And with old solo q was players that managed 2 play one role during entire season ( some chalanger players and thair acounts of that solo q time )
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Lol you just look thair profiles after game and you know everything .Or even use lolking site or .You can know everything even during screen load .And i can say that system dosent balance this aspect at all .Its complete random .In old solo q atleast 2 - 3 players got thair roles almost every game .Now in DQ its completely RNG .( unless you playing x5 premades )
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
You tellimg me about gameplay ?:D I had alot of times secondary role player as adc that almost never plays it .And i am on secondary role as suport .Do you understand that it have no sence ? And when im cheking my team after games i notice those things alot of times .You belive it should be like that and its fair ??????
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
When old solo q system was games was not that stompy in most cases ( it was different meta at some point ).But the point is when one team have more ppl that plays secondary role than other it kills any form of balance . And its obv that game will be very hard for players that forced 2 play not thair roles vs mains .
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Im actualy talking about other probplem here ) I know that support is most unplayed role .Im talking about quality of matchmaking and how it reverse roles or force entire team 2 play secondary role vs primiry roles .Making one team in huge disadventage compared 2 other team ,
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Meyerka (EUW)
: Masteries error
Had same thing today .Restarting client helped .But we was forced 2 remake the game coz of it my masteries dint changed when i picked tham , and i had black mastery page at that game , dat looked wierd .....While iwas sure i dinth ad any single blank masteries at all .
: I feel really bad for you. I know because i was smurfing in b1 because my friend couldnt get out of it so my a friend of mine who's a plat smurf and me who was gold at the time were helping him and we destroyed them i got like 22/4 and he rek sai plat friend was 5/1/20 and the ezreal who was enemy adc was really upset and angry because he losed because of us especially because he was doing so good he was 4/0 early and ended up 6/11 i felt really bad and after that i stopped smurfing it's fun tho going 26/5 with riven and they open mid
I agree with ya .All players like this game and concider it fair even if thay lose if that game was atleast close .But when one side is always destroys completely other side its kinda boring ( not only 2 watch )
: Ohh we have diffrent meanings of the Word smurf. In low ELO a smurf is just a guy that plays on a account that has mutch lower mmr then hes skills. A high goldplayer in bronze kicks our ass almost as good as a Diamondplayer its hard for us to tell the diffrence we are cannon fodder to both.
I honetly dont see any point in smurfing at gold - plat elo . Q times are great thare and only reason thay smurfing its bcs thay prob stuck in thair elo and dont feel any progression .Also i belive smurfing helps 2 learn new champs that you never played .In all other cases its just games for your ego ..... And if you faced gold players that just feeling good by wining weaker oponents ....Dat feels bad .
: I guess its only ELO boosting that has droped. Since you wrote these post there has been a huge increase of smurfs(i jump up and down in right now B1-2).
Are you talking about bronze elo ? .Dont get me wrong but bronze and silver ( same as normal games ) elo having very low pressure on the map and ts imposible 2 stay thare long if you play medium ok in this game . its unlikely you will face smurfs or boosting bcs thay wont stuck here .
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