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: > Ty Captain Obvious. ) I didn knew that. Uh oh, for you it wasn't so obvious as we could see, but good "meemee". >Just annoyed with riots liying that they are not greedy and that their prices are fair When and where EVER did they say anything like that? Stop making up random stuff in a terrible attempt to defend your stupid comment. :) >and players that goes "omg it's realy for the RP? it's realy so expensive". This part makes no sense in the sentence you've included it in. > Btw previous msg where sarcasm. And I answered to it like it was sarcasm, what's your point here? That you've learned a new word? > P.S. making something for "communication" for a real money is nonsense. How would u react if Valve would sell short msgs in CS? Like, wanna quick access to "go go go" then pay $1.99. Stop try to excuse them. You already have enough methods to communicate with your team. Emotes are a fun addition. If you want them, you can buy them BUT YOU DON'T NEED THEM. If you don't like them or the pricing, then don't buy them (like me). If you like them, keep them on for other players. If they annoy you, simply mute them. So, again, where's the problem here? And what a terrible comparison, we already have a "quick access" to basic commends like "warded", "help", "OMW", "look out", "run back". These are called pings. There's NOTHING in these emotes (where the hell do you see anything remotely close to "go go go" message in there?) that you NEED for a normal or competitive play. You make no sense, get over it already.
How do i mute them i tried looking it up in the settings but cant find it. It also suck you have to be ingame to actually find something like that. Because simply pressing mute next to their champion wont do it. I get it they want money. Ill give them money for skins. But this is just stupid. I dont find it annoying i dont find it fun. Just another lame thing to show look i have money to spare on this game. I mean overall riot does a grear job with skins and icons and wards and shit. Hextech pretty good too considering it is possible to get free skins now. But this addition just makes my game even slower in fps. I dont have the best pc u see and cant afford a new or upgrades atm. So sometimes my pc just goes haywire and reduces my fps too 10 or 5 when people spam those emotes. I already like the fact that they made new champ select able to be done with older pc`s because damn was that terrible i couldnt even pick and it said i dodged. But yes feel free to buy the overprized emotes. I dont bother i just dont really feel like they ever should have added them.
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: So I opened a Worlds Orb and got these two... TY RIOT
> [{quoted}](name=Hussam818,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=KcXnaEZ8,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-10-08T09:21:08.235+0000) > > I FREAKED OUT AT 2AM > THANK YOU RIOT <3 Gratz man I am a bit jealous cuz that heca skin is the only hextech i like loool.. Anyway enjoy ur skin
My biggest problem is u cant ban champs anymore. It's still random but less champs. There are people out there with aram only accounts who get op shit constantly.
: If people ask nicely mostly there are other players willing to swap lanes. I rather have a good midlaner than a troll on top.
he's not talking about the nice players tho. there was this guy who got top and was first pick. i was jungle. and he said without asking. ksC go top i go jungle. if u don't i'm gonna feed. like really. and then he instalocks (insert jungler here) and picks smite. then i said no u go top. i didn't agree and i don't want top. (i'm practicing mid and top now.) but jeah bottom line. he fed like crazy and we lost. i checked his match history next day. and he did play some games top and played 5 games as garen instead of some random jungler.
EmEx (EUW)
: but towers still do the same damage dont they?
and now they go down faster. besides i didn't think the damage is that great because a tank with just one tank item can tank alot of shots. so tower dives are easier. that's why i think they are weak.
EmEx (EUW)
: why do people say that its all about snowball? i had some crazy comebacks in this patch, the reason being that the weaker team can ace enemy team if they position well, the damage is so big now and the defensive items were nerfed, the result is that any team can ace. It is actually an interesting change to league and makes comebacks more possible, not less.
i don't think so i've had only one comeback and that's when their fed rengar wanted to 1v5 us. it is about snowball once a tower goes down and ur team is ahead in levels minions get stronger. also nobody noticed that towers are weak as hell nowadays i don't feel safe under tower.
duckarp (EUNE)
: Funny this happens with EVERY SINGLE patch out there. Oh damn, yasuo op! Oh damn, katarina op! Damn, juggernauts! Stupid rito, buff adc?! Haha, gg rito, garen unstoppable. Bahaha, darius is insane. UI rework? I quit! UI still the same?? Why rito, why you can't invest in a rework?! Devourer is OP, remove remove!! Few days pass and everyone's playing again... Give me a break. I on the contrary think that players should be ashamed for their behavior and attitude. Can you show me another game of this proportions that gets CONSTANTLY updated and reworked over several years already?
jeah alot of patches i was fine with it darius and all the other juggs can be kited can be outplayed. devourer relies on getting stacks. if u can put pressure on his team and farm his jungle there will be no stacks. only thing i dislike about yasuo is that he has no resource same a kata or riven. otherwise they are fine imo. and yes i'm silver who cares i barely play ranked i play this game for fun. normals are the times when i have fun. but i don't think it's fun when a game ends in 30 minutes and i couldn't make a comeback with my lategame scalings or the teamfights that aren't one sided because most of the enemy champions are way ahead.
Mavnorian (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=KsC Reaper,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=gKUReFvw,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-11-22T16:28:43.848+0000) > > i get reported for leaving do i care anymore no. Not cool, man, leaving's not cool. >why because the enemy is already ahead by much that's not worth my time anymore. because litterly a game lasts around 30 minutes now. > Nope, had a quite few long games so they happen at least in silver/gold elo. They lasted over 40 mins and the longest was over 1h long. Sure, holding a siege is a lil bit harder, but still possible. I use to play tanky supports and didn't really noticed the getting melted thing although there're champs you wouldnt be able to 1v1 but I guess that's how supports work. > i for one hate that simple fact towers are way to weak. they were weak already now it's just bullcrap. no fucking armour on the first tower what where u thinkin??? Yes, things got changed, the game is way more dynamic and we have to adapt.
normally i don't leave. but this is just in my opinion stupid how snowball reliant it is now. yes long games do happen but how many times? i liked the games that lasted 45 mins each time. now i barely reach lvl 18 and the game is over. i can adapt all i want still doesn't make me like the changes. i don't 1v1 i simply get melted.
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Drarder (EUNE)
: + it's what i talking everytime, simple,they do not care, play or quit :-) im just 1 year here,but how i can see...they make big changes every year ? it's suck for the MOBA game,its SUCK for all MOBA / RPG games
it also sucks for the players because most of them don't like op items. (or champs) it's just stupid
PanDorfa (EUNE)
: Here are some shits I have noticed: {{item:3085}} got nerfed - why? 70% atspd is good and balanced against 40%atspd and 30% crit {{item:3115}} buffed - teemo is even more deadly now, watch out! Rito strikes again {{item:3091}} Nerfed - is just shit {{item:1411}} destroyed entirely - nerfed atk.speed is shit, dmg raised?? dunno, still bad. original farming item was better {{item:3025}} destroyed - R.I.P. AP tanks ooh xD rest in peace all AP champs RITO PLZ and dear betatesters - I really hope you all get cancer beacause leaving them release this is crime against humanity that deserves execution
most of the things on pbe go through even tho the testers say it's op as fuck riot just doesn't listen to them. ( i know how stupid it sounds but it's true)
Kaesik (EUNE)
: Rip Leauge of Legends
a saw a lvl 4 lucian tower dive me with leona lucian got hit by my snare as morgana and survived 6 tower shots with mf and me autoing and all our spells and yes he was taking the damage. the towers do no dmg i'm serious. it's also who gets a kill first just snowballs super hard and it's mostly no coming back after a bad early game. and then u have the new vision update i mean a sightstone gives you 3 fucking wards for 800 gold i mean lmfao that's not worth it jeah in the long run but a game doesn't last that long and then i'm support main and money starved. i don't even want to get the sweeper cuz otherwise i just can't ward the lane. this new changes are stupid in my opinion. i'm always happy when something new arrives but this is just so damn annoying. i don't even know what masteries to do with support because only gold income mastery is in the middle one and those masteries are terrible. thanks riot . i supported u in alot of the bad moments. but this is just horrrible. i loved the game when it took about 50 mins fighting for towers and making plays. now it's just u take the lead and there is no coming back for the enemy team. ( it's the same the other way around but jeah who doesn't understand that. and then the game ends around 30 minutes. i mean that's way to short

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