Shamose (EUW)
: You are putting words in my mouth. I never said that the PR drama around Riot isn't having an impact. I'm saying that the thread makes it sound like that is the only reason for the decline.
I'm not saying that it's the only reason for the game's recent decline though I do think it's the majority of it, noting to the image I send before showing how low Fortnite actually ranks in earnings on PC and how most of it's revenue is made on Console, making it less of a direct competator.
Shamose (EUW)
: There is a difference between a new game becoming mildly populair. And how Fortnite grew. Show me a f2p game that grew to 2.4B$ in 1.5 years time like fortnite did. Show me a f2p game that had the hype and attention fortnite did.
I understand how Fortnite would be a factor but to think that the backlashe, scandles and monatization schemes of this year had no effect on the current downfall in the revanue of the game, especially conidering Fortnite's preformance has mainly been on console rather than PC, would be ignorant
Shamose (EUW)
: Nice biased thread. Of course the decline is all about how Riot is running the game into the ground. Not about how a new Free2Play title has exlpoded in popularity or how a long time juggernaut MMO just released a new Expansion. But of course, _Rito bad._
Doen't explain how the game dropped below WoW which I was towering over before. And in general I'd be impressive if it turned out that in 2018 where Riot had possibly the most backlash of all time, the game dropped by such a large margin by pure coincident.
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: It’s a joke?
When a gain outweighs a loss. For example, dying for a large amount of shutdown gold. sure you died but you also gain the additional gold from shutting your enemy down so it's worth. Most people use the term ironically though. Simply overextending and then screaming worth when it really wasnt, like sacrificing three teammates for a single kill (which im very guilty off).
Stunˆˆ (EUW)
: > 14/01/2019: - A public post was made towards Riot's abysmal player support system. where a player was given about 5 different reasons for his ban before closing the ticket and leaving said player both frustrated and confused. Clutching at straws...
It's a small note but point being that a player got banned and asked player support for help, who then escelated the situation by first saying he was banned for player behavior, when he asked for logs, they changed their reasons. this then contiued until a Rioter stepped in and told the player he was banned for using third party software and closed the ticket. It's a terrible way of handeling player support with players rotating between different different Rioters during the same ticket and only creating more trouble. Even with all the major things that happened in terms of game breaking bugs I personally see this as a pretty major point because the entire purpose of the player support is to help resolve issues and in some cases lately they've only seem to leave players more confused and frustrated as when they started their ticket.
: If you aren't bored of it, here's another music video with Swain, revealing his communist self.
I dont think anything will top Jhin playing his own theme but I can appreciate all the time and effort that has been put into this.
Lari (EUNE)
: 1 week = 7 days it was only 2 after 12 when you posted so it is safe to say that Tuesday had not come. Yesterday was the 14 of January so 7 + 7 = 14 = 1 week + 1 week = 2 weeks.
I was really tired when I made this post, either way. We're in the third week of the new year so eh..
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Shamose (EUW)
: > Think of it as a shitty isekai anime That's impossible though. There are no shitty isekais.
: You can live in LoL universe anywhere together with a champion,with the abilities of a champion.
Bandle City, It's the furthest I can possibly get from the Void an Noxus. Braum, I'd really need some positive reinforcement during a trip through the hellscape that is Runeterra... Bard because his powers justs seem really convienent even outside of combat. "Need to go somewhere quick?" Magical Journey. "Hurt myself like a dumbass" Caretaker's Shrine. "Feeling lonely" Traveler's Call. "Someone about to eat my goddamn lunch even though my name is plastered all over that %%%%er." Tempered Fate.
Smerk (EUW)
: > Not even a single word about why they won't just ban the heavy abusers. Why should they?
In broad terms, because it puts up a bad standard, a system only holds up if it well.. holds up, if people are allowed to abuse bugs or mistakes more and more people who previously didnt want to abuse at the fear of getting banned will feel more at ease with the idea of abusing the system of their own game. Most likely out of frustration as to people that do not abuse the system, letting this go unpunished will feel unfair in most cases. TL;DR Taking a weak stance against people who abuse the system will only encourage more people to start abusing the system too.
FleaLess (EUNE)
: if ppl would be so upset with account boosters (who also get the free skin from ranked rewards) lol would be a better place, but nope, a pretty big % of the playerbase could get the skin from reaching gold because their friends boosted it, but its fine, now a few thousand player got some free capsules and you want to burn down riot, gj
I'm also not okay with account boosting, it negatively impacts the game for many people, which is why Riot actually puts in the effort to ban boosters. My issue with this is that refusing to respond to people abusing a bug encourages those that previously didnt, to now want to do the same as they may feel cheated and see that Riot is not taking a stance against this kind of behavior.
FleaLess (EUNE)
: and what do you suggest what they should do? cos they explained that there is no way to revert it, since most ppl are using the capsules instantly and prolly disenchanted the skins they dont like from it and there is no way to know what was bought from this "bug" and what is legit content as for abusing it next time: go for it, and if you are at that spread the word but dont let riot know about it so they will be more careful next time
there's a log, in your client, that shows both your purchase history and the things you've unlocked. tracking down the exploit abuse should not be that hard..
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Requıem (EUW)
: Why isnt Riot making skins for the champions that need them?
From the top of your head try to think of a vel'koz skin. Now do the same for teemo, chances are that you had a lot easier time thinking of something for teemo than you did for vel'koz and that is why some champions have more frequent skins than others, as their design allows for more creative designs without breaking the silhouet of the characters or making something that doesnt feel right on the character.
: Zoe Paddle Star (Q) max damage AP ratio lowered from 150% to 125%
(Zoe can one shot but so can many other champs thus she should be allowed to do so.) I kid but in all seriousness I dont think reducing a champion's damage is that bad of a thing, as long as its later balanced by lower the damage of other champs too. Thing is, if noone bites the bullet on taking the first couple of nerfs instead of just a constant string of buffs, we'll end up with the same mess as season 8.
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: I am sorry for my ignorance. but what do you mean 150 for a skin?
You need prestige points to buy the new Prestige Bloodmoon Aatrox which can only be obtained through buying the Pass along with hextech crafting bundles, costing upwards of 80 bucks or more just to get this "rare collectors" skin.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: People downvote anything and everything. A lot of people who already saw the skins for example would downvote. e.e I think you put a lot of effort into this post and it deserves nothing but upvotes, so have mine! Also I used to say Your Welcome a lot but then I found out it's You're Welcome :3 Now people will downvote me for being a grammar n*zi, just watch!
Too be fair that kind of behavior does encourage people to mind their grammar and gives them more practice with the english language. And if anything I think people may be downvoting for prestige vayne since we've been getting a prestige skin per skin release now which for a "rare collector" skin, makes the entire skin line fairly dull.
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: They've made "definitely not Mk" skins before though like frozen/yellow jacket Shen. And (koopa) King rammus.
King Rammus was made during the Beta, they probably wouldnt be able to pull something like it the way things are now, especially with nintendo. Another thing is that with both Yellowjacket and Frozen, the characters of SubZero and Scorpion are fairly basic in design, being more or less just generic ninja's with a single trope to make them stand out. Compare this to Shang Tsung who has a more iconic original design, and creating a skin based on it without breaking some copyright would suddenly become a lot harder.
: Shang Tsung skin for Sylas
Fusıon (EUNE)
: SyLux
Or you know... they're just close friends that care for each other that just happen to be of the opposite gender. Like even in quotes I feel like Sylas treats Lux more like a little sister rather than a love interest.
: New system. You will increase your rank when you win and nothing gonna happen if you lose during 9 games.
nvm, I read how the new system works. its just the lowest possible outcome for when i finish placements
: New system. You will increase your rank when you win and nothing gonna happen if you lose during 9 games.
But.. I only played my first out of 8 matches, why is it already assigning me a rank..?
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: Which champions you think players play less? Like which champion you almost never see in-game?
I think it's been a solid year since I've last versed a Volibear, seen a friend of mine play him on my team twice but outside of that, I never see him.
: LIFEGUARD SORAKA SKIN! - League Of Legends (Fan)
I dont know why but I feel like a pool cleaning net or something like that would work better as a staff, still an amazing custom skin though.
Zanador (EUNE)
: Personally i have a couple of main concerns about a voice chat that are yet to be addressed in this conversation. Sexism towards women was mentioned, so let's skip that. 1. Racism. Especially on the EU servers. People here have very distinct national accents. 2. Complete lack of moderation. To the best of my knowledge, there isn't any game where voice chat is successfully moderated. 3. Balance. You know how you are told to just mute the toxic people you get in your team? That is going to be "opt out from voice chat" or "mute the voice of toxic people" now. Anyone who have played against a full premade with voice chat as a team of 5 solo players know how much of an advantage the voice chat can be. Now if you have a toxic teammate, your chances of winning will drop even more sharply. 4. New methods of trolling. Someone screaming into your ears while you want to concentrate would be pretty damn annoying and it would require a brand new set of tools to have a chance at catching the troll. 5. Languages. The written chat can already be flooded by two or three guys talking to each other in their native language, but the effect is far worse with sound. I really enjoy the voice chat with my friends, and we have used a program for that ever since we began playing League. But without a solution to these problems, i think a general voice chat option would cause way more harm than good.
From what I've seen thus far with most voice chats is that most players will have a harder time casually flaming people when they've already been talking to them casually or just hear the other person's voice in general as it takes away some of the anonymity people have and makes it feel more like they are actually talking face to face with another person. Still this kind of veries person to person so eh.
: Yes I agree with that but riot doesn't balance things around that. They balance the game around high elo and not e-sports. Ryze is problematic in high elo vs low elo. It's not about e-sports or pro teams. Same thing for Azir. It is very rare that they balance things around e-sports (same things for low elo). Most of the balance is focused around high elo
There have been statements put out by Riot game eployees about balancing champions such as Ryze, Riot Ghostcrawler per example has jokingly stated how Ryze's abilities can only effectively be used by pro players. Riot Maple has also made a statement before on how the game is balanced around Pro Play to make it more excited to watch, he even admits that he wants pro play to have less influence on the game in the future. Most likely meaning he felt that there was an off balance in how the game was balanced, more favoring towards pros rather than normal players “I have a desire/goal for a future where we don’t have to make as many changes to champions based on their performance in pro play nearly as much as we do now.”. This is also visible in some of the gameplay thought written by Riot Meddler who famously made this statement. "While we're putting more attention into pro balance for the next couple of patches, ideally any changes made should be positive for regular play as well. If not they should at at minimum not be highly harmful to regular balance. That's the case in particular when it comes to buffing champs, with a fair number we believe could buff into pro play relevance but only by making them inappropriately strong for regular players." Nearly the entirety of season 8 had an emphasis on making League more fun to watch and more exciting in pro play and it's still visable today.
: Are you aware that hight elo don't have the same problems that you are talking about? It's more like a difference between high and low elo than between normal and e-sports. So saying that all of them are communicating and that they search their enemies strategy is not really a valid argument. And riot don't balance things around that. Go watch some very high elo on youtube, then know what they are doing, they have a game plan, they communicate with pings etc. It's more like low elo players don't know how to play than the game isn't balanced around them. This is a team game where things, like vision and communication is key. You can't balance it around someone who don't look at the map and who plays solo.
What I'm saying is that the level of gameplay in which E-Sports plays though things such as verbal communication between all teammates, live team coaching etc. is unobtainable in normal games you're not going to be able to have the same level of communcation between players, as pro teams can react much faster to calls via voice chats rather than a normal chat and pings, (just try calling a push via ping or by typing out your plan faster than you can say the same call out, either people will not know what you mean or you'll be too slow). Balancing the game around them would be problematic which is the entire reason why Ryze is in it's current state as there's a massive rift between the normal play and pro play, where the level of communication in pro play is so far beyond the normal conditions that they are able to push Ryze's kit to a near game breaking state.
: Hey ! Please allow me to correct what you said : > Riot cares more about the viewer's experience than the experience of a normal solo queue player. They sacrifice the enjoyment of solo queue in order to make competitive games more "fun" to watch. The game SHOULD be balanced around e-sports and pro play. A simple example would be football : Just imaging that all new players and non pros are given smaller and less heavy balls because the normal ball is too hard for them. Wouldn't that be a joke? We should play on the same terms as pros and make our skills better. Plus it would have no meaning to train or watch them if "Pro LOL" and "SoloQ LOL" are 2 differents games. > It really sucks and I don't know if this will ever go away as this company went from being a passion project to a business that is now mostly driven by profit. RIOT is indeed a company and they should be making money. Servers and engineers don't run for free. If they don't, the company will bankrupt and you won't be able to play the game anymore. Don't forget that it's a free game so skins are their main way to get money. Also, LOL is still a passion for many people at RIOT. You can take SapMagic as an example (He is the Senior Designer at Riot Games. Ranked, Clash, Missions, matchmaking/champ select). He posts every new thing on his twitter, runs a reddit, runs a personal discord where he answers EVERY SINGLE question that you can ask (if you want I can give you the link), do videos with youtubers and do streams for us. He is living LOL and breathing it, that goes beyond his normal work). > @PajamaSkins and dozens of unnecessary skins produced purely to make cheap cash. RIOT have many departments (like any other company). The team working on skins and the ones doing the balance are 2 different teams. So making more or less skins won't affect the balance or soloQ at all. > Solo queue is all about burst damage and how you get run down like a slave on a cotton field with practically no means to defend yourself other than to blow all your summoners, only to still die to the Brand passive dot burn That's only because everybody is following kills and only thing of his own score instead of the team victory. It's only normal that if your whole team is going full damage from top to support, everybody will die easily and assassin's can reach you without any problem. Play a classic team comp with a support like {{champion:201}} and you won't have to ever worry about protection or burning your summoners. You'll also smash those all damage comps. ADCs are still very strong, it's just that they cannot work without protection. So it's kinda related to the player base. It's the same as the autofill system, nobody wanna play support. And YES league isn't perfect. Don't forget that it contains massive data and it is run by humans. RIOT is also getting very different feedbacks for exemple : * People asking to nerf a champ while others asking to buff it because they think he is weak * Maybe a champ have a high winrate, but only because most players are in bronze/silver and they don't know how to play against him. * Don't forget that adding/removing 5 damage from a champ/item/rune can break the game (helloo dark harvest) so they need to take their time before making changes and watch carefully. I do understand your frustration. We are all frustrated in soloQ, but please, take all those factors into consideration before throwing the blame on RIOT
You do realise in several sports where there is a clear difference in skill etc, different rules will apply right? In the same sense E-Sports plays an entirely different game from the rest of the community, having many benefits over other players with more synergy between a 5 man team over indivual players, having verbal communication over the chat system, being able to research opponents before matches to learn what to counter pick, how to best play against their playestyle etc. To balance the game in its entirety around E-Sports would be insane and to put normal players on the same comperative level as E-Sport players is ever more so. Even things such as kill trends can be easier traced to E-Sports rather than anything else as their level of communication allows them to make more calls and thus allowing more players to avoid being caught out or catch unneeded damage that could potentially kill them. Since Solo Que doesnt have this luxery they're playing an overall more risky game where strats like these would strive. Additionally, If people are complaining, then them being in silver elo or lower isnt a valid reason to leave that be as is. League used to be a game that could be enjoyed at most if not all Elos and only got more complex as time went on and the more you learned so if over 50% of the entire playerbase (which makes up silver btw) is unhappy with how the game is played. perhaps something is going wrong.
Hansiman (EUW)
: > Hard to carry as a support. Pretty sure a bunch of support mains will disagree. You can carry in any role if you know what you're doing.
Hell, even just Thresh supports would disagree strongly here, he's one of the most well known carry supports out there, having great tools for nearly any situation.
Kamille W (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Silent Note,realm=EUNE,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=2TLPuVB3,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-12-25T14:14:46.198+0000) > > My friend also saw it. I'm guessing it's because DJ Sona's hair is made differently than other character's hair in League. > Before LolKing shut down, even their model viewer showed DJ Sona without hair. Your icon is so cute, how did you get it?
Its was one of the mystery icons from the BE event
Nixri (EUW)
: LoL portraits I've done over the year
Those look amazing, would love to commission something in the future when you open up for commissions again. (gotta get money first though so probably not in a while). none the less though great work. Lighting, Dynamic Poses and honestly everything looks absolutely breath taking.
: Stupid idea: Blue Essence rewards after getting a mastery level with a champ
Sound neat and encourages people to learn or atleast play multiple champions.
: I am Janna main, does that make me bad person?
As someone that loves to play Janna, yes. yes you are.
: Senna (Lucians Wife)
Would be cool if she ended up corrupted like the ruined king. maybe angery at the world with a soft spot for Lucian left, who knows. I'm more curious about her design and weapons though given Lucian still carries her gun.
Flow1999 (EUNE)
: Riot really dont care about bots, do they
The bot quotes have been wrong for quite a while yeah...
: What am i doing wrong on lucian?
You're playing Lucian. Personal spite aside though, there could be many factors to why you're not preforming well, ranging from general matchups, aggrassion in lane, lane preasure and more. I'd advice to simply look up a tutorial to better figure out Lucian's kit if you have any issues with that and from there on focus on lane preasure, minion control and micro managing. Thus focing larger waves on your opponents, making it harder to be ganked etc. etc.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Can we just talk about this Zed Yasuo fanart?
I mean... apperently historical female ninja's did flaunt there body to lure a victim into a false sense of security (think of the prostitutes in assassin's creed but with knives). So there would be a legitimate reason to Zed looking like this.
: Yes or Nah? I can't say for sure but it's definitely a deceptive indicator given how far the dome seems to expand on hit.
: What the best thing to do with a feeder team?
If its intentional, simply report them and be done with it, nothing much you can do about it. If it's unintentional you may want to try and calm your team down and search for a new angle, apply preasure around the map and push for objectives, deep ward to keep up with enemy movement and back up before fights can break out. worse case scenario, you still lose. though if your team is willing to work with you, and your enemy is too focused on fights or rather, too focused on cutting off your advanced, you may be able to win by simply applying global preassure, forcing your opponents to constantly travel between lanes and lose out on their lead.
Qunoxic (EUNE)
: Why's Teemo such a bad pick in this meta?
Honestly, Teemo seems to be kinda fine, in my opinion atleast, he's no where near the little devil people love to portray him as but he can still be quite a nuisance in lane. the only reason I'd say he's currently dropping a bit out of favor is because ability based champions are currently rising in the meta over AA champions, but even then. If you know what abilities to use and how to be as sneaky and devilish as a Shaco main, you might find yourself in a surprise as Teemo drags your opponents down the nine hells.
Qunoxic (EUNE)
: Many champions in the game can be annoying and don't get nearly as banned as him.
Yasuo simply gets this treatment as his playstyle feels very hard to punish while he punishes you for doing things you've been expecting to do in lane for years, - turning minion waves against you as they charge his flow and make for more mobility - punishing farming through aggrassive poke that acts like AA for item procs such as static shiv - completely countering a large part of the mage roster - punishing execute ults such as syndra, jinx, brand, lucian, caitlyn, katarina, veigar etc, though windwall - being safe on farm while having a large early dmg output because of his duel passive. Yasuo isn't OP, not in the slightest, but he is annoying to lane against, and the frustration that he causes people to ban him at any oppertunity.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: There seems to be very little name originality with summoner names
: Nexus Blitz Place in runterra
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Yes. Balance is mainly done considering high elo gameplay. And that is how it should be.
Yes though idealy you strike a balance where balancing the game around high elo doesnt create major upset in lower elos. lets not forget that nearly 50% of the entire playerbase resides in silver alone and that completely ignoring them while making changes to balance could create a major upset within the game. Alternatively there is an Issue with E-Sports and Solo Queue in the way it's played with Pro play being played with highly synergized players and a coach while Solo Queue wont have those same conditions making balancing the game around Pro play difficult as it doesnt reflect the rest of the game in a major part. Yes its ideal for Riot to balance the game around high elo players as they best reflect pushing the game to it's limits though I do not think the game should be balanced around Pro play for the simple fact that it does not reflect the game well enough.
RaykuStar (EUW)
too bad I'm broke, best of luck though. Maybe I'll be able to commission something the next time around.
Asher2406 (EUW)
: {{champion:63}} too much base damage. I bet, even assassins have less base damage than this thing. {{champion:31}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:516}} "Why don't we make a champion that can tank literally everything and still one shot you? Great idea It will definitely be healthy for the game!" {{champion:236}} twice as much autos as any other marksman because why not?. His passive should have at least some cooldown on it. {{champion:90}} oh, look, I pressed r, I outplayed you! I am better than you! {{champion:57}} "Ok, we now have tanks that absorb literally everything AND one shot people. Why don't we make one that can do all this and HEAL?" {{champion:13}} Look, I have tons of shields, build {{item:3001}} {{item:3110}} and still can one shot you. I'm so good, even though I am not a tank! {{champion:223}} "Okay, we already have champions that can absorb everything and one shot you and those that even are healing during all of this. not let's make one that can one shot you even with no items! Because it's totally healthy for the game!" {{champion:45}} look, I'm mage, but I' building tanky items. Oops, I still can one shot you with point click ability. I am sooo good at this game! {{champion:74}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:157}} just because.
A large part of Brand's damage comes from combo's his base dmg isnt that high. if anything a good thing to keep in mind with brand is to stick to the side of a minion wave so you can move away from the wave during AoE combos and his Ult or hide behind it when he tries to engage a stun.
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