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: Yasuo rework?
the flow was something we've talked about before where he'd sacrifice one shield to use another and i still stand by the fact that it's good machanic, sacrificing large amounts of flow to create a better windwall to reward players that are able to utilize Yasuo's entire kit, I dont know if giving his windwall health would be that good since his windwall is suppose to be his best defense against ranged champions and most if not all ADCs will rip through a health based structure. From the two I definitely prefer the idea of sacrificing flow to reward more experienced players. afinal note i'd make it that Yasuo's windwall should push forwards from infront of himself and not his hitbox, as impressive as frame perfect reaction is a windwall should now block projectiles in yasuo's back because the wall pushes forward from inside of yasuo's body. if Braum has to aim his wall why shouldn't Yasuo?
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: It doesn't choose champions you have a lot of mastery points on... it looks at who you play and uses that to choose champions with a similar play style to those champions... so you can even get skins for champions you don't even own.
alright then tell me this, my top champions are Braum Illoai Galio Zac My most recent frequently played champions are Moaikai Braum Zac Ivern So how did i manage to get Jhin, Soraka and Velkoz, three champions which completely fall out of my playstyle Of all of these I used to be a frequent player of Soraka and Vel'Koz but even then from a buisness point its a horribly dumb thing to put them in the shop considering i already own a majority of their more expensive skins meaning there's no reason for me to buy them. I already have far more superior skins. And Jhin just makes no sense at all i have a 60% discount on him despite having played him only once, having ADC be my least played role and my top ADC being an attack speed based ADC.
glptv (EUW)
: Rework skins
Riot has explained before that they wont focus on reworks on skins since it be too time consuming instead they simply focus to outdo their previous works with every new skin they make. Magnificent TF most likely wont be updated until Twisted Fate gets a complete visual update
: Xayah
Xayah isnt broken, she may be strong but not broken, people just need to adjust to her play style
: Ability Draft Teaser
kinda wish this was true, but there's always hope i suppose
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Tomiun (EUW)
: What champions would I enjoy?
From what i see you play mostly tanks/bruisers most of which having either great CC or high pressure, I'd personally recommend Zac to you which has both of those traits and is a personal favorite of mine
: Snorlax's Den [Discord community]
I'm not that interested in joining a new community myself though I know a guy named Snorlaxs who might be, he plays on the EUW servers so you could try contacting him
awdsawds (EUW)
: [GAMEPLAY] reworked galio -W and R armor ratio
The Armor scaling has been removed from the abilities, the numbers simply haven't been removed from the description
: >So, I was wondering why you cannot refund champions or skins after massive reworks
Thank you, I didn't know though I suppose it makes sense
Perilum (EUW)
: You've no right on a refund and it's also completly nonsense to request one. You bought something. You got it. Contract finished. You've access on it. That is the only thing you paid for.
I bought something, I got it, they decided to change it and remove anything I originally liked about it.
Perilum (EUW)
: Disliking something you bought is no reason to get a refund.
No I got the skins long before the Galio rework though now I don't think I'll play him anymore which means I wont use the skins, when you buy a product, like it but then suddenly massive changes are made which makes you dislike the product, you'd want a refund.
: why would you? you payed for the skins used them and you still have them though changed. if you have lifetime tickets to the zoo and they change one exhibit they wont refund you the cards.
Because i simply dislike the rework, I payed for the skins since I played the champion and liked his kit, I dont like his new kit and now having bought the skins feels like a waste
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TTekkers (EUW)
: My real question now is how tower damage scales. Is it set or does it scale with AD/AP? If you have Ardent Censer will that also apply a buff?
The turrets all scale from AD which means Janna can increase their damage output, and no since the passive on Censer is only triggered on Allied Champions
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: Please explain your .11 Mana regen in Runes.
Honestly it's simply because I didn't care much about runes for a long time, with the mana runes simply being there as placeholders until I bought better runes though after a while the .5 mana per 5 seconds became kind of a joke in my group which is why I still have it for seemingly no apparent reason
: What changes in particular have frustrated you? I was pretty excited personally to see Redemption come out as its an item that offers agency and power for support players, but you highlighted it as frustration because you feel it's a stop-gap? > First of all, I'd like to thank you for answering my question Not a problem. :)
Oh, I suppose I haven't really answered your question, when the season started supports suddenly gained a few items that drastically improved their job in lane and while I absolutely love the new items as a support main it simply felt to me that it was just a way to keep supports busy for a moment, like giving a toy to someone to distract them for what is actually happening around them. Assassin's have had a major rework which has had giant impact on the bot lane since the roaming assassins became that more deadly, though tanks still rule over the meta so even playing safe would often result in inevitable death when you only rely on your ADC this could often lead to believing that bot lane was simply left off for a while, it's even joked about how weak the marksmen have become because of all changes. suddenly everything started changing, champions were given % health damage or flat damage reduction, assassin items were changed to deal true damage, items were added to give spell shields and when bot lane remains seemingly untouched during this time it can become frustrating to actually play. Warwick for example simply ignoring your shields and tower diving you while still gaining all his HP back before using his damage reduction to safely walk out, when during all this the only support item you get is Redemption it can be seen as somewhat frustrating, like walking out in a storm and being handed an umbrella, of course its going to work and yes its amazing to have but you'd rather have more to protect yourself with or even have the storm clear out first. And again I love redemption its probably my favorite item on any sort of enchanter but because of everything that was happening when it was added it felt more like a toy to keep us quiet instead of the incredibly helpful item that it actually is
: What changes in particular have frustrated you? I was pretty excited personally to see Redemption come out as its an item that offers agency and power for support players, but you highlighted it as frustration because you feel it's a stop-gap? > First of all, I'd like to thank you for answering my question Not a problem. :)
Another big reason for me to actually make this post was actually because of the Galio AMA where a summoner said while he liked the new kit he was less than pleased with the new personality Galio had gained which I can understand since I'm not a big fan of the new super hero either (though I really like the Gatekeeper). the before mention summoner asked "How do you reconcile a champion who is 90% brand new everything with the champion it used to be?" to which a Riot Employee responded "Basically, we have data saying that very very few people liked or played him. Sorry, bud. I hope we can make it up to you one day.."
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: Over 90% !? Holy, I didn't think of a 9:1 ratio...
Yes though this was released at 2012 and more female gamers have been popping up ever since so it could be that the first true female LCS player could be right around the corner (despite remi technically being the first female LCS player because of the entire transgender situation)
: What changes in particular have frustrated you? I was pretty excited personally to see Redemption come out as its an item that offers agency and power for support players, but you highlighted it as frustration because you feel it's a stop-gap? > First of all, I'd like to thank you for answering my question Not a problem. :)
We'll not really recent but i disliked most of the soraka rework since she was the first support i ever played and her ability to give mana was what made her unique to me since no other champion could do anything remotely like it. Other than that what I dislike in actual recent time isn't something Riot really has in control to it's fullest and that is the current bot lane meta with healing supports slowly disappearing. even declaring Malzahar the godtier support. Supports in general seem to orient more around massive damage now which simply displeases me, I've not seen this as much in ranked though normal games have increasingly become more frustrating because of the absolute kill lane bot lane has become
: I would like to think we do care about all of the player-base, but I feel your pain :) Something important to note is that there are some champions that are simply niche picks unless they are in meta - Zilean is a great example of this. I'm not sure where you're getting your stats from, but Sona has a 5% pickrate (rounded up) according to []( Not trying to fact check you, just pointing that out. I originally had a long post talking about the nuances of balance about the kits of some champions and why they needed to be altered even though it changed the champions identity, but I don't really think that's what you're looking for here. The point I wanted to make in the long paragraph of text is that yes, we do care about players who play niche champions. Unfortunately, some of them have to be changed for the health of the game (Zilean being a good example as his passive and ult made him strong in professional play with no real counterplay until the alteration of his passive) and some of them are just niche picks that only a few players enjoy playing (Sona). There's something to be said for support feeling like it has a lack of agency, and Redemption is one of the first forays into attempting to resolve that problem. I hope this answered your question, and if not, let me know and I'll try and elaborate more (or loop in someone better qualified to do so).
First of all, I'd like to thank you for answering my question, I've been a support main for at least four years now and despite how much i love the game i started to get more upset at some of the recent changes and how much it had effected bot lane even changing from a healing support to a tank because of all the mages that started to pop up. I suppose I'm just frustrated which is why i made the post in the first place but it's good to know we're still cared about
: But that's kind of the core of my question. I don't see a point why women and men shouldn't be equal in LoL, in a sense of skill, reflexes and so on. So I'd really be interested in why it is, how it is, with the highest rated players being solely male!
It might be partially because of stereotypes, for example in Korea you wont see female pro gamers because for a girl to play video games is actually frowned upon and even ridiculed, in the EU and NA female and male players are usually seen as equals, as gamers. though as shown in the numbers Riot released in 2012, over 90% of the entire league player base is male which is most likely why they dominate the LCS roster.
: As far as i know it's simply because currently the highest rated players are male, nothing is keeping female players from joining LCS teams when they gained the proper recognition.
There is a transgender LCS player who identifies as female though
: Why no women!?
As far as i know it's simply because currently the highest rated players are male, nothing is keeping female players from joining LCS teams when they gained the proper recognition.
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Evoki11 (EUNE)
: Galio Rework
As someone who already enjoyed Galio, I dislike the rework with only his Q and W being parts i can actually get behind as abilities for Galio, however Galio's rework makes him a near complete opposite of his design right now, he's egocentric, makes everything he does as grand as possible and looks for fights when he doesn't have to. Galio is a protector, his gargoyle theme already did a good job representing that considering gargoyles was a monster that was used to scare off evil, there was nothing stopping riot from keeping Galio in his gargoyle theme and while he had little lore and quotes he did have personality, when you played Galio you knew he was a guardian of sorts, you knew he took his job serious and you knew he would stay calm no matter what the situation. The new Galio simply took Galio's ideal as a protector and ran with it, He's changed from a gargoyle to a colossus, he got a generic super hero theme and riot called it a day. and yes, the new Galio is a better representation of a protector than the old Galio was, but in the doing what they did, they removed everything that made the Galio, Galio. I don't see this as a rework, Its a re-release. The old Galio got deleted and we got Colossus in return.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: I don't understand you people. It's 4v5, of course I want to remake. I get it when Blitz would come back while voting woud start, but going 4v5 40min is not fun. Tell me how many times did you win 4v5? Not so many I guess but you still defend these 3 players that keep me hostage ina game I can't even go afk to not get punished
Don't worry I've already played plenty of 4v5s and even won a fair amount of them and of course you're at a disadvantage and its more difficult to play but the majority of your team still wanted to try it. further more looking at what you wrote you could have won the game but your teammates got over confident, it happens, nothing more, nothing less.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Going 4v5 becouse my team don't want to remake is selfish now? Ok...
Yes actually because the team still wants to play, you're the odds man out, the only person who wants to surrender
: DC
You were gone for a decent amount of time in the game, giving the enemy free farm and most likely putting your jungler into a position where he has to choose to continue with his clearing and ganks or to cover your lane, the enemy team simply took advantage of this and won the game through that, it may seem unfair but that's simply the way it is. On a different note, Riot wont add a protection mechanic for people who are behind because of a DC because it would be too easy to abuse
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: There have been a few cases where riot have given skins that have not fitted a theme for example ace of spades ez should of been ace of spades yorick as it fits him better but at the time he only had something like a 1% playrate so probably why they gave it to ez
actually no since the Royal Flush skins have been made themed after a royal court Yorick would fall out, a more elegant champ would be better fitted in this case Ezreal which could be because of the influence of the Debonair Ezreal
Dekar v2 (EUNE)
: In the next 10 years , maybe?
> why in two years and not even in patch 7.6 don t consider making a new skin for rengar Rengar has probablly been on the board before on getting new skins but from what i understand skins are primarily designed after themes now, if the theme doesn't fit Rengar he wont be getting a skin, sometimes a Riot member would come up with a brand new skin concept for a champion but that's most likely random, i highly doubt they'll sit down and discuss skins per champion and say "well i think nami could use a new skin lets work on that" instead they'll likely go back n forth on random idea's for random champions until something sticks, Rengar is could simply be a hard champion to design new skins for which is why you havent seen a new skin for him in such a long time
: Why did Exhaust get nerfed
If you agree or disagree please make sure to tell me in the comments, you might just think I'm just crying over spilled milk but this is simply how i feel to the current situation of supports but i'd love to hear how other people feel towards the entire thing
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: I'm just going to focus on that very last bit. If you think about, from their previous iterations Sion, Poppy, Warwick and Taric maintained the same general colour palette. Galio hasn't because he kind of needed to be more inkeeping with Demacian architecture, which is all white and gold and stereotypically 'good guy' looking. Having Galio be blue, lore wise, would look a bit odd. As for personality, let's be honest he's from a time where champs didn't have have much in game personality and his lore was kind of clichéd. Finally, his kit. I say this to everyone when they complain about a rework; do you at least see why? His passive held a lot of invisible power, his Q was generic, his W was unhealthy, his E might as well not have existed and his ultimate while amazing consumed a huge amount of his power budget and was pretty unreliable. New Galio is more focused on the tanky protector concept and has much more evenly spread power. Also, you complain that he won't be a good anti-mage because he's melee while Kassadin is also melee and has no problems doing that job. Sure he has his ultimate but he can't spam that to keep on a target.
I get what your saying and to the kit, i get it, i don't agree but i get it. as for the personality, he is indeed from a time where champions had little personality and his lore isn't as grand as some of the other champions but the same goes for champions like Maokai who i absolutely love for his overall personality as a whole, for the few quotes that he has, it can be out right depressing to continue to play him, that you're literally forcing him into battle and that he simply wishes to return home and if Maokai ever had a rework i would want them to keep that personality and build on it, not remove it all together. Poppy is one of the champions who went through the same thing as Galio is going through right now but for every change they made i felt like it was a just one, even if they changed her personality it felt great and fresh, in the case of the new Galio he feels like he lost personality instead of gaining it, he's just a generic superhero now which is probably my main reason why i dislike the new rework
: It's almost like every other large scale rework they have done since Sion! And there is plenty of old Galio in there, it's just refined and more focused than it used to be.
No because every other large scale rework still made a champion feel like them self, when i look at Poppy, Warwick, Sion, Taric, compared to how they originally looked i can still see where it came from, i see their abilities and can understand why the changes happens. but i look at Galio and it just doesnt feel right, his ultimate is a steroid malphite ult, his E is borrowed of Vi and the only things i somewhat enjoy from his kit are his Q and his E, his passive has been completely changed so he's no longer a good anti mage unless you come into melee range in which case, good job you landed one hit now feel the cooldown. his looks, skills and personality have changed so much i dont feel like i can really call him Galio any longer
Walkchaos (EUW)
: Whilst I love the 'heart' of the current Galio... This is a needed change and one that fits his guardian theme, that ult? The cc? This is a welcome change, we haven't lost everything and we have gained a lot.
> we haven't lost everything and we have gained a lot. actually we lost everything and gained a whole new champion in return, Galio had a simple concept a Gargoyle that protected Demacia from evil, he was calm and collected, moderate and honorable. now he's some colossus who while protecting others seems to enjoy his bloated ego the most, he's some weird super hero now. i love how the character looks, i love the abilities but its not Galio, its Colossus
meroboth (EUNE)
: I just hope he still scales with magic resistance I got him to counter champions like veigar Also from what I have seen rip mid Gallo he is a toplaner now
only his first hit, after that you get nothing
EliteKitty (EUNE)
: Galio New/Old Look Vote
> So why stick too Old "Galio gargoyle"? > When we got a new badass "Galio colossus" a totaly new Champion. its pretty much as you said, its a totally new champion, its no longer Galio just an superhero themed colossus with a bloated ego, the old Galio had a great character and simply needed a small rework to see play again, instead Riot deleted the champion all together and replaced him with something entirely different
: GALIO - Who Else is Excited?
awsome drawing but i have nothing with the new galio, i loved his kit, i loved his voice lines and i loved to play him, now he went from a kind gargoyle to an egotistic colossu, Riot just casaully deleted him from the game and replaced him with this new champ
EliteKitty (EUNE)
: nope ryze is fine ..champions like {{champion:122}} and {{champion:420}} butt fuck ryze...he need nothing nor buff nor nerf...
if immobile champs like darius and illoai are able to butt fuck ryze that ryze is seriously bad
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Scrinnid (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mystireon,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Qp2TWLEu,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2016-06-09T15:22:01.897+0000) > > he's lv 15, Illaoi is a beast around those levels, but as someone who regularly plays Illaoi i agree with what you're saying you assume a lvl 15 just didn't make an account to chat with his friends?
no i assuem you're a plain lv 15 because those people are still learning the ropes of the game, illoai is an immobile tank that uses her terrane to her adventage, her abilities are some of the slowest in game, with sometimes alot of time lag if you miss then, note her Q and E, people around lv 15 are usually unaware of how to properly counter these traits and tend to go to the, "oh she's just OP and needs to be nerfed". this is why i thought you were a plain lv 15 player.
: Why does she need a nerf? You just kite like you should be doing and she isn't a strong as she should be. As long as you dodge her tentacles you stop her from healing as much as she can do.
he's lv 15, Illaoi is a beast around those levels, but as someone who regularly plays Illaoi i agree with what you're saying
: I know, but it does not let me to screenshot on my laptop for some strange reason it just appears as black screen :(
go into options and put the game to borderless instead of fullscreen
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