: Good bye League of Legends! Will miss you all <3
This is the like 5th "goodbye" post i've seen recently. you'll be back or you wouldn't be attentionseeking on here
: Team builder is worthless. Nobody uses it.
I use it every now n then, if i want to guarantee i go the lane i want. they will prob remove it or something when the new champ select comes out. but until then it's not too bad
Alibino (EUW)
: i got suspended permanently by riot
Good riddance, one less flamer to deal with
: Coming back from a frustating day of school and finaly having time to play 1 game of league
I get the feeling as you are in school. you are one of those trolls in my ranked games so i don't feel bad for you i'm afraid
: Riot where is the loss forgiven?
riot don't have any kind of system to help with this problem. currently it's " sorry but go fuck yourself " when it comes to 4V5
Nioki (EUW)
: Silver 4 MID laner looking for a serious team team
Not trying to be a dick, but you may want to improve your solo Q rank before joining a serious tournament doing ranked team.
Jwoong (EUW)
: I am quitting this game
something you can learn here.....don't be a dick
Agidyne (EUW)
: Honestly, this season isn't half as bad as it was back when Black Cleaver was first reworked and made Talon/Garen/Zed/few more go bonkers on literally everything. Especially with the Armor Pen that hit in the exact same patch. They stacked Cleavers on top of Cleavers. 5 Cleavers Talon was a Thing.
Blackcleaver and FF ww were in the same patch, was pretty grim xD
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Agidyne (EUW)
: Ranked Tip #2
I kinda agree, play champs for fun is good. But if you want to climb the ladder you have to abuse the meta
milkerman (EUW)
: From Losing to Winning, The long Road
its very snowbally atm. it'll get fixed with time though
yooongi (EUW)
: getting promoted in preseason
if you got into g5 before the 11th then you'll get gold rewards. if after the 11th then no
Dafrow (EUW)
: Is it just me?
Do you not read any posts on the forum ? you and 100000 other people have put this. The answer is be patient.
: I personally enjoy Preseason
I also enjoy it, of course there are things that need nerfing/buffing. it's a step in the right direction just need to fine tune a little
ShadowArt (EUW)
: Rewards???
Be god damn patient
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: How well did you do in season 5? (Legit players only, no boosters or smurfs)
Ended in gold V promos, Peaked at gold 3 but had a really bad luck streak of 6 afk/dcs out of 10 games. D: Diamond next season is the dream
SS Pappino (EUNE)
: I got to diamond yesterday, after i won my promos from 0-2 to a 3 win streak, Am I happy? Answer yourself :D
: iv played 10 ranked games this seaosn and thats my promos and that all im playing so s3 oh boy
Next season high gold easy ? :P
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-bDAIaMoYQEc/UkRs_rg4_WI/AAAAAAAAAiE/nT4nbZgVzRg/s1600/motivationalOnePunchManga.png
HOLY SHIT YES! I LOVE YOU. And i love One Punch Man
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Now diamon, next step - Master
: Well this might be a TL;DR but i'd love if few would read.I started lol in 1st january this year,went 30 when urf was released,i was such a bad player quite toxic,i went 3 - 7 promos and got placed silver 5,did awfull after this and ended under 35% win ratio.I stoped playing ranked a long time,then i came back like two weeks ago thinking im on the verge of silver,one more game and i'll fall.I played,warded stoped flaming,i was being flamed at for no reason but didnt respond in most cases,i went in 25 ranked game with 18-20 wins,increasing my win ratio to 46%.I progressed slowly but certainly,now im silver 4 with 57lp with a bit of luck i might end in s3 but im happy with what i've achieved until now.I realised that in 8 months of playing i understood nothing,and in just one month i got it all.My hopes for next season are high gold. :p wish me luck.
Nice story man, Its amazing how much of a differents it makes if you don't flame. and wards OP yo ;) if anyone gets to you ingame , mute button is always there ! Keep at it ! gold next season easy at this rate :)
: Gold 5. currently silver 2 76 LP... i dont know if i can do it..
Estimating you get 17LP per win 13 win streak and your Golden ! :P
: Anyone else feels sad after each new season?
I do feel sad to see this season of league and all it's stuff change. But i'm more excited to see what next season brings
xMidnight (EUW)
: Going from G4 -> G2 atleast..... :/
You got this bruh! Next season diamond !
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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Nope
damn some shit luck for me then D:
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Miwako (EUW)
: D5 Adc looking for female team
Good luck with that :P as far as i know out of 60 whatever million players, a total of 3 people are female
DaWolfer (EUW)
: I cant invite people to my team
Once you have done your placements it no longer allows you to invite people i think , it's happened to me many times
Betolas9 (EUW)
: I need a team for the rewards of the end of the season (i am bronze but play good for bronze)
"i am bronze but play good for bronze" I feel thats a little denial , bronze is bronze i'm afraid
Çhaòs (EUW)
: They're trying to make games quicker, which is a good thing in many ways, yes, it'll change the game, people don't always like change but change keeps things interesting, I don't like juggernauts, I hated that meta, but I played through it, some people loved it. You can't quit before you try it. There won't be much to learn, it shouldn't be hard to adapt, just watch Nightblue play a few games on PBE and you'll understand it by then.
I fully agree man , this meta has been the worst in a good while. i'm looking forward to some verity
: Only im about to quit the game or at least care less about what im doing in it?
See you and alot of people are assuming it will be bad. it could be yes. but you don't know that it will be. ADC being "op" will bring assassins back in the game etc just give it a chance before the judgement
: New Client and Champ Select Hype !!! ^^
To Quote Family Guy: I Don't Like Change!
: what video recorder do you use? i want to record my own gameplay to review to :/ I think diamond is a bit to high unless you have a lot of time to devote to league for next season, plat looks more realistic
I use Baron Reply, it's pretty good :) And i know it's a high goal, and i'd be happy with plat. But as i have no life and have the urge to improve i feel i could hit low diamond in a year
pidgeot72 (EUW)
: The realisation that you suck at league
You do suck in all honesty, bronze 4 is near the bottom of the worse. BUT you have the potential to get better, being aware that your bad is the first step in getting better, if you keep dying , try figure out why ? is it because you take to many risks ? trade with someone who can out trade? etc if you can pin why you die so much, you can fix it. biggest tip i can give, is never die for no reason.
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: LF a girl to play with on my smurf
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: Role: ADC Age: 19 Rank: Gold 4 Days Available: Everyday TS or Skype: Both Region In UK: NE
Hey thanks for the message but the adc role has been filled :(
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: Knockout eSports looking for a coach
I'm wiling to attempt a tryout of sort ?
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: Hey man saw your post, I play jungle and im gold 4
added you ingame :)
: Hey mate.. Just saw your topic. I am really interested about your idea and I want to join if it's possible ? I feel comfy mostly on mid but i can play all lanes. If you are interested you can always add me in game " Capt Flipzzy " so you can test me! :)
I'll add you shortly, just gonna watch fantic kick ass ;)
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