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: then why is the item in the shop anyways... i love how Riotmakes a shitton of money out of their community yet has so many flaws.
It's in the shop so you can buy it back, because you can actually sell the spear. Just in case for some reason you don't want to bind to anyone.
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: I wish this was the case, however it is not...
You mean it said you weren't in a game? Then that means it is a ghost game. Everyone on your team probably has the same issue right now. All you can do is wait for your client to release you from the game before you can start another one.
Stell (EUNE)
: Always report at least one of your teammates
Yeah, I agree. It feels like every game someone on the losing team says /all Report xxx pls ty and they didn't do anything wrong, just had a bad game.
Drajjoon (EUW)
: How does Wukong have the best winrate for top lane?
I always get a little nervous when I see I'm up against a toplane Wukong, that monkey does some insane damage. Even when they start flask it feels like they do a third of my health every time they E + Q. Thank god I don't see him that often. I hope he doesn't get picked up as a laner in pro play and then become popular.
Pháté (EUW)
: Don't be Amumu, be more Braum!
[Why not enjoy some warm milk instead?](
MrWizzz (EUW)
: Person troling in championselect, want to report him
If you have screenshots and you think it's really worth it you can open a support ticket to report them. It is still breaking the Summoner's Code after all You can go to the [support website]( or send an email to
: Need help SUPER fast from Riot.
It could be a ghost game, I got my first one about 2-3 weeks ago. You just have to wait until the game times out. Check lolnexus or opgg and see if it still says you are in an active game.
: @Riot --- Possible turret bug ?
If you've noticed it happening often then try to record it or link a replay file to a game where it occurred. Are you sure that you yourself weren't outside the turret range? If the enemy is under your turret but you are not, the turret won't aggro to them.
Garurumon (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kamikageyami,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=KuiwVKii,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-07-03T14:56:58.700+0000) > > It happens when you have Freljord champions on your team :) > Like {{champion:22}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:127}} It does not. Don't spread false facts.
I worded it badly, but it's true! I believe it happens when you have only Freljord champions on your team. I took this screenshot in a custom game just now where Lissandra was the only champion on my team. [](
: Can anyone help me with that?
I'm gold 1 100 lp aswell. I've been in promos 7 times :( Just gotta keep pushing, you'll get there eventually!
LittleZu (EUNE)
: Think i just found a Easter egg
It happens when you have Freljord champions on your team :) Like {{champion:22}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:127}}
: Rengar?
Rengar is very strong in Soloqueue, I'd recommend you give him another chance. Look up some videos/guides on him, and check out some high level streams of player who main him. [Ryan Choi]( is one I can think of off the top of my head. Also, Shaco banned every game? I don't think I've ever seen a Shaco ban.
: [BUG] Kalista's Black Spear
Unfortunately you can't change your mind once you've bound to an ally.
: getting counterd in blind
Siehtg (EUW)
: Tryndamere Too OP
Try grouping, he'll be a lot less scary when he's stunned for his entire ult.
Derezz3d (EUW)
: Kalista can ult Bard when Bard is stasis
Could use some proof on this, seems like a bug. I don't think Kalista should be able to ult her support while they're being CC'd in general, though. It's such a get-out-of-jail-free card and doesn't have much counterplay.
: Show some love to Zed
These "buffs" are insane. The only one I kind of agree with would be the one about removing the 1 second timeout on reactivating Death Mark. I think it was a healthy nerf on paper but thanks to the current meta he was already having problems, so it came at a bad time. Imo I think Zed is in a pretty good spot right now, as long as you play him solely as an assassin/splitpusher. Just use him to punish players that are out of position.
: Silver is way to good on EUW
Maybe it's because there are more players in EUW? So there could be a lot more players who actually belong in higher tiers but are trying to climb out.
ImTheN00b (EUW)
: Thank you Riot, try to reconnect.
I've seen this a couple times this week while playing Normals. I end up having to wait 30-40 minutes before it finally lets me out.
Roughy (EUW)
: How do i put my carry pants ?
Fellow top lane main here. I'm not an expert at the game (I'm in promos to Plat 5) but I can give you some tips. {{champion:68}} Rumble is a great champion for solo queue if you practise him and get comfortable on him. Generally lane bullies are great for lower elo but Rumble excels because he's also amazing at teamfights. For roaming, if you are past lv6, winning lane, and your opponent is farming under their turret - see if you can roam mid. Chances are it's not warded and a surprise Rumble ult gank can almost always guarantee the enemy mid to blow flash at least. You can also catch them off guard even if the enemy top pings missing as Rumble is deceptively quick at roaming mid with the movespeed from his W. If you see the enemy jungler heading towards your lane or just hanging around top with the wards you have (hopefully) placed, tell your team to go and do dragon, and let them know your TP is up if they're getting ready to take an objective. In terms of using your TP to help botlane, I generally just try to keep a good sense of what's going on in the other lanes at all times anyway. I'll check the farm differences and use the function keys (F1, F2, F3, etc) to quickly glance at the other lanes to see if anyone could use my help, while taking note of any spots I could TP to. If I see someone extend towards my botlane past a ward and I notice them using their gapcloser (or I know they don't have flash), I'll TP a bit behind them and spam OMW pings to get my botlane to engage. Then it's just hoping that they'll CC before I finish TPing and actually back me up. {{champion:102}} I think Shyvana is a real gamble in lower elos. Your team probably won't understand split pushing, and will most likely flame you for not being with the team and then die trying to fight the enemy team 4v5. You should make sure you really know when it is ideal to split push. Split pushing is not just sitting top for the whole game pushing wave after wave and recalling every now and then. Split pushing is a strategy thats used to force the enemy team into making a choice that has no right answer. They can either send 1-2 people to deal with your advance while you're splitting and risk losing an objective to the rest of your team (which you can then TP to when they send people to stop you), or try and fight your team for the objective as 5 and potentially lose all their towers + inhibitor in that lane. It's a really powerful strategy, but is hard to pull off effectively in soloqueue as it requires some good coordination. In general if you find yourself being fed a lot but still losing games, you need to try and get your team to group for objectives to press your advantage while you have it. Being 5/0 doesn't mean much if all you do is keep returning back to lane.
: sometime the relic shield... what?
I think he means sometimes Relic Shield's execute passive doesn't activate when it should.
Sawy (EUW)
: My current game is getting DDOSed.
You can't cause the entire team to lag and leave one person unaffected, unless he somehow has the IP of every other person in the game and is simultaneously launching a DDoS attack on each player. I'm guessing what's happening is he hit attack move down mid before the game started to lag so it looks like he's unaffected.
DusanN00 (EUNE)
: What champion you got on mistery
I have all champions so I got Winter Wonder {{champion:61}} :)
Sky8800 (EUW)
: The players that earned the skins through ranked would get a different look on the loading screen (vintage tagged versions; chromas), to tell the bought skins and the earned skins apart: Note that it's proposed changes, not decided yet.
As someone who has the Victorious skin, it wouldn't bother me if people could buy it. Even if we didn't get a vintage/tagged/chroma'd version. I mean some people might really love the champion that got the skin and play them all the time, but might just not be able to reach Gold. I think they should be allowed to purchase it if they want to. We already get borders, icons and get the skin for free.

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