: Well, that doesn't help much with having worse teammates
what he said ^
: u have to trick the matchmaking system. if u play bad (worse then your teammates) the system will hand u better teammates. but if u play good u will get bad teammates. the trick is to "win" the game widhout carrying yourself of having a big lead.
I have OCD of playing bad so... i gues ill be stuck here xD
: Here's a possible explanation for it: You were climbing through the Divisions fast, which means now you're close to your true skill level... Naturally games get harder for you and your team, which means: 1. People get frustrated more, and might behave badly. 2. You perceive things worse since you're no longer stomping.
exactly i climbed too fast i still stomp games finaly i spamed riot ples give me good teams and it workd lol got decent teams won few lost few but at least it felt good :D
: 20% of your team is you. Since the other 9 guys in your match are all roughly from the same pile of dirt (aka your elo), you are the biggest deciding factor in your games. Sometimes you get trolls, sometimes they get feeders. But lets be honest here: we all wasted thousands of games into this. A few troll games realy dont matter. They even out.
i was getting 29 lp per game in the start 20 wins in row then it started to be hell every 3nd game i have trols or afk :D
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