: My mind boggles at your statement. Why would NA be compensated for EUW's lag issues?
very old history. XD Season two jokes
: That’s true, I’ve seen a lot of people make a comeback with super strong teams when they were about to drop out. Anyway thanks for the advice, I will definitely try this out next time!
: I know that feeling all too well...when TFT first came out on PBE I wanted to try all the comps and got really annoyed when I didn’t get the champs I wanted. By the time I realized that my plan wasn’t going to work out it was usually already too late. I eventually started winning when I learned how to work with what I got though.
you need not only adept to what champions you get. I for one advice loosing some rounds early to get your ecco high. Just loose like the first 5-8 matches and stack your gold to 50. Then you only use gold over 50 (loose streak + Income+ interest = 12 or more gold). Try then to level up. Around level 7 you have a good chance oon violett Pieces (Each level gives a better chance on the rarer pieces). After reaching level 7 or 8 you start rerolling to get your champs. Until that you probably loose like60 HP but its fine cause you can draw first in the carussel and your finanzes are top. Then you should start winning. When dropping below or unto 20 HP you can use your complete 50 gold if needed to rank up your team to survive. I have won a lot of battles with 12 HP from last place to first. Comeback is real
: Qyiana in ARAM... is gimped, big time
First of all ARAM is a fun mode and she cant be balanced around that. Maybe riot will add something but its not really important since she can use two of her elements just fine. Her role. Ye she was announced as an Assassin and will be strong at flanking other characters. She is extremely gluey so enemies wont be able to escape easily. To me I think she will be a sustain bruiser. With Deaths dance and Spirit visage she can heal tons of Hp while dancing around an enemy to wittle him down. And later on she profits from her insange Bobus AD scaling. The point most people neglect. You need to give her items with punch. ^^ {{item:3813}} {{item:3508}} {{item:3074}}
Cretier (EUW)
: Dear riot
Easy answer: Dont play LoL when german schools have summerbreak. All the kids now playing LoL
: Can these situational mechanics just go away already?
R.I.P {{champion:40}} . One of the least played supports getting another hit in the gutter.
Zedant (EUW)
: CC last TOO LONG
Against a setup with high CC go for the precision mastery and Merb boots to reduce CC by hald its duration. So any CC in the game cant be longer than 1.5 seconds because the strongest ones are 3s long without tenacity. Where does CC need a nerf? This doesnt even include cleans as ssummoner spell, QSS or Mikaels.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Am I the only one being glad that the servers are down?
Yep EUW never got a thing. IP maybe...back before the new server room....once. Although the actual problems really remind me of these days...
: i don't think u can always see it maybe bushes vision is bugged bc people see me and i don't see their ward and they get close to the bush as if they were warding it like wtf
Uhm on summoners rift there is that blue flower too it gives vision and marks you if it hits you, giving vision to the users team.
: phantom warding is when people seem to have perfect vision of you when they shouldn't have or you should have been aware that this place is warded normally because of the obvious spot that will get them caught warding it...tldr its my own made up term for people who have vision of you that u can't explain do enemies see the oracle's extract symbol over ur head when u use it? or only allies
Kirika (EUW)
: Lane management
No answer? 365 people looking into the thread and not a single one can help me?
Rioter Comments
: Will we ever get a new shyvana skin?
I am. And I want her passive to get some love. Lately a lot of overloaded passive make hers look like...well...nothing especially when your team doesnt have the strength to contest drakes.
: so its fighter or bruiser but not assassin
You probably can build both but I'd recommend starting with the bruiser variant because you have a greater failure window to try the skills. And she scales hard with higher AD
: supports
Soraka can poke a little from distance and heal, Nami good heal and disengage with ultimate. Lulu and Janna can both be used to shield enemy poke.
Blitzz (EUNE)
: League Of Comebacks
Once upon a time the mediocre LoL game took about 45 minutes...
: well i dont remember read somewhere about asking lux nerf, she is not much played either, on my game i rarely met lux mid or even support, onloy recently cause of pro play. also fighting her as irelia never put me a probleme personnaly, she is strongbut so less cancer than some veigar and other dumb mage mid, befor they change passif or irelia it was easyer to beat her,now it is hard but not impossible. and as support, shield is the only reason why she can be accepted as support, i remember period ppl hated that i take lux support, cause they pref blitz, morg, thresh and so on, (you know pro pick) Else i dont believe that she is kind of champ who c an reach 80% of win rate, some comp can be hard for her, and her lack of flexibility make her very vulnerable.
Its just whining because people cant dodge and are not able to build mercurys. Her CC is 2 second and you can easily reduce it to 1.5 seconds with mastery especially on Irelia you go down to 1 sec. nothing to be afraid of. And since her e is slow and the ult has a charge tiem with 1 sec root you could still just walk out. Other items help too, QSS, Mikaels, Hexdrinker, Banshees veil. If people dont built against certain champs (hello Zed) they loose and cry. But different from many others Lux has clear weaknesses: QCD is 10 seconds and she has NO kind of escape. I dont see why one would have to nerf her
: so,since there are no threads that are like NERF QIYANA shows how good she is
I dont get why people play her with lethality items She scales off BONUS AD not flat AD. So go for with a bruiserish build. Deaths Dance, Black cleaver, Essence Reaver. Try dancing around the enemy longer and whittle them down untill you canexecute with Red Q
12YN (EUW)
: The " Perfect " world of RIOT..
One less flamer. Gj Riot. Completely deserved. Use the time to chill out mate
Jayzzz007 (EUW)
: Thanks. Sent you a request.
Gonna accept after this match^^
Jayzzz007 (EUW)
: Looking for new players to learn together
Cułtist (EUW)
: TFT Items NEED a makeover
And nerf or remove {{item:3124}} . I dont even know why it has to be the only Item without any caps. cap the atackspeed at let's say 10 stacks that is enough istn it? BEcause rageblade on a saved backlaner is just %%%%%%ed since you cant do NOTHING to make your team focus the user whatsoever. I even tried Blitz hooking the Vayne to me and my whole team jsut went forward, ignoring the vayne completely who kept wreckuing me now from behind instead from the front.
: Yeah, no problem Rito
65h 37. Topped you
SuperJunk (EUW)
: do you know difference of root and stun ? or any other types of control, because nunu doesn't have any stuns, his E is root and his W is knock up, his R is slow
No need to be so agressive about it...
: Mordekaiser adjustment (that makes sense)
Reduce dmg, reduce dmg. If you are an adc or assssin getting cought you deserve beeing smashed to pieces. If not its not Mordes fault you built no health to get around his ult. His Q is dodgable nad if you dont have the defesne to stand the 3 seconds next to him (as you sai he is slow and you can avoid him easily half of his ult timer) then your build is pretty dmg oriented. Almost every champ can just QSS his ult. If you hae any CC do it befopre his passive proks, run to your teams side of the circle and you are fine. Play smart for once in your life instead of crying about a 500 Q dmg lategame where every other champ does just as much with AA or Skills. Step to the side. Easy Let me add some numbers here. Morde passive level 16 5% per second. Liandrys 2.5% per second with Rylais. You can easy dodge him in the ring for at least 3-4 seconds. Lets take 3. So you are if he instantly has his passive (wich would probably take anoter second) 4 x (5+2.5)% health = 30% If you are an Assassin and ADC like I said its your fault for even getting into it and yes the Q will hurt if you dont dodge. If you are anything else with above 2k life there is no real problem. So why nerf anything about it. Other champions have AP SCALINGS (!) on % current or maxlife skills. Much unhealthier imo. (By the way: these numbers do not include your MR at all)
: Can nunu stun without a snowball?
Yep when he has a small circle around himself and the little boy Nunu throws snowballs at you. If you stay in the circle you are rooted
: Just make it into a skillshot.
Yes make it into skillshot so the whole hig mobilityrooster can just laugh it out again. Riven, Yasuo, Zed, LB and many more. %%%% off with the skillshots just because you cant build QSS.
: I agree that there is definitley a power creep, I don't like it either, however I believe it's intended with the direction they've been taking the game in. You'll notice numbers were smaller, abilities were less complicated, CD's were higher and fights + games were longer in previous seasons, however Riot have been actively trying to reduce game durations for a while, to cater to a larger audience. So they have to inflate it. It sucks, but I understand why they do it. Don't necessarily like it though - I preferred the days where an average game was 45 minutes.
Same here. I just dont know if its a good/smart move to jump at every hype there is. The fact that LoL IS a MOBa is why people play it and not because they want to play a Battle Royal. If they loose their definition it hurts them in the end. And I am not talking on addapting new game modes. Thats absolutely fine. for people who enjoy it make a faster 5v5 but the balance is slipping away. Its not about strategic descisions in a TF anymore its the question who bursts faster. Mybe enjoyable to see for tournaments but not really as enjoyable to play imo-
: This isn't so much a power creep ability, it makes Yasuo unique and fun to play, and isn't a buffed up version of some other champions abilities
Its overloaded. Double crit + shield. The first skill should not even exist because it jsut stes him so far ahead in gold efficency its insane. NVm that but its a passive that shoud at least be covered in two skills not in one passive. Just compare it to good old Shyvana. Her passive is a joke compared. Extradmg against baron and drake is finish but to link the teams overall strength (to force objektivs) to the individual possible strength of a champ is stupid.
: The Power Creep Problem
Just saying : {{champion:157}} passive
: i feel u. i also play alot of tank akali but its similar to tank ekko. its just way to forgiving. combining assassins like mobility with bruiser like tankyness is always troublesome. u probaly havnt seen the lcs tank akali after she came out. it was a nightmare to watch... on the other hand u can still build bruiser. u just need a dmg item at the beginning. for example u could build ROA and Torment into full tank. or a trinity hydra steraks build. it still works just takes more items to go off imagine u are lvl11 with akali and u have trinityforce and titanic hydra. ur passiv currently would deal 126dmg. (87 base dmg + 60% bonus ad which 39 from 65(25 from trinity 40 from hydra) my rework would deal 130,2 (5 base dmg + 80% AD which is 125,2 (91,4 akali base ad at lvl11 + 25 from trinity + 40 from hydra) so it ends up being even better ur just forced to go for these items and not start with sunfire cape or any other fulltank item. than the current akali would be better.
The problem with all that at the moment: You will get oneshot if you rely on skill chaining. You can be a full tank and a Zed with two items still oneshots you with R,E and AA so where is the use in it? With Akalis kit now you can at least hide untill his R goes off. You gotta agree there is no actual use to anything skill intensive when it comes to current champs. So making her kit even more skill reliant would just send her over the edge into oblivion (where she already is in normal play since her R doesnt hide from towersight anymore)
: i forgot to add the refill cooldown ups. Generates one charge every 50 / 35 / 20 seconds. the Q deals almost 200 dmg to minions lvl 1 and its aoe so u can hit all minions if u do it right. that should be enough to hold a lane u should have calculated all the energy costs and refunds through. using Q 2 times cost u 160 energy and leaves u with 40(+ the energy u generate meanwhile doing the Qs but lets just ignore that) cause u do 2 Q u also have the chance to proc u passiv 2 times which gives u 20 energy back per cast so u get 40 back letting u end up with 80 energy. now u could additionally use w to get another 80 energy back which leaves u with 160 energy.
Okay but it wont be nough with that kind of cd. nvm that. why do you want to strip akali off her bruiser build? Thats a fun other way to play her
: That is a good point... fortunate I guess.
I am sorry I cant tell you anything more comforting. I lately have it the other way round. I am bot, farming okay, getting a kill or two on my Ezreal and then the jungle (enemy of course) comes in and doublekills us. i look the board just to see the nice 0/6 mid and 0/5 top and I know this is over within the next 15 minutes thanks to top beeing pushed to the inhib if I dont let go of my farm to defend. Was no use
The way you write it here you want a level 6 Akali to have a dash every 2 seconds? that cost 35 energy wich can at that level be refilled every 10 seconds? You sure? She will just R, E, R twice through you and there you go with your counterplay. + she can dash 4 times late before she goes out of ulti stacks. Her e would only be a stupid escape tool and the Q is too expensive to hold a lane. Nioce balance. The job will never be yours. What use has a 4 sec (2.4 late) ability which cost like all your energy?
: I’m back home for summer, left my Xbox back at uni, and live in a retirement village... legit besides league I’ve got drinking and my liver can’t take that XD. Prob worth doing I just gotta wait a bit first... still doesn’t change the fact that I feel like I don’t matter in this game no matter what I do.
Well you are lucky. This week (I hope/guess) LoL TFT will hit the floor^^
: what does split-pad mean
Guess its something like a character who only split pushes (like many Tryndameres)
: Can we finaly remove onhit neeko toplane from the game.
: Champions (TOP LANE)
I love to play {{champion:54}} with {{item:3025}} top. You have good duelling pushing and turret wrecking potential, you can serve kills to your Jungler whenever your Ult is up. (If you do well you wont need them anyways) and when your team is in need you can carry Teamfights with your Ult.
Uraraka (EUNE)
: Support item discussion-Relic Shield
It only gives +1g because you get the whole minion gold with (relative) safety+ your carry gets gold and health. So ye its the easiest for enemys to deny but you get your Quest fast if played good. Secondly: Talk to your Carry. Remind them that they get gold and life from the little cute blue orbs around you if you get the minion with it.
jacktjong (EUW)
: Zoe is Fine [CHANGE MY MIND]
I dont want Zoe deleted. She is fun to play and still I think she is too strong at the moment. I say honestly: I am by far no main with her just play her carually cause she is fun. But still I manage to do pretty fine because she can play insanely safe. The High Risk/High Reward doesnt apply to her. She can stay miles away, behind wall and all and as soon as you land the E You can do so insane amounts of dmg with the Q that one enemy misstep leads to death or at lest a backport if he doesnt want to be easy pray to stray Q. The thing is: Zoe is only vulnerable when you yourself get reckless, wich tends to happen after popping 2-3 heads.
: With 220 armour you take 68.75% reduced damage With both yommus and duskblade at max level (so lethality is at its strongest) you will have 184 armour meaning you take 64.79% reduced damage... that means that lethality has decreased your reduction by 3.96%... a pathetic amount. So lethality wasn’t the issue here, even if he had none he wouldn’t do that much more damage to you (about 4% more ish). Likely he was fed as hell, or he landed multiple Qs (triple Q strikes will hurt regardless of who it hits) or you received damage from other sources at the same time amplifying the damage further... but lethality wasn’t the issue. Remember feelings lie, they exaggerate, they get fooled, they miss stuff... numbers don’t... if lethality is only taking away 4% damage reduction then taking a lot of damage from the zed has another cause.
We werent both max level. he must have been some levels above me as a midlaner whereas I was support. Still the 220 armor was definite and the dmg was aswell if the deathrecap doesnt lie. I dont remember him beeing exceptionally fed, just your avarege enemy Zed. And since he did not use the ult he can only hit me with maximum of 2 Shuriken to do the dmg.
: Already tried bot lane its way to easy being a support. Since support is my secondary role and its less stressful then trying to carry via top lane. Only problem i have with bot lane is shit adc's other then its easy, with me applying little skill what so ever. As long as my words are up ganking isn't to much of a problem.
Nonono not the easy mode as support. Go adc. Thats the one who gets pocked. Depending on your support you get literally ignored. But really atm adc is the most annyoing role you can play. You are weak, get ganked all the time and are totally dependant on your support not beeing a monkey.
NinjaZz (EUW)
: I don't get it. I have no way of knowing where the jungler is unless he has just ganked. And say I see him top, now I can ward, but no. Now mid lane is missing, or they have pressure on us bot so I can't ward right now. Finally when we pressure them and mid is back, the jungle could be anywhere again. I don't know how to do this shit
Point one: Never ward alone. Always take the supp with you. If your supp wards, keep an eye on him and even more on your lane. if the jungler is near they will try catching your supp out of position and follow. If not they will keep farming as usual. Point two: Ward when you know where the jungler is. Point three: Keep your own lane dewarded and stay close to the brush. helps a lot against noc. When his ult goes off just hide. He needs vision to click you. And last but now least: Ward over walls. Ward the drake by dropping a ward in the pit ofer the wall, ward your tri with a pink so you dont need to worry about it for some time. Warding deep enemy jungle: For example when you are botlane blue you can just go near dragon pit and throw the ward over the wall of the cliff to the enemy tri. you can still see almost to the blue without getting near it.
graabbuu (EUW)
: jhin items against tanks
I made the experience that a deaths dance helps jhin a lot against tanky characters because with the healing from his auto, W and Q he gains the time to eat down on the tanks and the dmg reduktion helps to make up for a little missplay in your kiting.
: > she is way too deadly to invade her in the jungle then. All champions have windows of weakness you have to exploit. That said, she's not too deadly to kill after level 6 as long as you have vision on her and she doesn't land a charm on you (which she needs to use to clear camps early game, particularly before runic echoes). > what about the AD assasins how do u counter them cuz u cant really build vs them cuz they shred ur armor anyway. AD assassins are meant to be counters to mages. The counterplay against them is to build Zhonyas and poke them down. Assassins are almost always going to win a straight 1v1 on equal footing with your average mage. The point is to prevent that fight one even terms from happening. > When i play a mage on mid lane then im forced to buy tabi boots and maybe dead men plat Dead Man's Plate is a really bad item to buy on a mage. If you need armour, you should go Zhonyas and maybe tabis if they have a lot of auto-attack reliant champions. Again, in some scenarios you just have to realise that you're not going to be able to 1v1 everyone and that's ok - you don't need to 1v1 everyone. > the bruisers take over this game squisy champions cant do shitt Some of the strongest champions in the game right now are squishy. :x
If I may: I dont mind an Assassin Oneshotting an adc or apc. Thats their job. The problem is the time they need to do it. When Rengar jumps out of an unwarded brush (and yes there WILL be some unwarded brush since he has Duskblade) and he kills an adc in 0.2 seconds. A normal human has a much longer reaction time. Even ingame 0.5 is absolutely rare. So how are you supposed to deny an assassin his success? The time leonas E needs to travel to Rengar and draw you to him, your carry is already dead. The shield from the locket (if you could afford it up to that point) is too small to keep up with the excessive burst. Then even when your adc flashed and oyu manage to stun rengar he will just roar the stun away and flash your carry in the face again, finnishing him off and running at highspeed somewhere mostly getting invis to snack the Leona too. I know its a narrow scenario but one that I saw like hundrets of times in the last weeks. To the stealth theme: I really, really hate the lack of counterplay against stealth. I play other games too like Dota. There stealth is a common thing but there is a lot of counterplay aswell. Just because it is rare in Lol that doesnt mean the coubnterplay must be absolutely absent. Something like dust of appearance would be awesome. A consumable that shows invisivble champs for a short duration.
Rstonius (EUW)
: Ok let me test your knowledge. Do you understand why Marksman have been weak past few patches? Its because their CORE items cost too much to build, now you say buy a chainvest, which can only be built into a ga which is a terrible early/mid game item for an adc, and seekers armguards, which builds into absolutely nothing which is good for an adc unless youre playing Kai sa which can build Zhonyas. I mean yeah there are many things that you can do to play around lethality but it doesnt mean that it will make adcs any stronger or more useful in fights. Think about the stuff you say before you say it. What you said is basically saying "why not just build full tank"
Not that beeing a full tank helps against those AD-Lethality Assassins. Leona with 2.3k health and 220 armor gets two Shuriken from Zed 600dmg, E 180 Dmg one auto for 300 and electrocute for another 210. That makes a full tank halflife in 1.1 secs. Any ADC evenw ith Tabi would have been dead without fail.
: This game is unbeliveable
Cypherous (EUW)
: From a quick look it looks more likely to be a case of them selling the item to replace it with something better as they are buying the tier 1 item, i mean rengar has a lot of burst and mobility already so he likely benefits more from a 6th item than a fully upgraded jungle item
They probably will sell it later but for starts they go Duskblade and keep the jungle item without an enchantment to gain full exp and Gold from Jungle creeps
: I can't find who to main :*(
If you really want to main a mechanically fun champion I would try Fiora if I where you. It can be absolutely fun to Dash araound an enemy going for his weakspots^^
: buff zed its obvious and unfair !
Lol another Zed crying that he now actually needs a bit more skill to do his Job. Zeds dmg was and still is unhealthy to the game. Sorry to break it to you. Two shuriken hits on a 220 armor Tank do 1/4 of the tanks HP in. And you still dare to cry for buffs? Just get better.
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