abraklaas (EUW)
: What is fun?
Only supports you can have fun playing are either: A. Engage: Thresh or Alistar; problems: low impact when behind. How many times does Alistar stay alive alone with R feeling useless? How many times you hit/miss a Q and get insta blown up by enemy fed champions? B. Damage (Zyra, Brand, Malzahar); problems: high damage but very little HP pool. Very prone to die even when ahead. If behind, you will die 10000 times. None can have fun playing Soraka, Janna, Lulu or Karma (kinda). Babysitter supports. However, they are good for ranked and winning LP. Worth trade-off for sure. Most fun champions IMO: Yasuo, Riven and Draven (b4 adc in 2k17), that is why many players are these champions OTP (one trick ponies). Most fun support: Blitzcrank. Grab a carry, you are god. Grab a tank, you suck tho.
Gene (EUNE)
: The adventures of a low level noob.
Important reminder: to have fun, play normal game, none takes them too seriously (don't troll tho XD) so they won't flame you. Your queue times get longer as you get wins in the game mode, your normal games MMR improve. It happens in all game modes, only that in Ranked is most obvious by Ranks and Divisions. That might be your problem. If you dare to enter the Ranked games post level 30 + 16 champions (buy 3-4 you really like and the 450-1350 IP ones), be wary of the hard flame and toxicity. High bronze - low silver where you most likely while start is flooded of these kind of people. If you spend too much time there, you will become one of them without knowing.
: take this quick test to see if you are toxic or not, Cough
Q1: None in ranked asks this question (unless you are in low-ish bronze where you should stomp alone the game). Q2: There is an option called DODGE, you leave the game before it starts, lose 3 LP and get a 5 min queue penalty (sad but better than losing 20 LP). Q3: Update yourself and play the Quas Nasus maxing E and with two Doran Ring plus Corrupting Potion. You should not have problems past early levels. Rush MR too. Q4: Some games your team is worse than enemies´ and you lose. However you can get fed yourself and try the classic 1v9. Q5: Only one with some sense. Most people ignore this attitude, unless money involved (skins or streamers).
: I played with a cable my hole league life so thats not the problem..
Buy a good keyboard and a good mouse too. It helped me a lot. It is very much disregarded, but you will notice the difference 100%.
: Tips to win in low elo with such a high percentage of "whatever"
The key to climb is dodging when you have a bad team (full AD, trolls, or random bad teamcomp). Also try impact more your lanes. If the game is lost pre 15 min, just ignore the game and focus on next one. Do not flame or go AFK or you ll be punished instead of the troll.
Fóxer (EUW)
: General disrespect
Ranting low elo player in 2017 LUL.
: The reason why this community is toxic...
Easy AF, when this happens in champ select simply dodge. Sad to lose 3LP and the time penalty, but better than lose 20LP and 20+ min.
: Gaming PC/Laptops
You better get a good Internet connection. Do not use WIFI since it has lag spikes. Play with cable. PC/Laptop not important. I have a 5 year-old Toshiba and reached D5.
: Expanding on this, 'all for one' is a great mode for farming s ranks and free hextech chests. 50% of games has a feeder who hates the champion they were given. Grab 2-3 friends, take a decent champion you can all play reasonably and build damage = good chance of an S
All these game modes are full of Silver players anyways. It is a good wayto get them yeah, forgot about it. That is how I got random mastery 6 champions. ARAM way harder tho.
Undine (EUW)
: They should make support only items, like the jungle, something decent and strong, with a lot of different types, Poke, tank, Utility and something else.
Trias000 (EUNE)
: > he got out of Challenger by RIOT I don't understand this part.
RIOT got him out of Challenger. They took his Challenger stuff away and put him as he had ended lower in the ladder. Doing this check for 200 accounts is easy.
: Do you even read bro?
You read mine? Talking about scripters. Everyone can fail, so RIOT detecting system. If this guy is unlucky or did it on purpose is not up to us. RIP Tribunal.
: Erm dude? Get cold bucket of water, stick your head in it for couple of seconds and get cool. He was using program for other app. Not league. Either learn to read or stop shitposting :D
Haters gonna hate.
MarTEEnus (EUNE)
: but they added heal and shield power in some items. 20% heal and shield power from {{item:3222}} . #RakaGazm {{champion:16}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:16}}
Supports are not babysitter for ADC. To play like S1-2-3 support, you better put health relics in lane for ADC (same as ARAM) and add Clairvoyance as a new trinket ward with 60-45 CD. Feels so much better playing Thresh/Alistar than Soraka/Janna (pretty boring and plain style IMO).
Lady Yuki (EUW)
: Support is actually fun to play now. Thank you, Riot.
The problem is not supports being weak but jungler/mid/top/ADC getting huge items at lower cost than before. 1. Compare these two: --------------------------- Support: Sightstone (800 G) gives 150 Health+ plus 3 wards+ change to Sweeping Lens --------------------------- ADC: BF Sword (1300 G; previously 1550 G) gives 40 AD which your abilities scale off+ Trinket ward stores up to two -------------------------- Mid laner: Needlessly Large Rod (1250 G; previously 1600 G) gives 60 AP which your abilities scales off+ Trinket ward stores up to two -------------------------- Jungler: HUGE EXP LEAD. Jungle item plus enchantment or Tiamat. No comments. BROKEN. -------------------------- Top laner: Bami´s Cinder/Spectre Cowl (cheaper than before)/ Tiamat... Every role got their items cheaper, not reduced the cost efficiency [check: http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/], adds something in terms of damage and get 2 wards. Support only get extra 1 ward for the cost of 20 AP+ 10% CDR (bit less than Fienish Codex)/ 25 AD (Pickaxe)/ 200 Health+ 10% CDR (Kindlegem). Support needs to have a variety of items meant specially for them. If support items are broken (see FQC early S6) mid laners will build it and get nerfed. Redemption now in S7 is built on top laners, mid laners (Karma) and junglers (Ivern). Will be nerfed soon. Supports realisiticly build Midlane or Toplane items (AP and tank items) so they are not really designed for them. Sometimes some parts will not be useful but it is the only option. Wish we have a support rework (NOT like lethality tho).
Rena (EUW)
: ArKaDaTa got banned/lost his Challenger rewards?
http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/competitive/announcing-2016-challengers If he is not there, he got out of Challenger by RIOT. Some Master players got Challenger this way too (Nightblu3 :D)
: How can I get S+ with Janna?
Easiest way is to get a perfect KDA and/or above 20 for S+. You will have some of these games with random trolling in the enemy team. Be patient :D
Dréwz (EUW)
: Would like some tips for carrying in gold-elo as an adc.
Focus on farming. You will be amazed how many CS people miss. 15 CS is roughly 1 kill worth of gold. If you are ahead by a great margin of CS, you will be able to buy more items. If you itemize correctly (vs AP fed enemy Maw of Malmortious, vs heavy CC QSS, vs DPS lifesteal...) at 3-4 items you will win alone the game. ADC has so much power but at a great cost. This reddit post summs it up lane phase: https://www.reddit.com/r/summonerschool/comments/4dqy6g/best_way_to_improve_as_an_adc/ And this one by NA Challenger ADC xFSN Saber teamfight-wise: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/5iki3u/xfsn_saber_three_adc_teamfighting_breakdown/
: > i was using cheat engine for adventure capitalist while playing league. He wasnt scripting in league, but in an another (as far as I know) non online game, adventure capitalist. nothing to do with scripting in league whatsoever. so first read well before you post these hate comments "with the truth", Thank you.
As I said, there are no shortcuts worthusing, you get what you deserve, sorry. Offenders tend to be offenders everywhere (as psychologists say, not me).
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Hard to rate sexism and homophobia. Mainly said by ratkids and death threats are funny because there is no posibility on pursuing them. I have had people and know some that said those kind of things and got away. Bans are very hard to earn, you have to tryhard so much. About smurfs sometimes can be very "toxic" in the way they know which move should have been taken (i.e. min.25 getting enemy mid and jungler killed and not go Baron) and they kinda "flame". Happens to me too. And such things like "omg go nashor", "guys listen to me and we ll win"... tend to be treated as flaming when is not. Hope RIOT gets to a good method to remove all those players forever so they can not make another account unless 100% reformed.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I do not know the algorithm used. If you can explain it, I would be very thankful. What about having smurfs on your team every game? Difficult situations. They happen, but so less often than wanted. I agree with you tho, the dream :D Wish it comes true some day.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
It has to have a reset timer. You play only 1-2 games a day and you probably will get away with the flame. Flaming and AFKing have the hardest punishments. While I agree on it for AFKers,on a flaming player not so much since you can mute. But there is nothing to do with a troll that feeds enemies 1 by 1 because he got mad and feels he is a vigilante and has the duty to make this person lose. Sadly he makes another 3 innocent lose too. I rather have a flamer which I can mute than a troll/feeder vs who I can do nothing but wait for minute 20 to FF. PS: Not defending flamers, they deserve a punishment, but with chat restriction seems fine to me. Get them up to 500 games of it, but do not ban them. Getting another account is so easy on this game and hard to track.
Rumkatten (EUW)
: Lulu was the first support I played, but she isnt viable now :( - Thresh is on my list of champions to learn :D - going top to test is a good idea, though I risk being countered pretty hard, but I guess its not so important if its a normal - thank you for the tip.
Lulu can only shield one ally sadly. W is OP on enemies when they have a Master Yi/Tryndamere that dives into your team. While polymorphed they can not use abilities/autoattack/summoner spells. Thresh is high risk-high reward. Post minute 25 is hard to be useful rather than W to save and R to slow. Q is hard to land in open field and enemies start getting tankier, mid laners tend to be very mobile (Katarina, LB, Ahri) and have Ghost as summoner spell and ADC get QSS. There are better peelers like Janna with Q (knock-up), W (slow), E (shield) and R (heal and knock-back AOE).
Rumkatten (EUW)
: Tank supports?
I started "maining" support in S4 Silver 5 ELO. I started playing tank supports because they are the easiest. You first need to know which is your champion role: to tank (Trundle), peel (Janna), heal (Soraka), engage (Alistar, Leona) or deal damage (Zyra, Brand). Also very important is knowing when to tank. **You need to tank when your team can deal damage.** If not, you are wasting a resource (Health), same as if you miss a champion ability (Malphite R) or any summoner spell (remember: Health "cooldown reduction" is HP Regen). {{champion:89}} : was my go-to-support in Silver. Risky pick, in order to make her viable you need to push for lvl 2 and all-in with Ignite. If you land the combo, they will either die or Flash/Heal. Im lower elos is however very effective because enemies will not react in time and will not harass you pre lvl 2. Problem for starters: Leona has only 1 way: all-in. Aint tanky enough to survive most engages (unless ahead) so if you fall behind you get pretty useless (R always relevant if hitting 2-3 enemies). COMBO: E-Autoattack-Q-Autoattack (Q is AA=autoattack reset). Use Ignite ASAP to reduce Heal effect. You can engage with Flash+Q too, then E and Ignite. Remember your abilities put your passive on the enemy so try not to stack it. Only allies can proc it tho. {{champion:223}} : In lower elos you can play him more as an aggresor than a defensor. Use Q to slow and start AAing enemy ADC/support and W them. You can get enemy ADC 1v1 easily. You are tankier than Leona because of passive (remember: build health, TK scales with it). Pretty good late game too, both for W and damage. {{champion:12}} : If you can not hit WQ combo, go into Custom game, build CDR and keep trying until you do not miss it. Very good support, innate takiness on R and hard to kill. He can both engage and peel your team. Best engager in the game when combining Flash+WQ. {{champion:53}} : Same as Alistar, if you can not land Q do not play him. Easier way to land Q is to get closer to the enemy or wait 1-2 seconds before using it, so you will see they dodge pattern. At lvl 6, use R then Q so they are silenced and can not Flash or use abilities to dash away. My own champions to climb: {{champion:25}}: Pretty safe with E and good damage/poke with Q+W in lane (procs Spellthief Edge). R has some nice damage for a lvl 6 all-in. E yourself and R into enemy team. Remember you are not a huge tank so carefully engage. Keep an eye on all R teathers. Also Q is 3 secs snare, very long one. Can build Zhonyas for extra damage, but remember you are a support, not a mid Morgana. {{champion:43}}: A solid option too. She has a lot of early damage with his R being available at lvl 1 + Q. Can be played damage oriented early with RQ and more supportive style late with RE. Scales really good and her shields are so annoying to deal with. Also remember she is a support, not mid Karma. More of a carry approach: {{champion:143}}: Has a lot of damage and it is build purely Magic Penetration and AP (now Rylais+Liandrys is cheaper too). You can solo carry a game with her. {{champion:63}}:Same build as Zyra. Press R and you deal almost 1.5k damage in the Teamfight. Insane damage and poke in lane, very high damage to neutral monsters and champions too due to the passive (many people ignores how much damage it is [15-17% HP]). Both Zyra and Brand have the risk of not having escapes and little utility for the team (very low CC) but they can carry hard. Remember they do get Sightstone too.
: Permanently Banned(no cancer)
You 100% deserve it. Scripters are like cancerr, needs to be ripped out without doubt. Next time do not cheat. Sad to use them, being bad is what it is. Learn the game same way everyone did. Shortcuts are never good sadly.
: Climbing ladder time management
Simple as: enemy team has OP champions and yours do not/ your team does not want to play (or know) the role= dodge. Better lose 3 LP than +20 min and 16-20 LP. Second game you gotta go for it sadly. It really seems to be a gamble yeah. Try hit +50% win rate and you ll slowly climb.
: i get permabanned for this? ppl who say get cancer and kys are still playing
RITO banning system is not human, they are machines for sure. They gotta have something like 100+ words and 1 report= 1 point, 2 reports = 2 points. When you get 5 points, first ban. And keeps it going. In my own experience, running it down mid does not get you permbanned, asking people in game to report him (classic x9 ...) is permaban. Why are so many toxic players in SoloQ? You troll anyway possible but typing or AFK and happens nothing. AH, you talk in chat and ban, you are toxic. This promotes the non-machine detectable behaviours to be seen as good and talking in chat bad. That is why i prefer /mute all and disable my own ALL CHAT to avoid it. I miss info yes but it is what is better. Instead of promoting the TEAMPLAY, they ban it. Nice job RITO.
Rioter Comments
: This is ridiculous! How can I possibly continue playing this game under the fear that their systems will FALSELY detect me again and permaban me? If they indeed manually investigated my account and found something faulty don't I deserve to know what it is so I can protect my account? If I continue playing I am at risk of being permabanned without being provided any evidence WTF! Where is innocent until proven guilty? And the freedom of information act was passed out for a reason! It's like claiming the Russians hacked the 2016 election according to the intelligence services so we will retaliate and go to war with them. However, we can't show you any evidence of this as it would threaten our national security. So let's blindly trust the government and go to war! How do we know it's not an inside job? You know what the courts ordered? For a report with the EVIDENCE!
You are 100% right. Sadly, it is a videogame of their property and if you read the terms of service: > 2.1.2. Us. We may terminate or suspend your account if we determine, **IN OUR SOLE DISCRETION**, that: (a) you have violated any part of this Agreement; (b) we have stopped offering the Riot Services in your region; or (c) doing so would be in the best interests of our community, the Riot Services, or the rights of a third party. We may make such determinations, among other ways, by using automated systems and machine learning tools. Source: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/legal/termsofuse#account-termination
CS Primo (EUW)
: All those things you are annoyed from is common game knowledge which is impossible to find in Bronze,Silver and even Gold tiers.A huge amount of players are dumb kids that cant read or understand English,so don't expect brain until you are placed near Platinum.How are you gonna climb up there with those elo hells however I cant tell,sorry. What is becoming clearer and clearer every year with the matchmaking is that Rito wants League of legends to become 1 v 5 solo game and not a 5 v 5 team cooperation game
In lower elos you play hard carrying champions that do good in lane and snowball out of control; ie. Jax/Fiora/Darius top, Master Yi/Shyvana jungle, Veigar (Bronze/Silver)/LB (if you can play her) mid, dash ADC (supports will not help you much) and high damage supports that bully lane like Brand/Zyra. All have good laning phase (Veigar maybe not that good but in Bronze/Silver you won´t be punished) and if they get a few kills you simply carry out of your mind. They all also have extremely good late game (LB can 1shot ADC late game).
When I had issues with Riot Support and tickets, they always did answer in a lapse of 1-2 days. Yours requires investigation, it would take no less than a week. Get a smurf account going on the mean time. Start asking some friend that quited LOL if he gifts you his old account just in case. Good luck tho.
kjono1 (EUW)
: What I hate about playing support, by a lover of the support role.
Biggest tilters as a support main: 1. Flash away from your shields (as you said). 2. Zhonyas/Heal/Flash to safety when using Zilean R on them. 3. ADC dying when you roam after your first back for not waiting under turret the wave. You get to the lane when the minions crush to the turret and they ping you to not get the minions (they would die to turret anyway). 4. Blaming for not warding bot side and dying post minute 20 when all vision is set on Baron Nashor side to take it. That is my own experience, maybe happens to you too :D
: I am experiencing a lot of toxic players in soloq
To avoid negativity and tilting yourself you have two options: 1. Mute the player who is being toxic/spamming in chat. 2. Mute all at the start of the game and hope you miss little information (hard when being jungler). Other option, but harder, is to not look at the chat. SoloQ is the home of toxicity and the more you engage on the talking, the worse for the game success. How would all the Riven/Yasuo mains blame junglers for getting outplayed 1v1 top lane? How would the team blame the jungler for 0 ganks and the support for 0 wards? We would miss it if it is gone. :D
Kinslet (EUNE)
: I think Kayle could use some loving
If there is any OTP Kayle in Challenger - high Master it does not really need a rework, you most likely need to itemize properly according to the game circunstances and the way she is played (split pusher). Same goes to people complaining about Tryndamere. Kayle in a side lane with TP generates so much pressure that enemy team needs to react ASAP to it. If they doubt (what do you expect from us, SoloQ players...), you either take the objective or your team another one (imagine bot split push and team on Baron Nashor). In a 1v1 scenario is almost impossible to kill if played properly. REMINDER: Kayle R is used to mitigate damage, NOT like Tryndamere´s is, to keep alive when 1 HP. Use it to avoid the LB combo, not when she ends it and you are 100 HP.
Lucky you did not get permabanned. Wondering who they will punish as the MMR booster.
: Why is Riot misleading people into buying snowdown chests?
: Bronze is kinda like a crowded bouncy castle...
Everyone on this tread is Silver or Gold. You can not be taken serious. All ratings from B5 to D1-2 are kinda the same. Lots of people "trapped" in an ELO/League they do not "deserve". We all happen to have same problem then :D
Loki331 (EUW)
: It doesn't solve YOUR Problem. But it solves the problem OP has. YOUR problem could be solved by linking your main account to your smurf acc. So you can unlock your Mastery Levels to your smurf. And TBH what you describe is something, that only someone has, when he BUYS a smurf acc. If you Level up YOURSELF an account, then it is inevitable that you get to Mastery Level 3. And buying accounts is not allowed. And it would even more stop people from buying bot levelled accounts ;)
I leveled the account myself. But I do not find interesting playing vs new players with Soraka or Janna for example. So I played mainly carry type champions to win. And also I do not know how many champions you bought pre ranked, but many people has 16 and by buying the 450 IP ones. If you were better than enemies and could carry the game, it would not matter if someone is Mastery 1 or 7, you carry yourself. Getting out of Silver is getting the minimum mechanical and map awareness level. You do not need a lot of game knowledge or skill to hit Gold. Stop crying and start learning.
: I haven't considered this,but I may try to. IT seems like I missed another important thing. Well,I would try sometime,when I pick a support which I feel comfortable at (meaning I need to kinda get comfortable first :D ) . Thanks for the tip,sadly I can't pin this comment to be the one on the front D: .
That is why we are here, to learn and get new ideas. Hope it was helpful :D
Loki331 (EUW)
: I don't think you got what the OP wanted to suggest: > so i want to give a suggestion! that maybe most of all agree with that, or maybe no! in ranked mode each player be able to take a champ who has been played over 50 games with, so in this way the players are kinda familiar to their champs and the role their taking! Achieving Mastery Level 3 is faster, than playing 50 games.
However it does not solve the problem. If I smurf in Silver 2 and play Karma with Mastery 1 and you do the same with your Mastery 7 Karma (or your M7 champ) I would play 100 times better. The mastery thing was released for ppl to achieve something when playing their favourite champions, not as a requirement to play ranked. People in Bronze V has M7 champions, and does not imply them being good with them (I use Bronze V as it is the lowest division in LOL).
: The lategame of Sona was never the issue. As well as the early game. The problem with playing Sona is what happens between them. Having a enchanting support that doesn't have the ability to peel for himself can be really problematic since any mistake you might make might endup in a dead. This is the typical {{champion:22}} example. Ashe is litterly the perfect starter adc. However she has no escape like most other adc's. So a lot of people complain she isn't the perfect adc to learn the role because of that weakness. This is why a lot of silver players suddenly don't like to play Ashe. This is actually the exact same situation for Sona. I never said Blitz is bad. Their is a reason I still rate him good. It might be 5% but one lost lategame teamfight is enouge to lose the game. That's something I don't like about {{champion:43}}. A lot of players in low elo spawn RQ. It's good to known someone realises that RE is better. I'm shocked that lcs finally was helpfull for something. And thx :)
RE was always better, when it dealt damage, so you Q and RE to clear a wave (Q melee and RE in between both). In LCS everything is played tanky or supportish style, so a lot of ppl can learn from them :D
: Ok. And all i'm saying is what you think about supports (what are easy and what are harder) is pure opinion based. Just accept that i think what you said is an opinion and leave it at that.
There are objective values to mesure it. Nothing is opinion-based, since measurement values exist. That is why META exists and meta champions are overall better than the off-metta ones.
: I agrea, but than again an opinion is an opinion and some champions are indeed harder to learn than others. It's like compairing: * {{champion:1}} with {{champion:134}} * {{champion:89}} with {{champion:412}} Facts are facts but some elements like who are the easyiest to learn will always be a bit opinion based. Like mentioned in the other post. A champion like {{champion:53}} has a easy to learn kit. However the mastery of the champion itself takes a lot longer. Let's take it like this. Let's say the strength of playing blitz is 5. When mastered it get's to an 8. However it takes you 100 games to reach that point. Than we compair this with {{champion:1}} that starts also with 5 and get's to 8 when mastered. But that only takes 50 games to reach that point. So in that cases a champion like Annie will be a lot more intressting to learn for a new player because it will be easyer to play the champion on it's full potentional.
I am talking about picking a support when you have no experience. If you can press Q, W, E and R Sona is OP lategame. Does not matter, the CDs are so low. Blitzcrank obviously has the potential of grabbing Amumu or Malphite, but 1/5-2/5 of failing is decent % for me. Karma RE is so OP too and easy to do. Of course every champion needs to be mastered for an optimal play, but I thought the purpose of this thread was easy support champion to play. Nice post tho :D
: This is pure opinion based.
Sona, Karma, Janna always useful does not matter how bad a player is. Shields are powerful all game stages. Blitzcrank, 1 hook and win game. Do not know how much you played Support but I have mained it for 2 Seasons already and have a pretty good idea of which ones need to have an early-mid game impact or else they are useless. Also it is not my opinion, go check YT videos of useful supports, best supports when filling Support and pro support advise on Twitch.
: Ye, I do download some of the plat games and I do watch the plat players carefully and try to think about what they do. I also watch yters like HuzzyGames or PhyLol, but they dont really do what these players did. It still seems so much about killing and not about (what one of the plat players said, I had a little chat) distording the enemy team.
HuzzyGames is a good one to look up to, just try to pause, think what you would have done in that same situation and see if he does the same. It really helped me improving. Reviewing your own is not that good because your thought probably was good but you were already behind. It is better if someone higher elo than Plat can take a look at them. Kinda like PantsAreDragon does with Redmercy stuff (NA Challenger and NA Diamond 1-2 Youtubers). Redmercy is main midlaner and definitely has a series like Huzzy of smurfing, Pants ot so sure.
: So you guys want to learn support this might help
Easiest support to play are Sona, Soraka, Janna, Karma and Blitzcrank. Middle difficulty are the ones with damage and skillshots. Difficult ones are the ones relying pure on skillshots, see Zyra and Thresh.
: Ranked need to Rework
You need to mastery 2-3 champions (one can be banned or taken away by enemy team). Spam these champions, learn your role, when to trade, when to rotate and how to snowball. I recommend focus on CS (last hitting minions) and get more than 7 per minute. You will see that you have more gold than enemies to buy better items. Low elos are always hard to get out when beginner, but as you get to know your champion and exploit enemy mistakes, you will climb easily. PS: I recommend to mute any ally/enemy who is trashtalking/flaming in chat. Good luck in ranked! :D
Loki331 (EUW)
: I suggested once, that you could only play a Champion in Ranked, if he had Mastery Level 3. But the Community didn't like my idea. I also think it is better to understand your Champion before you pick it up in Ranked. But Ranked is not seen as competitive as before. Many tilted players do not care and play Ranked like they play a Normal...
In my smurf account I play mainly Supports and Junglers. As I played ranked as soon as I got lvl 30 and 16 champions, are you telling me I need to play normal games to get Mastery 3 after I can play my Mastery 6-7 champion on main account in the smurf? I could not afford to buy all I play when I got 30 :D
Rismosch (EUW)
: Has anyone experience with Mid/Support?
I got Support/Mid and in 181 ranked games I played this Season I got only 3 mid. The other way around is 30 mid/70 support. Better to use the Mid/Fill so you get mid more often.
: Why don't we try a support challenge? (Plus will say why I think it can be an idea)
If you are lazy to learn, why would you make others learn? I am support main and got SoloQ (no premades) from Gold 4 Season 6 all the way up to Diamond 5. I got my smurf from Bronze 2 to Platinum 5 by playing SoloQ support too. First of all, there is a huge difference between good and bad supports. If you hardly ever play the role (or jungle), you may not know how to set up vision or when to roam and leave your ADC alone. The biggest difference I saw as I went up the Leagues was when to leave your ADC alone and grouping with the jungler to set up vision and ganks. Despite being a good idea, you need to get at least these basics. When to roam, where and move with jungler (without ruining his farming time in your own jungle).
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